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How to Overcome Gastritis

Hey guys, Dr. Axe here, Doctor of Natural
Medicine and founder of draxe.com. In this video I’m going to teach you the four steps
to overcome gastritis for good and I’m going to teach you the gastritis diet and the best
natural treatments for gastritis. Now, gastritis is an issue where you getting
erosion of your stomach lining. When that occurs that can actually lead to more severe
complications down the road, even stomach cancer, so this is something you’re going
to want to make these changes immediately. In this video I’m going to go through the
exact diet, the exact supplements, some lifestyle tips and things you must avoid to overcome
gastritis. Gastritis often times can be linked or early
signs can be constant indigestion, sometimes acid reflex or GERD and it is different than
a stomach ulcer. Stomach ulcers tends to also affect the small intestine, sometimes the
esophagus, where we know gastritis is mostly localized to just the stomach. Here’s what
we need to do in order to start to repair and heal that stomach lining where the erosion
and that damage is taking place. The first thing you want to do is make some
big changes in your diet. I want to talk about the best foods you can start eating today
in order to overcome gastritis. Now with gastritis, the thing you want to do is not overeat first
off. You want to be easy on your system. Think about this, when you’re overeating it’s really
just too much for your stomach to handle. If you give your stomach small things at a
time or smaller meals it’s going to be much easier on it. The other tip, and this may surprise you,
you do not want to drink water during your meals. You want to drink lots of water between
your meals but drinking water during your meal, a lot of water, can actually water down
your stomach acid and make gastritis worse. So again, do not drink a lot of water with
your meal. If you do the best thing is a little bit of Pellegrino. Just a little bit of mineral
water or a little bit of broth to sip during your meal. A little water is fine but you just don’t
want a lot. You want to drink most of your fluids, really load up on those between meals.
You want to get a lot of water during your day but not during your meals, between a meal
is ideal. Here are some of the best foods for healing
gastritis. Number one is bone broth. If you’re not getting bone broth on a regular basis,
drinking good chicken soup. Chicken bone broth soup is fantastic. Also you can buy bone broth
protein powder. Bone broth contains proline, glutamine, glycine. That all can help repair
your stomach lining as well as your intestinal lining so get bone broth on a regular basis
for that reason. Next super food is fennel. Fennel actually
has a really good form of fiber and fennel and both licorice actually are very soothing
to the digestive tract. That’s a great food to do. Aloe vera and aloe vera juice are,
again, very soothing to the stomach. They’ve been shown to help heal ulcers. So again aloe
vera juice is another great thing. In terms of food in general, cooked vegetables.
You don’t want to do raw vegetables. You don’t want to do a lot of hard raw vegetables. Cooked
are the best. So again, some cooked vegetables like some cooked carrots and cauliflower or
spinach and kale are fantastic. The other foods that are great are cabbage.
Actually cabbage or even sauerkraut juice contains a form of sulfur that’s been shown
to heal ulcers but also be great for gastritis. So eating cabbage on a regular basis, one
of the top super foods for healing gastritis and then the herb ginger. You can make ginger tea and just sip on ginger
tea throughout the day is going to be very good for that stomach lining or here’s recipe
idea. Get some ginger powder, add it to some aloe vera juice and sip on that throughout
the day is going to be very, very good for you in healing your gut lining on a regular
basis. So that’s one of the things you can do. Now I want to go into the foods you want to
be staying away from absolutely. If you have gastritis, you want to stay away from number
one, spicy foods. Foods that are really hot and spicy those are going to be hard on that
esophageal lining, stomach lining and intestinal lining. So again staying away from hot and
spicy foods. Also you want to stay away from foods that are high in citric acid and different
types of acids such as citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, lime, grapefruit, as well
as tomatoes. We want to stay away from those very acid forming foods as those can cause
issues which can irritate that stomach lining. The other thing you want to stay away from
is too much alcohol and caffeine. Limit yourself to one glass of alcohol one to two days a
week max. When you do something, I would say something like a white wine is probably the
easiest thing to digest but overall again you just don’t want to do much or any alcohol
