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100 thoughts on “How to Give Up Soda

  1. lol doing stuff "cold turkey" is like the easiest thing for me, quiet video games out of no where after being addicted, run a mile everyday out of no where, and do weed during the summer and then quite for the rest of the year

  2. What was the point of covering up the Coca-Cola logo if you'r going to say it out loud in the "did you know?" !!!'

  3. quitting soda is easy as fuck, you guys just have no goals. i was like 230 lbs then i stopped drinking soda "cold turkey" because i joined a sport and went down to 175 lbs in a year

  4. I admit that my favourite drink is Coke(Coca-Cola). My mom scold me cause its not healthy but she drank coke alot to. That makes me angry!!!

  5. Diet Soda is made with Aspertame, sorry if I spell it wrong, not high frutose corn syrup, and they don't have any calories.

  6. It's offically my 4th day without soda 🙂 oh and btw this video didnt help i had to quite cold turkey and it worked just fine

  7. I gave soda up cold turkey!!! You need to start seeing soda as poison because it really is. People do not realize how much damage they are doing to their body. It is sad that these bad habits are being passed on to children as little as two. Take care of your body and your children.

  8. i used to be addicted to diet coke, but i threw it out and forced myself to stop buying it.
    then i had nothing to drink Sept water and now i'm addicted to water ….

  9. thank you for taking the time to type this message to make me realize that you're right and i need to stop drinking soda! 🙂

  10. Strongly agree. Instead of viewing it as "quit drinking soda", one should view it as "drinking better beverages and enjoying it". I drink coconut juice regularly, and I enjoy it more than I enjoyed soda in the past. It's a lot easier to drink something else when viewed in this light. Also, view it as enjoying a soda-free lifestyle free of sugar crashes.

  11. Soda is really addicting!  I made a video that shares the causes of what drinking too much soda can do.  Hopefully this will help give you the willpower to quit drinking soda (:

  12. It is pretty bad to recommend diet soda, fruit juices, and artificial sweeteners to people who are trying to give up regular soda.  If you give up soda and drink diet soda, you didn't really give up soda.  Not to mention the aspartame in diet soda and all of it's harmful effects.  How about just drink water with fresh lemon or lime, coffee or tea from tea bags! 

  13. I haven't drank pop for almost 2 weeks after watching this. I'm losing weight because of it. That's what I wanted

  14. Sorry, but artificial sweeteners in "diet" sodas are more detrimental to your health and just as bad as regular pop. You forget there's a significant amount of salt (sodium) in these drinks as well. HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) is deadly.

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  16. My mom is always telling us kids to drink more water and less soda, I drink water with lemon slices or tea or I eat some fruit whenever I get a soda craving

  17. Actually regular soda is better than diet soda.Dont hate on me saying that’s not true,my mom is a nurse and my doctor told me so.

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