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100 thoughts on “How to Know If Your Rat Is Sick | Pet Rats

  1. I just got my rat today and I THINK she is breathing quickly. It's pretty rapid and her whole body moves when she breathes. I'm just worried since I got her from a pet store (there are no pet adoption places around me) I'm hoping it's just stress from the day with moving her into her cage and stuff. I really don't want her to be sick already….

  2. OK so my rat has a big pink lump on his lag and he was bleeding like I like to put my rat in .y bed and I thought he peed on my bed but I touch it and it was blood?

  3. so my pet rat is constantly "sneezing" could it possibly be because of an upper respiratory infection she is about 6 weeks old what can I do ?

  4. One of my female rats recently started to have an obvious change of behavior, she usually comes to me when I walk into my room,but around a day ago she started to stop coming to me. She has started to lose her appetite and sleeping sense then,I recently changed her bedding and thourougly cleaned her cage with my mom , along with consulting her that she is or is probably ill. She does not have any signs of tumors (Along with that they are common in females.) And she does not have the secreation, it most likely is not an upper respiratory problem, any reccomendations?

  5. HELP!!!!!! I just got my pet rats a week ago and they are baby's there names are shadow and Peper any was they keep sneezing so I switched bedding now I have paper and fabric I pody trained them to poo in one corner but after that peper stopped sneezing but she was acting weird so then we would. bring her to the veterinarian the next day but…..she was dead so now shadow is all right just she sneezes a lot so I got a new rat to comfort shadow her name is buttons anyway SOMEONE HELP ME WITH SHADOW I DONT WHANT HER DEAD PLEASE!!!!

  6. my rat has blue testicles and he is drinking and eating and walking all pretty well but every time i go check on him in the cage with his brothers when he isn't eating or drinking he is just laying down he is my dads rat and my moms rat keeps cuddling him and so does mine i think they know he is sick and doesnt feel good he keeps licking everyone like he is saying goodbye i opened my window for him because the research i did all said that the blue testicles and being tired were signs of lack of oxygen his testicles started slowly changing back to a peachy color could it have been lack of oxygen????????

  7. My rat hasn't been eating at all the only thing she is has been willing to eat in the past 2 days was a small piece of bread I gave her, she hasn't been sneezing but she doesn't wanna get up out of her nest. She is a very old rat about a year and a half and I'm worried she's nearing her end can anyone help?

  8. I found a tumor on my rat 😭😭😭 and it has seizures a lot and she has trouble breathing (sometimes) HELP what do I do? 😞

  9. Idk if my rat has a tumor or not. I am looking a little above my rats right are and there is a little bump. Is this a tumor?

  10. I got a pair of rats and my baby Little Chef is sneezing 😔 I know they sneeze at a new home but isn't it bad if it goes on for a week? Also when I put my hand near him he smells me then begins to sneeze uncontrollably. Is he allergic to me or anything I have or getting used to me?

  11. my rat seems to be stuffy and I found a little bit of red stuff around his nose and he is kind of sleeping more but he eats and drinks normal

  12. thank you so much for your reply. I greatly appreciate it. I've lost rats in the past due to Mycoplasma. now I know 6 weeks is normal sneezing. thank you !! their mumma is a paranoid mumma lol

  13. They can vomit, I have witnessed it. And no my rat was not choking on something…she vomited four different times in her lifespan.

  14. thank you. my baby girl has a subcutaneous tissue mass n below her right arm. thank you for this good information.

  15. my rat has lots of wounds along her back, she gets a few cuts here and there when fighting with her sister but nothing like this

  16. I got a rat in march my mom let me get only one…. 😭 I ended up saving up enough money to buy another one I got her in June she is only 3-1/2 weeks old she sneezes a lot and it has been going on for awhile now, she started wheezing a little tonight and this morning I noticed she had crusted in her eyes until I gave her a bath she drinks and eat normally but she sleeps a lot now, does she have a upper respiratory infection??? Or is it someone kind of other sickness???? Let me know what u think as soon as possible, cause I herd they can die from respiratory infections!!!!! Let me know what u think!!! Thanks 🙏 😉🐭🐭🐁🐁🐀🐀

  17. My rat makes this noise. I took him to the vet and they said his lungs are clear and had no other signs of infection but he's still making the noise. Any advice?

  18. Reminder to all newer rat owners that if your rat is just sneezing, nothing more, nothing less, then they're okay. Rats will always have weird respiratory systems, and naturally sneezing will be part of it. If you notice any red around the eyes/nose then it's not just normal sneezing, and then you should show some concern.

