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How to STOP Your Cat Spraying Everywhere: 9 tips for success!

today I’m going to give you nine tips
for how to stop your cat spraying everywhere hi I’m dr. Alex Avery from
ourpetshealth.com helping you and your cat to live a healthier happier
life so if it’s your first time here consider subscribing so you don’t miss
out on future videos now cats who urinate everywhere who are
spraying outside of the litter tray they’re urinating outside the litter
tray they’re have accidents around the house it’s a really stressful time not just
for you but also for your cat and there are a number of things we can do to stop
that so today I’m gonna give you 9 tips and 9 steps so step number one is to
understand why cats spray so spraying is a marking behavior they are leaving
their urine scent mark in their environment really to let other cats and
other animals know that they’re around it helps them control their territory it
helps avoid conflict with other cats and so that’s really why they’re doing it
they’re marking their territory so step number two to stop your cat
spraying everywhere is to understand the difference between spraying and actually
inappropriate urination so when your cat is spraying they will typically back up
to a vertical surface or like a wall maybe the side of your sofa and they
will often lift their tail it may twitch a little bit and the urine will spray
out and onto that vertical surface so that’s really spraying urination on
the other hand they will get into a crouching position and they will urinate
as though they’re urinating normally they might strain a little bit and
things like that but they will be urinating on a horizontal surface so
that’s really the big difference between urination and spraying and that’s really
important so step number three is to make sure there’s no underlying medical
condition and this is definitely the case if your cat is urinating
inappropriately rather than spraying so if they’re squatting but they’re not
using their litter tray they’re going in different parts then that might be a
sign that something else is going on and there are a whole heap of different
problems that can cause inappropriate urination in cats
and may include things like arthritis diabetes kidney disease
where there may be either difficulty getting into the litter tray or your
cat may be just producing so much urine they really just need to go all the time
and then other conditions that actually affect the bladder and urinary tract
itself so things like cystitis bladder tumors and bladder stones that kind of
thing so if there’s anything like that going on then obviously we need to
tackle the root cause and that should resolve and correct the problem with
inappropriate urination if your cats got arthritis I’ve certainly got several
videos and strategies about that and also with cystitis I’ve got some videos
and strategies that we can use to cope with that so make sure you check out
those videos which I’ll link down in the description below okay so step
number four is to check that your cat is neutered so this might seem like an
obvious thing but our cats who are neutered are much less likely to spray
they’ve got less of a drive to maintain a territory to defend that territory
they’re generally less stressed as well so if your cat is spraying and they are
entire then getting them neutered it might be just what needs to happen to resolve
that problem there are so many other reasons that we should be getting our
cats spayed or castrated and I’ve got a video that I’ll link up here
and also down in the description that lets you know the benefits of that and
also when you should consider getting your cat neutered so step number five is
to reduce your cat stress levels so this is especially the case if they’re
spraying stress really just causes them to want to mark their territory more so
as well as spraying they might be clawing and scratching the furniture
again just trying to mark out their territory stress is a huge issue in cats
and it’s often one that we don’t recognize maybe as well as we should
just because some of the signs can be subtle but spraying is often
really a true sign that your cat is stressed they can be stressed about a
lot of different things and there are a whole number of ways that we can go
about correcting that which might involve in environmental changes making
sure other cats aren’t coming into your house and eating their food making sure
there’s the right number of food bowls and litter trays depending on the number
of cats in your house and I’ve got a lot of other tips in the video I’ll link up
