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hey everybody it is Renee here at
Reformation body solutions in Los Gatos California and I am so excited about
today’s program because I am bringing you the first probably dieter and the
absolute first coach and clinic in the United States and she has such a great
story about how she got invited to be the first clinic so you know that Ideal
Protein is a FDA approved protocol it’s medically derived scientific protocol it
works for a reason and ELISA is the most experienced coach I have talked to and
we’re gonna get to give you all of her information we’re gonna be addressing
the challenges of phase one today so before we get started a little bit of
housekeeping if this is something that you are loving send us all your hearts
engage with us tell us where you’re from tell us what phase you’re on tell us how
much weight you want to lose what your biggest challenges are and we’re gonna
address all of your questions in the comments or as we go through we’ll be
addressing questions and definitely doing a Q&A at the end so make sure that
you tell us all these things and we are super excited to see you
so Lisa tell us your story okay so hello everybody thank you for having
me well my story starts way back when I was about 15 years old I grew up in
Michigan and a Lebanese Armenian household so we ate a lot of leaves and
a lot of Evo Oh before rachel ray coined that term we didn’t have bottled
dressings in our home my mom stayed home so we had many home most of our meals
were home-cooked I grew up pretty organically I’m gonna be 55 in April so
55 years ago everything was organic the chickens were organic the cows were
organic we didn’t have to pay money for that but that being said and I was
athletic my dad sold Sporting Goods for a living my brother’s only 14 months
older than I am so he made me his brother so I learned how to punt pass
kick throw footballs run faster jump higher than all the boys in the
neighborhood my brother used to tell me if he had my thighs he’d be the best
fullback in Flint Michigan so that was always the joke he used to call me
thunder thighs which wasn’t very nice but but I definitely was very aware of
my young lady body when I was about 14 or 15 I realized that my body just was
stubborn and that I could eat the way my family ate and I could exercise the way
my brother and dad exercised and I still would just gain weight I used to say I
can look at you know french fries and they would land on my thighs I wouldn’t
have to eat them I just had to you know look at them and so it kind of started
the journey of me being always talking about my diet always talking about being
on a diet always feeling you know frustrated about my weight so when I was
18 I took some Dexatrim pills and then when I was in my early 20s I did
Nutrisystem and I was successful I lost weight but then I would gain it back I
did things like you know I did other things like Jenny Craig Nutrisystem
Weight Watchers I did the cabbage soup diet I did a hypnotherapy diet once I
did crazy things I had my hair tested my saliva analyzed the mercury taken out of
my mouth once a week for four weeks to get all that out of me so there was many
many things that I did to try to get my body healthy I did become a massage
therapist about 20 to about 20 yeah 22 years ago I became a massage therapist
so my brother ended up becoming a sports chiropractic physician so I’ve grown up
around tonics and elixirs and a little bit to the left eye I called myself the
organic fat girl actually was someone eating whole food real food fresh food
no fried food knows fast food no soda I was just fat and when I say fat I don’t
have a picture about it yet my thighs were like 27 inches each thigh it was
wearing a size 16 probably should have been a size 18 Jean and they were tight
I didn’t know what to do um kind of the impetus for me was unfortunately my dad
was on the golf course about 14 years ago and he made a 20-foot putt for par
and he he died he basically dropped dead my dad was the picture of health on the
outside but on the inside he had a lot of things going on and known as
now that I’ve learned insulin resistance or metabolic syndrome he was given a
clean bill of health in February and he died in August and
that kind of set off the chain of reactions for me my dad’s dad died in
his 40s his mom died in her 60s of cardiovascular disease as it related to
diabetes my aunt got diabetes so bad at the end of her life they wanted to cut
her legs off but she died before they that so I started thinking about it I
was 41 when he died I was frustrated I had these three little girls at home and
I thought my gosh you know I’m so heartbroken about my dad but I need to
pay attention to this fact that I can’t get rid of and no amount of exercise
eating less eating better you know exercising more made me better
and so I ended up going to this natural health care oh no I know what happened
in January of 2005 I woke up like everybody does in January goes oh crap I
really need to get myself together so I did what everybody does in January I
heard this personal training facility called the hit center where they really
work you out I went there three to four days a week I
put myself on a higher protein low carb diet that you know we know as Adkins or
South Beach so I did I did that and I did that for ten months and I was
diligent I was really really very focused on getting better and I really
didn’t deviate from my plan well at the end of ten months I gained two pumps it
wasn’t really mental I was still 37 percent body fat I still had 27 inches
pies and I was miserable and I was sad and I didn’t know what to do and I was
