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How to Eat a Non-GMO Diet with Jeffrey Smith

Dr. Axe:Hey, guys. Dr. Josh Axe here, along with our special
guest, Jeffrey Smith from the Institute of Responsible Technology. Today we’re going to be talking about the
non-GMO diet. And Dr. Jeffrey is the pioneer when it comes
to helping people live GMO-free. So we’re going to be talking about that here
in a minute. Also, hey, we’d love to hear from you right
now. Help us spread this message to stop GMOs. Take a minute right now. Punch your share button. Click your like button. We are on a mission to help end GMOs for good. And if you agree with us that GMOs are destructive,
hey, take a minute right now and help us spread this message. So, Jeff, really glad you’re here. We’re going to talk about GMOs. And you really are the pioneer, one of the
big pioneers, of this movement in stopping GMOs. Before we jump in and talk about this, why
are GMOs so damaging to the environment and our bodies? Dr. Jeffrey:Well, for the bodies, I’ve been
focusing on that for 21 years. You have the process of genetic engineering
itself, which causes massive damage in the DNA of plants. You can increase allergens and toxins and
new diseases. . . Dr. Axe:Wow. Dr. Jeffrey:. . . and nutritional problems. There was a study that just came out that
showed that Monsanto’s RoundUp Ready Corn, the corn itself, has higher levels of putrescine
and cadaverine, which are the proteins that make decaying, dead bodies smell. Dr. Axe:Wow. Dr. Jeffrey:And it’s in larger quantities
in the genetically-engineered corn. And it’s linked to allergies and cancer. So this is the side effect of the process
of genetic engineering, which involves inserting artificially foreign genes into things like
corn and soy. So that’s the process itself. Then you have the corn and the cotton plants
that produce their own toxic insecticide poking holes in the cell walls of the guts of the
insects to kill them. It turns out a 2012 study in a journal showed
that it pokes holes in human cells, as well. Dr. Axe:Wow. Dr. Jeffrey:Then you have the RoundUp Ready
crops that are sprayed with RoundUp, which are drenched in there. It gets into it. You can’t wash it off. RoundUp was marketed by Monsanto as a safe
herbicide. It turns out, it’s a Class 2A carcinogen. It’s an endocrine disrupter. It’s an antibiotic. It’s got all sorts of issues, a mitochondrial
toxin. And you don’t want to put that in your body. And it’s being drenched in the GMOs that we’re
eating. Dr. Axe:So as Jeff is talking about, GMO foods,
they’re toxic to your body. It’s plain and simple. And, Jeff, I love this quote. I’m going to take it from you for a second,
but Jeffrey’s the first person I ever heard say this. He coined this term. GMO stands for “God, Move Over.” I mean, it is changing our environment. It’s changing our bodies. And, Jeff, I wrote a book called Eat Dirt
where I talk about GMOs contributing to leaky gut, intestinal permeability, autoimmune disease
today, and a number of diseases. So let’s jump in though and talk about this
non-GMO diet. If somebody is going to go GMO-free, some
of the biggest foods they want to stay away from are corn, canola and soy. Now these three products, what percentage
. . . If somebody goes to the store, what percentage of these products today in the
United States are currently genetically modified? Dr. Jeffrey:Well, in the corn field, there’s
93%, 94% of all of the corn planted. Dr. Axe:Wow. Dr. Jeffrey:A smaller percentage of corn on
the cob but, nonetheless, there is corn on the cob. Ninety-five percent of canola, 93% of soy. So it’s if it is a product that comes from
lots of soy or lots of canola like soybean oil or corn oil or high fructose corn syrup
or soy lecithin, if it doesn’t say non-GMO or organic, you can assume that it is genetically
engineered. Dr. Axe:Wow. That’s huge. And so any time you’re out there buying or
shopping, you know, at any, even health food stores sometimes, I mean, it’s crazy to me
sometimes. It’s a lot better now but especially even
five years ago, you would buy a product with corn in some health food stores. You need to look for that non-GMO label or
certified organic label that’s on something but, again, when you’re reading on even products
that call themselves natural, if you’re shopping at your store and you’re buying these granola-type
bars, people need to look and see if there is corn. If you have canola, if you have a soybean
oil, any of those products in there, 99.9% of the time, it’s genetically modified, if
it doesn’t say non-GMO certified organic on the label. So these are some big ones to stay away from. Let’s talk about this buy foods labeled GMO-free. Now when did this start, Jeff, because I know
you’re a big part of really pioneering this, of actually people putting that on the label? And I don’t want to get too off-track, but
I’d also like for you to mention, you know, today people don’t have to put that it’s GMO
on the label. Why is that? Dr. Jeffrey:Yeah. Sixty-four other countries require labeling,