  19. my mouse private area is totally wet he is 1year and few months old he is not eating.He is just laying and his legs are not working and he eats less what happened to him i don't have any vet in my town plz help

  20. My rat back leg has a big red bump that has grown in the last few days. I've been looking around on there and I can't find anything that's even close to this. She acts the same from the time I got her 10 Months besides she is way fatter. Sadly, I can"t take her to the vet at this time since money is very tight for me and i don't qualify for that credit thing that they have at the vet. Any advise at this time is very helpful. Thank You

  21. My rat definitely just threw up despite what everyone will tell you. It was orange throw up and it was a decent amount of it. He's been really sick lately because the other rat was starving but I didn't see the signs until it was to late and he looked nearly starved to death so I separated them and fed watered him by himself but he's got a big squishy sack on his chest now and I don't know what it means.

  22. My rat died and i have no idea why. There was a red discharge from her nose and i dont think she was eating much. She also escaped her cage one night, does that have something to do with her death?

  23. Am scared my rat she's bleeding every time I pick her up she does a lil shake thing it scared me, I realized this about a month ago, and to day I took my rat out and when she jumped of my hand on to my lap I realized blood down there.. I lookd closely and it was like bubbles sorta there was lots.. it's scares me idk what to do if any ones knows please tell me

  24. Hello dear i have two male white rat one of them is having big black a kind of pimple on his tonsil and another one is just getting can u plz tell me why this is hppning and how i can stop tht reply fast they are one year and 10 months old

  25. What do I do? One of my rats is very chubby and sleeps all day. She never exercises, has her sister feed her, and makes ratnests everywhere she goes. Whenever I take her out, she curls up and sleeps. She is very lazy and messy. I know they are nocturnal, but even at night she is quiet. She is too large for her age! Her sister still has this red scratch/scab lining her eye also.

  26. In case of respiratory symptoms you may feed a bit dark chocolate. They love it and it helps them (at least acording to several sources). Also have it nice warm (>20°C) in your room and ventilate once a day for ten minutes to exchange the air. Also a good idea is newspaper more or less all over in the cage because it sucks the urine very fast and is easy to exchange.

  27. My rat didn't get food and water for 7days and now The eyes of my white pet rat is coming out and he is eating nothing. which desease is this??? is this caused by cold??????

  28. i recently noticed that my rat has like a crust on one of her sides, and recently she started to make a lot of short squeaks when she licks herself

  29. my rat died he had diarrhea but never anything else then out of the blue he died he was underweight but was getting better a few days after my other rat his cage mate got diarrhea and started shivering he is always so super playful but now hes just laying there shivering we got a small portable heater and are now warming him up what should we do!!!!!! im so worried I dont want to lose my other baby I want to just off a cliff

  30. I had a pet rat
    I accidentally killed him
    I’m sorry.
    I am a disgrace to the rat community
    My rat was sick his whole life.
    His little short life *tears*

  31. My mouse is constantly shaking it has been shaking for the past few days, hasn't ate anything and doesn't wanna move at all. Please help

  32. I’ve just bought 3 beautiful dumbo rats & my youngest sneezes and gets that red colouring under her nose, she’s still eating & coming out to play. Is she healthy?

  33. Hi, I have a pet rat named hunter and he has a bloody nose right now and I don't know if this means if he is dying and his breathing seems fine and I checked to see if he had a scratch on his nose but he didn't he's moving around still. I don't have enough money to take him to a vet, so if there's any rat experts here please please please let me know what is going on with him, thank you

  34. my pet rat has become very thin but has a good appetite still.Its eager for food but has difficulty with its balance and falls over sideways or backwards. It cant move about normally without falling over.Is this just a symptom of old age ? Its three years old.

  35. One of my rats keeps chirping and i got her and a few other rats a few weeks ago and she just now started to chirp and i’m not sure if it’s a sign of happiness or illness

  36. Im a mummy….
    My darling is so so sick a huge lump in his skin…
    Im sleeping wit him..yes its weird..
    Im cared he might you know…😐😐
    He has something called skin cancer

  37. I've been awake all night trawling the net for answers! One my female rats (maisy) about 4 months old started making a loud rattling sound she's one of my faves and I'll do anything to help her I will be taking her to the vets in the morning but I'm trying to find out the cause , it's come on really fast I have just cleaned the floor tonight with various products could this be the cause ????

