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100 thoughts on “How to Eat Sushi: You’ve Been Doing it Wrong

  1. What I wish someone would show is how to eat shrimp and deal with the tails. For instance, with Shrimp Ebi Nigiri…

  2. The way I've eaten sushi for the past 30yrs works for me. I've observed Japanese eat sushi and there DOESN'T appear to be a set pattern.

  3. Dont mean to be disrespectful but i will dip my sushi in wasabi then soy sauce ginger muddled in there..mmmmmm mmmmmm. Now my mouth is all watering up

  4. How timely this recommendation is! We are going to dine at a sushi buffet restaurant tomorrow. Now I know what to do.🤗

  5. I thought it was a cardinal sin to dip the sushi in soy sauce and that nigiri was eaten with fingers because no chop stix are used when eating sushi. Also some people mix the wasabi into the soy sauce which I thought was not supposed to be done.

  6. If its your food eat it the way you like, there's another video on how to eat pho, what? My soup, if I want to put sriracha and hoisin my choice.

  7. I need to catch a flight to go eat at this chef’s restaurant 😩 he is so adorable and you can tell he is so proud of his creations.

  8. 1. Pick up sushi.
    2. Open mouth.
    3. Put sushi in mouth in anyway possible.
    4. Close mouth.
    5. Chew.
    6. Swallow sushi.
    7. Repeat.

    That's the way to eat anything. Others are just pretense.

  9. Could you have found a more enthusiastic customer? This guy gave nothing, no real commentary, nada. Wasted opportunity.

  10. The guy eating the food looks like he hates food generally. Not impressed. Does he have some sort of problem with food or something? Please film with someone who loves flavor in future. This guy probably prefers bland food by the look of his facial expressions, it's like he doesn't even enjoy chewing, or that he felt it was disgusting to have in his mouth.

  11. I’ve never had sushi. I think I wouldn’t like it here in America but I’m sure if I traveled to Japan and had this guy teaching me how to properly eat sushi I would love it and be much more energetic and charismatic than this guy eating sushi.

  12. OOOH YUM! THAT first roll looked bomb! It all looked good. Ha, this chef is dope😎. Great prep chef. Best in ingredients

  13. I wish I liked sushi looks really good. And everyone I know enjoys it. I’ve heard that maybe I haven’t tried the right type of sushi. But I’ve tried it 5 times and I just find it really unappetizing. I can’t eat it.

  14. Drove me crazy seeing Chinese opening sushi shops all over San Francisco. These people don' even make an effort to look like sushi chef. First look behind the counter, they don' even bother wearing hair nets. Some just wear black t-shirts.

  15. Love it all….. especially Uni.
    The sea urchin is the absolute best a sushi chef can put in front of you.
    Many people are turned off by the look and the texture, but if you can get past that!…. so very good!

  16. Iam an Indian and when I tried salmon sushi or sushi for first time it's smell literally like acid it have green paste with it when I taste that paste it tastes sweet than suddenly tastes like mustard oil. Sushi contains of half cooked salmon fish and wet granulated and sticky rice. It have some ginger strips with it which tastes like ginger with some salt. It's a waste of money.

  17. man, bummed the chef's joke at 4:50 goes unnoticed. so, TORO in japanese in regards to sushi means fat, or is the cut of tuna from the fattiest part of the fish. OTORO means semi fatty, from the fatty filet but not quite the fattiest part. The line he's talking about is the connective tissue between two muscle groups, and adds a significant amount of chew to the bite. He said he removed it, makes it ALLtoro, or a smoother semi fatty piece mimicking the fattier toro. He was super smug about it, until he realized no one knows wtf he said.

  18. Don't get why everyone was complaining about the white guy. He was being very nice and respectful, and he gave the sushi chef the spotlight.

  19. That one comment about “not shaking” save that for the men’s restroom! 😂 I don’t know this chef but he’s just gone right up in my estimation for just saying that! 👏

  20. Lmfao i’ll pick it up with my hands and mash it up my nose if i want to. “Dont shake it” like shutup dude i dont want that much soy sauce on it? Being a professional chef is great but ya cant tell people how to eat😂

  21. If i was him i would have grabbed it like a rock, slammed it onto the table , punch it and toss it in my mouth.

    Chef: 😑

  22. Not me. I really want my rice soaked a little of my personal soy sauce mix (wasabi and a little sugar). Thats my preference of eating sushi.

  23. Fuc king Nuts! First you don't cook your Food, then you tell me 'HOW' to eat?? Idiots! U pick up with your Hands and Put in in your Mouth you Morons!

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