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I Quit Sugar & How You Can, Too! | 7 Easy Steps

So we all know that sugar is bad for us, but
how bad is it really? Hey, there. Lacey here with A Sweet Pea Chef, and today we’re going
to talk about sugar. So we know that we get that sugar rush when we eat a lot of sugar,
and we’ll talk in a little bit about why that’s a really big issue for our bodies. But research
has actually shown that sugar is highly associated with Type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity,
cancer, depression, Alzheimer’s, and many other illnesses. But let’s get one thing straight.
Sugar is actually by itself not the biggest issue. In this video today, I want to show you how
to start looking at sugar differently. I want to talk about how sugar, like carbs and calories,
have been really demonized, and it’s actually not entirely deserving. Real sugar, the kind
that exists in natural foods, like whole fruits and vegetables, is something that actually
provides a nutritional and functional need in our body, and that’s to provide us energy,
and energy is good. What’s not good is that over time we, as humans, have really developed
this really, really sweet tooth that wants things sweeter and sweeter to make our taste
buds happy. So manufacturers have started producing things
with more sugar in them. In order to do that they actually have overproduced real sugars
into highly processed sugars that we know today, like high fructose corn syrup, granulated
sugar, and brown sugar. So those types of sugars are highly refined, and they’re no
longer coming from a whole food, like a fruit, a vegetable, or a bean. You don’t get that
time to slowly digest the foods like you would with naturally occurring sugars. Instead,
you get it just a straight shot of that pure energy into your body, and over time that
can cause a lot of stress on your organs. So the real issue here isn’t about sugar by
itself. It’s about processed sugar and how bad that is for our bodies. So how do we go
about quitting processed sugar? Well, let me share with you the seven steps I took to
quit processed sugar and how you can too. Step number one, read your nutrition labels.
This is probably the most important thing you can do in order to take control of everything
you’re putting into your body. You’re going to want to pay attention to the nutrition
labels on everything you buy that’s prepackaged at the grocery store. So your sodas, your cereals, your energy bars,
everything that has a nutrition label, you want to pay attention to it because it’s going
to tell you exactly what you’re putting into your body. Look out for the obvious sugar
ingredients, like high fructose corn syrup, sugar, brown sugar, and ones that you know
are sugar. But there’s a lot of hidden sugars you might not know about yet, and those include
malt sugar, organic cane syrup, dehydrated cane syrup, dextrose, maltose, and many other
words that end in “ose.” Those will all indicate that there’s high amounts of sugar in your
food. Step number two, beware of artificial sweeteners.
No, they don’t contain any calories, but they also contain absolutely no nutritional value.
Instead, they trick your body and your taste buds into thinking that you’re getting something
sweet. But you’re not getting the energy along with that sweetness. Your body gets confused
and wants more and more things to be sweeter and sweeter. Over time, you basically develop
this sweet tooth even if you’re not having actual sugar. For all you Stevia lovers out there, unfortunately
Stevia falls into that same basket of artificial sweeteners. Yes, the Stevia plant is a naturally
occurring sweet and calorie-free plant. But to get it from that state into the grocery
store as a powdered sugar for you to add into your drink with no calories, it has to be
highly processed. That’s not to mention that having that sweetener is always going to keep
you wanting more and more sweet things, which is going to lead you to having more and more
issues with quitting sugar. Step number three, choose healthier, more
real sources of sugar. Like I mentioned earlier, sugar exists in real foods. It exists in beans
and vegetables and fruits. There’s even sugar in celery and broccoli. The idea is you want
to have all of your sugar coming from those types of foods, instead of the artificial
or added sugar. But if you do have to add in some added sweetener into your foods, there
are several healthier alternatives that are more naturally occurring than what we might
be using today. Those are coconut palm sugar, pure maple syrup,
and raw honey. All three of those actually provide you with some nutrients as well. So
one real quick caveat about adding sweeteners to your food, if you happen to be a diabetic,
this is the only time I recommend using artificial sweeteners. With any sweeteners, make sure
that you’re using as little as possible. Step number four, identify the main culprit.
We all probably have one food or drink that is the main culprit behind our continued dependency
on sugar, and it’s the one thing you don’t want to give up whenever you consider giving
up sugar. Maybe you’re a sweet coffee drinker, like I was, or you love Dr. Pepper, or that
Snickers bar at 2:30 in the afternoon to get you through the rest of the day at work. Whatever
it is, identify it and start looking at it as the sugar that it is that’s hurting your
body and keeping you from reaching your health-related goals, not the sweet treat that you think
it is. Step number five, begin to eliminate all processed
sugar from your home. This is going to be a step where you have to dig deep. You’ve
got to look into the pantry and your fridge, and you’ve got to pay attention to those nutrition
labels. Look for the things that have sugar in them and start to remove them from your
home. This is going to be tricky. There’s going to be ketchup and barbecue sauce, and
cereals that you’re going to have to get rid of. But if you don’t have it, you won’t eat
it. Step number six, make it a transition. Change
can be very scary and difficult, especially if you consider all of the years you’ve probably
been addicted to processed sugar. So start small. Take baby steps. Start moving towards
that goal of eliminating all processed sugar from your diet. Are you going to do it in
one day? Probably not. So you want to take some steps to getting towards that goal, removing
the foods from your house, paying attention to those nutrition labels. Every single step
you take is going to take you one step closer to removing processed sugar and quitting sugar
for good. Step number seven, just start. One of the
biggest worries I hear from people who are trying to quit sugar is that they’re scared
of all the things they’ll lose. They’re afraid they’re never going to get a cookie again
or drink a soda, or have anything sweet, or ice cream, for the rest of their lives, and
that idea terrifies them. But instead of thinking about all of the things you’re going to lose
by quitting sugar, instead let’s reframe it and think about all of the things that you’ll
gain. You’ll start to gain an appreciation for how
amazingly sweet natural foods are, like bananas and carrots and apples. You’ll start to actually
taste more foods for what they are, rather than having your taste buds completely skewed
because of sugar. You’ll gain a pride and a confidence in yourself and your body, that
you’re doing this because you’re worth it and you’re no longer willing to put all of
that junk into your body. You’ll learn new and exciting ways of still
enjoying sweets, but using whole, real foods and naturally occurring sugars, like making
ice cream out of frozen bananas, or using applesauce to sweeten your baked goods. Plus,
you’ll have significantly reduced your risk for obesity, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.
Most importantly, you will have finally quit sugar. Just like with any positive change,
your mind and your body will probably try to trick you into wanting to go back to that
old way of living. Just keep moving forward, keep taking those baby steps, and instead
of thinking that you have this battle with your food, instead start enjoying your new
healthy lifestyle. To get more information on how to finally
quit sugar, click the link to get my free download on how to quit sugar. Make sure you
subscribe so you never miss my new weekly videos. Thanks. We’ll see you next time.