  38. https://www.google.com.ec/search?q=meme+rata&rlz=1C5CHFA_enEC790EC790&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=yM6RiIRInKNArM%253A%252CBHsurlo_8iWDzM%252C_&usg=AFrqEze9UUGsGTuHsQVTLSfrjc2vt2P7Pg&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiwgd7mhvfcAhWBmVkKHYPDBIUQ9QEwAHoECAUQBA#imgrc=yM6RiIRInKNArM:

  39. Can someone please help me because one of my rats have been squeaking a lot but he has never done this before please anything will help

  40. So my rat started acting weird yesterday when my cat accidentally scared him when jumping on the bed. He's just not acting like himself all of last night he only moved to get water. Should I be worried? Is he sick? Or is he just being cautious?

  41. My rat hasnt been eating much and she looks tired. She wont stop trying to get my attention and she is very attached to me . She is still very energetic tho.

  42. My rat acts fine most the time but then all of a sudden he will scream out but then just continues to do whatever he was doing can anyone tell me why

  43. My baby has been sneezing constantly …. I’m getting worried … this has been going on for 4 days now and I can’t afford to take him to the vet… I’m scared

  44. I have 2 rats – 8-10 weeks old and one of them keeps sneezing but when I got them they checked the rats over infront of me so it’s something he has gotten within the last 2 days

  45. so (I know this video is old but I have a question) my rat is gaging and he just recenty ( looked like it) threw up. it was super gooy and he is laying down not eating and revolting. what should I do? I already called the people who I bought that rat from (he was perfectly heathy when I got him) and his brother is normal and isn't having a problem.


  47. My female rat Luna has a bald patch on her right shoulder, she does live with another female rat and they do play fight lots and so I’ve been thinking maybe she just pulled some of her hair out? But it’s kind of a big spot.. I’m worried she’s maybe sick or something does anyone have any possible answers?

  48. My rat, Rhodie is usually very active, but I’ve noticed he is very still when I hold him. He won’t run around like he usually does, and he also just had diarrhea. Any tips?

  49. My sister’s 3 year old rat passed away recently so we got her two new ones (only about a month old now) one of them keeps making squeaking noises (like non stop) and seems to be having trouble breathing. I got him a humidifier (if that helps) and put it near their cage he seems to be trying to be as close to it as possible and I don’t know what’s going on I’m really scared for his health and I don’t know what to do.. someone help?

  50. This guy’s voice is so calm and relaxing, Idk why.

    Also one of my rats, Candy, has been making this loud wheezing sound and sneezing…. I’m really scared!

  51. Can anyone help me please!
    My new rat came to me from a rescue and when she sneezes blood comes out, also when she pees there is blood in her urine . Took her to a vet and they said it was stress but she is tired and lazy which she wasn’t before and I’m very worried

  52. My rat still comes for treats and acts normal he simply keeps panting a lot when he's relaxing. And peeing a lot his white turns a yellow if I leave him for too long

  53. My rat (lets call him rat 1) has a ball thing on the side of his face near his ear and it has only appeared recently (4 Days ago he was fine). He is an adult rat (about 4 years old) and he has been eating and drinking fine but keeps tossing his head about alot. I have another rat (rat 2) in the same cage and he's absolutely fine ( slightly younger about 3 years old). I'm definitely taking rat 1 to the vets very soon but anyone know what it could be, any ideas?

  54. I have A rat that has a lump on its neck area. I don’t know if it’s a tumor but she has been a little more aggressive. I don’t know if it’s hurting her, and if it is a tumor but we don’t have the money to get a surgery. What should I do?

  55. Can someone help me. I have a question. My rat has small tiny white bumps on his tail and a few on his ears.. is this normal? I barely got him and his brother 4 days ago. He's about 1 month old. He seems fine just running and playing. He's eating right. Idk if the bumps are normal or if they'll go away. (I've looked it up and can't get a clear answer)

  56. My white mice is showing every symptoms the dr. Has said in the video
    She is not eating properly
    Her breathing is irregular
    Her eyes are bleeding( porphyrine )
    She is always sleepy
    Doesn't come to me at her own
    And her stomach is swollen( can she be pregnant ? ))
    Please tell me what should i do

  57. My rat sneezes alot but she isnt lethargic shes healthy and breathes eats and drinks normally and never gets porphyrin stains so idk

  58. Mine has respiratory problems and many others😭 he's been pretty sick but I adopted them when they were already pretty old and their old owners obviously didn't take care of them. I'm stil struggling with mine cause he's so timid. Sadly his two brothers passed now

  59. Okay in my rats cage he has a little like box he likes to go in and I was cleaning his cage and there’s a bunch of red like spots like all other it and in his bowl I was washing it and there’s also a bunch of red spots ?

  60. My rats where all find until 2 days ago then yesterday morning one of my rats smeagle was shaking sneezing and really lethargic and just not looking well. I had to go to school and leave him in his cage I came back home after school and found he had passed away and the others where guarding him not letting me near

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