if a product is genetically engineered. Dr. Axe:How many? Dr. Jeffrey:Sixty-four. Dr. Axe:Sixty-four other countries. And the U.S. isn’t one. Dr. Jeffrey:Not one, no. It’s because the U.S. government is promoting
GMOs. In fact, the White House under the first Bush
administration told the FDA, “Promote GMOs.” So they created a new position for Michael
Taylor, Monsanto’s former attorney – Monsanto’s the big GMO company – to be in charge of
policy at the FDA. And when Michael Taylor was in charge of the
GMO policy he said, “We don’t see a difference between GMOs and non-GMOs worth worrying about. No safety testing is needed. No mandatory review by the FDA needed. No labeling needed.” Monsanto, who told us that Agent Orange and
PCBs and DDT were safe and got that wrong, they can determine if their GMOs are safe. Put it on the market without even telling
the FDA or consumers. Dr. Axe:Wow. Dr. Jeffrey:And so that pro-GMO attitude is
why we have GMOs on our plate. And it turns out seven years after that policy
came out, a lawsuit forced the FDA to turn over its internal memos on GMOs. And the whole thing was based on a lie. Not only were they aware that GMOs and non-GMOs
were different, it was the overwhelming consensus among their own scientists that they were
different and dangerous and that studies were needed. And so the entire policy was not based on
science, but on industry manipulation and political collusion, unfortunately. And that’s why it’s on our plates. Dr. Axe:You know, Jeff, it is crazy to think
the government and some of these other people, they’re making money from this. I mean, that’s what it all stems from. When you look at the food industry or the
agricultural industry and the pharmaceutical industry, I mean, these groups are making
money, profiting, unfortunately, off of making other people sick, cutting corners in nature. You know, it’s really upsetting. I know this is why you’re one of the most
passionate people I know and out there on a mission. We would ask you, hey, be on the mission with
us. If you are like myself and Jeff and you believe
that GMOs should be banned or at least labeled on the foods so we know what we’re eating,
take a minute right now. Help us share this video. Punch that share button. Click that like button, as well. So buying foods labeled GMO-free is important. The next one here, shop for organic foods. You know, Jeff, how much has organic-grown? And why do you think it’s growing so much
today? Dr. Jeffrey:One of the reasons why organic
is growing so much is that people are trying to avoid GMOs. And they know that organic foods don’t allow
GMOs. Now I want to contrast a non-GMO label with
an organic label. Organic is more important. It’s the number one choice because you can
be non-GMO and still be sprayed with things like RoundUp and other toxins. . . Dr. Axe:Really? Wow. Dr. Jeffrey:. . . and insecticides. So you can have a non-GMO loaf of bread made
of wheat. And three to five days before the wheat was
harvested, the farmer may spray it with RoundUp in order to dry it down, to desiccate, as
a desiccate, a dry-down. And then it ends up in the wheat, which is
not a safe thing for us to eat. So the number one choice is organic. The number two choice is non-GMO. Dr. Axe:Got it. Dr. Jeffrey:Now sometimes, you’ll see organic
and the non-GMO project-verified label on the same product. That’s actually the gold standard. And here’s why. Organic does not allow GMOs, but it doesn’t
test to see if contamination has occurred. So if you grow according it to organic standards,
you can sell it. It’s supposed to be non-GMO. And people will buy it. If you get non-GMO project-verified, it has
to be tested to see if any contamination has occurred. So if you have organic and non-GMO project-verified,
not only does it have all the goodness of organic, but it also has been tested to see
if there’s any GMO content in any at-risk foods. And so that would be the A, the basic gold
standard, then organic, then non-GMO, then you’re on your own. Dr. Axe:Well, I love it, Jeff. So these are great points. So as Jeff talked about, gold standard, organic,
non-GMO verified, looking for both of those labels on the food you buy. We’d love to hear from you right now. If you are on, whether it’s Facebook or YouTube
right now, let us know if you shop organic, and if you personally shop non-GMO, and maybe
how long you’ve been doing it, and how have you learned about this? We would love to hear from you right now. Now, one of the questions I often get is people
say to me, “Dr. Axe, I love what you teach, but one of my concerns is the cost associated
with buying foods that are labeled organic.” And I think this next thing really addresses
this. Shop at your local farmer’s market. Talk to us about your farmer’s market because
here’s the thing, another question I’ll get. And I’ve done this myself, but people will
ask, “Well, how do you know what your local or that your local farmer’s market people
are doing it organic?” And my answer is, typically, “Well, ask them,”
but what are your thoughts? Dr. Jeffrey:I think it’s the same answer. I mean, people say, “Buy local,” but you don’t
want to buy local poison. It’s better to buy foreign organic than local