just crying and I prayed and I asked God to give me an answer to my prayer and
the next day my brother called me and he told me to go talk to this natural
healthcare doctor so I went and talked to this doc and this was back guys this
is back in 2005 okay this was November 30th of 2005 so he
sent me to a workshop like we give today and I have to tell you I’ve given a
workshop every two weeks since 2006 I have not skipped a workshop and I went
to this workshop and this lady started talking and she started talking about
the pancreas and the hormone insulin and I knew basically about the anatomy of
the body again being a massage because I understood the basic workings
but here’s what she said to me and I don’t know if you’ve ever been in church
but you think the priest is just talking to you and there was like you know 40
people in the room and I thought she was talking to me she said you know there’s
three kinds of food when you have a dysfunctional pancreas she said there’s
the food that you know makes you gain weight which is the cookies cakes candy
soda alcohol incessantly every day at every meal and I’m like okay I’m not
eating like that and then she said there’s the rabbit food that food that
will never make you gain weight and that could be the lettuce and the celery and
you know the cucumbers she said but there’s a third category of food that
could prevent you from losing the fat you already have stored and as soon as
she said it to me it hit me like a bullet between my eyeballs I’m like oh
my gosh since I’m 15 years old it’s my pancreas and I started thinking my dad
my grandpa my grandma my aunt holy cow it’s my pancreas so I was in
this workshop it was November 30th the next day was December 1st and I thought
do I really start a diet on December 1st and I thought well I’ve tried from
January of 2005 till just you know told you know November of 2005 to do it my
way it wasn’t really working so I thought you know what I’m just gonna
jump in I’m gonna jump in and I figured if I lose any weight in the month of
December that will start me in June you know start me off January the right way
so I jumped in and I literally followed the protocol like it was my job I did
not deviate from it I didn’t question it I didn’t think I know I’ve done a lot of
other things but my job was to do this program because I said to this woman I
said if this works for me like you said it’s gonna work I said I will be a
walking talking billboard cuz nothing touches these thighs not elliptical not
lunges not squats nothing touches these thighs and so I went in and I for 10
weeks man I put my head down and I did what I needed to do and it was nothing
short of a miracle in 10 weeks I went from a size 16 to a size 8 I went from a
37 percent body fat to a 28 percent body fat I lost five and a half inches off to
each thigh my hips and my belly without exercise I had to fire the trainer
because I couldn’t pay for the trainer and the food and you know I said okay
well this clearly isn’t working you know it the work
that wasn’t working for me at that point I know it was making me stronger and I
know it was healthy for me and I know that I was you know good for me in many
ways but it wasn’t getting the fat out of my body
it wasn’t changing my chemistry and when I understood that Idol protein was a not
a diet because I’ve done a lot of those when I understood it wasn’t a diet that
it was a chemistry that it was a reset that it was a reboot that it was
something working from the inside out I’m like I can get my head around this
and then when it actually happened I was blown away so I actually started
teaching Idol protein and I did the original cooking shows in my house every
two weeks I would cook food for people strangers would come to my house at a
white board in my living room my daughters could run off the spiel and
they’re in their sleep because I had my little whiteboards doing the pancreas
and the tanks of energy and how the body burns fat what order burns it in and it
was a whole big spiel I did that for two years and then in January of 2008 thank
God we became a u.s. clinic our US company and we were able to me Idol
protein in clinic form but what happened to me was I literally took me six months
to get you know get my body in shape get get me and so giad June first it took me
from December 1st to June 1st and I ended up to a size 6 I’m about a size 8
now but I stay around us you know size 8 as I’ve gotten older but I was got down
to a size 6 and I’ve literally been able to stay knock on wood but not knock on
wood because I’ve learned the rules but between I’ve been able to stay between a
size six and then eight where now was it gonna be 12 years June first would be 12
years I’ve been able to learn how to keep my weight in check and in the
meantime I was asked to be one of the first Idol coaching clinics in the
United States I was one of the first people to help open clinics and trained
clinic owners and trained coaches and then I opened up my first clinic in
March of 2008 and I have a second clinic so I have two clinics I run now in the
Tampa Bay area and I will just tell you Idol protein changed my life and I built
protein saved my life and I know that I get to
teach people this every day if I can get them to understand the chemistry that’s
so inspiring so we said and and before we get going if everyone
can take a moment to share this broadcast it really helps you know to
share to to get the engagement as as people are watching if you just take
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and and if something is really resonating with you send us a question
we will be answering questions and it’s your challenges tell us where you’re