here all about reducing stress in your cat okay step number six is to consider
litter tray management so that involves what type of litter you’re using
so some cats will really like one litter that maybe is unscented and you’re using
a scented one they might dislike a clay based one that can actually clump and
stick to the soles of their feet so consider the litter type the litter
tray type as well so if your cat has arthritis then they might find actually
getting into a high lip litter tray quite difficult consider where you’re
putting your litter tray so cats will generally like a private enclosed area
so not in really busy kind of through traffic areas so the middle of the hall
by the front door really wouldn’t be a great spot for for their litter tray
also cleaning them regularly so again some cats will only really want to use a
litter tray once or they won’t use it if another cat has been in there so making sure
that you clean the litter tray regularly enough and then having enough litter
trays so as a general rule we should have one more litter tray than the
number of cats in the house so if you’ve only got one cat then that’s two litter
trays if you’ve got four cats then really you
need five litter trays all in different locations so litter tray
management is another way that we can stop our cat spraying everywhere and
urinating everywhere so at step number seven and if there’s still a problem
after all of these other tips if your cat especially if they’re spraying or
urinating in one spot in particular what you can try and do is either actually
just move their litter tray there it might not be where you want it but if
you can get them back using the litter tray you can then slowly move it back to
a position where you’re happy for that litter tray to be alternatively you can
even actually try putting their food and water in that area cats are really
clean hygienic animals in general and they don’t like peeing where their food
or their water is so putting that there can help put them off so step number
eight is to clean up properly after your cat so there are certain things within
the cat’s urine that will attract them back to that same spot and so they’ll
often keep re-marking in the same spot now what this means is that we need
to clean that area properly now what I generally suggest is that while there
are various sprays and cleaners on the market which do a good job another thing
that we can use is we can use biological washing powder just mix that with a bit
of water to create a solution and then just
really scrub that area and allow that to soak in and what will happen is the
enzymes in that biological washing powder will help break down all of the
things that are attracting your cat back to that area the same goes
for the sprays they work in a very similar way but making sure that you
clean up really appropriately and quickly and with the right cleaner is
very important and then step number nine is things to avoid so you should
definitely avoid negative reinforcement so don’t shout at your cat don’t kind of
punish them in any way especially if it’s a long time after they’re doing
that spraying or urinating because all that’s going to do is going to make them
more stressed they’re probably not going to understand have a clue what they’ve
done wrong and that’s probably only going to make the problem worse it’s
certainly not going to improve the situation another thing that we should
avoid doing in cats that are urinating everywhere or your anything outside of
their litter tray is to use ammonia based cleaning products so they have
things that ammonia is what’s kind of actually attracting cats back to the
area so by using things like bleach you can actually be kind of just
perpetuating the problem because your cat will be attracted back to that area
and then the last thing that you should avoid doing is avoid using deterrant
sprays so again if you’ve got something in a cat’s environment that really is
repelling them it’s only going to cause them more stress and while they might
not urinate in that particular spot again they’re just going to go and find
somewhere else to urinate and it’s not going to be in the litter tray so I hope
all of these points these nine tips to stop your cat urinating everywhere help
solve your habit I know it can be an incredibly stressful time both for your
cat and for you as their owner if you’ve got any other tips that have really
worked for you or if you’ve got any questions then please leave me a comment
down below also remember to subscribe to make sure you don’t miss out on future
videos just like this one and until next time i’m dr. alex from our pets health
because they’re family