poison. So the farmer’s markets where I go, they say
right on the label on the thing, “Conventional organic,” but that’s because I live in California. And everyone [inaudible 00:10:00]. But I lived in Iowa for 30 years and I had
to ask. I had to go up to people and say, “Is it organic?” Now, sometimes they’ll say, “We honor the
organic principles, but we’re not certified organic.” And then I’ll just follow up by a question,
“So what do you spray with?” And if they say, “We don’t spray with anything,”
or they spray with something that’s a natural organic, acceptable spray, I want to find
out because I don’t want poisons on my food, even if it’s grown locally, okay? And shopping at farmer’s markets is a way
to save money. Now another way to save money is to cook from
ingredients, rather than to buy processed foods. If you switch to organic processed foods,
you’re certainly going to be spending more money than conventional processed foods, in
general, but if you switch to organic raw ingredients and cook from there, there are
ways to save a lot of money by doing it intelligently. There’s also online buying clubs. And people can form co-ops. People can grow their own, etc. Dr. Axe:Yeah. I’ve seen a lot of patients that I have had
over the years, Jeff, who have saved a lot by doing three things. One, going to local farmer’s market and eating
real food, which is big. Another one, going to Costco, you know. And some of these bigger chains now are carrying
bulk organic products. Dr. Jeffrey:Oh, yeah. I went to Costco the other day like for the
first time in my area. And it was like, “My goodness. They’re really promoting organic.” Dr. Axe:Yes. Dr. Jeffrey:And I filled up my shopping cart
and saved a lot of money, but spent a lot of money. Dr. Axe:It’s fantastic. And the other thing you’re saying, doing co-ops. I mean, especially when it comes to our meat
products, is a great thing, you know, buying half a cow or a fourth of a cow. And getting a freezer, you know, putting it
in the freezer. Venison, wild venison, you know, some good
things there with the meat products. Dr. Jeffrey:Make sure that cow is raised on
100% non-GMO feed. If you can buy wild-caught fish, wild-caught
game, 100% grass fed, and if you can get 100% grass fed . . . If it just says, “Grass fed,”
it might be grain finished and the grains might be soy or corn. If it’s 100% grass fed, if you get a chance
to ask people, “Is it alfalfa that’s genetically engineered in that grass?” because alfalfa
is a grass. It’s potentially genetically engineered. And we don’t want that in our grass-fed beef. There’s also eggs and dairy from animals that
have been fed non-GMO. And I’ve heard stories. Now, we’ve talked about the health dangers
of GMOs. I’ve heard stories of families that react
to GM-fed animal feed . . . Dr. Axe:Yes. Dr. Jeffrey:. . . versus non-GMO animal feed. And stories that even their own chickens,
they were accidentally fed GMO and the person reacted to the eggs, not even knowing that
there was a change in the feed. So it wasn’t a placebo. It was clear like, “Oh, my God. She was rushed to the hospital because of
anaphylactic shock. What’s different? She’s eating the same eggs from her same chickens.” Call the feed dealer. “Oh, we used a GMO feed.” That doesn’t mean everyone’s going to have
a reaction to GMO feed. It means that some people are very sensitive. So if you’re one of those very sensitive people
who have been battling diseases and disorders and fatigue and all these things for years,
try this. Switch to organic and take notes. Do yourself a favor. Get a journal. Write down what you’re eating. Write down your mood, your symptoms. Rate your symptoms. Write down your energy level and do it each
day and stick with 100% organic. And if you see a change, you may have caught
a culprit that’s causing these problems. Dr. Axe:Yeah. Great advice, Jeff. And we would love to hear from you. If you’re a person right now, you’re on Facebook,
you’re on YouTube here or live, and you are, and you have found a way to eat organic and
do it in a cost-effective manner, I know there’s a lot of people who would love to learn from
you. So post right now ways that you’ve saved your
family money, yet eating organic, natural foods, some of your best tips. We’d love to hear from you now. Number five here, plant an organic garden. So now, this isn’t for everybody. You might be a busy person. You might live in a city and not have necessarily
the land to do this but, Jeff, I know one of the things that I’ve done with Chelsea
before is grow tomato plants and, you know, and cucumbers. And there are certain plants, basil and some
others, that we’re able to do even in our house in a windowsill. Dr. Jeffrey:Absolutely. I mean, there are so many innovative things. And we have Google Search. And so it’s easy to find. People will grow in their windowsill, they’ll
grow sprouts. People will also process foods into kraut
and into other things like that. So processing, growing your own, it’s part
of a lifestyle that adds a little extra ownership of what we’re eating. It’s exciting, especially if you have kids. Dr. Axe:I love it. Great stuff. So the last one here is stay informed. You know, one of the things, again, that I