from tell us what phase you’re in because we
are we’re here to answer questions today and Dee is here and he’s a fantastic
coach up in Red Cliff in Alberta Canada thanks Leif daddy for watching
so Lisa tell us what are the biggest challenges that people face and and you
know Lisa has coached probably thousands of dieters in the last ten years what
are the things that come up you know for people and and why is it so important
that people have to stay on protocol no matter what well that’s a good question
and it’s actually good timing so I always put myself on a reboot every
January because my body definitely is insulin resistance that I definitely
have metabolic syndrome and I have to be preventative all the time so I always go
back on the protocol in January and sometimes I stay on into February
depending on what has happened with my body and I love being on protocol in the
moment of each year because life happens to all of us and this January a lot of
life happens for me when I had decided to put myself on protocol like I always
do on January 2nd and then I needed to travel to Ohio for my great nephews
birth and baby shower I was hoping to do and I traveled with my 82 year old
mother who is blind and disabled a bit and so it was very challenging and of
course we got stuck in some airports because it’s the winter and we’re from
Florida and we don’t like cold weather and it was a very challenging travel day
and it was extended and and these things happen to me when I’m
on protocol so it gives me an opportunity to okay now listen you what
would you do like what are you gonna do right now because now you’re stuck in an
airport for three hours you’re on protocol you don’t want to
deviate from protocol and how can you work this out well see I’m very good at
it so I’ve learned I travel with Idol protein I always travel with extra ideal
protein hi honey a little tube of apple cider vinegar or some kind of dressing
that you know those little three ounce ones that you can take through the loop
checkpoint I take three of them and I put my cappuccino because there’s ten
ounces I put like three three three and I drink an ounce
before I get on the airplane by Japanese you know with me so I can take I can
make a Starbucks stick and go to the when I get on the other side I can get
my coffee and I can make my cappuccino latte with my protein so I I haven’t I
for carry my salt I you know have some gums and mints with me I and they’re all
everything is in line with that so if you get stuck not really stuck and then
even when I needed to take my mother to eat something I was able to get a salad
the way I needed to get it because I had my own dressing and that’s what trips
some people up sometimes they don’t have their dressing and then I ate a bag of
my Dorito chips because those are good to travel with and then I had a bag of
nuts for the airplane that idle protein spicy nuts and so that was one thing and
then you know I get to my sister’s house and she’s married to an Italian man and
we’re I mean in like I said in the Syrian so there’s food everywhere and
there’s wine everywhere and there’s all these things everywhere and I’m like
okay but you are on a mission you are on a mission and so that’s the other part
that gets hard for people is social environments how do you handle social
settings and I just look at it like I got to my sister’s house and she goes oh
my god you look like you need a drink and I said I do you need a drink I said
can you get me a wine glass she said absolutely
she goes what would you like I said can you get me a Perrier she said absolutely
and I stood there and I poured that period in that wine glass and I said
okay got my drink I’m good to go and I was able to just kind of set the tone
for the weekend and understand that listen I’m not gonna be on protocol
forever I know I’m not gonna be I’m protocol forever
so if I do this now they don’t make excuses I’m gonna be better later and so
I got through that weekend there was a baby shower I
at the baby shower there was cookies and cupcakes I had my brownie with me I
asked for my coffee I had my little stevia drops I didn’t have to worry
about if they had Splenda or whatever I had carry those with me
I literally stayed on protocol then I came back and about three or four days
later my mother took an unexpected turn and ended up I found her on the floor in
her apartment and she was very very sick she could have died had I not showed up
there but she ended up with double pneumonia and the flu a and she was very
very sick I then have spent the last month burning the candle at both ends I
have two clinics have a husband had two grandchildren I have three daughters I
have a mother that spent a week in the hospital and three weeks in rehab when I
tell you I work 12-hour days and then I would leave I would come home grab my
food I’d go to the rehab center or the hospital I did I think I missed four
shifts in a month so you talked about staying on protocol through all of that
and you could be I could have used that as excuse well I’m at the hospital oh
and that the rehab well I don’t know I said okay you know this is what’s going
on so many days I had what I called a vegetarian day I had five idle proteins
and I grabbed some cucumbers and some celery and some grab-and-go food I
grabbed a couple hard-boiled eggs you know if you want to you can and I am NOT
patting myself on the back what I’m saying is I also experience life when
I’m on protocol there was an aunt Larry that I ended up with a cold three days
later I’m on day three and I end up with a congestion and I’m trying to stay on
protocol you don’t want to eat salad when you have a cold or a sore throat so
