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76 thoughts on “How to Treat High Blood Pressure with Diet

  1. I just saw a video with Marion Nestle, where she says the Chinese are consuming more dairy (despite being mostly lactose intolerant, and to the detriment of NZ), so it might be interesting to see the change in blood pressure per capita. They are already becoming more diabetic.

  2. So I've been hacking my diet to get off my high blood pressure meds. Becoming vegan (6 months now) helped, but it only managed to half my meds.
    For the last 3 weeks, I've tried gluten free and I have been off my meds for 2 weeks because my blood pressure has been in the normal range. I've still been vegan while doing this, but it makes me wonder if it is just the gluten, or a combination of gluten free and vegan.

  3. I am a strict vegetarian.  I use no added salt.  My staple is whole grain gruel, with a salad. Dressing is peaches, blueberries and balsamic vinegar blended with water.  No oil. 

    My gruel is 1/2 cup each of dry quinoa, brown rice and lentils. Veggies are added as two carrots (blended) half a cabage (blended) three mushrooms (blended) and four stalks of celery (chopped) with 12 cups of water in a six quart crock pot.  To this is added nutritional yeast flake, turmeric, cumin, cayenne pepper and Italian seasoning for flavor.   This feeds me for two days. 

    The only addition to this is 300 gm of plain baked potato, to which is added a tablespoon of oil every other day. (Olive or flaxseed)

    I workout about an hour a day.  30 minutes walking, 12 minutes (pushup/step) intervals, 10 minutes sprint training, 18 minutes bodyweight squats. This is not done sequentually but during work breaks, when I get up and when I get home from work. 

    My blood pressure was 99/60 with a 57 bpm pulse just now. My total lipid count, trig. LDL, HDL…all in is under 150.  But I weight 260lbs at 5'6" and lose about a lb a week.  This has been going on for about 3 years.  (Yeah I was over 400 at the start.)   While I get all of the benefits of following a strict McDougal style diet…I am NOT losing 12 lbs per month.  My doctor says that my numbers don't match my body. 

    I am losing weight too slow to be happy but have so much benefit I can't stop.  I am not asking for any tips or any of your time doc…I just needed to get that off of my chest.  🙂

  4. vegetarian diets work wonderfully for high blood pressure if person is of a type A blood…seen it in my practice for over 10 years now

  5. My pressure is 95-105 over 60-70 from what I remember. I'm on a plant dominated somewhat paleo diet. Low blood pressure is typical of most hunter gatherers and horticulturalists tribes. My guess is that it is another thing that is strongly associated to healthy gut microbiome.

  6. The evidence for certain types of meditation having a positive effect on blood pressure seems widespread.

  7. Sea monkey lad.thats amazing! Don't worry about losing the weight fast.1 pound a week is normal and healthy. I have been loosing 1 pound a month for the past 5 years so don't feel bad.your an inspiration. Thanks for your post.its comments like yours that really help the rest of us.and thanks to Dr Gregor for his videos!

  8. My blood pressure was 145/95 and I followed Dr. Joel Fuhrmans Nutritarian diet (Vegan) for 4 months and my blood pressure was checked again and was 110/70. The nurse did it twice to be safe. Plant foods, nuts and seeds, flax and chia, fruits, no salt, no dairy, no meat and exercise changed my life. Great video.

  9. regarding "Potent Antihypertensive Action of Dietary Flaxseed in Hypertensive Patients" is there a comparable study of fish oil? I see in the study it shows the patients specifically had restricted fish intake for the duration.

  10. My toddler has been drinking raw sprouted flax seed milk since age 1 & he's a pure genius! Drink it up as soon as you make feel the difference.

  11. If you have high blood pressure, go to True North Health Centre and fast for 25 days on water only. Then continue living a vegan SOS diet. You'll be fixed up soon, no drugs either.

  12. Adding watermelon to your diet does/will lower the blood pressure, significantly. It is hard to get year round. Thanks for the info.

  13. What is the best way to go about researching these topics? I can manage to find research for papers, but I'm just wondering how you approach it? Where do you start and what are the steps along the way?

  14. My blood pressure has dropped from per-hypertensive to 100/66 when I cut out processed foods, grains, and increased my meat, egg, and dairy consumption but sourced it from healthy farms. I've had to add salt to some of my meals to keep from going too low and becoming light headed from quick movement.

  15. As specialist, I do think Hybetez Remedy can be good way to cure your cholesterol safely. Why not give it a shot? maybe it'll work for you too.

  16. I have been following plant based diet for over a year now, but BP is still high, will add the flex seed and water melon, hope that works.

  17. I started drinking some high antioxidant fruit and vegetable smoothies with ground flax seed, usually one a day, sometimes 2. I've ceased eating all animal products and processed foods for only one month. Dr. Greger's videos have inspired me to eat vegan. July 4, 2016 blood pressure was 177/77. August 2, 2016 blood pressure was 93/70. I do about an hour a day of cardio at a fairly comfortable pace as well to just try and stay active. The vegan lifestyle is working for me. Thank you Dr. Gregor for your work compiling all the research.

  18. Being dehydrated causes low blood pressure and surprisingly being over hydrated causes high blood pressure. If one is a strict plant eating vegan it may be a good idea to just drink when thirsty then to try to get a certain amount of fluids down you considering plant foods are water fortified and when you wiki the gorilla one would notice they hardly drink water. More water intake I'm thinking is for those who eat processed and cooked foods all the time.