love about Jeff, who I met years ago, was just seeing his heart and passion to literally
change history and change the world. You know, we are up against a giant. If you go online and do a Google search for
Monsanto, one of the words that comes after it is Monsanto evil. It is known, and has been voted at times the
most evil corporation in the world. And so these companies, these are giants,
but you know what? We need to speak with our dollars. We need to stay informed. And so we’d encourage you, read some of the
things that Jeff has put out. He’s written some great books I’ll share with
you. You can go on my web site, draxe.com, or just
Google search Dr. Axe, GMO, or non-GMO. We’ve put out a lot of articles on this. We want you to be completely informed on how
to go non-GMO with your food. And so we’ve broke down some of the things
here. Remember these things. Avoid corn, canola, and soy. Buy foods labeled GMO-free, also organic. Remember that combination Jeff talked about
is the gold standard. Shop your local farmer’s market. Plant an organic garden. Stay informed. And so doctor, or Jeff, I want to talk to
you about some of these products here you have now. You have an amazing . . . this video is awesome,
Genetic Roulette, I absolutely love. Talk about these different things that you’ve
put out there in terms of some of your great content. Dr. Jeffrey:Sure. I started out with Seeds of Deception. It’s the world’s best-selling book on GMOs
since 2003. It’s because it takes the complicated area
and turns it into stories, the scientist who got gagged and his gag order got lifted and
he changed the world, and how the FDA was corrupted, etc. So this is the story book for the right-brainer. This is a book called Genetic Roulette. There’s also a movie with the same title. This is the left-brain book. And when I created this in 2006, I’m not a
physician, I’m not a doctor, but I started presenting this evidence as a compilation
of all the health risks to physicians’ organizations and done dozens of them so far. And there’s now thousands of physicians prescribing
non-GMO diets. And what do we hear from them? Their patients get better. And they list all these different diseases
and disorders. They get better when they prescribe non-GMO
diets. Dr. Axe:Jeff, I want to mention this too. I know a lot of chiropractors. My brother-in-law’s a chiropractor. My brother is a chiropractor, my cousin. So I’ve got a lot of holistic doctors and
chiropractors in my family. What they do is they actually have this DVD
playing in their office all the time. So if you’re a doctor watching, whether a
holistic medical doctor, a naturopath nutritionist, a chiropractor, whatever it is, this is a
great DVD to get. Put it in your office and play it for your
patients. Dr. Jeffrey:I know some doctors that give
IVs. And the person has to stay there for an hour. And they play the film. Talk about a captive audience. And then we have someone else’s books. We have other books and other materials on
our site at responsibletechnology.org. We have a newsletter. We have a speaker training program. We have a way to get involved with local activists
called the Tipping Point Network to help generate enough people to create a tipping point, which
is actually already underway, to usher GMOs out of the marketplace because the food companies
don’t want to use them, if people aren’t going to buy them. So we have a whole movement that we’re creating
through this messaging, through this education, about this truth about GMOs and why people
can protect themselves and their families by avoiding eating GMOs. Dr. Axe:Yeah. I want to encourage you. Vote with your dollars. You know, if we are going to ban GMOs, we’re
going to have to stand up against this giant and say, “We’re not buying your products.” And we are gathering and putting an army together,
Jeff is here, to stop GMOs for good. So I really want to encourage you. Take a minute right now. Go to Jeff’s website. It’s responsibletechnology.org, dot org, responsibletechnology.org. And by simply buying one of his products,
you are supporting the cause, as well. So, again, remember this. If you go and you’re a doctor and you buy
this DVD, Jeff takes some of these proceeds, and he’s taking these proceeds and putting
them toward banning GMOs for good. Dr. Jeffrey:Absolutely. Also, our 501(c)(3) and our whole work around
the world in over 40 countries is supported by donations. So we welcome that, as well. Dr. Axe:Awesome. Well, Jeff, thanks so much for being here
today. Again, I love your heart. Love your mission. Love your movement. And we appreciate you being here with us,
standing with us, helping us get rid of GMOs. Remember, help us spread this message right
now. Take a minute. And punch that share button right now. Click the like button. We are locking arms together, moving forward
together, banishing GMOs. Hey, guys, again, thanks for sharing this. And, Jeff, thanks for being here with me today. Dr. Jeffrey:Sure. Dr. Axe:All right. Dr. Jeffrey:Thank you. Dr. Axe:Thanks, guys.

