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62 thoughts on “How to Stop Breastfeeding

  1. …. Umm… Its only women who breastfeed their child, so how could men help? And if the husband should help, im sure the wife would ask the husband

  2. Some animals EAT their young.

    Most FUCK their young.

    Are you seriously saying that because animals do it, its allright? HAHAHA

    Its disturbing you support pedeophilia, incest, murder, gang rape, and Genocide

    Really, you should be locked up

  3. Child abuse is child abuse. Fucking babies and even children is revolting

    I dont give two shits if your a man or not. Your a sick pedo and your pathetic excuse for justification in raping babies astounds me

    You have a repulsive fetish and i wouldnt complain if you had the death penalty

  4. I'm confused as to..
    1. Why are people talking about Pedo's
    2. WTH is male breastfeeding cause I bet it won't work!
    3. Why is breast feeding a bad thing. Its better then formula!?

  5. @houndoom1234 I have heard about "father's milk" which comes from the…you know…But breast milk?? I think it just tastes iron, like blood does

  6. @TheNextAvrilLavigne I think it just depends on the baby and if they need both to fill them up. I've read you should feed from one side and at least offer the other (this way you'll know if the baby is satisfied). I've also read that you could feed for a longer period of time on just one breast so the baby can get the hindmilk instead of just the foremilk. Personally, I usually just feed from one breast and just make sure I use the other breast when the next feeding rolls around.

  7. i tried someone else fed the bottle she doesnt want it..now she is 11months…she still doesn't want.help!

  8. Umm what's with this men can breastfeed. Cause if it was true. Why didn't they step in long time in the earlier days ???

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