56 thoughts on “How to STOP Your Cat Spraying Everywhere: 9 tips for success!

  1. This is informative. In order to stop the spraying and peeing I just got rid of the cat. I have children and it's just nasty I can't handle it. I'm just not an animal person they make me so sick. I like them. I wanted the cat but yeah I can't do the nasty around my kids.

  2. Never liked cats but I believe that every home should have a pet. So my gf moves in who loves cats and since there's no yard…so comes cat and after a few hours this cute little kneading purring cat breaks me down and now I'm converted. Next thing you know we have 3. 1 is perfect female. The other female pees anywhere but knows to crap in litter box but bolts without covering it up ( if I'm in there, i bolt out after her hot on her heels, not to chase, flee from that STENCH!). She's lucky the other2 cats cover for her (pun intended). The male cat is the youngest but full grown & is spraying everything. I fully enclosed front porch area with full metal security screen doors with heavy duty full metal screens (not like standard window screens) that go from inside sitting ledge that is 3 feet above the floor. anyways I did this so that they can enjoy enjoy being outside free from the dangers that outdoor cats are plagued with. This also helps maintain inside cat behavior, they come in calm and relaxed. Unlike Cat doors, cats come in bug eyed skittish freaking out, and hours of feral behavior hiding & standoffish avoiding contact. Do You think they spray outside FUCK NO, Just ALL OVET MY FUCKING HOUSE . I own 3carpet cleaners with upholstery tools. Example just did my recliner yesterday and surrounding carpet and wall ALL DAY DOING THIS. let dry overnight I walk in the room early am to see the castrated male cat standing on my recliner tail straight up and twitching spraying the backrest of my recliner. I'm back to my original feelings which is with cats its either medical or behavioral you need to be a vet to own a cat. I get the emotional reward thing to have a cat love you and earning their love. MY HOUSE STINKS TO CAT PISS. I give then a loving and safe environment. Treats in the morning lots of affection. A safe way for them to enjoy the outdoors. They have dry food and water available all day with wet food served at exactly 6 pm every night. No people's food , NONE. I shouldn't walk into my house nor walk I any room and be overpowered by the smell of cat piss when I walk in. I clean their boxes (when i say i I mean we the gf&I)I scoop out clumps and shit for 2days & arm and hammer deodorizer and 3rd day dump litter out and New litter 1 with fine litter and the other with standard litter. Yeah i heard 3 cats 4 boxes. That's nuts if I'm maintaining daily. Oh I have a 2 bedroom 2 bath house 3 cats 4litter boxes. SORRY MY LIFE AND MONEY ISNT TO TAKE CARE OF CATS AND HAVE MY HOUSE SMELL THIS FOUL. CATS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE STRESS RELIEVERS IS NOTHING BUT A BOLDFACE LIE. CATS ARE NOT PETS WHEN YOU HAVE TO LIVE IN THEIR BALANCED WORLD, ITS CYNICAL. I DIDNT GET A DOG BECAUSE IT WOULD NEED TO BE WALKED, A CAT MADE SENSE BECAUSE OF THE LITTERBOX AND YOU COULD LEAVE A CAT ALONE FOR A WEEKEND AND CAT WILL BE OK. I SHOULDVE GOTTEN A DOG. CATS WILL LOVE WHEN THEY WANT TO OR WHEN THEY WANT SOMETHING. TO REACH OUT TO A CAT TO PET SND THEU JUSY WALK AWAY OR TURN THEIR HEAF SND IGNORE YOU WHEM YOU TRY TO GET THEIR ATTENTION SLEEP ALL DAY, PULLUP ON YOUR CARPET & SCRATCH UP FURNITIRE SO YOU BUY THIS AND THAT. DOGS LIVE TP SERVE YOU AS LONG AS THEY KNOW THEY MAKE YOU HAPPY. CATS ARE A MENTAL CONDITION ABOUT TO HAPPEN TO YOU, DEPRESSION SELF DOUBT. WORRY . SUBMISSIVE, OCD, LONELY. CAUSE FIGHTS, AND SELF CONSCIOUS THAT YOU DON'T LEAVE THE HOUSE SMELLING TO CAT PISS.

  3. One of my 2 cats (both neutered males) has taken to painting all of my walls, furniture, and anything else he can reach. I was horrified when I got a UV light. He never did that in all of the 9 years I've had him and didn't when I got him a buddy (they love each other and did so right away) but when a strange black cat started showing up outside both of my cats went nuts and the older one (9) started his wall painting, as well as the curtains out in the kitty room. I can't keep up with it. My cats are indoor cats so it's not like the stray is actually going to get in here but they both hate him (and he is weird…my neighbor's cats hate him too). I've tried cleaning with a pet urine enzyme and then spraying some "No More Spraying" but that hasn't worked. He's a sneaky little bugger too; he waits until he thinks I'm not looking and then does it. He's learned that the minute I see him backing his butt up to something he gets yelled at.

  4. I went to the vet and they told my boy is healthy. He is adopted recently. I have a female cat with me. He likes to stalk her but she doesn’t like him. I’m not sure if that’s the problem but from spraying, now he kept urinating at my couch. I used feliway he stopped. Recently he started it again by peeing on the rug (same area as the couch). The thing is he uses the litter and we do clean it out frequently and we put 2 litterbox for both of them. Only when it is at night then he will start peeing everywhere. I’m so tired of it my mum keep scolding me, scolding him. I don’t know what to do anymore.

