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I tried KETO DIET for 7 days | Fastest fat loss diet ?? TRUE or FALSE

Hi guys welcome back If u know anything about me & my channel, then, I LOST MY WEIGHT BY ONLY INDIAN HOME FOOD IT IS NUTRITION SCIENCE BASED DIET I tried it first time in life I believe trending diets are not sustainable But I have never tried keto on myself and I also did not have much prior knowledge about this diet But its a famous diet A lot of people try it & benefit out of it After discussions with keto.in group, and doing a lot of research on the topic followed Dr Eric Berg youtube channel & tried it on myself To see if my older pre-assumptions/opinions will be valid or not So, I will discuss everything here today Its a long video This diet is good for people who suffer from diabetes , obesity , whose weight is stuck people who lead a sedentary lifestyle & people who are heavy gymmers like me who want a gym ripped body A keto diet restricts ur carb intake in body Only 30-40 g/day of carbs allowed U need to count ur macros Since u limit ur carb intake, ur body reaches a metabolic stage called ketosis. In this stage, body burns fat to convert into energy rather than glucose(carbs) There is no fixed limit to the number of times one can eat like IF I am sharing my sample diet which I more or less tried to follow I had bulletproof coffee in morning Lunch – fish fillet & slice of cheese bowl of salad flax seeds, nuts Dinner – chicken breasts, eggs

100 thoughts on “I tried KETO DIET for 7 days | Fastest fat loss diet ?? TRUE or FALSE

  1. Finally sharing the pros 7 cons of Keto diet after trying on myself personally. Pls watch the full video to know if u are cut out for this or not. Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/simpletipsanwesha/

  2. I am vegetarian can anyone help me for this Keto diet??? Trying to lose weight
    Can anybody plz send how can I do that

  3. Can u tell me how to take pills detaily……and should I take 2 pills at the same time???? Lil confused

  4. If someone wants to start keto diet, pls mention how to measure calories ? And what is the macro and micro you are talking abt ?

  5. Plz share diet plan I started my keto diet today.. Dr asked me to loose weight to convince. I tried so many diet plan exercise too but weight wahi ka wahi.. So I decided to start keto diet

  6. I have PCOD and thyroid and husband gym jane nai detey.. Plz plz plz share a diet plan how it works well for me.. My age is 35 dead line conceive kero or mero jaisi condition plz help

  7. Please share that diet plan u told that u started with i mean with indian food only if have done a video on this then pls let me know.thanks

  8. Hi mam hw ru.mam plz ek request hai.plz guide me to do the keto diet wht food to be taken daily gor a month.am from bangalore after 2 month we have a wedding have to lose weight plźzzzz help humble request.

  9. Anwesha dear , just love & follow almost all ur vdos…you explain so meticulously….straight from heart..Thnx & stay blessed…
    Would like some insight for a good weightloss plan concerning endometriosis n ovarian cyst..coz of which I m unable to really loose

  10. Hi der
    Can u pls suggest me pls abt nutroactive ka lipo quick powder can v hv ??? Is dat safe? Der is 80% of fat contain in dat… pls rep

  11. Anwesha ami onek bar keto order krechi but which is original product bujhte prchi na,please suggest me as soon as possible…..

  12. Hii anwesha how to move from keto Matlab muze chodna hi keto diet to kaise Matlab shurwat karu normal diet ko plz rep

  13. Mam its is said if we get into a ketogenic diet..then there is also a process to come out of this diet..is it true?

  14. Hi Anwesha.. I think you should do more research… keto is not a diet and it’s a lifestyle first of all. Next it doesn’t allow you to eat as much as possible.. you need to calculate your macros. Even soyabean is not allowed in Keto.. and keto doesn’t even work if you have just tried seven days because your first 3 -4 days goes in keto flu itself and only after that you get into ketosis and it starts doing it’s work. If your presenting something in public please ensure you give out the right details because I think people should not be misguided.

  15. It's not a dehydrating diet. You are absolutely right, the first few days are tough as your body sees an electrolyte imbalance so you will feel very thirsty but once you are adapted it's just fine to have 3 litres of water.

  16. Please suggest a good one keto suppliment along with my keto diet bcz der r mny supplements of keto… The one u prefer pls tell..

  17. Anwesha yar tumhe dekh kr lgta h ek educated and PhD person bat kr rha h, this makes you different from other youtubers 😍

  18. Ma'am Pls help me I'm a skiny girl but 2 month se mera belly fat ho gya h mi apke btaye exercise v kr rhi hu but koi result nhi mil rha h ap full day diet or Kuch aisa btao ki Mera belly fat kam ho jaye Pls help me

  19. While we are on a keto diet is it important that we should have a Multivitamin tablet. Please answer my query. I'm very much confused.

  20. How to take the keto capsules plz tell me . On which time we have to take With warm lemon water or apple cider vinegar we have to take the capsules.

  21. হেলো দি কেমন আছো কিটো ডায়েট রেসিপি দেখাও পুরো দিনের

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