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Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. In today’s
video I thought I would do a eating my son’s diet for the day video. Because I saw someone
else do this on YouTube and I thought it was so funny and so good that I would give it
a go, so I’m going to eat exactly what my toddler eats. Jackson, my son, he’s two and
a half, and he has quite a good appetite, but I don’t know if it’s enough for an adult.
But yeah, I’m just going to eat exactly what he eats, the same portions, the same food.
I’m also going to give him a little bit more freedom with what he eats in that I’m going
to ask him what he’d actually like, because I think that would be interesting as well.
Within reason, obviously. And yeah, I just think this would be fun,
I think it’ll be interesting to see what I think of the food he eats, how I feel on the
food he eats, and I think it’ll be more in my interest to encourage him to eat. Obviously
I do that anyway. But if it will literally benefit how much I’m also going to eat, I
think it will be even more in my interest. So yeah, I hope you like this video. If you’re
new to my channel, I would love for you to subscribe and stick around. I post three videos
a week, and I’d love to have you as a viewer. But now, let’s see what he wanted for breakfast. Good morning guys, we’re now going to have
some breakfast. Jackson is going to have a little bit more freedom than normal and I
am going to ask him what he ideally would like for breakfast. As you can see, he’s already
eating a croissant. We left these out on the counter. So he’s grabbed one of those straightaway,
and it is about a quarter to 7:00, 20 to 7:00, this is about the time when we come down for
breakfast. He normally has the same thing every day,
and this is probably his best meal of the day. Like he eats a lot of breakfast, don’t
you? Jackson, what would you like for breakfast? This. Just this? Jam. With jam? No. You want a croissant with jam? No. Would you like any Cheerios? No. Shopping. He wants shopping. Would you like a pancake? Shopping. He loves a protein pancake, and I was really
hoping he’d have that, so that I could have that. Every morning Jackson has fresh fruit
as well. [inaudible 00:02:12] So I just made him strawberries, I’ve just
done- I want it inside the cone. You want it inside the cone. In the ice cream
cone. Oh! So yeah, I’ve just done us three strawberries each. I’m pretty confident he’ll
eat all of these and then ask me for more, because that’s what he normally does. We also
got this really cute little tiny animal forks for his little Bento lunch box lately, and
he likes to eat his fruit using them, so that’s what we’re going to use. Mmm. Jackson is just eating the croissant
and strawberries. I’m actually going to wait and see how much of that he eats, and copy
what he’s eaten. But in the meantime I’m also going to make him a protein pancake, because
I just don’t feel like that is enough for either of us until lunch time. Ahhh! Ahhh! So, he’s running. Yeah. So I’m making it out
of protein pancake mix. We make this up in bulk and then put it in the fridge. It consists
of eggs, banana, baking powder, and almond butter. It’s a nice little protein thing for
the morning. And they have it with maple syrup, they really love it, and my boys, they don’t
love eating omelets or anything but they really like eating these eggy pancakes. So I’m going
to make one for us, and just really hope that he eats that. Jackson ate all of his strawberries and now
he’s taking my plate, so that’s six strawberries in total. So here are the pancakes. And I’m just going
to add a little bit of maple syrup, because he likes that. Oh good, he’s eating it! Because I want to
eat it. [inaudible 00:04:06] So he basically ate a bite off of each end
of this croissant, loads of strawberries, and now he’s eating the protein pancake as
well. I am going to allow myself coffee and any drinks that I want, just to get me through
the day. He doesn’t eat those. But, bless you. Bless you. That’s my pancake. No, mine. That’s my one. Mine. I just went off to get another battery for
the camera. My pancake. And I came back and he’s in my spot. Eating
my pancake. Okay, so Jackson ate so many strawberries that I thought it was safe to make some up
for me. And he started on mine. It’s funny, because I don’t really fancy loads of strawberries
first thing. I got strawberries. You got strawberries. Good boy. Are they your
favorite? Mine. My strawberries. Mommy. Oh my gosh, he’s already eaten six strawberries. I had to eat my croissant. Dry. One bite.
One, two, three, four, five six. So Jackson’s had about six bites of his pancake. And now
he just wants to play with his camera. Bit like mommy. Mommy, I look like this. Like me. He’s just logging, I got him a little
kids camera because he was always stealing my real one. So he’s got that. So he’s had
six bites, so I’m going to have six bites and all of these strawberries. There you are, Jackson. Okay, so that is breakfast. He had half a
protein pancake, a few bites out of a croissant, and loads of strawberries. I did also offer
him yogurt, but he didn’t want that, but I was actually kind of relieved. I’m so full
up. It didn’t look like much, but actually I feel really heavy because in the morning
for me I’d normally just have a little bit of oatmeal or a little protein shake, something
quite small with my coffee. So I’m feeling a bit bloated. All right, it’s about 10:00 now, just after
10:00, and Jackson wanted a snack. So he asked for, what’s this? Hummus. Hummus. And breadsticks. So we’ve got this
little colorful breadsticks, I’ve talked about them in loads of other videos. [inaudible 00:06:21] Yeah. They come in different colors, and he
really likes them. Hummus? So I quite like the sound of this snack. Yeah, these little breadsticks are quite small.
