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I Was Trying To Be Other People & Need Help

Hi everybody, I just want to say this at the start of the vlogs since I have your full attention right now I had the opportunity to attend a charity event at RCAP Which is a dog rescue center here in Hong Kong They really need your help in a few areas and I’m going to talk about that more towards the end of the video So I just wanted to ask you if you have enough time to watch the full vlog please do but if you don’t I want to put it in a vlog so I could kind of give you something at the same time and not Just ask you for something but if you can I do ask if you don’t have enough time Skip to the end. I’m gonna put the number around here Please have a listen and yes yes I thank you in advance for listening to what we have to say and any help or support you can give Alright, enjoy the vlog Good morning. Every good I know you’re thinking who’s this girl with this cat eyeliner and crazy blue hair actually no, no one probably actually wondering that If you know me, you know, I wouldn’t do anything this bold. it’s fake. Obviously, they’re clip-on extensions. I am actually I am actually living the Jenna Marbles version of myself today and I’m doing a different youtuber everyday that video will be out by the time you watch this So I’ll link it below if you haven’t seen it yet. Go check it out. But today’s jenna Marbles I am on the way to the interior designer I’m working with some for our new apartment here in Hong Kong and We’re gonna have a quick meeting at her studio. And then I’m going to meet J. Lou for lunch I’m in IFC mall now the air conditioning feels so nice is already so hot Hong Kong but I have about 30 minutes before at me to meet her. So I think I’m gonna grab a drink and walk around maybe do a bit of shopping I used to live in central. This was my favorite place to come and just hang out I used to always come here and Tyess and Jessica and just get a whole bunch of snacks on the roof How is they doing that It’s probably like there guys on the top How do I apply for that job It smells like flowers in here it smells really nice smells like flowers and honey They’re skinny fries does that mean they’re low calories Why there so many sunscreen on it It’s gum There’s so much gum in the bottom of my bag I told you I stick gum to everything We have so many gums stuck to this receipt From like the past two weeks and we just keep it here It’s on your camera I’ve gone all over my camera because it’s stuck There’s like there must be a huge clump at the bottom of my bag I need to clean it out today because it was stuck to my wallet and stuck to my camera That so gross We are just getting some stuff for some videos and like shooting some clips I need for other videos just basically piecing together stuff we need to do And we’re heading up The escalators which is the world’s longest escalator. I mentioned it before in a video, but it goes all the way up really far Heading out, I’m gonna shoot a foodie video today in Kwai Chung And let’s go So we just finished filming a foodie episode for today We’re gonna head back home now I’m with Yuki for this episode And We ate a lot of yummy food, I can’t wait for you guys to see Always take the stairs Try to take the stairs when I’m alone so I’m not forcing anyone else to do it But I remember when I was on a contract in Europe One of the models told me does like always take the stairs, you’ll have a better butt. It was in a French accent, so she sounded cuter. But since then I always keep that in my mind Take the stairs Just got home. I am going to get on my comfy clothes. I really want to eat some fruit We’ve been snacking all day on like street food, like salty things. I just want something like something with nutrition I’m craving a lot of water and maybe watermelon. I think I’m gonna take a bath take off my makeup Get on comfy clothes get some snacks and edit. So I will see you guys tomorrow We’ve just come for lunch we’ve just come for lunch in APM mall to a Thai restaurant and Vietnamese restaurant called King and I We’re gonna grab some lunch quickly and then we’re gonna head to Mong Kok We are in Mong Kok now This is the station and I’m dying in this outfit these shoes are so uncomfortable to walk up and down stairs And just do anything. Look at that A little outdoor fishball place we know all about fish balls now thanks to the documentary I like that now I can say that like when I talk about something I feel like you guys know exactly what’s going on because Everything was like explained I like that. I hope you like that too. I feel like I live here because we’re literally always in this market So if you come to Hong Kong and you want to find me just go to Mong Kok I will probably be somewhere Oh My gosh Wow Did you know it’s actually Versace I watched an interview from Donatella Versace and she said that it’s the common misspronunciation which Italian word do you wish English speakers would stop saying incorrectly? Versace It supposed to be Versace I always thought it is Versace. That is so cute and then you could also use it for your children at the same time and charge your phone Are you the famous youtuber? I’m not famous. But I am a Youtuber So I needed to Facetime my girlfriend, cuz she follows you Oh really? I am going to freak her out Hey Oh my god That was so cool If you wanna find Taylor, come Mong Kok That was a coolest thing I have ever experienced I was way more excited than her I think Is this a happy ending place? I heard that if they have flashing light like this it is a happy ending place Because if it’s a happy place then they should have a lady down here selling it or have like a smiley face on the foot oh that’s what it means? So much for my Happy ending Looking for something that says Trisha to me something pink something’s cute. I want like an oversized flannel though Is everything so small oh the