43 thoughts on “I Quit Sugar & How You Can, Too! | 7 Easy Steps

  1. Ugh man I was just thinking this weekend I would like to cut out all processed sugar. as I'm watching this video I am eating a pack of mini eggs. ughh 👎😯

  2. I finally gave up drinking soda type beverages and I have never felt more healthier!  I loved your perspectives on this subject (offering the positives) and offering healthier alternatives.  Banana ice cream….brilliant and I cannot wait to try it.  Thank you so much for your video and I am definitely subscribing.  🙂

  3. I can't imagine giving up Ben & Jerry's Tonight Dough 🙁 everything else in my diet is near perfect, except for that.

  4. thank you for this video!I started to limit my sugar intake about 2-3 weeks ago & it's hard but surprisingly NOT as hard as I thought it'd be!!! this video helps!!!

  5. do you never eat any sugar? or just most of the time? do you treat yourself once and a while, like if you go out with friends or around the holidays?

  6. Missing from manufactured sugars is fiber. Beans, fruits and vegetables all have a plethora of fiber, putting an ease on our pancreas with insulin production and helping with digestion.

  7. getting stoned and bingeing on candy while i was a teen really set me up for failiure. im working on eliminating sugar from my diet and i plan to eat a high fat low carb diet for the rest of my life.

