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Ideal Protein Phase 3 Explained by Sharon at BonVie Weight Loss and Nutritional Wellness

Hello again. It’s Sharon with BonVie Weight Loss
and Nutritional Wellness. Now that you know all about Phase one and Phase two of
the ideal protein methodology from our previous videos, today we get to look at
what I think up as the most fascinating phase of this protocol. Phase three. Phase
three lasts for two weeks only and is when we systematically reintroduce your
precious pancreas to a higher level of carbohydrates and get your calorie count
up to pretty much normal. For these two weeks we want you to consume your carbs
in the first part of the day some time between breakfast and lunch that gives
your pancreas a chance to respond to the carbs with a normal insulin response.
Then you have the latter part of the day for those insulin levels to come down.
Again: caution now if you do not do Phase 2 and phase 3 which gradually
reintroduce carbs and calories, your pancreas will get shocked and will
signal the body to store fat again. See yourself to phase 2 and phase 3
with our coaching support. It’s like your insurance policy for not regaining your
hard-earned fat loss. If you do not transition your pancreas correctly, you
will likely regain that weight and experience a frustrated yo-yo effect. So
a typical day of phase 3 might look like this: Fruit and yogurt for breakfast or
toast with butter or jam, or a delicious ideal protein full meal replacement
shake for those on the go. You want to have some protein with veggies
mid-morning like an egg and chopped cucumber. Lunch is a hearty serving of
protein and veggies or the ideal protein meal replacement shake or toffee
pretzel bar you did not have earlier in the morning. Mid-afternoon you’ll likely
go for one of your favorite ideal protein bars or savory snacks like chips
or trail mix. Dinner continues to be your own generous portion of lean protein and
veggies whether you are eating at home or at a restaurant. Phase 3 is also when
your coach will be intensively preparing you for phase 4 maintenance with lots
and lots of information and tools for you to successfully not regain that lost
body fat. We will circle back to phase 4 in a few weeks to talked about your
lifestyle maintain plan. Please push that little subscribe
button now so you can benefit from both previous and future videos on weight
loss and wellness.

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  1. On my sheet it says 1 protein for breakfast, 1 carb with could mean bread or fruit but not both? My question is.. what is 1 protein? is it one eggs, two eggs, I was told to eat chicken and shrimp or meat but for breakfast? Please help! I want to do this right. Can I mix and match my grains and fruit?

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