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How to Make a Green Smoothie — 5 Step Template (whole food vegan, oil-free)

welcome to Healthytarian living in this video episode I will be sharing with you another healthy terian meal template this one for green smoothies and green smoothies are something that I’ve been personally enjoying for over 10 years now and also teaching about the benefits of green smoothies for years when it comes to not just their nutrition and health benefits but even practical benefits as well as part of this video I will first explain to you why green smoothies in as much of a summary as possible then I will take you through the five-step template to use to make numerous combinations of amazing delicious and optimally healthy green smoothies and finally we will finish this video episode off with a demo of me making one particular green smoothie combination for starters they are one of the fastest easiest and most nutrient-dense meals possible really the only thing better than making a green smoothie is eating the ingredients you would use to make that green smoothie as they are without actually blending them otherwise you just have to place the green smoothie ingredients into a blender and then consume it as you desire my approach to green smoothies is also 100% whole food and plant based this means that healthy terian green smoothies do not include any isolates or extracts that means no oils of any kind or any type of protein powders they provide an outstanding balance of wholesome healthy carbohydrates which make up most of their calories as well as a good balance and proportion of healthy plant proteins as well as healthy fats they are super rich source of vitamins and minerals and when it comes to minerals specifically minerals that many people are concerned about getting enough in their diet like calcium magnesium potassium and iron they are also a super rich source of healing and protective antioxidants and phytonutrients on a practical level they help you eat your leafy greens which are the most nutrient-dense foods which should be part of our diet every single day several times a day in fact but which most people do not get enough of and often have a hard time eating and so as part of green smoothies you can enjoy at least one if not several servings of leafy greens in a very pleasant and actually very delicious format they also provide you with several servings of fruits and vegetables within one meal and if you like myself use these as a breakfast meal that means within your very first meal of the day you’ve already checked off several servings of fruits and vegetables they also help you eat omega-3 rich seeds specifically flax seeds and chia seeds which are very tiny and often very hard to eat or not quite ideal in other forms or meals finally green smoothies feature so many health benefits for us they are highly alkalizing they are highly anti-inflammatory they are highly cleansing and detoxifying they are highly beneficial for weight loss as well as healthy weight maintenance and of course being rich in greens leafy greens and chlorophyll they are also outstanding to optimize our energy levels and last but not least green smoothies are ideal for any life stage they are perfect for kids and they are great for any stage of our adult ears right into our elderly years at which time sometimes chewing or digestion may become more difficult and an easier to digest food meal idea like a green smoothie as well as a quick and easy meal idea can actually be the best source of high quality nutrients and healthy foods for step one of the green smoothie template pick a leafy green and rotate them through regularly and you really just need one leafy green yes you can pick more than one but really as I’ll be sharing with you throughout this entire template video and as is my general approach to teaching about health and nutrition keeping it simple is best it is much better and optimal for our digestion and it also makes your life easier and less complicated of course if you are using wild edibles going picking in the spring or summer from a safe and clean place or if you are using the prepared green mixes especially usually store sell them as baby mixes of all kinds then of course you can just throw in what you have available the best leafy green options for green smoothies include kale spinach and collard greens other good options are bok choi bok choy and any outer green cabbage leaves if you do have access to wild greens you can also use ones like dandelions plantain or curly doc and for more tips if you are harvesting wild greens see my wild green smoothie video the greens you would typically not want to use as part of your green smoothie are any lettuce greens save those for your whole meal salads typically they go better as part of salads and they do tend to change the smoothie flavor in more unpleasant ways as opposed to the greens that I mentioned which actually get masked quite well if you have the right combination of fruits now the other greens that you may not wish to use our greens like arugula or rapini both of these have very strong and sharp flavors and unless you’re a big fan of either one you don’t want those actually coming out in your green smoothie the amount that you would use will depend more or less on the type of leafy green you are using if you are using big leaves of kale or collards one leaf alone especially the big huge collards may be all you need for your green smoothie serving typically though we would measure it as part of a handful so if you’re using spinach or small dandelion leaves a handful to two handfuls is a good serving for a green smoothie and the more you get advanced in consuming green smoothies the more handfuls you can add of leafy greens make sure that any leaves you use are clean and washed and it is always best to work with fresh leaves as much as possible seasonal and local even better and of course organic however certain leafy greens freeze very