at all. Caffeine, you want to stay from coffee. Doing
some tea is fine. Again actually some licorice root tea, tulsi tea, also ginger tea. Doing
those teas on a regular basis is great for gastritis but you want to be really careful
and not do too much caffeine, as that will also irritate the intestinal lining and also
staying away from dairy products unless it’s kefir. Kefir and goat’s milk yogurt you can
do those. Probiotic foods are actually fantastic for gastritis but you wouldn’t want to be
doing other dairy products let’s say such as milk and cheeses. You want to do a kefir
or a goat’s milk yogurt instead, which are actually good. So again dairy, most areas
not good but the fermented probiotic rich dairy is good for gastritis. The number three thing you want to do is reduce
stress. Stress plays a major role in causing gastritis. If you know you’re emotionally
stressed. Listen, I’ll tell you personally I never thought I was stressed until I realized
that not turning it off and just not working all the time is stressful. Sometimes being
stressful is not worrying about if something is going to go wrong, it’s just being intense
and really working too much. What you need to do is sometimes just unplug.
So just picture this, you got to unplug completely and that means not doing any work. So your
weekends should be sacred, take more vacation time and just incorporating things in your
daily work week that help reduce stress. Maybe it’s lunch with a best friend. Maybe it’s
healing bath. In fact, I’ve recommended this for years to my patients is taking a healing
bath at night where you take a warm soak in a tub, add in one cup of Epsom salts which
are high in magnesium which are known as the relaxation mineral. Ten to twenty drops of
an essential oil like lavender or chamomile and then just soaking there and resting. It’s
so healing, it’s so rejuvenating. Again, you need to actually just like you’re
scheduled for work or taking kids to soccer practice or whatever you’re doing, you need
to just schedule in time of just relaxation. Maybe it’s reading a favorite novel, maybe
it’s walking around the mall, maybe it’s doing your favorite hobby or rock climbing or walking
or jogging or whatever it is. Exercise of course is great as part of this but doing
things to help you unplug and can really relax. It’s crucial because without a doubt just
as much dietary issues will cause gastritis, so will emotional stress. The number four tip I have is take the right
supplements. Here are the top supplements you can take for gastritis. Number one would
be a probiotic supplement, getting good probiotics on a regular basis. And you want to get a
blend of what’s called SBO probiotic soil based and food based probiotics. I would go
and search for a SBO probiotic supplement and find a probiotic that is organic but again,
organic probiotic supplement that contains soil-based organisms but probiotics number
one thing to take. Number two, digestive enzymes. Taking a digestive
enzyme. I would look up organic enzymes or organic digestive enzymes. Taking enzymes
can help you break down the food. I would take two capsules with every meal you eat
during the day of enzymes. That’s going to help also the supplement licorice root extract.
Licorice root is incredible. It’s great for the stomach, it’s great for the body and also
supplements that support leaky gut repair and health. So again, I would really look
for supplements that are going to really support your gastric lining that have licorice root
are some of the best. Number five, get out and move. If you are
not moving regularly, if you live a sedentary lifestyle and you may think I’m kind of moving
around some during the day, I’m doing stuff with the kids or friends or my work requires
movement. I’m talking about real exercise. Even if it’s just 20 minutes three days a
week. I’m not asking you one hour of exercise a day, I’m asking one hour a week of going
and cycling, doing some light weights, doing a class a couple of days a week, just anything
like that, getting movement and circulation can actually help with symptoms of gastritis
along with other issues such as leaky gut, indigestion, acid reflux, ulcers, all of these
things will help those conditions. If you want to learn more about how to overcome
gastritis and other gastritis natural treatments, check out my website draxe.com. It’s D-R-A-X-E.com.
Just go there and search “gastritis” or google search “Dr. Axe gastritis”. I’ve got two great
in-depth articles on some more things you can do beyond what I talked about in this
video to naturally heal gastritis. If you like this information, I’ve a lot more
information coming up on how to heal your digestive systems with herbs, essential oils
and natural remedies. Make sure you’re subscribed to my YouTube channel. Hey guys, this has
been me Dr. Axe saying, “Hey, you can heal gastritis with these top natural treatments.”

