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How to Make Black Bean Quinoa Burgers |  Hilah Cooking

Hey, dudes. I’m Hilah, and today on Hilah
Cooking, I have a brand new veggie burger recipe to share with you. It is a black bean
and quinoa veggie burger. These are so good. They’re spicy. There’s kale in them. They’re
just like a veggie burger with a kick. So healthy. Can you see my socks? That’s embarrassing. So now, we’re starting on the burgers that’ll
get you farting. Just kidding. Farting is good for you. So, in here I’ve got about one
and a half cups of black beans. I cooked these myself. You can use a can of beans. A regular
16 ounce can is about a cup and a half once it’s drained. The main thing is you just want
to make sure you drain them really, really well. If you are using canned beans, drain
them in a colander or something, and then give them a little rinse and shake them dry.
[music]. So, once they look like this, like pretty
much all the beans are smashed and mashed, I’m going to add the quinoa. This has already
been cooked. This is about a little over half of a cup. You can totally, like if you’re
making quinoa for some other recipe, like my quinoa salad, might I suggest, you can
totally just cook extra, and then keep it in the fridge and make these burgers later.
I’m going to add some garlic. We’re going to saute some onion to add too. If you wanted
the garlic to be less sharp and spicy, you could saute it as well, but that’s up to you.
So, that’s it for our basic mix. I’ve got also — we’re going to add some kale.
We’re just going to grab the leafy part, and then just pull the stem away, and it should
just sort of come off like that. So, it’s a really quick way to de-stem collard greens
and kale and stuff like that. [music]. Then, once you get all your kale leaves, we’re going
to sort of do a little chiffonade, just to get a really fine chop. Crunch this all up
into tight a little log or a wad or a doobie or whatever. Then, just slice it really, really
thin. Mind your fingers. Don’t chop your hand. Take it from me. I’ve learned that the hard
way. Okay. Then, I’ll go through it the other direction, just to get these really small.
So, what you want is about a cup of kale leaves if you compacted it into a tight cup. Great. Now, and then I’ve got my onion and jalapeno.
We’re going to just saute these together to get them softened up, and then we are halfway
there, folks. So, I’ve got a warm skillet here. I’m going to add just about a teaspoon
of oil, and we’re going to saute our onion and jalapeno here. So, we’re just trying to
soften everything a little bit. I want to keep some bite, some integrity in those onions.
So, this is not going to take longer than a minute or two. We just want the kale to
sort of wilt down a little bit, turn bright green, release some of that moisture. I’m going to add a little couple pinches of
salt to help the moisture release, kind of sweat the onions a little bit. I’ve got some
cumin seed here that’s whole, and I just sort of ground it up in my little mortar and pestle.
Sort of toast up the cumin in the skillet there and some black pepper. [music]. Okay.
This looks good. So actually, once just the kale turns green, and the onions are just
barely starting to turn translucent, that’s fine. We can turn the heat off. Okay. Then, I’ve got — To the bowl with the beans
and the quinoa and everything, I’m going to add some Worcester sauce. So, this is a vegan
Worcester sauce that I found that is hot. It’s not really that hot, but you can find
vegan ones that don’t have anchovy paste in them. Or if you don’t really care that much,
you can just use regular, or you could use a little bit of soy sauce. So, just a smidge
of that. It just adds a depth of flavor, sort of a “Oh, mommy. Oh, mommy.” Okay. Then, I’ll
add our hot veggies. Oh. This handle’s really hot. Excuse me. My hands are so sensitive
today. Beautiful. And then, I’m going to add a little bit of
bread crumbs. Just start with like a tablespoon or so. If you’re on a gluten-free diet, you
can use gluten-free bread crumbs, or you can use ground up oatmeal. That’s our binder.
I’ve also made this recipe and added cheese, like grated cheese, which is really good.
So, that’s also an option for you. Okay. So, you’re going to end up with sort of a
dough like this. What you want to do is make sure that it’s moist enough to stick together
into a ball. So, this looks good. Now, what I’ll do is get my same cutting board, and
just whatever bread crumbs you have left, kind of sprinkle them out. You can use a plate
too. Then, we’re going to shape this mixture into four patties. So, it’ll be like almost
a cup of dough for each one. And just kind of compress it into a ball, and then flatten
it out. Doughy. I’m sure you all did this in preschool. And then, dredge it in the crumbs.
So, I’m going to keep shaping these. If you want to, at this point when they’re
dredged in crumbs, you can freeze them on a plate until they’re frozen solid, and then
store them for later. And then, whenever you’re ready to cook them, you just cook them like
normal but add a few minutes onto the regular cook time. And if your dough is too dry, you
can always add a little bit of water or something, just a tiny bit at a time, like a teaspoon
at a time. Or if it’s too wet to stick together, then add a little bit more bread crumbs, because
a lot of it does depend on how dry those beans are at the beginning. Okay. So, now you’ve got a couple options. Also,
if you want to cook them right away, you can bake them on a parchment lined sheet with
a little bit of oil, for about 20 minutes at 400 degrees, or you can pan fry them, which
is what I’m going to do because it’s a little faster and crispier. Just going to add a little
oil to my pan. You could probably do this with a nonstick skillet and some spray or
something too. But, homie don’t play that! Then, we’re just going to cook it for two
to three minutes on each side, until it’s nice and golden brown. And then, we’ll make
sandwiches. Alright. Let’s see what we can do here. See
how she’s looking. Oh. That’s beautiful. Got our little crispy breadcrumbs, and the quinoa
gets a little crispy there. Kind of redistribute the oil a little bit. Yeah, boy. So, these
are really, really quick, obviously, because there’s no egg or anything in them that needs
to cook. You’re really just kind of heating everything through. So, brilliant. Okay. This
looks good. Time to make a sandwich, guys, or you could
just eat it like this. But, I’m going to make a sandwich because sandwiches are better than
not a sandwich. To make the sandwich, I’ve got a bun. You can use whatever you want,
but I’m going to put a little mustard down. And y’all, you know, burgers, veggie burgers,
it’s a very personal thing. So, you can really put whatever you want on yours. This is what
I’m going to put on mine. If you have a problem with that, take it to my dad because he taught
me how to make burgers. Just kidding. Don’t talk to him about that. Then, I’m going to add some onions. Red, please.
Some tomato for vitamins. I’m going to add a little cilantro because we got this Tex-Mex
thing going on here with the black beans and the cumin and jalapeno and everything. So,
I think that’ll be nice. You could totally add cheese on top. You could do whatever you
want, man. It’s a free country, dude. I’m going to add a little bit of lettuce, just
like that. And then finally, instead of mayonnaise or anything, I’m going to add a couple slices
of avocado on top. Then, show you how I like to do it. I put the lid on it, and I like
to mash it down a little bit. And then, I like to eat it. This part, you’re probably
familiar with. Look at the pretty side while I’m eating the bad side. Now, that’s a fine
veggie burger. Yay. Quinoa black bean veggie burgers or black bean quinoa veggie burgers.
Whichever way you want to say it is okay by me. There you go, guys. Hope you liked this recipe.
I hope you try it. Please, leave me a comment and visit Hilahcooking.com for printable recipes.
And make sure that you also check out my other veggie burger recipe after you like this one,
because that other one is like real popular, way more popular than me. It’s a sandwich song, and it’s not too long,
because the beauty of a sandwich is it’s not very slow. Fuck. That was terrible. I’m sorry.
I will work on that.

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