what did I do I made a pot of soup I got some bone
broth I got some mushrooms I couldn’t taste any of it but I knew that if I ate
the broth with the vegetables that was better than these skipping eating and
then you know I go protein has some soup and I was able to you know make some hot
chocolate and you know you every time I do protocol something happens in my life
to make me understand that if you really are dedicated to your health and your
wellness and your dedicated to changing your chemistry and your hormones which
is what ideal protein does and if you don’t think of it like a diet but you
think of it as a is a method which is what dr. Tran says this is he says that
your lifestyle eating what you eat in your
lifestyle is your diets I don’t protein is a method it’s a
protocol you follow it ABCD if you’re in technology do you skip step
three you know if you’re amazing omit the drugs at three o’clock you’re
supposed to give or do you add a different drug in if you’re a nurse and
the doctor says give this drug and you say oh I don’t want to give that one I’m
just gonna give this one or you know I’m gonna find an alternative to that drug
I’m gonna give them something out you know
so whatever in in life whatever it is that you it’s a method follow the method
when you follow the method and I can honestly tell you from 10 years 12 years
of experience 10 years in the clinic thousands and thousands of patients
mostly women women about 80 percent of my clientele are women we have a lot to
deal with with our hormones and a lot to deal with with you know how our bodies
react but I will tell you that women are usually going to be down 20 to 30 pounds
every 10 weeks if you do what you’re supposed to do and it doesn’t matter and
I’m watching it to to see it’s kind of funny I I’m watching what my body is
doing and it’s funny because they’ll be four or five days where that scale
doesn’t move and I’m not a scale watcher and I don’t really believe in scale
watching but I’m kind of doing it on purpose
because I have scale Watchers and I want to teach them that you really shouldn’t
be a scale watcher because if you are it can mess you up in the head but I
actually seen my own scale stick you know like Friday Friday is my weigh-in
day so when I weigh in on Friday I see my weight and then I do the weekend and
then I get on the scale again and it goes up a pounding I’m like wait a
minute I didn’t have my glass of wine and I didn’t have my avocado it didn’t
have my nuts it did in my cheese I what did I do
and I’m like no so what did you not do sometimes it’s not what you are doing
it’s what you’re not doing did you drink all your water this
weekend well I got a little busy I don’t really drink all my water did you
measure your salt out no I just kind of used it randomly did you take your
vitamins oh boy skipped my vitamins on Saturday because I was out the door
early and I didn’t yeah I didn’t do that you know did you eat out on the weekend
even if you ate clean and even if you ordered the right way did you eat out
two or three meals over the weekend sometimes if you weigh yourself Monday
morning you’re gonna weigh a little bit more because you just ate at a
restaurant two days and the restaurant food has a little more sodium in it
probably has some hidden fats and it could have had some hidden sugar even
though it doesn’t say it on the menu so then I say okay well alright so let’s
get the water and let’s do it I need to and then but
three days later I see that scale pop back down again and so if you’re
watching it you’re gonna see variables you’re gonna see variables but at the
end of the month cumulative ly you should be down seven to nine pounds if
you’re a female if any women that are saying they’re losing four and five
pounds a week they may be much larger women than you and you can’t compare
apples and you know to oranges so you have to just look at yourself if you’re
losing every pound you lose is 4,000 calories you burn out of your body so if
you lose two pounds a week you have lost 8,000 stored calories at
the end of the month if you’ve lost eight pounds you’ve lost 32,000 calories
of stored fat that’s important because that’s where those inches come in you
know you may not lose a lot of weight but at the beginning of the month you
couldn’t fit in your pants and at the end of the month you can so why do you
care what the scale says why does that really matter if you’re on call that’s
what you can expect if you’re doing the right thing on men men are usually about
three to five pounds a week average about four so the guys are gonna be down
you know 15 to 20 pounds eating the same way eating what you eat burn them
they’re gonna lose more but don’t compare yourself to a man well my
husband wants 4 pounds and I lost one and a half well did you have a period
this week did you know you’re a female you don’t have as much muscle as he does
you know so don’t do that just stay on your mission and cumulative ly if you
lose 8 16 24 pounds in 3 months that’s 24 pounds you didn’t gain and
that’s 24 pounds of fat you lost out of your body and that’s 24 pounds closer to
your health and wellness goal so don’t get much if you see a pound or a pound
and a half it’s good every time you lose a pound it’s down and it’s good if you
know you can do a better job to do a better job if you can drink more water
drink more water if you can you know watch how much you eat out do
that you know right now when we’re talking I have some you know chicken in
the crock pot with a little recipe from Geneva’s cookbook and I just ad-libbed a
little but you know the nice baseline is I’ve got food in that crock pot today
