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How to Protect Your Kidney Health: Avoid These 5 Foods

These 5 foods are full of ingredients, additives
and chemicals shown to cause the worst problems to your kidneys and overall health. If you want to protect your kidney health,
keep these 5 supermarket staples out of your shopping cart. Hello and welcome, this is Katherine from
00Kidney. Like your doctor may have told you, if you
have chronic kidney disease, good nutrition and diet are critical components of the treatment
plan. But why is diet so important for protecting
your kidney health? While the right dietary regimen is important
for everyone, those with diminished kidney function have shown the worse reaction to
an unbalanced diet. Patients suffering from chronic kidney disease
(CKD) and end-stage renal disease (ESRD) cannot rely on their kidney to maintain the delicate
balance their body needs. The kidneys regulate the quantity of water,
electrolytes, minerals and waste products in the metabolism. Stepping out of this balance will not just
make you feel tired, out of energy and sick, will also make your kidney disease progress
at an higher rate. This is why the outcomes of bad dietary habits
have shown to be disastrous. So here is the list: These foods are the worst
of the worst, starting from number 5: 5 Salt
An excess of salt in your diet will alter the delicate sodium balance in your body. The kidneys will have to work harder to restore
this balance, and the result will be fluid retention and higher blood pressure. While water retention will cause some cosmetic
issues, like cellulite, high blood pressure is one of the main risk factors for kidney
disease. In my experience, most people just eat too
much sodium, so almost anyone can see an immediate health improvement reducing salt intake. Table salt is the worse, since it is heavily
processed and contains chemicals. Himalayan salt is a good substitute, see comment
section for some trusted sellers. 4 Meat
There are several studies confirming that an excess of red meat can be a danger for
kidney health. Protein metabolism requires a lot of work
from the kidneys. This is why high protein consumption has been
linked to an higher risk of kidney disease and kidney stones. Still, meat is a source of high quality proteins
and should be a component of an healthy diet. My advice is to reduce the intake of meat,
especially red meat, to maximum two portions a week. Processed meat should be completely avoided. 3 Excess Potassium in Vegetables and Fruits
There’s a number of fruit and vegetables kidney patients should be avoiding
bananas, prunes, raisins, collards, potatoes, cantaloupe and tomatoes are too rich in potassium
and can be dangerous. Healthy kidneys are perfectly able to process
the excess of potassium you can get from fruit and vegetables. But an excess of potassium in the blood of
a kidney patient can cause symptoms as severe as an heart attack. Still, vegetables are really good for your
health, and should always be an important part of your diet. 2 Sugar
For every 150 calories of dietary sugar you consume a day, you risk of diabetes, one of
the main risk factors for kidney disease, increases by 1.1 percent – according to a
research published in the journal PLOS ONE. If this is not enough, dietary sugar has been
linked to esophageal cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer and lung metastasis. And while the sugar industry has done a number
of cover-ups to shift the blame to fats, paying scientists and falsifying studies, it is pretty
obvious nowadays that excess of sugar is unhealthy as it gets. So, how can you reduce sugar in your diet? Sugar is hidden in almost every processed
food under a variety of names: dextrose, fructose, lactose, corn syrup, maltose, molasses, sucrose
and so on. Best way to protect your kidneys and your
health is to totally avoid processed foods and sugary beverages. Your kidneys and your waistline will thank
you! 1 Sodas
The influence of drinking sodas and other soft drinks on human health has been widely
researched over the last decades. You might expect some damages to your health
if you regularly consume unhealthy beverages. Still, the results of most studies were way
worse than the expectations. But why are sodas so bad for your kidney health? Sodas have a very high concentration of caffeine,
sugar, artificial sweeteners, phosphoric acid and other chemicals. In a study conducted on more than 3000 women
during 10 years, a rate of decline of more than 30% in GFR was observed in test subject
who drank 2 or more serving a day of artificially sweetened sodas. In my experience, this kind of very direct
and sharp correlation is not very common in trials done on thousands of subjects. And the numbers here are pretty scary: only
two cans a day and you will end up losing 30% of renal function. It’s not a chance, it’s certain. Very scary, if you think about it. This is why I’m putting sodas on the top of
my list of things to avoid. An advice from Michael Wright:
Diet sodas are even worse than regular sodas for your Kidney Health! Drink water or green tea instead
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  1. For all those who think my accent is "strange" it is because I was born in Asia and grew up in Italy (Europe) and graduated here.
    My accent is Italian. If you find it difficult to understand, I've put the subtitles. Kindly, don't judge a person too easily with offenses without even knowing it.

  2. You are fucking crazy, I love everything l love eating my, fruits like somebody say If l follow your advise l just drink water, and die

  3. Great video do you know of any medications that are great for blood pressure high blood pressure that is and have very minimal effect on the kidneys I am taking metoprolol 50 mg and it's not doing well in the kidneys…. the ultimate goal it's not be on any medications but my blood pressure is under control but just have been on Metropol off for a while now and I know it's not helping the kidneys as seen in my blood work.. thanks

  4. Every day I hear this so I feel they saying just drink water you know how hard that is not too many people drink water all day long like me 😜 so I guess I will die soon 🤪

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    But some said that, Baking soda is good for Kidney disorder. Banana is also good.
    In your video they are not good for kidney.
    So, what to do?

  6. Very informative. But please try to master the topic before you make a video. It's like you just read out loud an article in the internet. Sounds like siri reading.

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  10. Discover the number one commonly eaten food that can send your kidney into toxic overload! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Z2SJzhigCg

    (and I've also improved my accent!… watch the video if you don't believe me!)

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