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How To Train Your Brain To Eat Healthier!

We all know that we should be eating healthier,
but does that mean we have to cut out our favorite fatty foods? What’s the answer?
The short version: Size matters. Hey everyone, this is Matt Lieberman filling
in for DNews. Researchers at Vanderbilt University have released a new study that offers a new
solution to the age old problem of diet and portion control. Now, dieting seems pretty
cut and dry, in principle. Don’t eat unhealthy food, eat more vegetables, exercise regularly,
shower, rinse, repeat. But more often than not, our draconian attempts to cut out the
pleasurable fats, salts, and sugars that our brains crave cause diets to crash and burn
in their early days, or just make us miserable. However, the trick is to not “diet” at
all, but to shift the ratio of portions over time via something the associate professor
of Management Kelly L. Haws calls vice-virtue bundles. She and her colleagues discovered
that all people have something called a “taste-health balance point” – namely, the proportion
of healthy to unhealthy foods in a single meal that will leave that person satisfied
with their taste and nutritional choices. It’s different for everyone, and I’m sure
that more than one of you has already decided that their balance point looks like a Big
Mac with extra lettuce on it. But here’s the thing: based on the study,
most people fall into a similar range. Namely, the perfect vice-virtue bundle has about one
quarter to one half vice foods, and half to three quarters virtue foods. The example they
provide is a plate of french fries and apple slices. For most people, their brains only
need a small portion of fries to satisfy the vice appetite in their brain, while the apple
slices handle the rest of their hunger in a nutritious way. The study goes on to theorize that vice-virtue
bundles could revolutionize the the fast food industry, which has undergone changes as Americans
seek out healthier food options. By bundling their existing items that are pure vice and
pure virtue, they could create new and attractive options at a relatively low cost. So what can we take away from this study and
apply to our own lives? By finding our taste-health balance point, we can allow ourselves the
fatty, greasy, buttery foods that we love, in a portion that maximizes our desire for
healthier options. The delicious part? Finding that balance one meal at a time. So what do you think about this study? Do
you know what your taste-health balance point is? Let us know in the comments below. I’m Matt
Lieberman filling in for DNews. You can find more of my videos over at Sourcefed. Please
like the video and subscribe to the channel. Thanks for watching.

43 thoughts on “How To Train Your Brain To Eat Healthier!

  1. Just count your calories and make sure to stay under or on your set calorie goal for every day. It isn't that hard and the solution is a internet search away so can everyone stop being so lazy about it and stop saying that it is soooo hard to lose weight when its not.

  2. Eat a big salad first, drink lots of water and you'll be more full. Then when it's time for your meal, whatever it may be, you're more full and will eat less of it. Boom. Insta-skinny. XD

  3. I count every calorie I eat and every calorie I burn. I am creating a ~500 calorie deficit each day now and I am in good shape. Before I eat food though, I make portions with it. I only eat organic food and I only eat one measured portion of each food at a time. I wrote a book called Do the Math Diet and it resembles those concepts. Good luck.

  4. It's easy to stop eating junk food cuz it gets pretty disgusting after a little bit. The real challenge is actually eating healthy foods like fruits and veggies

  5. It's so hard to eat or drink healthy stuff. Especially banana lol I don't like banana but I have to.. Btw I'm about to join Canadian forces andd. Maybe gonna train myself because my friend won't train me and not my friend anymore.. That's so unbelievable..

  6. That's true what he said about satiety. If I have beef and salad, I feel good all night. I eat pasta, as soon as those blood sugars drop, I am looking for more to eat. I think sometimes we just need to hear someone say it to remind us.

  7. This brain training game “nonu amazing only” (Google it) is fantastic for those who wish to improve the overall performance of their brain. I was training my brain through this game a lot lately and I find it extremely effective, particularly in recalling things.

  8. I'm gonna stop watching vids on how to lose weight fast and I'm gonna start eating healthy and run on my speed walking machine for about 30 or 40 mins all the time so I can get skinny and get energy that's the only way I can get skinny..

  9. I feel this will help me alot. I have a problem of just eating and feeling like im hungry when im not, and had just ate a couple of minutes ago. Im starting to feel like i have a disorder.

  10. I really need to eat healthier. I am having lots of trouble since my family always eats unhealthy. I am having trouble so thanks for this video

  11. Are smoothies bad for you? I use smoothies to get my fruits into my diet but apparently it’s full of natural sugars which are bad.

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  13. My mom make AMAZING cheese bread dunkers w/ pizza sause it tastes SOOOOOO good ill eat that w/ apple slices

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  15. I'm going to pretend I'm in a maximum security prison and I never get to eat and when I do I get glop that tastes like crap. Then I'll put a single apple in front of me and stare at it and convince myself that this is the only food I'll get to eat that is actual food and by comparison it should trick my brain into wanting it way more. I think it could just be crazy enough to work, your mind is an incredible thing as they say. 🙂

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