why cuz I’m freaking busy I’m busy all day I don’t have time to cook tonight
and and during that whole time with my mom I made I used the crock-pot a lot I
use the air fryer a lot I did some food prep when I could I made
hard-boiled eggs every Sunday I made little egg muffins I chopped up some
vegetables I even bought some vegetables already chopped because I was busy I had
some frozen vegetables that were clean in the refrigerator freezer that I could
grab and go I mean if you plan and that’s a big failure for people in even
if you fail to plan you can still have a plan so even if I didn’t have what I
needed ready I still can have a back-up plan and the back-up plan is some frozen
shrimp in the freezer for me some frozen vegetables in there I can grab maybe
some frozen you know just clean chicken tenderloins that are frozen that I can
you know defrost quickly or you put in the crock-pot frozen and let them cook
up so there’s lots of ways to stay on plan if you want to you have to want it
that’s the trick that is those are Wow just so much great information Lisa
because it really is true and and I’ll have clients that man they come in and
they’re just they just breeze through and then you know I have probably 90% of
my clients and particularly women that you know women tend to you to use food
for comfort food for love food for for everything you know that’s who we are
it’s what we were taught so before we get going on to the next I have a couple
more things on on that subject I want to just talk with you about but I just
wanted to say hi to a few people Nancy Henderson says hi Lisa
peach pop says hello Dee says she’s on the road in Mesa Arizona and she’s been
a two-day drive away from home and boy she went through some snow I saw that
and she says if you want to you can so she packs her cooler she’s got
everything on it Marilyn Fontana says Lisa is awesome the
best coach Ideal Protein has in my opinion that’s well thank you so much
they tell you that Marilyn is one of our star pupils was referred by her
orthopedic surgeon she needed to get double knee replacement and Marilyn did
an unbelievable job getting her weight in control so she could have that
surgery so she’s back on track now to now heal up from those post surgical
knees and she’s going to be ready to rock and roll through Italy hopefully in
June that’s her job that’s awesome I love those kinds of stories
Karen Tennant Polaris says hi hey Lisa so if you guys are just joining us
remember to first of all share this broadcast share it out there too if
you’re a business share it to your page if you are personal share it to your
friends because Ideal Protein is life-changing and this is such a great
broadcast and we are so lucky to be able to spend some time with Lisa Lisa is the
first us clinic owner and probably the first u.s. dieter and she’s got the info
so I’m talking about you know phase 1 protocol there’s a couple you know
things that get in the way and you you have a great saying that is it’s not
what you are doing it’s what you may not be doing and so you know talking about
things like what do you know what do you put in your coffee instead of cream er
what does creamer do people think oh it’s no big deal it’s just a creamer
what what’s your advice on that well so yes I have a list of little a lot of
times when people complain I only lost a pound or I didn’t lose any weight this
week you know I have to really act like a detective and start asking like these
really detailed questions about okay but let’s talk about this okay so are you
measuring your cream and your coffee like your milk you’re allowed one ounce
a day are you measuring that well no I’m just kind of eyeballing okay but are you
doing that once a day or four times a day well I kinda I’m having three cups
of coffee a day so you’re putting whatever in your coffee three times a
day that is enough to not make you gain weight but to prevent you from losing
and that’s something people have to get in their heads it’s not it’s true a
little piece of fruit is probably not going to make you gain weight that is
true a little bit of cream in your coffee three times day is not probably
going to make you gain weight that is true a little
avocado and a salad is not going to make you gain weight but when your body is a
bit insulin resistant and you’re having a tough time losing if you do more cream
than we tell you put a little avocado in a salad let the cheese stay in let’s
carrots stay in even in sliver form if you keep doing those little I call them
BLTs bites and sets right a little BLT a bite of that oh look at that a taste of
that except for that if I do that oh look at that a taste of that except for
that well you can be a way to like 35 carbs or 50 carbs at the end of the week
and then you don’t understand that why did you only lose a pound this week well
because you kind of just did a little bit of stuff that your body said yeah
I’m gonna use that energy first before I’m gonna go dig out the old and the
body is always going to take the path of least resistance so if you keep giving
your body little every day a little something something something something
it’s gonna go ooh I got a little something something some something so I
don’t have to go dig out that deep stuff and so this is the difference between a
one-pound week and a two-pound week or one and a half pound week and a two and
a half pound week and so it’s all those little things dressings dip sauces
spices seasonings you wouldn’t believe what they put sugar in you go everyone
go home and look in your lemon pepper in your cabinet you’re gonna see your lemon
pepper probably have sugar in it like 99% of lemon peppers have sugar in them
