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How to Shop for Healthy Foods : Eating Healthy with Smaller Portions

Hi, welcome back. Well, got another healthy
tip for you and your digestion after you gotten all that healthy food from the food store.
Ok – we’ve got smaller portions. When you’re eating, we all know about how everyone likes
to stuff yourself and, in America, we definitely – Americans – we’re big eaters. So basically
what you want to do is – you want smaller portions. What I always tell my clients –
I say – two handfuls. See these two – don’t eat more than that. These two handfuls are
you and what you should have for every meal. Try not to have more than this because all
it does is: packing in all those foods doesn’t mean you’re going to get more nutrients; it
means you’re actually going to get less. Your stomach can’t digest all that stuff. It’s
all packed in there; it’s going really slow it down and it’s not going to be able to absorb
all that stuff. So, what I always say is: you know what, if you don’t want to measure
it, I totally understand so I always eyeball things. I’m like, you know what – I have half
a fist of grains, about like that; that actually ends up being maybe about a quarter cup of
actual oatmeal. Then you just cook that up. You can have half a piece of fruit in addition
to maybe one egg for your protein. And by the time you’re done with that, it ends up
being two handfuls. And that’s all you need of food to eat. Basically, what you want to
do is you want to stop eating when you start feeling satisfied, not when you start feeling
full. Because when you start feeling full, you’ve already eaten way too much. And then
your body is not doing anything with that at all. And all that healthy food that we
just discussed and you just went out and bought – it’s not going anywhere and you’re not
absorbing it. So, basically, you just kind of messed up the whole process. So, have smaller
portions, you’ll be happy and your stomach will feel so much better too and you’ll be
able to sleep better too.

71 thoughts on “How to Shop for Healthy Foods : Eating Healthy with Smaller Portions

  1. im tryin real hard not to say some youtube typical non-sense …i really really am!

    ..BUT……. for some reason i couldnt concentrate.

    oh man here comes the (youtube nonsense) ….wait for it…wait for it….

    …i dont like to measure either…i'd rather eyeball the 2 hand fulls as well thus feeling satisfied…(note) didnt mess up my process one bit.

  2. you have good tips in your videos. i agree with and already practice most of the stuff you talk about. if you are eating nutritious food you don't need to eat as much and stuff yourself.
    it seems you are physical proof, as i am, that eating nutritious food makes for sexy, beautiful looks! flaunt it! we need to make those big-mac gorging fools jealous enough try a little health experimentation. Peace! 😀

  3. What the hell, I'm a growing kid and I'd like to eat you know. My appetite isn't small like others and all I know is that two handfuls would not leave me satisfied whatsoever. I'd be eating in the next hour or so!

  4. was there any food there i was not looking properly ( sorry )
    P.S i like two hand falls is what i like ( you know what a man likes )

  5. actually this really works!! if you cutway down on junk foods and eat more healthy foods yu start to crave healthy foods instead of h junk. it may take a little while for some ppl tho

  6. the first person on epertvillage that doesnt look or talk like a zombie, she has a soul XDD and its not boring like other videos of this chanel

  7. so stupid to eat smaller portions. smaller portions of junk food may be wise, but if you eat healthy , like fruits and raw vegetables , you'll need to eat a lot of vegetables and the more you eat, the more you lose weight. Try 80 10 10 diet, see dr Doug Graham work and Dr Robert Young and then you got a high quality information that works and it is proven thousands of times, cause so many ppl become healthy by eating alkaline diet or eating more raw than cooked. The "eat less "aproach is idiot

  8. 1/4 cup of oatmeal? Is she out of her effing mind? This is really an instructional video on how to become anorexic. Probably why she has bumps on her chest instead of breasts.

  9. omg. ok, im a very straight female, but i cant stop staring at her chest. i mean they are just right in my face. wear a bra for pete's sake or the nipple covers (lol nipple covers). i guess everyone is a perve, but if you want people to take you seriously, dress modestly

  10. I came here to watch this because I live healthy and eat healthy…This woman is awesome and organic….But all I keep thinking is she has got nice muffins in that low v cut dress…….Yummy I am hungry and horny….Seriously, I am going to watch some more of her videos……They have the breast of both worlds

  11. Okay, here's my issue… I'm very thin yet I want to start eating healthy AND gain weight. Any suggestions? I'm afraid that if I start eating healthy I'll lose weight. Losing weight is not an option for me.

  12. "in America we're definitely Americans." HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

    I have a question, if I struggle to remember food sizes, what could I use to remind me of two fists ?

  13. i think it matters when you eat large portions of healthy food wtf lol i have a vitamix i blend wa more then one orange u know

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