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  1. I have heard that also aluminium that gets stocked in the brain can cause dementia and other brain diseases.
    Silica can detox aluminium.

  2. The problem is more likely to be all that radiation and chemicals contaminating the seaweed not to mention the arsenic in their rice

  3. Why was high cholesterol not an issue 100-200 years ago when the diet was more focused on butter, lard, and animal products? And how important is cholesterol intake anyways, when 75% of it is produced in the body itself? I would be very interested in hearing more about this.

  4. What about the book Grain Brain by Dr Perlmutter? Why cannot Drs and scientists come to some kind of consensus about what is good and bad for us. This is maddening. I feel like there is no one to trust. No one.

  5. Also, I found this new article/study, which suggest that the cause of atherosclerosis/inflammation+deterioration of vascular system is the deformation of blood platelets after high fat meals etc… https://medicalxpress.com/news/2018-03-high-fat-meal-stage-heart-disease.html

  6. The amount of trendy dairy and processed meat-based recipes from Japan I see touted on the internets and social media has baffled me: I know this crap isn't part of their traditional diet and I am amazed that SAD eating behavior has been allowed to infiltrate Asian cultures to the degree that it appears to be infiltrating. Look at us, Japan! Do you really want to become us?! TFP, Doc.

  7. Then how is it that a high fat, ketogenic diet been proven time and time again to ease alzheimer's symptoms, delay progression and prolong quality of life? I'm all for a PBWF diet but the evidence shows high fat diet is actually beneficial in cases of alzheimer's.

  8. This really didn't say much other than 'western style diet' seem to clog arteries…But what is that? Not only meat, it's filled with refined grains, sugar and inflammatory processed vegetable oils. So I didn't see any evidence for meat in particular to be responsible for Alzheimer's here. I don't eat meat myself so I'm not defending meat-eating, I just don't see any evidence here that meat is to blame. If a person eats lots of fruits, veggies, greens and starches and some animal products.. would that really increase the risk of Alzheimer's? I mean…the Blue Zones eat roughly like that and they are the longest living, healthiest populations. Inflammation might be more to blame for Alzheimer's maybe? I really want a deeper understanding of this. Please make more in-depth videos of this topic, this video felt too superficial. Best regards!

  9. Love the science based vids. Given the millions already suffering is there anything Therapeutic in the diet? Dr.Bredesen has some recommendations what about Dr. Greger?

  10. Yes it's meat and not refined carbohydrates and sugar…..Lmfao….. Oh this coming from a cherry picking vegan doctor…. What a surprise.

  11. To supplement DHA (on top of an oil free whole foods vegan diet) or not to supplement DHA: that is the question!

  12. Seth Rogan should definitely check this out, since he claims that there's no "cure" or stopping alzheimer's.

  13. The UK Diabetes society came out with a study saying high fat diet benefits Alzheimer's. https://www.diabetes.co.uk/news/2017/sep/high-fat-diets-could-benefit-alzheimer's-patients,-a-new-brain-study-suggests-99996398.html

  14. Mom had dementia…no one ever told her to change her diet back when it was discovered she had high cholesterol. This seems to be fairly New information – and as her daughter, I will make the changes needed to avoid this horrible disease! You don't have to ask me twice!

  15. Fat is fat, so despite arginine content and all of its healthy benefits, why do you recommend nut consumption? Maybe no nuts, with or without arginine supplementation?

  16. Dr Greger, i think someone, who is not me, has to explain to Dale Bredesen, that carbohydrate- or in particular fruit-consumption, does not equal glyco-toxicity to the brain – only overeating carbs in a short time window does – and overeating is caused by various factors, but not by carbohydrates themselves. A year or two ago i read my first article about how, in the context of Bredesen.'s work, alzheimer's had been reversed, supposedly with fruit, veggies and omega 3 supplements. I looked forward to reading his book, that had not been published yet. But since then, the narrative was apparently rewritten completely, in "1984" manner, at least it differs from that article i read back then. Dale Bredesen has since been doing interviews with every single paleo/keto pusher on the internet and those people (or someone else) have apparently convinced him, that carbohydrates will always cause the glycotoxicity that he knows must be avoided. As a fan of waterfasting i understand why one would be tempted to treat an acute case of alzheimer's with ketosis and how a spoon of coconut oil can make some sense, to get in calories, when you have to feed a person. But what i am concerned about is how everyone is now pushing the myth that paleo, as a long term lifestyle, supposedly prevents alzheimers, by quoting Bredesen or associating themselves with him somehow. I intuit that the capitalist tribe may be involved here, which calls itself functional medicine, which tries to high jack the power and popularity of natural hygiene, by seemingly stealing/adopting/promoting it's core concepts, only to twist them all around, disinfo style, to promote eggs in each and every of their facebook articles, and fears about carbohydrates (articles that are all hidden behind proxies autors / third party sites, for plausble deniability – observation made last year).