well such as kale for more tips on how to do that see my how to freeze kale video step 2 pick one to two fruits just like with leafy greens yes you can go for more but as I shared with you previously the simpler the better bananas and leafy greens alone make exceptionally delicious and great smoothies bananas in general actually are one of the key ingredients for making very creamy and delicious smoothies but if you don’t enjoy bananas I would still say give the green smoothie a try with the banana because the banana flavor gets mixed around with the other ingredients in a way that diminishes banana flavor specifically but brings out a nice subtly sweet and fruity flavor experience if of course you can’t eat bananas for any reason like allergies then the next best fruit to base your smoothies on would be mangles as they also have a nice creamy and richer type of consistency and flavor other best fruits to use include pineapples oranges strawberries blueberries peaches and red grapes other potential fruits would be apples pears plums apricots and papayas when it comes to raspberries blackberries or pomegranates these may not be ideal choices for everyone depending on the type of blender especially that you have as really regardless of the type of blender you’re going to get some grittiness as part of your smoothie texture the only fruits you don’t want to be using for your green smoothies are melons this includes anything like watermelon cantaloupe or honeydew and they’re not ideal for several reasons part of optimal food combining these fruits are specifically this group of fruits should only be eaten ideally on their own and not mix with any other fruits or foods whereas the other fruits that I talked about generally speaking will pair fine especially if your digestive system is okay with leafy greens or as part of a green smoothie the other reason is that melons in general don’t actually bring out the best green smoothies so enjoy their beautiful flavors and refreshing watery and juicy nature on their own but keep them out of green smoothies to use fruits for a green smoothie you can pick from fresh or frozen of course as much as possible try going again fresh local organic and seasonal but when that’s not possible you can also rely on frozen fruits now to not make the smoothie too cold as room temperature or just slightly chilled is best for again our digestive system try to use one frozen fruit if you have two and one fresh fruit if you are not going to be using any frozen fruits and you like to or must for any reason habit chilled smoothies like the chilled that is then do feel free to use perhaps a couple of ice cubes also when it comes to green smoothies there’s no need for any dry fruits the fresh or frozen fruits that you’re going to be using are already going to make your smoothies super delicious and so there’s really no need to add the concentrated sweetness of dried fruits keep those again for a different time when it comes to the specific amounts of the fruits that you would use typically think of one whole fruit whether that’s a smaller or a larger fruit of its kind or about half a cup to 1 cup of the fruit if it’s something like berries one less thing to note about fruits is that they will specifically determine the color of your green smoothie so even though I generally speak of them all as green smoothies there are some green smoothies that aren’t actually going to be green in color yellow or orange fruits make green colored smoothies blue or dark blue fruits make more of a purplish green smoothie any red fruits they will make more of an olive colored green smoothie step 3 pick a seed and or a nut ideally you want to use omega-3 rich seeds as your main ingredient choice here this means flax seeds chia seeds or hemp seeds do note that hemp seeds will change the flavor of your green smoothie some people like it some people don’t so do experiment and are not as ideal in their omega-3 to omega-6 ratio as the other two choices so I always recommend sticking to flax or Chia for your green smoothies if you have a powerful blender then use them in their whole form otherwise if you don’t then simply use them by them in their ground forms what about other seats technically yes you can use other seats but I don’t recommend it sunflower seeds are high in omega-6 which most people are getting too much of anyway pumpkin seeds can cause an unpleasant smoothie flavor sesame seeds can also distort the flavor and are best made into a tahini like savory spread or sauce nuts can also be used either in addition to the seeds or in place of the seeds that will depend most on your metabolic and lifestyle needs by adding nuts you can add more calories or nutrients or creaminess to your smoothie and so when using nuts be sure that you are using them in their raw forms and soaked as much as possible the best nut options to include as part of green smoothies are raw almonds or raw cashews you can also substitute here an avocado if you want to bulk up your smoothie calories nutrients or creaminess then use an avocado in terms of your nuts and seed amounts you want to aim for a quarter cup as a serving or a small handful or about two tablespoons I recommend starting with a quarter of the avocado and working your way up to see what works for you as it is very easy to ruin a green smoothie with too much avocado step 4 pick a boost now this step is completely optional most green smoothies do not require any boosts as they are already well-balanced nutritionally and offer such an amazing nutrient density however sometimes you may need to or want to add a certain boost to your green smoothie these would be whole food forms of medicinal or specialty plant foods simply dried and powdered common examples of potential boosts include maca ashwagandha triphala shatavari spirulina chlorella or raw cacao for a chocolaty smoothie each one will have its own specific amount whether you are using it for health maintenance or as part of a certain healing