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  29. President Obama already passed a Bill mandating GMO labels and put in place a third party agency to verify and certify organic foods. That Bill was passed in June or July of 2016. The issue is stopping Trump from reversing it! I have eaten organic all of my life!

  30. The US government promotes everything that’s wrong that’s why China and Russia have come to put them back in they’re ignorant wicked and evil place…absolute jesus munching douchebags 🔥🔥🔥

  31. I started shopping organic and non GMO 1 month ago. It started when I found out our bread had L cysteine in it and I looked it up and researched it. That got me researvhing everything we ate and I discovered there is actually NO ONE protecting us, the consumer from toxic chemicals in our food. Iy was shocking and an absolute eye opener for me. Thanks for posting – I shared it of course. 🙂

  32. I have shopped for organic since 12 yrs old, raised in Mill Valley CA, my motto on organic, “ it’s cheaper then chemo” 👍🏼😊

  33. I shop organics and grow organic and non GMO. I sell at farmers markets and encourage organics and non GMO. For many people cheap food is their gold standard. Where I live a lot of the wild game, such as deer, eat a lot of GMO crops.

  34. I shop organic but I will be looking for non GMO …however I have heard only Iceland in the UK follow non GMO… I'm going to check 😊 thanks Dr Axe

  35. Why did my biology professor tell me that organic really isn't organic? Is this because all soil is contaminated now? Thank you!

