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33 thoughts on “How to Keep a Rat Happy & Healthy | Pet Rats

  1. so you're unsubscribing because one series of videos out of a hundred other different subjects is about rats?

  2. Mice may be, my male rats are totally different. They are glued to me. They always want to be with me, if the can't be with me they seem depressed.

  3. To anyone who says rats are disgusting, think again. They actually make fantastic, adorable pets, and are cleaner or as clean as your household cat. So just shut up about it.

  4. Not true to rats. They really love being with humans, playing with them and being pet. They are generally like little dogs 😀 If they are handled properly they will concern people part of their pack.

    Mine come when called and play with me, though they don't like to be handled for a long time since they are females and like to explore and run around more.

  5. The only "disgusting" animal on this planet is human beings. You have been led to believe they are "disgusting" by naive, ignorant people who are wrong in their opinion. So are you.

  6. Oh, that curious pinkish little nose at 1:30 :). Really nice videos, Anthony Pilny, thanks for the effort to educate people on rats.

  7. All you people making negative comments are really missing out. If you have never had the opportunity to interact with a pet rat you really have no idea. Every friend/family member that had a negative opinion of my rats fell in love with them when they met them. They are like little loving dogs and each as their own personality like most mammals do.

    Rats also can do something called meta-cognition which is being aware of their thoughts and feelings and making decisions based on them. Studies have shown that they have compassion and are altruistic. Also keep in mind that pet rats are far different than wild rats. Pet rats, also known as fancy rats have been domesticated for 100s of years.and are no more like a wild rat than a domestic dog is like a wild wolf.

    They have been bred for specific temperaments, social and physical traits. They are very tolerant and so are great pets for children. Unlike other small mammals, they are happy to wake up and play with their humans and crave social interaction. I was trying to teach my niece how to properly hold one of my rats and she kept carrying her around by the top of her rib-cage. It wasn't hurting my rat but was probably uncomfortable and didn't feel very secure. However, my pet rat, Piper, tolerated it. It was very cute. And there is my little diatribe. 🙂 God bless all. 

  8. And most important, you Should ALWAYS have at least two rats! You are at school, work, with friends, there's no way you are going to play with it 10 hours a day, you can't communicate or "clean" and cuddle it like a rat friend would do. This doesn't make them less social, but it will make them a lot more happy. (Sorry for my bad English)

  9. All rats are born with mycoplasma bacteria which leads to chronic respiratory issues in many. If you choose rats be prepared sooner or later to deal with life threatening chest congestion, bronchitis and/or pneumonia. Money for vets and medicines is essential. It's going to cost you. It's horrible watching your best little buddy running around panicking gasping for air. 50% of my rats have died of mycoplasmosis complications and in the end I have decided to stop keeping rats. I'm down to my last pair. There's just too much suffering.

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