They’re low in salt, they are vegan, there’s no nasties. He’s eating mine. There’s no junk
in them. I’ve just noticed he’s actually only licking the hummus off of them at the moment.
Are you not going to eat the real things? Oh, was that too much. I’ve got some water
as well, so we’re just going to drink that, eat this, and then we might go out on like,
a little outing or something. He’s only licking the hummus. So I have to
just lick that off. [inaudible 00:07:06] do you want a spoon? It’s just not the same. Mmm. Hmm. Come on.
Eat the breadstick. That’s it. Yay! Drinking your water. Yeah. I’m better. You’re better now. You needed that. Daddy’s
in the background. Hummus. Crunch? Yay! Ate some. Crunch. What’s your favorite food? Hummus. It always has been, you know? I’m just making Jackson’s lunch for when we
go out so I’m making two of them, one for him, one for me. While I was making his cheese
sandwich he wanted a piece of the cheese so he’s eating that now. So I’ve also cut myself
one. Mmm. I actually love cheese. I need to put some fruit in the lunch, and I was like,
oh, I don’t really like blueberries, but they are Jackson’s favorite, and [Mack 00:08:07]
was like, you know, “Put the blueberries in,” so I’ve put them in. I have packed the cheese sandwiches that I
talked about, got a few mini cheddars, some Soreen loaf, a little satsuma, and some blueberries,
and I’ve done the same for myself. I haven’t put a pudding in because Jackson is so young,
like, for the big boys I’ll put a few little sweets in this bit. But Jackson’s so young
that he would just literally eat the sweets first, he wouldn’t wait. So I think we’ll
just get him some sort of pudding when we’re out. Okay. Right, so, on our way out now and it’s a beautiful
day and I must admit at the moment I’m feeling okay in terms of hunger. I’m pretty full,
actually. I’ve still been drinking more water than him and I’ve had another coffee, because
I’m going to have drinks as normal. The meal I’m probably the most worried about is dinner
because Jackson tends to eat his best at the beginning of the day. He normally has like,
two out of three really good meals and then dinner he can maybe sometimes not be that
bothered about. So we’ll see how that goes, but yeah, we’re on our way to a farm now.
Got our packed lunches. We’ve got them in the house. [inaudible 00:09:19] ribbit. Yeah. Ribbit. Oh. What have you found, Jackson? They’re sleeping with their eyes open. They’re dead. Are they sleeping? Hello. We’re just looking at some little animals
and the way that they sleep is basically what our bed looks like at night. With all the
kids coming in. Look! They all sleep on top of each other to keep warm. Hi fishes. That’s really cool. Oh good. What color are they? Lellow. Lellow. Hello. This guy’s been in here for ages. Don’t
go in there, buddy. Don’t go in there. That’s the snake. No. One two. I see chicken. This one’s escaped. How’s he got out? So cute. I see chicken. Over there. Chicken. Sad. He’s sad? He’s not sad, he’s happy. Oh, he’s
jumping in. Hello. So it’s lunchtime now, it’s about 12:30, and
just looking at what he’s going to have. Has his blueberries, wants his satsuma. I’m putting
that out so hopefully he east it. Yeah. We’ll see. Okay. There you go. You’re actually just
eating both. Can I have some then? Mine, mine. Oh. So far he’s only eating blueberries and
moving things around a lot. He wanted me to open the Soreen loaf. So I must admit I don’t
really eat this, it’s malt loaf. So if he eats some, I’ll try it. Are you going to eat
it? So Jackson has eaten every single blueberry
and I was waiting for him to start on mine, but now he’s eating, well he’s trying to eat
all of mine as well, so. Cheers. Well that’s quite nice. Right so we’ve left the [soft play 00:11:37]
now and we’re on our way home. The most embarrassing thing happened when we were there. Jackson
and I were sat there eating our lunch as you will have seen because I was filming some
of it. And one of the ladies that worked there came over and she was like, “Oh, hi, you can’t
have packed lunches in here. Like, you can have them outside but not here.” And initially
I was like, “That’s bad, you can’t even bring like, a lunch for your toddler?” Because normally
we would bring a lunch for him just in case he didn’t like the food on the menu or whatever.
But she wasn’t talking about him, she was talking about me! Because I was obviously
eating a child’s lunch out of a child’s lunchbox. So embarrassing. But yeah, didn’t click for
a little bit, and then I was like, “Oh my god, I’m so embarrassed.” So then we obviously put our lunches away.
Even Jackson’s. He was kind of done anyway. And then we got him a little pack of like,
gingerbread biscuits. But I didn’t get a pack for me, because it just feels like anything
that he’s eating and then I’m eating at the same time, he’ll then eat it as well. So I
didn’t want to get two packs of it. So I’ve kind of cheated because I didn’t have the
gingerbread men, but I did have half a cheese sandwich, like just one of those small like,
finger things. Because I was starving. But yeah, so embarrassing. I didn’t even think
about taking a packed lunch in for an adult. So anyway, I’ll be never going there again.
