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How to Make Strawberry Smoothie with Chai Tea Recipe – Protein Treats by Nutracelle

okay so to make this nutritious and
delicious smoothie all you’re going to need is one cup of your favorite milk
I’m using an unsweetened coconut milk but you could use an unsweetened almond
milk or even a soy milk just make sure it doesn’t have any added sugar and then
I’ve got one cup of chai tea that I’ve made ahead and I’ve cooled now I’m using
a decaf chai tea but go ahead and have the caffeinated chai tea it’s really
good for you and it’s full of antioxidants plus it just tastes amazing
and then I have some frozen strawberries here I have a little over a cup probably
a cup and a half of frozen strawberries and with our natural sorry with
our vanilla Nutralean all you’re going to need so let’s go ahead and start
putting together our smoothie now the great thing about using coconut milk is
it’s really really low in sugar and it’s really low in calories a cup of coconut
milk actually has about 49 or 48 calories in it so not very much and
there goes our chives me and now I’m going to put in our strawberries here
and last but not least we’re going to put in our vanilla Nutralean and of
course we make our vanilla Nutralean with real vanilla which is why it tastes so
amazing I’m just going to go ahead and put three scoops in here and that’s it
that is all you need you’re going to have tons of prebiotic fiber and that
can help your gut flora when you have a healthy gut flora and you have lots of
prebiotic fiber can actually help you lose 220 percent more weight eating the
same food than if you don’t have that prebiotic fiber and of course we have a
chock-full of 100% whey protein made right here in Canada so I’m going to go
ahead and turn on my Wonder and make some magic look at this guy’s so thick so creamy
and so good for you you don’t have to go to a Starbucks or go to its importance
drive-through to get an amazing smoothie look at this so perfect so delicious and
make sure you subscribe because every Friday we’re going to have more recipes
that help you lose weight with the food you love all right let’s give this the
taste test and see how it turned out hmm hmm oh my goodness it is so good you can
taste the chai you can taste the strawberries
it tastes refreshing it’s the perfect kind of thing for a hot summer day you
guys are going to love it I can’t wait to hear how yours turned out make sure
you comment below and I will see you guys back next Friday when we have a
brand new episode thanks everyone you

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