protocol do use them wisely as more is not better and I have seen over the years so many people make these elaborate smoothies of 15 different ingredients which first cost you so much money complicates the heck out of the smoothie and in the end does not end up tasting well or good at all and so keep it simple focus on one boost at a time if you feel you need it and when or what you would most benefit from at the time for example use the adaptogen ashwagandha in your smoothies during times of extra physical mental or emotional stress or use maca to help balance your hormones step 5 add your water for various reasons many people are conditioned to believe that to make a smoothie you would need either non-dairy milk or coconut water or worse yet juice of some kind and none of these are actually ideal choices to include as part of an optimally healthy whole food plant-based smoothie commercial non-dairy milk is a processed food that is watered-down and includes various undesirable ingredients like oils sweeteners flavors and other additives there is really no need or good reason to be putting the commercial non-dairy milks and wasting your health and money into your green smoothies so if you want more nutritionally or calorically than the green smoothie will already provide then work with step 3 in a wise way your nuts and seeds when it comes to coconut water that’s lovely but if you actually live in the tropics otherwise it is a processed food product that comes an undesirable packaging with a steep price tag so it is also completely unnecessary in this case as your smoothie is already packed with amazing electrolytes and nutrient density and when it comes to juice that’s just a given big no-no if you’re making homemade real juices for the purpose of cleansing or detoxification or as a snack juicing your own fruits and vegetables that’s fine use them at that time for that purpose but as part of green smoothies you’re already using the right ingredients in your leafy greens and fruits use them in their whole form and do not water them down with any type of juice this is why the ideal liquid for an optimally healthy green smoothie is high-quality water how much you use will depend on how runny or viscous namely thick you’d like your smoothie typically about half a cup to one cup of water is ideal so those are the five easy steps of our whole meal green smoothie template now to make a green smoothie yes you will need a blender that is one of the given kitchen appliances that you must have and the type or quality of your blender will highly dictate the texture of your green smoothie if we are working with a very low powered or low quality blender you’re going to get various pieces or chunks of the ingredients that you used some people don’t mind that that’s just fine they like to chew their smoothies which is actually the ideal way to consume them anyways but if you do mind then this is where you’re going to need to invest in a good blender ideally a Vitamix which is a high-powered blender but they do range from about three to six hundred dollars however you can easily go down to the nutribullet pro or the Nutri ninja pro which will cost you about $100 or less and we’ll do a pretty nice job pulverizing most ingredients down to a pleasant enough palatable texture other than that a green smoothie should take you about five minutes basically you just need to wash any ingredients that need to be washed and place them into your blender press that button and that’s all it takes so let’s get started as part of step one we are to choose a leafy green I’ll be using bok choy the only thing I recommend you doing is for something like bok choy actually remove the stem now there’s nothing wrong with using the stem by all means you can do it even more nutritional benefits but this is the part that will change the green smoothie to be a little bit sharper in flavor and the same thing goes for greens like kale or collard greens as part of step two we are to pick one to two fruits and we’ll be using one banana and we’ll also be using some frozen mango finally as our ideal seed or nut as part of step three will be using flax seeds and as part of Step five we’re going to be using high quality water when you are placing the ingredients into your blender if it’s a regular blender start by layering your fruits in first and if it’s a personal blender where you flip the cup upside down then the leafy greens go in first and the fruit should be last and here is our beautiful green smoothie that is of a beautiful easy to drink consistency and they are best consumed fresh but of course given different lifestyle needs you may need to pack them for later or take them on the go with you which is fine as well just keep them in a sealed container if you need to store them for more than a few hours then in a sealed container refrigerated is best for up to or about 24 hours a typical green smoothie for one person will be about 3 to 400 calories you can consume green smoothies on their own as a meal if you prefer something a little lighter or you can pair them with some other whole plant food that you would enjoy for example you can use green smoothies to make a smoothie bowl if you use less water and make them thicker then they can also serve as yogurt like or putting like meal ideas and typically I would say aim for about 2 cups or 500 mils or 16 ounces and that would be a normal serving to have so hopefully as you practice with more combinations and find what works best for you your favorite once your going to get hooked on how delicious they are and how rejuvenating they make you feel if you would like more in-depth information about green smoothies explanations about their nutritional and health benefits as well as combinations of different flavors etc then you can also check out my essentials of green smoothies video course on udemy comm thanks for watching this video and see you in another one enjoy you

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