100 thoughts on “How to Overcome Gastritis

  1. For me being under a lot of stress and negative situations, that caused gastritis went worse.
    I had to change the way I eat and being more close to God's word.

  2. Gastritis is the inflammation or erosion of the inner lining of the stomach resulting in nausea and vomitings. This is mainly caused by bacteria, stress, spicy food, smoking, anxiety, chrons disease and autoimmune disorders. Get the best Homeopathy treatment for gastritis with Homeocare International.

  3. I feel like my stomach is on fire. Just had an upper endoscopy and they found gastritis. Definitely going to try all this.

  4. This is crazy I started having issues with this year ago. My doctor was shocked because he said my health is perfect now I have to give up wine 😮.

  5. i got gastritis from not eating and chewing and spitting out all my food for months:/ eating disorders are the devil

  6. I also got an efficient way to overcome Gastritis,

    Drink 8 glasses of water a day to cleanse your colon, also drink coconut water,
    Don't eat grilled foods because it can make gastritis worse and also don't eat acidic and citrus foods.(including citrus drinks)
    Don't over-eat because it may trigger your stomach,
    Eat bone marrow.

    That's the only ways to overcome gastritis.

  7. Hello @Dr. Axe is it okay to take probiotic supplement together with my gastritis medication? I have gastritis, esophagitis and chronic inflammation sinced 2015 until now. I dropped 26kgs already. I'm from Philippines

  8. I try to do everything even taking two Omapraxole capsules daily but still have the symptoms! I’m so confused and tired! And it’s shocking to see that NHS here in UK doesn’t care that much nowadays. I’m in waiting list since November 2018 to see an specialist and shockingly they cancelled my appointment on May 2019 ! I feel devastated and don’t know what to do?!

  9. The cure for gastritis and reflux is to drink water every hour and after each meal. Cold water is better. Just try it. You will see

  10. How long does it take before you start seeing improvements on your gut/belly I am naturally a tin person but last few years because of horrible diet I got gastritis and have a bloated belly

  11. If you have nausea during eating what does that mean? I have a pain in my stomach after eating and I have a lot of these symptoms. I think its mainly my diet and how I eat

  12. I'm pregnant with gastritis and i feel like I'm not taken seriously in my Dr. office when im trying to explain im in so much pain think you for this video if only my Dr. Would of mentioned these options.

  13. Add Manuka honey with little bit bread 2-3 times a day before meal 30-40 min will do wonders.

  14. You said to eat bone broth, however, what if we also have histamine intolerance? But, you are right about not eating raw vegetables, as it hurt my stomach so bad that it raises my blood pressure and I landed in the ER.

  15. Lipton soothe your tummy tea has ginger, fennel, and peppermint and it really helps with chronic gastritis. Thanks Dr. Axe for the great ideas to help with gastritis, definitely going to check out your website. I have type A gastritis so I am always looking for ways to help myself naturally.

  16. at 4 mins 50 seconds he says something I can't understand. He says "Licorice tea " Inuadible" Ginger Tea" Anyone got a fix on tea #2 there? I'm here taking notes.

  17. Alternative to cabbage because of gassiness? I assume cabbage causes gassiness like broccoli. those usually give me the worst nights. my erosion is esophageal, and I'm guessing here but it seems like the gas pushes acids up more. I don't actually know what's happening as GERD was the best guess from the ER doctors, and they didn't even perform any tests to confirm it, however it does seem like I am getting less severe symptoms after having been on antacids, prilosec, and now Ranitidine, but it wasn't even them that suggested it first, it was me. I said it could be. Grr… sucks not being able to afford medical insurance.

  18. Magnesium ingested or in your water like smart water causes anxiety in people with gastric disorders. Naturally in food is not an issue. Smart water makes me feel horrible

  19. i make a smootie use kale and spinach some fruits with kefir do you think is okay for gastritis i also have auto immune disorder my tummy is very loose now and bloating a lot of time can i take apple cider ?

