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How To Treat Rheumatoid Arthritis & Multiple Sclerosis

More and more people are getting
diagnosed with autoimmune disorders. I challenge that diagnosis, I don’t think
it’s the right way to treat people and this video talks about what you can do
if you have rheumatoid arthritis or multiple sclerosis and some
considerations to make your immune system better not just kill it. Hello everyone, Dr. Jason West and I’m
excited to talk to you about autoimmune problems because I really challenge the
idea that one day your body decide to attack you. Now that’s possible and it
happens in some of the cases but not nearly as often as medically they
portray it to be. So let’s specifically talk about what your immune system does
which it helps for repair and defense of the body. So if you sprained your ankle
and you injure some tissues, the body sends some immune system cells to
basically eat out and clean up the damaged cells and allow the body to put
in new cells, that’s one part of your immune system. It also protects you from
bad guys, bacteria, viruses, fungus and if you get too much inflammation in the
body, it can cause a host of problems, psoriatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis,
multiple sclerosis, ankylosing spondylitis, so disease, that’s just some of them,
there’s a whole host of them but I really think that the root of the
problem is actually some infectious disease and I see really really good
outcomes when you help the immune system work correctly versus having the immune
system killed or destroyed with some type of prescription medication or TNF
inhibitor or something like that. So what happens when people have MS? I’m just
going to talk about that. There’s five causes in my world of MS or my thoughts
on MS. The first one is, you can have a genetic component from your mom and from
your dad and it’s not always associated with genes but you always want to know
is there a history of MS in your family because if then, you’re fighting
against mother nature and it’s not the most difficult thing to treat but it’s
not easy either. The second part of MS is are you getting enough fats to protect
the nerves and are you absorbing the fats?
The third one, which I think is the most common one is, infectious disease do you
have some type of microorganism, a lyme disease, a bacteria mycoplasma or some
type of viral infection around the nerve and as the body comes in to try and take
care of that infection, you create an inflammatory response, the body tries to
wall it off and then I have the white lesion or the interruption in the nerve
supply. On the flip side of that, with joint problems like rheumatoid arthritis.
Again, out of control inflammatory system but why is it the body attacking itself
or do you have some type of infection in the joints? And my argument to that is
there’s an infection in there, the body doesn’t have quite enough juice or mojo
to get rid of it, it sets up a chronic inflammatory system
and as the body’s trying to get rid of it, it has accidental damage to the joint
structures. So in the medical world, most of the time they want to decrease or
remove the inflammation by killing a part of the inflammatory response or the
immune system and if there is an infection, there this is why I see so
many people that don’t get better on that pathway, we can maintain it but
for the most parts, it’s a life shortening therapy, we’re going to knock
out your immune system and then you can’t defend yourself and some other
type of opportunistic infection comes in. So what I think you need to do with MS
or RA is upregulate the immune system, you want to identify, do you think it’s a
bacteria, do you think it’s a virus, you can do that with some blood tests, you
can do that with a research application with some medical microscopy but you
want to identify. Another thing that’s very common to see as a parasitic
involvement and you want to help the immune system to get rid of the bad guys.
My personal goal when we see people come in with autoimmune is you want to give
them as much IV Vitamin C as possible, you want to upregulate the immune
system and I see really good outcomes and if it was a true immune system,
autoimmune system problem and you gave something to upregulate the immune
system, it would make the patient a lot worse and in my experience it actually
makes people better. So there’s an infectious disease component associated
with autoimmune and you want to reduce the inflammation but you want to reduce
it naturally, you want to get rid of the sugars. There’s a great book called, Peace of Mind,
that was written by one of my patients named Jenny Carr. Talks about how to get
rid of all the inflammation through limiting the 56 names for sugar, talks
about your water intake, it talks about peace of mind, how to center yourself. And
so when people have this autoimmune diagnosis against rogas disease,
ankylosing spondylitis, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, you want
to put everything back in balance and harmony. You want to help with
relationships as much as you can, you want to make sure that the hormones are
balanced, you want to treat the biochemistry markers, make sure that the
blood tests are normal, you want to treat any blood test findings, you want to
treat any biomechanical lesions and you want to help the immune system to work
better. Some of the best treatments are that, major autohemotherapy, DMSO therapy,
IV vitamin C therapy and neural therapy, getting the nerves to reset for those
chronic conditions. I think there’s a lot of hope for people that have this
diagnosis, there’s a lot of testimonials on our channel of people that were
diagnosed with that “autoimmune” and then we upregulated their
immune system and they got their life back. Thanks for watching the video on
autoimmune and how to help your immune system, not just kill it.
rheumatoid arthritis, MS, chronic infections are some of my favorite
things to treat, I can’t wait to see get you more options so that you can take
control of your health. We’ll see you on the next video and if you like us, please
give us a thumbs up.

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