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100 thoughts on “How to Make Perfect, Healthy Stir-fry / Cómo Preparar el Salteado

  1. Yes! Yes! Yes. My sauce didn't thicken. But, it still came out great. And, I had clementines on hand;so I used those instead. I made this and the turkey chili for meal prep this week. This page has been phenomenal in helping keep me on track. Keep doing what you're doing!!!!

  2. i want to make this as part of my freezer meal prep how long should I cook the veggies for in the first place so when I reheat it's not all overcooked and mushy?

  3. Great video overall…

    A few tips for you though.
    1) Crank up that heat. True stir fry uses very high heat. You want the chicken to get a brown sear.
    2) Cut the chicken into thin strips instead of chunks. This helps with searing and it cooks faster.
    3) Thicken the stir fry sauce separately otherwise you end up boiling the vegetables instead of stir frying them.

  4. You're the king 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    btw I downloaded your app and it's amazing, can you please add other sections like low sodium recipes , low fat recipes and diabetes friendly recipes 😇

  5. I try mk this for my new husbnd 😁 but sir i dont have yet..yess ofcourse not only i cook i feed hem eberydy

  6. Absolutely spot on! Used sesame oil instead of olive oil. Did a batch and a half and can't believe how good this taste. My 2 yr years little boy absolutely ate this up! Wife loved it too. Many thanks for sharing this plus the tip on getting the sauce to thicken!

  7. I try to cook it it. Really came out good. And my. Girl like it to. Very good food. Was Surprise that I cooked it and she liked it

  8. I make this around 3/4 times a week and its great for my plan. just found your app too!!! its soooo f******g good. thanks.

  9. Hey, thanks for making such a great quick video. I made this at home, and it was legit delicious. Videos like this help others to get healthy, and I love what you're doing. Keep it up!

  10. After watching this video I went to the shops, bought the stuff I needed, made it and it was great success!!. At home everyone loved me xD Thank you so much! 🙂

  11. Very nice job. I'm thinking that with your talents you may have a future doing shows on TV. Ask a pro for some insight into that option.

  12. So i tried making this.. but as soon as i put the sauce in.. it immediately turned into gelatin. Why? Was my pan to hot?

  13. Love your video! I am so going to try this for my daughter and I to eat a healthier yummy lifestyle. And I love Ronda!!!!! Especially on WWE Monday night raw!!!

  14. can I substitute the chicken in this for something like tofu or even better some tempeh, and will it still taste ok using the sauce provided?

  15. All good, except the animal products which are very bad for you and deadly for the animals. Substitute chicken for beans.

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