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How To Lose Weight This Summer? | Lose 10kg Weight With Ice Cream Sorbet, Ginger And Lemon Water

In west people celebrate the arrival of summer. But with us. We feel sad in summer. When summer comes. In summer. Hair will not look good. Nor the skin Nor we feel good about wearing clothes along with this. In summer either you loss weight or you gain weight. Meaning… It’s hot Hormones will react differently. Your mood changes all of sudden. When you go out to eat. Everyone has a different perception. Lot of people think it is very difficult to lose weight in the summer. I think that is not the case. People can’t able to eat lot of protein because of the heat Don’t eat fish in the summer. Your eating options reduces. and fruits and vegetable uses is very less in our diet. if you think “your diet will get hard if you are not eating meat.” but that is not the case Today I will give you a diet plan on Outstyle. With it you will feel kind of coolness in the summer. And if electricity available or not. You will enjoy regardless in the summer. With this diet.. In summer you will feel I am going to be recommending you cool things. You note down the things. With this diet you can lose weight around People who have People who are struggling with 4-5 kilos like me They keep on struggles and with lot of hard work final reach their goals. After we get the goals. Sometimes, reverse gear is applied and back to where it was started. But this is life journey. So what you have to do this summer. For your diet. what I am going to be telling you. You have to do it for three months. If you lose 4 kg every month. The four basic items.. when waking up in the morning. You are going to have your detox water. You have to drink this is morning as well as afternoon and at night. We all know its recipe. You know its cold water. I just can’t drink hot water. and it is not good for the fruits and vegetable that you Put them in hot or warm water. Take good cold water and put the fruits that you like in it. You can put strawberries. Apart from this you can add green apple. Whatever you put inside it. Its flavor will comes in the water. Instead of eating mango. Fill a water bottle. and put only one piece of mango in it. Now.. you can enjoy mango flavor without eating it. and it does not have sugar as much as there is in squash juices. and you can get the satisfaction of eating and enjoying One thing is this. In morning have two glass of this. Keep on drinking this throughout the day. You have to drink these 3-4 jugs This is a really amazing shake. This has a really amazing breakfast smoothies. it’s not like you put it directly in a bottle. It will not be properly made with that. Add the water which is mention in it. You make a shake. After that in a glass. Have some berries. The fruits I use the most are berries. Blueberries, Strawberries. If you can get cheap strawberries. which you can easily get. But blueberries and raspberries prices are really high. So settle for strawberries. along with it you have to add sugar. You have to use ice a lot in summer. You might be thinking how? When a cool thing goes inside your stomach. and your body need to do a lot of work to drop its temperature. Studies show you can burn more calories with cold So in our diet a lot of ice is involved. When you drink this. This is like your breakfast and pre-lunch meal. What you will have for lunch? Don’t take ready-made. You have to make kabab at home Mutton or chicken kabab. and if you can use Organic chicken You don’t have to add lentil. You have to fry it without oil. after 1 hour of eating.. drink detox water. both before and after meal have detox water. and evening we will going to take sorbet. This diet is mostly of sorbet. I am going to be sharing it recipe. Sweet sorbet.. Sugar plays a great role in it. We remove sugar from it. This diet is more like ice cream diet. Instead of cream, We are going to use coconut milk. Whatever fruits you are going to be using. Texture and flavor will change and it will be really delicious. Sorbet I like the most is water melon sorbet. No milk is require only freeze the water melon. after it freezes.. who have to put it in the blending machine. You have to eat or drink this quickly. So..just two kababs.. then this One is your protein shake. detox water and two times you will have this sorbet. This have lot of fruit. With water melon you will not use water or ice. Water content inside the watermelon will make the ice. You will follow this diet for one whole month. Your face will be like as if you have done face lift surgery Your hair will be amazing.. as it is cool so you won’t feel hot. Instead of two kebabs.. you can also switch to healthy fruit salad or vegetable salad. Salad which have lot of green. add papaya, avocado. Try to avoid meat. The reason I add meat is because without meat no satisfaction. So do try that. Now I am going to be sharing the recipe. Four cups strawberries. One cup sugar free lemonade. Use Stevia half teaspoon After that blend all nicely. and put it in the ice cream maker. and if you don’t have ice cream maker. you can freeze this in a deep pan for 4-5 hours and every 30 mins you have to mix it. then freeze it. mix and repeat this. after 3-4 hours when it is completely freezed eat this immediately or put it in the air tight container. You can made this with plain oranges or you can add coconut. for that you will need 3-4 oranges. Cut them into small slices and remove the seeds. You have to add one cup coconut milk. Use natural stevia. and add this in the ice cream maker. or you can pour in the the simple ice cream molds. Make ice lollies. Or freeze it for 4-5 hours. and after ever 30 mins you have to mix it after 4-5 hours when it is freeze. freeze in the air tight container. You only need one ingredient that is water melon. It should not be too sweet or too blend. Use the one with perfect flavor. Cut small chunks of water melon and put them in a freezer. for 4-5 hours freeze it well or you can put it whole night in the freezer. after taking it out..blend them in the freezer. Your sorbet is ready. How simple is that? you can add little bit of lemon or little bit of salt. So try these recipes. I am going to do this and lets see who will lose more weight. For dieting there is certain mood. Change your attitude. Summer three months.. may, June and July. After that wedding season will come. Tell me and give me a thumbs up and tell me what latest shopping you did on Outstyle. if not.. then go now and place your order. You can get original things at home

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