  17. If it's caused by clogged arteries isn't it called Dementia? Whereas Alzheimer's is a separate cause of dementia?

  18. dr greger thank you so much.

    if i may, sometimes you do talk someone fast though.

    i know you are a busy man, but we fell in love with the old videos where you sounded so slow and relaxed.

    all the best bless you so much sir.

  19. How do you explain the rising rates of Alzheimer's in the US? We have always had a diet heavy in meat and dairy. So why the increase in the last decade?

  20. I appreciate you Dr. I wish I knew all the things earlier but thank God and you I now know. Good work.😊

  21. Whole foods plant based. No oil, no sugar, and NO salt just like the way Dr. Greger eats.
    Thank you Doc, you are the best!

  22. i think its good that the peasants eat standard western diet. this planet is overpopulated. imagine what would happen if everyone went vegan… wars. Let the peasants die. Fresh fruit and vegetables are the for the elite. do not pass videos like this to others. im serious.

  23. What about the distinction between the types of fats? Isn't it possible to have a high fat diet with good artery health? Eg keto diets, where the metabolites are having protective effects on the brain?

  24. There is more to it than blood flow. People get dementia at early ages as well before their blood vessels are all clogged up. The whole food and water supply is contaminated these days with metals, pesticides, plastics, hydrocarbons. And there is also the mad animal diseases that the Dept of Agriculture is keeping covered up. Meat, fish, dairy are for sure contaminated but so are fruits and vegetables and the water supply.

  25. We all know that sugar causes Alzheimers.. too much sugar in the brain, when we as a human species first started to consuming grains, cereal and likevise, max 92.000 years ago, thats 0,4% of the human species living on planet earth. When we evolved on meat, plants, veggies and a occational fruit. Grains and likevise is bad for us, especially the brain. I recommend the book «grain brain», i havent read it but Its a best seller in america now.

  26. Why do you ignore the increase in processed foods and just focus on the increase of meat consumption?

    If you look at the usa,.. since the 70's fat consumption went down, as recommended by the guidelines. Carb consumption went up, also as recommended. And more of the carbs got refined. This informationed doesn't support your fat theory, but it also doesn't support the carb theory. We need a different theory.

    What really is happening is that the carb to fat ratio is getting closer to 1 to 1. And THAT is what all these diseases have in common.

    Add to that processed carbs and processed oils like vegetable oils, and you have the perfect theory to explain all these diseases. It's not high fat, it's not high carb, it's the ratio of the 2 getting closer to 1 : 1 + all the processed nutrients.

  27. Well a couple of decades from now, with the keto/paleo movement getting bigger all the time, we will know for sure if this is all true. Maybe they'll have pill by then to clean it all up again if they are indeed all clogged up.

  28. Good luck explaining to the brainwashed public, that meat and dairy is killing them slowly and they should change to a full healthy vegan diet..

  29. Finally back on track with some righteous content. It has been soooo hard to cite you the past year or so, since so many carnists are actually using your vids/info as excuses (rice is bad, potatoes bad, fish is not as bad as meat, etc). Stay in the war!

  30. Glyphosate herbicide! Once again, conveniently DrGreger avoids mentioning Glyphosate's link to Dementia, Alzheimer's & Autism. Is Dr G scared of Monsanto-Bayer? It's called worse than DDT!! > https://www.google.com/amp/s/articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2014/02/13/amp/glyphosate-ddt-alz

  31. Very good Dr. Greger, this is an epidemic also in my home country. Will amplify your work from here! Warm regards, a big fan from Indonesia

  32. Dr. Greger: "this is what the science says… this is what you can learn from it… save your health by following these recommendations" .

    28 meat-eaters: "nah brah… dislike"

  33. I think an important factor that’s not been mentioned is the fact that we aren’t physically active as we once were in the past. My immigrant farmer grandparents ate all of what health conscious people today would consider "no-no’s", but they were working their butts off from dawn to dusk. (As an aside … male egos have turned remarks into a spitting contest. How unfortunate.)

  34. The irony here is most with developing Alzheimer’s would never watch this sort of content. This lack of awareness is the root cause of the disease, the brain clogging is simply the advanced stage of the stupidity disorder.

  35. How do you know these fats in clogged arteries are not coming from carb rich diets which are converted to fat by insulin?

  36. I'm a 3rd generation vegan, my grandmother, and father both have altzimers.

    Non of us used sugars, processed foods, sodium or oils. Most foods consumed were grown in our garden.

    Something is missing if multiple generations eating whole food plant based diet, with b12 supplements.

  37. The comment sections of doctor Gregs vids are filled with self-applauding assholes that make their lifestyle choice their identity

  38. What is this bloke’s motivation to describe an opposed approach? His low carb., high oil/fat approach does not sit well: https://www.menshealth.com/nutrition/a25350420/alzheimers-prevention-tips/?utm_source=pocket&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=pockethits

  39. Is the Ornish diet a fad? It says: 10% fat intake. Is that enough healthy fat daily to keep up brain health and skin health?

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