  20. Who knew at the young age of 16, I would be dying of pain every night because of this, gmfu 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄

  21. I always have that feeling of fullness, shortness of breath after eating but no pain. Fats food, salt also cause me having some headache. Cant even handle all type of supplements and medication example vitamin B. Been losing weight a lot. Tried aloe vera, ginger, celery juice all gave me headache as well. I have B vitamin deficient as well. Checked for h pylori negative. Only have gastritis and acid reflux on endoscope. Any input would very much appreciated.

  22. I'm so upset after my endoscope the Dr told me everything was fine. When I read the endoscope report it says they found signs of gastris it's been 4 months and ugh I'm so upset it's a long story.!!! I hope this goes away soon

  23. I m having gastritis problem and i take the medi called pantoprazole proton 40 mg but when even after 30 days of taking it , when i eat food again , it becomes gaseous and pain in stomach 😔

  24. Doctor Did an endoscopy everything was fine no ulcer or bacteria but I have chronic gastritis they don’t know what’s causing it gallbladder pancrease is fine kidneys are fine medicine doesn’t work makes it worse I’m on a diet drink caffeine free teas a lot of oatmeal but still feel burning upper stomach and chest no acid reflux disease

  25. My pain is like in my upper right and left quadrant, it was mainly in the left and my back but it’s like spreading to my right side as well. This sheeet sucksss

  26. If I eat my stomach hurts, if I don't eat to avoid pain… my stomach hurts, if I'm hungry, my stomach hurts.

  27. My indigestion + pain killers daily, gave me chostocondritis AND gastritis…I feel like I'm dying everyday, and it sucks.

  28. Sooo… don’t eat? 😕 Watching this video to me it’s like all the foods in the world are bad for me 😭

  29. Been suffering from this for awhile… though it has gotten a lot better than it was before. Thought I'd share what helped me:

    1. Get rid of foods hard on the stomach lining, mostly the ones he mentioned in the video. Tomato & garlic were big triggers for me! Throw out all the trigger foods in your house!!

    2. Foods that are easy on the stomach and gave me the least pain:
    -Oatmeal with water, NOT MILK (will usually mix in some Manuka honey or slippery elm powder)
    -GINGER TEA!! CANNOT RECOMMEND THIS ENOUGH! It is my holy grail for any stomach issues. Slippery elm tea, marshmallow root tea, and liquorice root tea are other options.
    -Soupy foods: Chicken noodle soup (keep it simple and bland), Matzoh ball soup, and RICE PORRIDGE
    -Plain, unsalted crackers
    -Eat multiple small meals throughout the day, not 3 big ones. I found eating every 2-3 hours was the optimal timing.
    -Don't eat within 2 hours before going to bed, it can worsen the nausea when you wake up
    -Speaking of sleep, try sleeping upright (you can buy one of those pillows that sits up on Amazon) to avoid feeling like you want to throw up when you lie down. I couldn't sleep without it.

  30. I was finally diagnosed with Gastritis on March 4, 2019 after having upper abdominal pain under my ribs daily since February 12, 2019. I was undiagnosed with it on September 24, 2018 when I had hiccups daily 3 or 4 times daily. I took my new medication and the number of times I had hiccups decreased but it was still there. When I visited Peru 2 weeks ago, my hiccups symptom increased to over 5 hours of hiccups. I drink soda a lot. But When I visited Peru 2 weeks ago, my hiccups come back by after eating a meal and can last over 5 hours. I’m 20 1/2 years old. I developed Gastritis when I was 19 1/2 years old.

  31. Hi, can we do bodybuilding and drink WHEY protein if we have gastritis?

    (I think I got my gastritis from overeating as bodybuilders suggest that for building mass)

  32. My husband does not get the pain. He gets bloated, indigestion and vomits a lot. Is it normal to have different side effects?

  33. I don't know if it's me or something else, but I always feel ill. It washes over me in waves and this goes on from the minute I get up to when I go to bed.