and you wonder why you’re like really yes really you got a look and you know
just different things like Worcestershire sauce and and I’m not
saying these things are bad I’m just saying if you look at them you’re gonna
see molasses honey sugar Multi dextran dextrose dextran you’re gonna start
seeing lots of little hidden sugars and you don’t realize it but if you’re
putting a sugar here and you’re putting a sugar there and you’re putting the
sugar here you’re getting sugar and that is why that scale is not moving the way
it needs to so you really need to look at all of those details sometimes people
will go get you know what they think is a good fast food so they’ll go through
chick-fil-a and they’ll get the grilled chicken nuggets I want you to do a
little homework I want you to go on the chick-fil-a website I want you to type
in you know grilled chicken nuggets I don’t want you to look at the nutrition
label because it’s like 140 calories and three grams of fats nothing look at the
ingredients you’re gonna see that they make their chicken nuggets I call them
sugar nuggets you’re gonna see that sugar orange juice concentrate grape
juice concentrate yes in a chicken nugget okay
there is sugar in those nuggets and so you you went to get grilled chicken
nuggets three times this week you didn’t tell your coach because all you wrote on
your journal or maybe you didn’t bring your journal but all you wrote on your
journal was chicken you know chicken grilled chicken you
thought you had grilled chicken you honestly thought you had grilled chicken
you didn’t bother to say grilled chicken nuggets from chick-fil-a so your coach
knew that you had chick-fil-a three times this week and that’s where that
little difference between a 1 pound a week and a 3 pound week they may not
have ah Wow it’s it is the little things and and all of those you know all these
sugar-free things I know that in my clinic I learn I keep them to not more
than three extras I know some people let you do five extras what it what’s your
what’s your take on that three to five extras you know like if someone had you
know a couple tablespoons of Walden Farms if they had like one propel drink
that has a little sucralose in it or a sparkling ice drink with a little
sucralose in it maybe they had a reduced sugar ketchup that has one carbon at
less than one carb that’s an extra gums and mints you know maybe three to maybe
three to five pieces a day maybe three pieces a day but then all together you
don’t want to do if you’re adding that up you don’t want to do more than about
three to five extras a day because those are the things that could add up that
maybe block the scale of it and so sometimes say let’s not do any of those
in a week and just see if but if that’s the problem you know sometimes I’ll say
as a coach sometimes you have to say well let’s try this this week and then
let’s switch it next week and not be afraid to do that and have your client
you know the clients that need to understand that this is a relationship
between the coach and the client and we’re not trying to be mean
we’re trying to help you get your goals you’re paying us to help you you’re
paying for the food you’re paying for your coaching in the food sometimes it’s
not an extra fee but part of the fee of the food includes a good coach and a
good coach is going to be a little tough love sometimes and it’s not because
we’re yelling at you or scolding you because we’re mad at you we love you
that’s why we do what we do we care about people that’s why we do what we do
every day we want you to succeed and we want you
to get those goals and we want you to turn your health around and we want you
to get off your medication if it’s at all possible we want that for you
we want you to sleep better we want your skin to look better we you know we want
all dis bloating to go away we want all of that for you so you know when we’re
when we’re asking you for your journal when we’re asking you what you did you
know we’re just trying to help you that’s right that’s that’s right kandi
Haslam says that she is on Phase one one year down a hundred and fifty-one pounds
30 pounds to go and and County’s very active on asking questions and following
us and thank you so much it’s it’s always an inspiration so Nancy Henderson
Smith says too many tablespoons of Walden Farms zero everything so remember
Walden farms has hidden sugars so it may say zero sugars but it’s really 0.9 so
it’s a carb for every serving I always try to tell people that she says in one
day it can stop your weight loss my current problem she’s paying attention
now good for you Nancy and Nancy says she she’s ok with tough love from Lisa
ok so before we get going on if you are watching us live please share this
broadcast if you’re watching us in the air in the replay share to send us your
hearts in your love and your question so Lisa and I are answering questions today
about phase one and the biggest challenges that we have that we face so
let’s talk about you know I had this situation come up this week Lisa where a
client came in and you know she’s lost probably half of the weight that she
wants to lose and she’s super excited she’s you know wants to you know she
just she’s on fire but she came in and she said oh well last week I was sick so
I really had to have some crackers but you know I’m back on track now and but I
just had to have that it’s just just the way it is
and like I’m like speechless and and thinking well it’s not really the way it
is how should people handle being sick well you know it is so there’s one thing
I do this happens very often right this has been a really tough season for
