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71 thoughts on “How to Get Rid of Toe Cramps | Foot Care

  1. I have this horrible panin under my foot ate the time of typing this with one hand an maging my foot with the other… I need to stop this shit, but how?

  2. Some of the things I do can work for you. Placing your foot in a tub of warm water.. Applying pressure by standing or kneeling using your body weight. Using a hair dryer on the area or toes that is cramping . Reducing and management moderate foot cramping is being well hydrated drinking enough fluids working on reducing stress to be stress free and exercising and keeping a routine of what we do at work or play such as standing on are feet for long hours at work or swimming bicycling will also reduce cramping and having the footwear for the activity what your doing will also help. For me to you I hope it works at least now you have a couple things to try.

  3. So basically I'm screwed. I've been on muscle relaxers for over ten years due to my back. I was changed on another medication and I had side affects to the meds and I had to stop taking thecdhow new meds. Now I'm getting muscle spasms all over. My shoulders,legs,toes,back,arms. I'm taking high dose of vita d, eating bananas,mustard,soda water,water. Nothing is working. I'm waiting for a prior authorization to go through to get on my old med as Medicare only covered the one I had a bad reaction to.. mean while I'm really suffering. This truely sucks. I exercise but it's hard to even stretch while your having them and it sucks.

  4. When I have a toe cramp,I put pressure on it with my hand until it goes away and keep putting pressure on it because it can come back if u just leave pressure and it stops the first time.

  5. Seriously he didn't mention MAGNESIUM!!!!!! It's the number 1 reason people cramp up. If you want to fix this you need to up your magnesium intake. Better yet go get or order online Magnesium oil. You spray it on your skin and the cramps go away. Hell I haven't had PMS in years because of it.   Sometimes if your so low you need to do it several times a day. 1 teaspoon gives you 560 mg a day and causes no bowel problems like pills can. When you first start using it, it can itch but that goes away after a few applications. Just spay on leave it on for 20 min. then go rinse it off.  I use Life-flo and buy it on amazon. 

  6. I get cramps in my smallest toe when i go swimming. Sometimes it happens instantly or sometimes it happens after i have been swimming for a while.

  7. Tonic water will do it. It has quinine in it. THE FDA banned it years ago because people were using it in large quantities …350_500mgs. It was found that large doses had a detrimental effect on the human heart that could and did at times lead to death. One liter bottle of tonic water has only 80mgs. A 10 once glass has 22mgs, more than enough to relive the muscles cramping.

  8. I have a cramp in m foot and toes types in a video on how to get rid of it yay I found one 20 second ad comes on I don't have time for this x

  9. i just broke my foot for the third time this year and im in a removable boot. ive only just started feeling this pain in my toes (only on the broken foot). it feels like im being stabbed in the foot. ive been in a cast two other times and never experienced this pain. does anyone know what it is or what i should do about it?

  10. I'm crying the side of my toe feels like my muscle gets pulled out or stretched so much I'm crying I need to keep my big toe up or being supported I'm dying in pain

  11. I was getting a cramp in my toes when swimming. All I wanted to see was how to stop the cramps to get back to swimming but no, doesn't even show you what to do when you have a cramp -_-

  12. So ummmm my toes are fine but when they face down the get stuck and I have to go up 180 degrees just to get them normal

  13. Downvoting because the video didn't show a single technique on how to get RID of a toe cramp, just advice on how to prevent them… which is not what the video is titled!!!

  14. I have curvature of the spine. My right foot cramps 9/10 times I experience a cramp. It feels like it resists harder if I put any kind of pressure on it or try to move it in anyway. I just sit there, cry scream and punch/bite something. It is the only thing that works, I usually get more than one, if I get one I know more are coming shortly and usually vary in intensity. Leg cramp has nothing on the pain I experience during a foot/toe cramp. Honestly, I would rather die than have to keep feeling this, it's like a torture mechanism.

  15. I always have cramps in my 2nd toe 😭 it hurts also my cup muscles keep cramping sometimes in the middle of the night or even when I swim it’s hard 😭

  16. type2 diabetes. For like 2 months had this near cramp behind left big toe nightly. Non painful, lasts several seconds.

     Take simlo for high chlolesterol, diamicron, metformin.
    I exercise 3 times weekly.

  17. I’m not sure If this is a toe cramp but when I curl my toes sometimes my toes get stuck in space and it starts hurting like the ligaments are sticking out which I have felt before.

  18. Has anyone ever been told to pop their toes when you have cramps in your toes? I do and it immediately makes my cramps in my toes go away, but I have no idea if its safe for your toes…

  19. I got this at Wal-Mart! Boy my toes curled up and cramped. The pain was unimaginable!!!! WTF do I have???

  20. I just watched the Vid about getting rid of toe cramps.The guy that was talking forever about it.Didn't help that much.But I just fast forward the Vid till the end.Lol 😄.It didn't help but by putting pressure on my Big toe did and so I got rid of it in less than 5 seconds.So thank you fella,but no thank you.👍

  21. left big toe cramp.
    Was using simlo cholesterol tablets up to some ago and stopped from pain side effect, am diabetic – hence one of the 2 likely cause but leaning to simlo. Cramps were not present when 1st diabetic.
    Every other day lying down lasts 10 seconds. Not in sleep though.

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