air-conditioning feel so nice I feel drunk right now like I’m founding it so difficult to walk Which is better do you think? I’m home now, I got changed into my comfy clothes and I’m gonna film apart for another video. I literally have like five videos going at once cause a lot of this stuff I’m filming now is long term like for example for example my new apartment like the renovations and stuff and I don’t know I don’t know there’s just a lot Going on that you guys don’t see so it kind of looks to you like I’m doing nothing or I’m not doing many videos But there’s so much going on behind the scenes with videos that I’m shooting that are a longer term that you won’t see for a while or The planning and the buying stuff and the editing that goes into those long term videos And also I’m I’m doing my home that sort of thing Alright done that, done with putting the footage on my computer now for dinner I think I’m gonna make my favorite Low-calorie yet healthy dinner. Not that I’m trying to eat low calorie, but because I’ve been filming this foodie series I’ve been eating a lot of fat and oil and high calorie foods A lot. There’s even snacks that we try that I don’t put in the video because it just gets too long So we eat even more than what you see. So to make up for that, I’m gonna try and eat a lighter dinner tonight I’m gonna use Shirataki instead of pasta. I’m gonna make a pasta with that. It’s zero calorie It’s high in fiber. So it will help like with all my sodium consumption Anyways, I just want to show you guys this is a good option for if you’re looking for something low in calories for dinner But filling because of the fiber and I’m gonna add some veggies and stuff and I’ll show you how I’m gonna make Okay, so this is the shirataki noodles It’s made from konyaku which is this But they’re super low in calories look six calories There’s 200 grams in this so this whole package only contains 12 calories Not that I’m counting calories and not that I think eating low calorie is good. I feel like I need to put this disclaimer I’m not it’s just I’ve been eating a lot of food and calories lately. So I would just like to Try and save a bit now, but in general I do consume quite a bit. I’ve got some veggies here You can choose whatever you like really, but I’m gonna just fry up some diced onion All mushroom and green pepper, this dinner is super fast and easy, by the way Okay, I’m gonna throw some of these on top too for protein At the end, it’s just gonna be the sauce I’m using So these noodles I’m just gonna strain and rinse off before I add them to that pan later And now I just added some of these plant-based chicken strips This up for another three minutes. The vegetables are already ready. They’ve been cooking ahead of time Then I’ll add the shirataki And the sauce let it heat up for another three to five minutes So it’s all mixed together and then it’s ready pasta is ready. All Italians are like that is not pasta It’s a diet pasta So the next mission of today is to find a pink shirt that Trish like and then I need to find a gift And then I’m gonna meet Jessica And then we are gonna get foot massage So we just hand chose this bouquet These flowers means bliss, these are garden roses for love. So blissful, love life You happy with your flower? They smell so nice I’m gonna walk like this so I can smell Just finish my acupuncture it’s going well Actually, I had a lot of knee pain recently not recently like in the past I don’t know six months to a year and the acupuncture has completely healed it. I don’t really feel much me anymore I used to not be able to sit long like when I was editing I’d have to Put a chair to straighten out my leg and keep my knee straight, instead of bends, It would hurt after an hour, it is weird And that’s fixed, my skin is not entirely fixed But I don’t get a lot of those deep painful pimples anymore it’s more of the smaller ones, but all the time like Under you can see I have a lot at that chin area. The pattern of them has changed but it’s not completely clear yet. So we’re still working on that Anyways, I’m going to meet Jessica now Trying to figure out where I am Rosie and I are on our way to help out the RCAP dog shelter charity event today Once I learn a little bit more, once I get there, I can show you the whole situation It’s my first time here too, a little more know a lot more about what’s going on all I know is they need help and we’re going to try and do our best to Do what we can and at least lend this platform. And now’s the part where the vlog gets a bit serious I arrived at RCAP I walked in I was greeted by the smiling volunteers Once everyone arrives it took they took us on a little tour of the place We got to meet some of the dogs, hear about their stories What really touched my heart was Seeing the way the volunteers interact with the dogs They have said such a strong connection and I noticed like there were some dogs that had just arrived they were young and new to the area and you can see the look of Being terrified Lost, confused and just really sad in their eyes and a lot of them wouldn’t even come out of the corners of their cages but then when you see the older dogs you see Despite being Had a lot of them have like some mental and issue from being abandoned or tortured or like other horrible things and you see that these volunteers are able to Still have this connection and still like the dogs truly trust them and value them and that’s built on All the care and respect they’ve given them over so many months or years And I can see how hard these volunteers really work despite the extreme temperatures the long working hours and the short number of people available There’s 400 dogs and there’s really I only saw maybe five volunteers, and then I met Teresa, and Teresa is the one who runs RCAP she’s one who started it all and This woman is literally an angel on earth She gives all she have for this dogs I was told that she