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Howdy folks hows it going welcome to my virgin
kitchen today i’m showing you how to make a chunky vegetable and pasta soup and you
will love it, you will love it please (thanks). Looks amazing right and trust me it is super
stonkingly good great as a little lunch or if you wanna pad it out with some more vegetables
maybe have some bread alongside it maybe some garlic bread it’ll make an amazing dinner.
I want to thank Ben Mourton on YouTube for requesting this recipe look i’ll try and put
your comment down below and thanks for all your other recipe suggestions that are coming
in I will work my way through them if you want to have a go at making this and trust
me it’s so good it’s a good subtle base you can ramp up the flavours give it a good seasoning
as i’ll show you in a bit hit pause now, write all those ingredients down, this is how you
do it. First up you wanna work on your main vegetables
so chop up the carrot and the onion whack this into a saucepan that’s on a low flame
with a little bit of oil in there then just sweat it through for a good 5 minutes.
What you’ll find with this dish is that it needs a good old grinding, not like that but
a grinding of pepper so get your grinding face that’s my grinding face just to show
you for reference and give it a darn good seasoning but this is completely up to you
but it does need it honest. Once the carrot and onions have had their
5 minutes tip in your chopped tomatoes, just leave it to simmer while you make your stock
you can either use homemade which is much better or just simply get a jug and grind
up a little stock cube and pour that in to the pan with a little bit of shredded basil
leaves on top and let that simmer too. Now the good thing about this recipe is that you
can simmer it for as long or little as you like so if you barely simmer it you’ll have
quite a thin soup but if you simmer for anything around 15 – 20 mins you’ll have a thick soup,
I went sort of half way and did 10 minutes before pushing in my greens now they’re going
to need about 5 mins cooking time and let them cook away as they are before plonking
in your fresh pasta now fresh pasta only takes about 2 minutes to cook if you get some of
the more rigid pasta that you get in the normal packaging it’s gonna take normally around
10 minutes so you’ll need to chuck that in beforehand so let that bubble away all those
flavours mingle before serving it up. I chucked mine into a bowl gave it a darn
good grinding again of pepper added some grated cheese and finished it with some torn basil
and oh my goodness it tasted amazing. And it is super good my firends i’ve got to
admit it’s cooled down slightly since i’ve been talking to you but it’s still there the
flavours are whirling around all that vegetable in there it’s wholesome, tasty and fill you
up a treat, nice and cheap too, quick and easy and simple to make, if you enjoyed this
video don’t forget to give it a thumbs up, share, subscribe, comment and all that stuff
helps the channel grow, but that is how you make a delicious vegetable and pasta soup,
cheers Ben for the suggestion – see you soon!


  1. Just came from the kitchen, cooking spaghetti. Seeing this makes me craving for it and not anymore for my spaghetti … :'(

  2. This looks amazing, my mouths watering! I want to try this so badly but I live in Australia so it's not really the best weather for soup! :/

  3. Looks lovely… but sadly its like 40c here so a bit too warm for it here. Have to remember this one in Winter 

  4. Recently found your channel, powered through a lot of your videos and to be honest I will most likely be using most of your videos to help me cook haha.

    Thanks Barry keep it up 🙂

  5. Barry you are fun to watch, nothing made me laugh more than that video about the dog house. You were making a house for your bitch…hehe
    Dude, must be that english/american english thing….lol
    Keep good thing rolling!

  6. Made this for lunch today… fair to say i didn't get any as my sisters mum and dad got in there before me, oh well will just have to make some more 😉 would mean the world to me if you guys checked out my new recipe blog www.makesbakescreates.weebly.com 🙂 I love watching you on youtube your recipes are relaxed but always turn out great 🙂 xx

  7. ahhh….this looks scrummy and perfect for our rubbish Irish/UK winters, would be so warming on a cold. wet day! Love these kind of recipes Barry!! 🙂

  8. I like how your kitchen is superrealistic. It's a bit messy (with a washing machine..why¿?) and not giganic like the ones on tv. It shows that even when you have a smaller kitchen or no fancy cooking equipment, you're able to make fantasic meals. Awesome video's by the way. -Cheers from the Netherlands

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