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How to Increase Metabolism : Misconceptions about Protein Diets

The biggest misconception about protein is
that it builds muscle. Protein does not build muscle exercise builds muscle. The kind of
exercise that builds the muscle is strength training. What happens when strength training
is your lifting up that weight and it’s tearing down the muscle. The proteins job is to come
in there like I said before it’s a building block so protein comes in with those strands
of building block and helps to start holding up that muscle. But it’s really the weight
training that is breaking down that muscle and making it stronger to give protein the
ability to go in and start growing and replacing some of that tissue. So don’t think that if
you eat more protein you are automatically going to start building a lot muscle. It’s
really strengthening those muscles with weight and then eating appropriate amount of protein
and it’s really not that much protein. You don’t have to consume that much protein to
get that growth and repair guide. So if you have any questions about that see your dietitian.

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