  8. Absolutely fantastic video you are perfect doing this. I am doing this gradually and hope to feel better. Can I just ask one thing coming from a media background. Can you if possible put your background music much lower so it is not ruining or competing. I had to really concentrate to listen and take this fantastic information in but the music was off putting. Keep up your fantastic work. My ig Libby_gleeson_PR _ Global 👍👍

  9. I know this video is suppose to be about quitting sugar, but is there anything wrong with having a cookie or certain drink or type of ice cream in moderation? I feel like COMPLETELY quitting sugar would only be counterintuitive and cause a person to eat more sugar than they actually need

  10. Hi, Lacey! I would like so much to do this, specially for my son, he love's sweets and we also eat every day something sweet plus that in everything we buy is sugar unfortunately, to cut it for ever is for me now something difficult because of this but surely not impossible. How to choose the good products but to keep it still on the budget? That's the biggest question.., it's ok with the fruits and vegetables but what about the rest? I can bake at home every week for us a healthy treat, or make a granola for breakfast because he loves musli in the morning, still won't taste the same… :-D, I could make my own bread, buy only natural yogurt and add myself the fruits and the healthy sweetener, … now that I think is not that difficult but still not easy. It would be very useful for me if you could make some more videos about sweet treats, kids loves this…. thx! 🙂

  11. It all starts in the brain. If youre addicted of course your addicted brain fears the loss and therefore thinks quitting sugar or that coke makes you lose something, as if youre life gets worse. BUT we all know in truth youre NOT gaining anything GOOD (for your body) from that coke so basically quitting increases our quality of live. Just concetrate on the fact that youre not losing but winning 🙂

  12. I’m not interested with sugar anymore. I’ve been quitting progress sugar for two weeks(not totally) and today I got a bottle of almond milk which tasted sweeter than it ever seemed like. I think my taste buds probably got stimulated by the sweetness of sugar. I’m glad that I feel better after trying to get rid of eating sugar. I feel more energetic and intellectually motivated to do more work and my skin seems like more smooth and shiny as well.

  13. Both my grandmother's struggle with diabetes and wieght gain because of their never ending sweet tooth cravings! I'm still young and a healthy weight, but it took my boyfriend MONTHS to finally help me realize I had an addiction. I had Dessert every day, and sometimes throughout the day. With my busy schedule, I often times would settle for an easy-to-eat cookie or pastry with coffee (cream and even MORE sugar) and just power through my days until I could sit and have a proper meal for dinner. While in the thick of it, I didn't see a problem, but just reading this back to myself, really sends chills down my spine. Thank you for the explanation in the begining of this video, and thank you for the great tips. For me, this is all about being a healthier and balanced human being. Cutting out processed and added sugars in my diet will definitely help start the positive and disciplined lifestyle that I want for myself and my future family. Subscribed!!

  14. Horrible debilitating vices like sugar and other carbs should be avoided at all costs, it is so difficult to do so if you are not one of those chronic skinny guys.

  15. I want to quit sugar so bad, but my boyfriend is a sugar addict, so I cannot even imagine that it would be possible to stay sugarfree for long…

  16. I have been severely addicted to sugar and that is how I looked at it. I went away overseas to address this issues as I had pre-diabetes. Sugar was not an easy thing to come across. No WIFI. I realized that in the end I was suppressing a particular problem that I felt I had already dealt with. I would describe it as all my problems was an onion with layers. Everytime I peeled and dealt with one I found that in the middle was a piece of candy. My need for sugar was to sweeten the pain I had inside. I finally released it and my need for sugar is no longer necessary. Sugar level dropped . I hope to continue my journey and vowed I would not eat meat.

  17. I've Never really been a sweet tooth as in heavy sugary desserts like frosting. I've always loved savory snacks. BUT I was the kid who loved cherry flavored cokes and Brisk tea. But back in 2011 at 19 I told myself I was ready to quit soda. I give my stubbornness credit because come June I'll be 8 years soda free, coffee free (because sugar makes coffee good) and I only drink water or teas (very lightly sweetened or a teaspoon of honey for a pot of hot tea) Even the Arizona green tea I have to water down a bit. Now when I drink soda it HURTS and I spit it out. Still consume whipped cream though.

  18. I don't drink sodas, don't use artificial sweeteners, don't ear processed foods… but I do like chocolate every day. I'm not overweight and don't have any chronic health issues, I'm 52 years old. Do I need to reduce my sugar intake?

  19. Being a sugar food addict has to start with your brain..your mind set. Even wanting to stop it doesn't make it easier.an addiction is still that!

  20. Thank you! I for the helpful advice. And thank you for the great alternatives. I'm a new subscriber now and can't wait to learn more!

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