  36. The problem is not many people can afford it. Now whether we all agree with it or not and may want to eat GMO free not everybody can afford it.

  37. i got 3 little kids 3 6 and 8 years old,
    i have been eating walmart food non organic for past 10 years.
    only few months ago i am starting to make a change for myself and my kids.
    i am happy to be the one watching this mission video . i shared it to all my groups

  38. My kids have been into organic for a long time but I am just getting started. I was diagnosed with hashimotos 2 years ago. Doctors (internist & Endo) have done NOTHING to help me! I started researching on my own & learned diet is the big factor. I quit dairy, grains, soy, sugar, gluten & follow AIP diet. I buy mostly organic when I can and non GMO. I just watched your video on salt and oddly enough, I just bought Himalayan salt last week and threw out the regular salt!! I've lost 10 lbs. in 2 weeks, lots of energy! I can't believe the difference! I also quit my cholesterol and antidepressants, only taking vitamins. Looking forward to watching more of your videos!

  39. GMO directly and indirectly associated food should be legislated to mandatory carry a label on each package as “POISON” eat at your own risk.

  40. It blows my mind why in this country that all man made foods that are proven to harm us, is not illegal. PERIOD. Ban it all. People will complain in the begining and then we will have a much healthier nation of people in the first 5 years.

  41. Always follow the money – any and all commercially supplied consumer products is driven by greedy money grabbers

  42. We started eating non GMO Organic last fall. We also started Coderedelifestyle at the the same time. Sooo happy! So thankful for you all and your help. Thank you. Sharing!

  43. I’m 67 years old, I have been eating organic since Marilyn and Harvey Diamond FIT FOR LIFE, also one of the pioneers in the health movement.
    It took over 30 years to conquer the stop smoking, stop smoking in restaurants, influencing people about the horror stories of secondhand smoke. I cannot believe that we are almost entering in the year 2020, in and still not taking conventional produce off the market. Period. OK don’t smoke in front of your baby but give your baby some pesticides to eat through her vegetables!
    I live on my social security, and additional income through social security, because of my disability as Bipolar Disease sufferer, have no other support whatsoever, and yet I don’t buy it if it’s not Organic!
    What you save on food now, you pay for it later!
    Dr. Axe you are the best! Thank you for bringing Mr. Smith to your program!

  44. Lol, the farmers market in Salem Oregon is ridiculously expensive. So is our local health foods store lifesource. Have to shop at Freddy's and keep my eye out for deals.

  45. As a former Whole Foods employee I know for certain they almost exclusively use canola oil in their prepared foods

  46. Yeah he is right about Costco. They have so much more organic than Sam's unfortunately. Costco is not convenient for us so we have to really go out of our way, but it's worth it. I use to drive by monsantan daily to go to work, always giving them the one finger salute…..

  47. I can’t afford to buy it on SSI WITH $14.00 of food stamps N some help from the food banks !!! Wish I could but can’t !!! Soo that’s my story for for now !!!

  48. My tips are by it when it's on sale stock up on packaged cereals because we live in Canada it's more expensive in Canada and go to the self-serve check out item and if the self-serve doesn't ring your item well too bad at free

  49. I learned about GMOs a few years ago and look for the non GMO cert label on any soy. However, didn't realize it was so prevalent in all foods. Also it is so expensive to buy organic. It seems so overwhelming.

  50. Have you heard of "Imperfect Produce" ?
    It's Organic, but not perfect, & sold at a lesser price, & delivered right to your door weekly. And you can skip weeks, if needed.

  51. Also, watch the Documentary Food Inc., Supersize Me, & Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, On Netflix or where ever you can find them. These will be huge "eye openers" for you! If you haven't already seen them! They're Great! 🙂

  52. I shop organic and non GMO as much as my budget allows. I grow a lot of my own produce (heirloom) and make my own natural sprays. If you shop seasonally you can keep the cost down.

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