And now we’re on our way home. It’s about 2:00, so we’re just going to chill out, pick
up the big boys from school, and then think about dinner. So I’ll show you what he did actually eat.
As I said, he ate all the blueberries and pretty much all of my blueberries. He made
me open the orange but hasn’t touched it. I think he had like one piece. Then he ate
like, a big bite out of the Soreen loaf. Quite a few of the mini cheddars, there’s just three
left, and one of these sandwich fingers. So we’re back from the farm and my husband
has just gone to get the two older boys from school and take them to swimming. It is about
3:30 now and he wanted a snack, so I’ve given him his lunchbox again because there’s still
all that satsuma in there, bit of Soreen and the crackers, so he’s eating the satsuma.
He just loves fruit. Like, that’s what he always wants to eat. So I think I’m going
to have a satsuma now. Orange. Orange. Orange. Mmm, yummy. Orange. That is so good. Orange. Mmm. Orange. Ah. Going to be, we’re playing tigers. Ra!
Come on. Let’s go. Yeah! Oh! Right, so I’m just going to start the wedges
because they take about 30 minutes. So I’ve got the potatoes out, all you do is cut them
up and put some oil and salt on them. It’s that easy. But I wanted to show you this.
Look, Caleb has drawn all over one of the potatoes because he is studying the super
potato at school. So he’s made his own little super potato. So I don’t think I’m going to
use that one. I’ll use that for like, if I peel it and mash it or something. For Jackson’s dinner he’s having one whole
sausage cut up, a big piece of broccoli cut up into four, about three wedges cut up because
they are so hot, and then he doesn’t have ketchup or anything like that but he does
really like beans, so I’m going to give him this, see how much he eats before I eat my
dinner. For dinner I also always give the boys a big
glass of milk to try and just get that bit more calcium into them. I’m going to give
him that as well and I guess I’m going to have to drink milk with dinner. While I’ve got you I thought I’d show you
how I cut the boys’ sausages up now. I heard this heartbreaking story about a boy who choked
on sausages at school, and he didn’t make it. It was just so, so sad. And I know like,
so many things we have to worry about as parents, but it’s just like, a little thing that I’ve
been doing. So if you cut the sausage down the middle like that and then cut it like
that, rather than just cutting it into circles. Because it was that that got lodged in his
throat. So that’s just something that I do, especially for like, Jackson’s age, he’s so
very young. I just get really nervous when it comes to
anything like grapes, marshmallows, sausages, so I thought I’d share that. Yeah, he’s eating the sausage! Good news for
me guys, Jackson’s on his second sausage. He ate the first one all up, he’s had about
one teaspoon of beans as well. No wedges, no broccoli, but he’s on his second sausage. I’m eating sausage. So he’s really enjoying that, aren’t you?
Are you going to have some broccoli? No. No? Just sausage. Right, so I’m just going
to sit down to my delicious dinner. Got two sausages, some beans, and one piece of broccoli
because Jackson’s had a little bit of broccoli. And got my milk as well. So we’re going to
have this, are we? [inaudible 00:16:36] To be honest, it could be worse, like if he’s
actually, I think today’s been quite a good day in terms of dinner. I want milk. Oh, of course you want my milk. You’re always
stealing my stuff. Shall I have this one then? That better? Yep. He’s going to have a glass of wine before
bed as well, isn’t he? Yeah, I think he’s going to have a glass of
wine as well. And I’m going to need to have one. Jackson’s all done his dinner. He hasn’t had
much more than what I already showed you, but because he did try and have his broccoli,
he had a whole piece, he’s going to get pudding and I’ve got these Club bars for the boys.
They’re like these little mint bars, they’re not very big, but I’m pretty sure he’s going
to eat all of this. If he does, I’m going to save mine for once they’re all in bed,
have it with coffee or a tea. Right, so Jackson’s just gone to bed, so I
think I’m going to end the vlog here because he won’t be eating any more now that he’s
asleep. I’m not going to lie, I’ve had about four of those wedges as well because I was
still a little bit hungry. But I hope you enjoyed this video, it was really fun to film,
and actually really interesting because if you put together everything that your toddler
eats, it is actually quite a lot. I mean I think I had a good day today in terms of his
appetite was very good today. So he did eat quite a good amount for him. But because they
snack a lot, so like he has a morning snack and an afternoon snack, you know, put it all
together it’s like five little meals, like I was really stuffed after the hummus and
breadsticks this morning at 10:00. So yeah, it’s just been interesting and there
was like, a few foods I found that I didn’t really want to offer him because I didn’t
want to eat them. I think that’s quite interesting as well, like he really likes yogurt bits
in fruit, and I didn’t really want to have those. And he likes Petits Filous as well
but I didn’t really offer him one as much as I normally would because I thought, “I
don’t want to eat that.” So yeah, I don’t know, it was just like, quite interesting.
I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, give it a thumbs up. I could always do what my son
Caleb eats, who’s five, and what my son Frazier eats, who’s eight. If you like this kind of
thing. But yeah, thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you in my next one! Bye guys!


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