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how to make hummus | healthy recipe for weightloss | hummus | salad dressing | high protein recipe

hello everyone welcome back to my channel fatfreelife with Dr.Neelam.im doctor neelam,i am a doctor & i am a nutritionist also im going to teach you how we all can loose weight with the help of nutrition so im ghoing to make low calorie recipes and low calorie diet plans for weightloss. so, todays low calorie recipe is going to be HUMMUS those who dont know what hummus is ? hummus is a type of sauce which is made up of chick peas that is also called chole in india so that we can use it & replace it with the market based sauces so that we will get very low calorie and very healthy form of sauce and we can make it at home very easily these are the chickpeas which are called as chole also and so what we will do we aIl just its night time im just soaking this in the water and in the morning what we will do we will just boil them and we will make hummus with the cooked chickpeas these are the chickpeas. you can take as much as you want im taking nearly a bowl so now i have cooked these chickpeas in the morning and now you can see.now im going to tell you two ways of making these chickpea hummus one is u just have to use these chickpeas and the second one is the you shouyld take out the covering the covering which is there over the chickpeas people do this also in america to make smooth hummus basically in america or in other countries people like to do such kind of thing to make smooth paste to make a smoother hummus but, its a very tedious job so im not indulging myself into this any more im telling you for the sake of information im using chickpeas as it is. as they are, so this is the thaini sauce which i have mad ein my last video . you can go and watch my playlist so this is the tahini sauce,so what we will do we will mix the tahini sauce with the chickpeas and we awill make the hummus so if dont want to use tahini you can even use curd to make it. but the basic recipe is that you have to use tahini sauce so what im doing, im just putting some chickpeas into my jar you can even use ypur food processor so ithis is my grinder and this is the cumin powder its a roasted cumin powder and its optional, if you dont want to add cumin powder totally your choice,this is the salt im adding in. now, im just taking 2 cloves of garlic u can even add more if you want but basically, u have to keep it less only in this recipe. so, im putting in 2 cloves so, now what i will do i will just add some olive oil so, this is the olive oil ..designo company olive oil im using i ll give you the link in the description box you can check out and i like its taste and now i will add some oilve oil to the hummus dont be afraid of eating olive oil its extra virgin olive oil its a good fat and its healthy also i will add some lemon juice to this. you can add more also but i like to kepp less lemon juice like this you can ytake out the juice so now, we will just add this this is the tahini sauce . i have made it in my last video you can go and watch it this is the tahini sauce which is also called as a salad dressing and you can put it over the salads over the kale spinach and its a very important ingridient of our hummus so im using this tahini sauce, and now i ll just add it to my chickpeas if you dont like tahini sauce everybody dont like too use it then you can add curd instead of this. but the basic hummus and its taste the goodness of its nutrients its has lots of antioxidants and multivitamins because of chickpeas, it is high in protein also, this is the hummus I will just keep on making it. you can add little bit of water to this recipe not much but a little bit u can add. because the consistency of the chickpea is very thick so what we will do again we will give it a grind. and now I’m adding in a little bit of more water just make a homogenous paste out of it see this is the homogenous paste which is made up of…basically, our process is complete you have to make the indentations in the hummus this is the way of presenting the hummus. you have to serve it like this only. you can make it with the finger also but now im just making it with the spoon we make such grooves for the olive oil now we have to spread olive oil like this over it & this the way of doing it this is for your decoration if you want to do you can otherwise u can leave this step I’m just decorating it before serving so like this you can put chickpea it will look much better. I like to decorate my recipe sometimes not always .as, always I’m in a hurry so, like this, you can decorate otherwise, there is no need. I will add some chili powder. if you want this to be more spicy you can add chili powder while grinding also. but, i dont want this to be more spicy, the basic recipe goes like this only. i will spread some chilli powder over it. or you can even add chili flakes to it so, this is the final outcome of the recipe. this is the hummus guy, so this is chickpea hummus and this is a healthy recipe and this is extremely famous. in other countries so we can also add this to or our lifestyle or eating habbits i will just take a turn and i will just taste it so, i will just add it to my chickpea cutlets which are there on my channel so this is the chickpea cutlet and this is the tahini the both recipes link you will get in the description box and just go to my playlist on my channel you will find them there. subscribe to my channel if you want to see such weightloss healthy recipes like this video, if you like this information or recipe and you can even watch my videos in Hindi on my Hindi channel that is again with the same name fatfreelife read my recipes and blogs on my website www.fatfreelife.in and you can follow us on different social media like Pinterest twitter youtube facebook Instagram all over we are there thank you so much for watching keep coming back just make it eat it and let me know how it tastes? just comment in the comment section. and thank you so much for watching.

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  1. I love hummus! Your videos are really great as well I’ll be subscribing! I also make cooking videos lemme know if you’d ever like to collab! ☺️☺️

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