works in Mainland China, I am not sure how many days a week she is able to come to Hong Kong but once she can I am sure on weekend, I am not sure how many days a week She takes the bus she works through the night and then she takes the bus at 4 a.m And arrives in Hong Kong at 6 a.m. And then works with the dogs till 10 p.m And then goes back to China and if you say things to her like, oh my gosh, that’s so that sounds so difficult You’re like quite tough and she would say no, it’s not. I’m so lucky to have somewhere to sleep The bus is really comfortable and I get to sleep. Also her van just got stolen recently teresa has two vans and She had two vans and she goes around and picks up every dog She leaves no dogs behind whether people call her or she goes around making sure like because in Hong Kong a lot of dogs are Their owners we’ll just go up north and just leave it there basically So it happens a lot in that area. So she goes around and picks them up She had two vans and someone had the decency to steal her van So when Annabel called Annabel is the one that runs Furry kitchen. She makes Rosie’s food. She loves animals she’s the one that got me involved in this she’s an amazing person, but she called Teresa the other day and she was like Oh, I can’t talk. I’m in the police station and she was like why or even the police station? she said Oh, someone stole the van, you know, it happens like she she She wasn’t even angry like she she doesn’t get mad. She doesn’t complain She always thinks someone has it worse off than her So she she’s really thankful for what she has and she never asked anyone for help but I’m here to do that for her today Because she needs help with it’s getting to be too much. It’s she’s She’s in her 60s She’s working hard to make ends meet. I don’t think she can do it alone anymore So here’s how you guys can help, You could make a donation. There are several ways, you can make it via a bank transfer That’s probably easier if you live in Hong Kong But if you don’t, we set up a PayPal account or There’s one other way PPS, I believe it’s called I’m gonna leave it all linked below on how you can do it So a donation of any amount As often as you can like whatever you feel comfortable with would really really help Volunteering if you are watching me from Hong Kong and you can make it out to that area at any time volunteering they always need people to help or if you know someone that lives in that area that can pop by Sometimes to help that would be amazing or adopting a dog if you’re looking for a dog or you know Someone who’s looking for a dog Please direct them in RCAP way or another way you can help is just sharing this information with friends or family Or someone you think that can get involved and just spreading their message or their social media That would also really help a lot. I made a donation myself. I’m gonna help where I can I think where I can really do well is with their social media since I know how to do that I’m going next weekend to go and take photos of all the dogs write down their stories so that I can get everything out there and hopefully more people can come and adopt them so I think that’s why I wanted to get involved and use this platform for that because At least I can show you guys where your money is going to because I will be making frequent trips there I can show you what what the money went to and and I can actually help on social media and stuff Where your money will be going to is one they have four hundred dogs And they only have one water pipe So they really need more water pipes because one it gets crazy hot there, to clean the dogs They have a pool available for the dogs to go swimming and to cool down and especially for those older dogs with arthritis And other health conditions that they’re not able to walk and run properly to get exercise So they really need more water pipes. They need air conditioners They have some air conditioners in the back areas for some dogs But not all dogs are able to fit in there and it gets too hot So they really need to purchase more air conditioners. The money will also go towards some of the volunteers that help That means some sort of salary to sustain their life rent rent is another big thing, rent is super expensive in Hong Kong Vaccinations Vaccinations are coming up in June for all of the dogs So she needs to take them to a proper vet to do it. And I think that is very expensive Then also any extra health costs that some of the dogs have that also gets pretty expensive. So your money will be divided amongst those things, but the main thing she really needs right now are the vaccinations The water pipe and more air conditioners. So we are going to be working on the social media I think we have to start a new website for them and possibly new social media pages So, I’m not sure I can link it below or not yet The problem is as Teresa’s always we only have one contact Teresa and She’s often in mainland China or she just doesn’t answer her phone. She doesn’t really get the whole internet thing So we’re trying to figure out passwords to older accounts that have been inactive so that we can get them going Or we may have to start new ones. So I’m not sure if I can link Anything below social media wise I will if I can and if not I’ll keep you guys up to date and let you know my social media when you can go and check out Learn more about the dogs and more about the situation But for sure the PayPal and if you want to donate that will all be open. I think I covered everything hopefully I’m trying to keep this as short as possible and to the point, but You will be seeing more of them. I will be making more visits. I’m going to help out as best as I can Anyways, thank you so much for watching and listening If you can help in any way, we’d really appreciate it. And yeah, hopefully we’re gonna make a big change. Alright. Take care

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