  5. This is informative. In order to stop the spraying and peeing I just got rid of the cat. I have children and it's just nasty I can't handle it. I'm just not an animal person they make me so sick.

  6. This is going to be long and possibly confusing:
    I own 4 cats, two of which are male (Lupin) and female (Sirius) 1 year and 8 months, the other two are both males (Poncho & Eeyore) of 10 months.
    I never had a problem with Lupin my first male using the litter. He never wanted to spray, still doesn't. After he became sexually mature at the same time as his sister I was not home to stop them from mating. Sirius became pregnant and had her kittens Poncho and Eeyore last May. Lupin was fixed shortly after Sirius became pregnant, she is still not spayed.
    Life was fine and dandy until this February of 2019. Sirius had not gone into heat for almost an entire year. The second she did, our male kitten Poncho (who we thought was a girl for 10 months because he's SUPER furry and his testies are smaller than his brothers) went NUTS! He's extremely interested in Sirius even when she's not in heat. The second we didn't allow him to mount her, he started spraying anywhere and everywhere: Doors, walls, laundry baskets, beds, couches, even the floor when he's trying to be sneaky. (Mind you I'm trying to set up appointments to get Sirius, Poncho, and Eeyore fixed ASAP). If I catch him, I clean it up ASAP with my carpet cleaner that has soap meant to clean up after pet accidents. I've had to keep him in the basement (with food, water, and litter) because every time he comes upstairs he finds somewhere new to spray. He's literally continued to spray while I'm picking him up. To try and help him understand it's naughty (I do let him upstairs because I feel bad and I'm hoping he'll get it) I've been gently rubbing his face in it then placing him in the litter pan. He's currently breaking my heart by crying and howling in the basement (he's not always alone, he has another cat with him 97% of the time) but the second I let him up he's going to chase Sirius and spray on all of my belongings.
    I should also add that Sirius has NEVER sprayed before but she did recently once in my bedroom where Poncho has sprayed probably 3 times.
    I believe and I'm hoping this madness will stop after they're ALL fixed because the cats and I are obviously all stressed. I'm 99% sure this is all happening only because Poncho and Eeyore are NOT neutered yet and Sirius is not spayed. I'm not even sure why I've typed all of this, maybe some words of advice or a "Hey yeah, your cats need to be fixed ASAP!" 😅

  7. Its my neighbours cat that keeps spraying my basement bedroom window. The scent is everywhere! Its awful! What do I do when its not even my cat?!?! Side Note: I do not have any pets. This cat just has it out for me.

  8. thank u soooo much… i hava a cat he is not fixed because v dont have vets. in my area…. he is being extra territorial…😔

  9. This is crazy but I have told my old man cats are like people who are living with over population and soon to get the understanding of what it is. Thanks

  10. My little bastard has decided no matter what I do, he’s going to do that shit. So I’ve closed them in the bathroom along with his litter pan and food pan. And there he’s going to stay…probably for the rest of his life.

  11. My boyfriend and I have two 9month old cats. One of them always pisses/sprays on my dirty laundry ( it’s separate from my bf’s)… & sometimes even in my purse!! I know they’re young, but this doesn’t make sense to me. There are unfixed feral cats who live around out apartment, could this be the problem?? My cats are brother and sister, and I have a strong suspicion that the girl is spraying.

  12. I feel like this video primarily addressed inappropriate urination. I wish you would do a video that solely addresses spraying.

  13. I have a year old cat. We have one litter for him. He uses his litter. But he likes to pee in corners of the house. He pee on our countertops. We try to keep our room doors closed because he likes to run and pee in the corners or hop in our sinks to pee in it. We have to keep our closets clothes or he'll be in there he doesn't poop but he pees what should we do we're at the point of giving him away. First he had a scratching problem we fix that by putting scratchers everywhere in the house and got him a tree.