people a lot of people have been very sick this year you know it’s like this
if I have a and I’ve had clients say the same thing to me and I just look at them
I go okay well that is what you did and all we can do is go forward however the
next time something like that might happen and I hope that it doesn’t but if
it were to happen I wish it would reach out to me and let me know hey cuz I saw
you on Tuesday you weren’t sick let’s say you got sick on Thursday and I’m not
seeing you supposed to see you till next Tuesday you know you should just reach
out to me and say hey I’ve gotten sick don’t really feel like eating my
vegetables they don’t really feel like eating much my throat hurts you know
what would you recommend now I’ve got things I can help them with you know I
can tell them hey don’t go get those cough syrups and cough drops if you can
help it because they all have sugar in them you know try to find things that
are sugar-free you know ants how the pharmacist you need a diabetic type of a
cough suppressant or you need something you know maybe a throat spray maybe it
may be echinacea whatever I can teach you next time maybe you can have your
husband or someone come and get you some ideal protein soup because it can get
protein in your body while you’re trying to heal because protein is a healer and
I know that’s not normally what you take from here but maybe in one of my chicken
noodle soups or you know maybe my you know something that would help you or
maybe you go get some bone broth and and just put some bone broth in a thing and
I would just try to from there go forward and not really go back and I
would just say hey I get it but in the in the next time there’s something like
this happens or you run into a problem don’t don’t think you have to wait until
the next you know time I see you because I can probably help you navigate through
this particular situation and at the end of this way it is the people’s desire if
they like again if you want to you can and in it sometimes people just they
just don’t want to and so you just try just got to go forward but you got to
just try you know to walk them through it because there’s always an answer if
you’re looking for an answer there’s always an answer I’m just gonna bring
Marilyn back up again Marylyn didn’t make excuses for 20
months she had a goal and that goal was to get her surgeon to approve her knee
surgery she had to lose a lot of weight in order for that to happen and I’m
telling you this woman made zero excuses um she would take food with her to
restaurants she would measure out two cups of vegetables put it in her handbag
measure out her dressing and her oil and her salt put it in her handbag she would
go to a restaurant she would say can have a bowl of romaine lettuce and then
she would go from her handbag and put everything she had already you know
measured into her into her bowl if she couldn’t eat something on the menu she
brought a cooler with her she would tell the waiter hey you know what I I’m sorry
I was nothing I can eat her I got to eat my own food and and she would do that
she would be in road trips with it she had a death in the family during that
time she had many things happen in 20 you know she in 20 months of that
activities and she just didn’t make an excuse and she was the real epitome of
she was sick you know family problems you know everything things happen in 20
months in our life she did not make an excuse she figured it out every single
time and that just proves if you want to you can absolutely so Lisa what do you
do when people just want to exercise and and I live in California so we have
gorgeous weather a lot of the time and and it is probably one of my biggest
challenges and and of course we want people to move but burning up the
treadmill or running up the trail is not helping them how do you you know address
the exercise piece this is a very good topic of discussion and it’s a big one
so this has gone on since the beginning of me finding out about ideal protein
remember I Cho Cho is working out four times a week laughs let ik I am of the
belief that you have to exercise I was of the belief that you have to exercise
to stay in shape and lose weight yeah exercise yes you need to move yes our
bodies our muscles need to be oxygenated through exercise and we need to have
good or an endorphin release and I will never argue that point you guys just
need to understand dr. Tran is medical but is a PhD in sports medicine so this
this man this doctor made this protocol actually originally for world-class
athletes and so when you do our protocol we do not intend for you to move at all
meaning none that is not true however it does take about the first
three weeks for our bodies to make adjustments on the protocol so the first
three weeks you should do very little not very much
walk the dog go to the mall for retail therapy if you want you know that kind
of thing stretch you can stretch but you really
shouldn’t do a whole bunch after that time you can do some but the type of
exercise you should do is the kind that doesn’t increase your heart rate too
much and the main reason for that is not for a lifetime it is for the protocol in
the method because if you are consuming less than 50 carbs a day which is what
ideal protein phase one is it’s not an exact number but you’re eating under 50
carbs a day and if you’re eating under 50 carbs a day and you want to go run a
marathon you’re not going to have enough juice in your tanks in your tank and so
if you don’t have enough juice in your tank your body is going to steal your
muscle it’s called the gluconeogenesis when the body doesn’t have enough
