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6 thoughts on “Hypothyroidism Diet Food Plan

  1. Thanks for this great info! I've had a low thyroid for 10 years and have to take thyroxine everyday. I've just started learning about probiotics. Did you have to take meds at the beginning? If so do you have blood tests every couple of months? Wondering how others are doing it med free? I had a consultation a couple of years ago with http://drclark.typepad.com/dr_david_clark/2010/09/hypothyroid-low-thyroid-mistake-1-iodine.html He is based in Texas, but as I'm based in Europe it was all done by skype, but very effective. I was on a grain free diet for 30 days and he told me to take vit D, pine bark extract, fish oils, b12 1000mcg everyday and continue a grain free diet, which is impossible for me as I like to eat rice. I still take the supplements except for the pine bark extract as it's too expensive and don't take fish oils at the mo as not sure which are good as he told me to get EPA which is hard to find in Europe. Like you're saying there are so many ways out there and Dr. Clark is against iodine supplements but then others say it's great. Look forward to your reply. Thanks.

  2. So other than juicing and drinking liquids with minerals, do u eat food? And if so WHAT DO U EAT??????

  3. Thank you for this information I started using many of the products you suggested over a year ago and noticed a change still a bit sluggish. However, I've been dealing with Hypothyroidism for over 16 years and the meds have done nothing in my case and have triggered other chronic issues. What are your thoughts on vitamin B12 shots to help with hypothyroidism? Will you be giving the actual plan? Thank you

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