  19. vegan diet won't protect you from high blood pressure although I agree vegan diet is must for everyone but people need to reduce salt and sugar intake

  20. you come here and help me with looking in my diet! my blood pressure is still high
    i dont eat eggs cowmilk meat no alcohol no smoking
    i have progeria werners syndrome
    i dont want to have medicine anymore 🙁

  21. for a vegetarian just the thought of eating meat would make their blood pressure go sky high so it's not really a fair analysis

  22. Right after finding this “yuku shocking plan” (do a G00GLE search) for sustaining blood pressure and trying it a week ago, I observed the difference in my blood pressure levels. It helped maintain the normal rate! In the short period of time of Twenty days, my blood pressure lowered. The usual pressure for me was 120/55 and I was able to reach this with only Twenty-five days in this plan.

  23. I`ve had high blood pressure & taking medications since I was 26 years of age. This is the first blood pressure level solution “yuku shocking plan” (G00GLE it) which has ever actually worked to lessen my pressure by natural means. Within a month of following the recommendations in the book, there wasn`t any need for me to consume all of my medicine.

  24. I started a plant based diet 2 years ago for my MS. Doing great there. But I can't seem to lower my BP or weight for anything! Idk what I'm doing wrong. I don't even add salt or oil, and I eat my flax….

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  26. Please I'm really struggling with high blood pressure, I'm a raw vegan for 2 months. I am a clean one as well. No junk food vegan diet

  27. I have been whole food plant based for almost three years now. Just had my blood pressure checked today and it was 97/67. Was that too low?

  28. After getting this “Zοtοsο yuku” (do a G00GLE search) for maintaining blood pressure level and trying it a week ago, I observed the visible difference in my blood pressure levels. It definitely is stabilizing!!! In the small amount of time of Twenty days, my blood pressure decreased. The standard pressure for me was 120/55 and I was able to reach this with simply 25 days in this plan.

  29. I had high blood pressure and took medication to sustain it for two years, but I started out this blood pressure plan “yumkum shocking guide” that I discovered on G00GLE last month. Medical doctor notified me blood pressure is returned to normal and I do not have to spend money on prescription for high blood pressure level.

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  31. Dr, Gregor I cannot find your cited data source for Dr. Frank Sachs in your video od "How to Low Blood Pressure with Diet". I seem to see study in the background of your video but I need to f=get to the source. Please help me with this as I'm not a good at this researching stuff like you all.
    Yes I realize the good doctor cannot do all this work.
    Thank you Craig.

  32. I have eaten vegan for nearly 10 years and have VERY high blood pressure :'( and NO, I don't eat salt or added sodium

  33. I have been on a Plant Based Whole foods vegan diet for over a year, walk 2 hours a day and eat at home. My blood pressure is still high. Its usually 145/95. I still have to take medication, but I do not know why…

    I drink hibiscus tea, eat flax seeds, oatmeal. I am taking Hawthorne extract. Nothing helps!

  34. The nice thing about the “nο†οvα yuku” (G00GLE it) blood pressure level solution is its simple and uncomplicated content. Within just two nights, I was able to acquire all details from the it. In combination with a blood pressure level monitor I picked up I was able to take my pressure down from 148/98 on Thanksgiving to 116/78 in a month.

  35. I'm a vegetarian and I still have high blood pressure ( and have diabetes type II ).  So the plant based diet by itself doesn't do it.

  36. I’m doing a experiment with the vegetarian diet and my bp was bottoming out so bad my doctor cut my meds in half. It’s still bouncing around the lower levels 58-70 for the bottom. My personal goal is no medication for bp I also have a aorta aneurysm and i am hoping to actually reverse it by eating healthy

  37. What are your thoughts on changing diet to reduce tachycardia which is as a result of CPVT, do you think it’s possible to help with diet changes and to avoid taking betablockers?

  38. I've been whole food plant based vegan since last semester. My staple is potato veggie legume & seeds soup, plus nuts, fruits and berries on the side. My secret ingredient is MSG. I highly recommend msg, makes any veggie soup so savory, Dr. Greger made a video saying it's safe. I posted this comment because people often say vegan diets aren't palatable (like is stated in the video by other supposed experts). That's not true in my case, I've never eaten so varied & delicious in my life before

  39. would love to see what Dr Greger has to say about this – DASH diet with the inclusion of 150g of lean beef a day reduced SBP more than regular DASH diet. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4160562/

  40. Please try this way of life, on 2/1/2019, I started this life change (plant based -Whole Foods), no processed foods, no dairy, no animal products, no salt, no oil, no white sugar, no white rice, no gluten, no alcohol. Today is 04/13/2019, It’s been (2 months, and 2 weeks), since I started, I’ve dropped (34) lbs. I was obese, weighing (198) Lbs, this was not my normal weight. I gained (50) lbs., during the past 2 years and nothing worked. My weight increase was due to hormone changes (Menopause); this combined with eating the wrong foods. Today, I’m weighing (164) lbs, I’m 5’5”, 56 year old female. I’m still over weight, according to the American Heart guide, but I only need (15) more pounds to be in my weight range. I plan on losing another (39) lbs., as my goal weight is (125) lbs. The reason my goal weight is 125 lbs., is I want to be at the lower end of my weight range, being (111 – 149) lbs. my focus is mainly (Good Health); although, you get full benefits from this life change. Additionally, and most importantly, I’m not using any medication. I no longer need it. If your tired of being sick all the time. I urge you, do your self the biggest favor of your life, change your way of eating, do your research, change your mind set. Listen to Dr. Greger. You got nothing to lose and all to gain. Please let others know of your weight loss, post it, so you too can help others now that this way of life truly works.

    Thank you so much Dr. Greger for your inspiration, help and guidance.

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  42. I am vegan/whole foods for life but must say after 3 1/2 years eating ground flax, still hypertensive.

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