  14. I have a few questions. We're remodeling the house and it doesn't seem like my cat is in much distress. He's been to the vet recently and is health is fine. He sprayed when he was younger but when we got him fixed it stopped. I recently started letting him outside and hes trained to come back home when I call him. He hasn't had trouble before with the boxes . We keep them clean and maintain them. We do have a few other cats but this is an issue that recently started happening again. Do you have any advice. Am I not giving him enough attention. Usually he's really good but I'm not sure how to get him to stop. I'm about to move with roommates and I don't want him to destroy thr new place.

  15. when i lay down cat nip for my boy, i often sweep the floor and push it towards his litter box,
    this encourages him to use his box and I scoop his box every two days and change his box once every two weeks.
    his box is mixed with fresh step & tidy cat inside of an tall closed litter box encloser.
    with an litter pad and a trash bag folded on top.
    everyday when i come home from work i've got to sweep the floor cause his litter and catnip is everywhere which is a very good sign that he's taking to his box' and my boy is very heathly.

  16. I can't neuter my fucking cat cause there's not a single proper veterinarian in my country… Time to say goodbye to Mr piss sprayer

  17. my 2 male kittens are a year & 4 months old & boht urinate outside the litter box over clothes & they make loud noises few minutes before urinating i take them to litter box but they do not pee there they just poop there & they always pee on clothes or even floor…
    i don't know what to do please guide me… 🙏🏼

  18. I need help I had a previous cat staying with me for a few months he use to sleep on my duvet now i just recently got a kitten he is currently 10wks old when ever he gets into the bedroom he goes straight on the duvet and pees how do I stop this cause obviously currently cant let him in the bedroom but then he constantly meows and scratches the bedroom door he is also super clingy

  19. My cat isn’t spraying, but he’s peeing right outside the FRONT of the litter box, but he poops inside of it. He’s neutered and kinda overweight. I don’t know if he has arthritis or what. But my mom says if he doesn’t stop, we have to give him to someone else. What do I do???

    We clean the cat box every three days or so, but even if we cleaned it every day, I don’t know if that would help, because he still poops in it. I don’t know what his problem is. Help me! (Please)!!

  20. I got five minutes through without learning any new information, then realized that the reason it was so hard to listen to you is that you have obnoxious music playing on a loop in the background.

  21. Hi I need a major help.

    My male cat lives with his 'younger sister' but I recently noticed after having sent to the vet for proper check ups, groomings and all, the younger female cat starts hissing. Although they are okay now, he would still start to take a leak almost everywhere, including my bed, their small cat tent, kitchen carpets etc etc.

    Could this be the fact that he's stressed? Took them a week to reconcile but he's still acting like everything's stressing him out. It's been 2 months and nothing's changed. Even had to buy an air purifier to scent out the stinging piss smell of theirs.

  22. Neutered cats still spray like I had a neutered cat that sprayed all over the curtains. Spraying usually comes from insufficient litter training. You are supposed to cage train your cat, so they know their litter box is the only place they are allowed to pee so they understand the bounderies and dont eventually think they can just spray their urine everywhere.

  23. After reading all the comments I feel like no matter what changes I make he’s still going to keep spraying and urinating every. I don’t want to give him away bc I love him but I don’t want this smell in my house either. I don’t even want to have company over bc of the smell. We’re now in the process of getting the carpet and sofas shampooed but I feel like he’s just going to remark all over again once we do. I’m so frustrated…

  24. One of my toms has started pissing all over the house lol… I don't mind though, he's so cute but doesn't like other cats much!!

  25. I have two cats… I always clean the litter box on a daily basis… sometimes twice a day. I am very good at that. I had to leave for three weeks. My roommate promised to clean the litter box while I was gone and oh my God. When I came back, there was old pee under the litter box, poop around the litter box, and in other rooms in the apartment. The litter box hadn't been cleaned for days… I know cats hate it when their litter box isn't clean so I do understand why they peed on the floor. But since I came back, I have had to wipe pee off the floor almost on a daily basis. They probably think that it is ok to pee on the floor now !!! I am extremely angry (not at the cats but at my roommate). And, I am getting frustrated. I do not know what to do anymore… Please help.

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