  34. Just been on a 3 day drinking binge. My stomach is fucking killing me, how long does this last? I feel like I'm dying.

  35. Umm my problem is same i cannt eat oily, spicy and cold food and also i cannot take coffee and cold drink ..instantly i get start to vommiting and stomach pain..
    I cannt even take choclate and milk product…i alwys worried about my health.
    Plz doctor what should i need to do and tell me is this condition is worse or Am i going to severe gastrities ..?
    These are my problem plz answer to mee

  36. Chronic gastritis is a disease of improper digestion. It creat abdominal pain, nausea. Vomiting problems. My friend also had this problem but Allopathic medicines show no good results. He used Ayurvedic remedies of Planet Ayurveda and got very effective results. If you want this Use Digestion Support, Vara Churna or Amalaki Rasayan of "Planet Ayurveda". It is really very effective

  37. Should the diet be lifetime long? Is it at all possible to get rid of chronic gastritis or we only prevent the gastritis from developing into ulcer by maintaining a diet?

  38. Not sure about that bone broth . . . i got diet from doctor and it says no meat or any soup as that. No salty or fat dishes. That is probably bone broth too, right???

  39. I have 8 duodenal ulcers and gastritis. I think the reason is because someone gave me poisoned meat with chemicals in (he put the meat on the bbq while toxic smoke was coming out of the coals due to excessive use of fuel).

    I'm very sick now, though a little better now.

    But it opened my eyes how unhealthy we do live.
    Our bodies, stomachs are not made for chocolate, soft drinks, sugars, E numbers in prepared food, pesticides on our vegetables and fruits,…

    That is why cancers are very present in our society. All that unhealthy food is an attack on our body.

    We need to open our eyes and listen to our bodies. It gives you a warning, your stomach is giving you a warning.

    Try to eat organic food and meat, eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, avoid soft drinks, drink water,…

    We have 1 chance to live in this world, are you going to ruin it with an unhealthy, unnatural lifestyle?

    Never forget, they want to make you sick!

  40. Very many thanks indeed for all this fantastic help, Dr Axe. I've been prescribed Rabeprazole for over 20 years! If I forget to take a tablet before I eat it's absolutely awful pain. Add to this I have arthritis of the neck and back and can't take any other pain killers than Paracetamol, it's agony!

  41. You have to also ask the reason why you have gastritis because if it's caused by the likes of H Pylori then this has to be sorted at the same time

  42. To heal from this. Eat lots of fruits and vegatbles all organic no milk or milk products, no junk food, drink lots of water. Whenever you feel like you have to do diharrea go to the bathroom and pee first. Get something called pedyilite (like gatorade but much better for you) drink pedyilite everytime you do diharrea. Get lots of sleep.

  43. Right. How to get stress out of my life is difficult. But that's exactly what helped me heal. Recreation has the word meaning to recreate. So how can I help others if I have an empty gas tank? Also mindfulness meditation has changed my life. I prefer Cristian mindfulness. But I started with Jon cabet zins cds. & learned the art of non doing. Being diagnosed with fibromyalgia & chronic fatigue 10 yrs ago slowed everything down. Only recently my new Dr. ✔ ed for low b-12. Now I can get out of bed.I ✋ed taking ranitidine & put a capful of a.c..venigar in my grapefruit juice. 1st meal is my biggest. I eat the rainbow. We must slow down. Yes. Stress can kill u. Seen it. Lived it. Changed it. Blessings to all.

  44. I can't take Licorice or DGL in any form – raises my blood pressure. It helps heal the stomach, but for some of us, it jacks your BP. 🙁

  45. Will treating it early help?
    Had for 5 days an been treating for 4 days so far
    So only been about 10 days with this
    Only threw up first day
    Only diarrhea first 2 days
    But nothing but the pain and nausea ,dizziness and loss of appetite ,acid reflux as well as being so sleepy I can’t even get out of bed
    have been all I’ve been feeling lately I’m hoping I’m the few people who won’t have it for months an years at a time

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