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100 thoughts on “How-To: Make Fast Food Chicken Nuggets

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  2. This is actually probably the best recipe out there, best starting point for your own touch. Panko!!! or chicken taco spice nuggets etc. Can't wait to make these as soon the kids wake up lol food processor may wake up, my neighborhood.

  3. It must be the "thing" to do, to say you dont know something. Then thoroughly explain what you "didn't know" smh

  4. When I make chicken nuggets at home, I reach into the garbage and grab the first random thing I touch and mix with my recipe. That way it"s just like eatting at your local fastfood chain.

  5. Suppose to use thigh or breast,medium ruff grind. Then form nuggets,this way is quicker w/the ground chicken. 🤔🤔

  6. "How to make fast food chicken nuggets"….you mean Chicken McNuggets. They are the only ones that look like this

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  8. I……. ummmmmm, uhhhhh ok…. i set the pan on fire i threw a chicken nugget that had a little extra egg on it. Oops.

  9. Step 1: Don't Focus at school/fail school grades and end up dropping out of school, working as a fryer in a fast food joint
    Step 2: Open the bad of Chicken Nuggets, and throw them into the fryer. Resulting in perfect Chicken Nuggets
    Step 3: Do that for the rest of your life.

  10. She said use chicken breast but she put ground chicken in the food processor 😐 Unless she grinded the chicken breasts off camera which I doubt because ground chicken looks like it came straight from a package smh 😡

  11. "Such a LIKE" "shape but LIKE" "what every LIKE" "LIKE every kid gets LIKE a" "eat these LIKE" "LIKE when I'm" "totally LIKE"

  12. I can definitely make these but the problem is:

    1. I don't have a food processor
    2. My fridge is full (especially the freezer) so i have 0 room for the tray thing
    3. I only have 1 baking tray…

  13. Fry two times: first, 325°F for a minute.
    Let it cool down (30min or so) then fry at 375°F for about 2 minutes

  14. Anyone can make nuggets. But getting that authentic taste from mcdonalds is something different.

  15. Anyone can make nuggets. But getting that authentic taste from mcdonalds is something different.

  16. I started making these at around 1pm and it is currently 4:31 pm and I’m frying the last batch so it’s definitely something you wanna do on a day off if your bored lol and clean up isnt that bad cause I cleaned while they were freezing and then watched tv until they were solid. It’s time consuming for sure but it’s kept me busy today lol.

  17. Looks good but I personally wouldn’t make them.I hate 2-part processing,like,when making fries and u hace to blanch before fully frying…bleh😛

  18. If I wanted to freeze some for another day what stage would I do it at like after the coating and then freeze or just freeze the chicken or half cook

  19. tempura battered nuggets? no thanks, that’s not the traditional (McDonald’s) way I like it… double frying chicken breast meat? no thanks… that probably makes them dry and they’re pretty thin as it is…

  20. I made these last night, froze them, then battered them today. I flash fried all of them and froze some like that for future lunches. I made a few for my toddler today and he ate them all! Has anyone tried baking them after the initial flash fry, for less grease intake?

    Thanks for the recipe, it's a keeper! They are delicious and crispy!

  21. I've done flat meatballs multiple times, whether with chicken or other meats with breadcrumbs breading but I wanted to try and make this type of nuggets so I tried and this are my thoughts:

    Idk if my 3 step with seltzer water etc maybe came out denser(it looked fine to me, just like usually it should be but where I live I've only seen people do it when it's the only type of breading you'll do) so I found that 3 steps were just too much. I stopped after the 4 nuggets and did the rest of them only with the other 2 steps and they came out fine. The 4 pieces I did with the 3 steps were ok but the breading was just too much, it felt like you were eating a tiny sandwich or something like that said my hb so Idk.. maybe I need to make some more experiments and try again because it's very possible it was my mistake I just don't know what/why yet.
    Yes, you can mix it with your hands and it does the same exact job(for those who don't have a food processer or just don't want to have to wash it) just make sure you wet your hands with some olive oil before you start(same when you do the tiny pieces) cause it will help you with the meat not sticking to your hands.
    When you do the breading help yourself with some kitchen tongs or else… otherwise you will make a big mess, I didn't have any, did it with my hands and I dirtied everything.
    They did a lot of smell and smoke the first frying and obviously the oil needs to be changed for the second frying.
    Other than that they came out great my hb said, adding way better than the fast food ones(I only did meat and salt for these to keep the taste simple and light). I don't like meat so I have no clue but I trust him cause when he doesn't like something there is no way in hell he will eat it not even if you point a gun let alone eat all of it. I saw him pretty happy and enjoying them but Idk when I'll do them again cause I certainly don't classify them as something worth doing often, not for the work and mess it takes and I don't care what others say. For some it's ok or fun to work hours for just some chicken nuggets to me it's not and also not everyone is fast or organized the same in the kitchen. From grinding the meat to the second frying etc(washing and cleaning stuff in the meantime and after) it did took like 4 hours of non stop work, yes non stop because after I did the tiny pieces and put them on the frizzer for less than 1 hour(didn't have more time but I think it was fine enough) In the meantime I had to clean the meat grinder machine and other stuff used to avoid doing all at once after.

  22. I am making these for my grandson today. I would be grateful if you can rely me at what stage of the recipe I can freeze them.
    Will also let you know how they turned out.

  23. I use butter milk in the batter and man it's amazing…. also I bake them at 400 for 10 min and than 350 for the remaining 10 mins…and it's SoooOooo good

  24. I made homemade chicken nuggets the other day. I didn't follow this recipe, I was experimenting with two lonely raw chicken breasts I didn't feel like freezing. My process was a little different, but I had a really great time doing it. Not every cooking video on YouTube is going to be easy or fast. My husband said they were the best nuggets he's ever had and that was worth all the time and effort.

  25. Any of you lazy fucks tried this?if so post up relevant comment and give it a out of 10 score for mcnuggets replication thanks

  26. Theirs no fast food that sell chicken nuggets !! The chicken is not real so how could anyone call it “chicken nuggets “.

  27. These look surprisingly close to McDonald's. Maybe it's that tempura batter. It does seem like a lot of steps to people like me who aren't cooks but with these you can make like 100 and freeze after the first fry.

  28. It only I can give her multiple thumbs down. 👎 Her clumsy a** can’t cook 👩‍🍳 🤦🏻‍♂️

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