carbohydrates in the brain because the brain requires glucose and you deplete
the glucose you took in because you’re only taking in 50 ish carbs or less your
body then goes okay bucko I need some energy so instead of taking your fats
guess what it does it takes your muscle so when your body takes muscle for
energy what is it doing for the with the fat it’s gonna hold on for dear life and
so the exact opposite that you’re trying to do with exercise which is to have
more muscle mass to have more energy to have more get out you know to burn more
you know fat you’re doing the exact opposite because you’re not eating
according to exercise rules and so when you exercise you got to have more
carbohydrates if you eat more carbohydrates are you gonna lose the
weight you need to lose well fat you’re gonna need to lose the answer is no so
what we say is temporarily you cut the exercise down not out so you can do yoga
you could take take the dog for the walk you can take a leisurely bike ride
around the her hood I’m as long as you don’t Huff
and puff like do a bootcamp or do like a Zumba dance class now if you can take a
Zumba class and just you know do a little smooth move and not do the
high-end stuff and kind of tone it down you could take your Zumba class if
you’re okay not like you know going crazy whatever
makes you move is good but you just need to be aware of the fact that if you’re
if you stop losing weight on the scale because you’re over exercising which is
one of those other caveats you cannot blame the diet it’s the exercise if you
want to exercise to that level then you need to ask your coach about something
called the alternative protocol which gives you a little bit more
carbohydrates a little bit more fuel in your full take which would allow you to
workout a little bit more you’re gonna go slower on the weight loss but if
that’s what you need to do then you need to talk to your coach about the
alternative protocol and if you don’t get that answer from your coaching
clinic you need to reach out to one of us team members and we’ll we can teach
it to you not overstepping bounds but if your coach or owner doesn’t know about
the alternative protocol which they should it is one of our protocols that
we use for type 1 diabetics and for children if they’re able to be if their
pediatrician signs off on them doing protocol there’s a couple of instances
where we would use the alternative protocol and it’s not a less-than
protocol it’s just another way to lose your weight and if you’re not really
metabolic and you just need to lose some weight but you still need to exercise
for your job or for your lifestyle then there’s what you can do that so yeah
yeah okay great all great information and and things that you know as coaches
we are addressing so clients dieters when you are you know having that urge
again a client came in the other day and said I I really like to swim and I’m
just gonna go back to swimming and I was like well that’s very that’s great I
love that and here’s what we’re gonna do we’re gonna phase you out and then you
can go back to swimming and she was like well no I need to lose 20 more pounds
and I said well I can’t coach you through you swimming and and burning
three to five hundred Cal is a day when we’re only in taking 900
calories and so she said oh okay so you know we made a plan look you’re
25 pounds is gonna come off in about two and a half to three months so let’s
let’s get you to May and then you can swim your heart out for the rest of the
summer alternative for that is you know if she can swim like a leisurely swim
and not for like racing swimming if she just wants to get in the pool and swim
back you know back thing and swim lifts she would do that oh yeah she she wants
to and the only other option is to do the alternative diet if she really
insists on that but you know you and I both know the best thing to do is to get
the back get the weight off get the fat off and they’re gonna swim like the
friggin fish because now you’re gonna have less weight so hope you know swim
around and you’re gonna feel better and you’re gonna have B be oxygenated and
you’re gonna swim further than you ever did before with way more energy so just
come off and then you know but yes you can move I mean I’d go protein even on
the videos if you’re taking advantage of videos there are some you know movements
and stuff that you can do while you’re on protocol and we encourage that you do
absolutely you an inch you can’t take a mile because then you’re gonna hurt
yourself and that’s really what we’re saying we don’t ya with Burt themselves
that’s what the rules are but that’s the rules of the human body I mean dr. Tran
just didn’t pull this stuff out of a hat you know got a degree he’s got a couple
of degrees he’s a smart man and we shouldn’t reinvent in his
protocol that’s right I love that okay so and and one of the things that you
know if you’re familiar with our You Tube channel
Reformation body solutions we have a YouTube channel and you’ll see my phase
1 workouts on there so I show you what you can do just some simple stuff and ok
so again everybody send us your questions we’re gonna be wrapping up
here in about the next 15 minutes so if you have questions now’s the time to
send those questions thank you also for sharing and following and sending us
your love so the one of the things I also wanted to talk about today is
gauging yourself on a weekly basis beating yourself compared
yourself to others let’s talk about inches versus numbers yes my favorite
subject so when I go on protocol I don’t lose a lot of weight I average about one
point seven maybe two pounds a week not quite Ayumi average about seven or eight
pounds a month yeah I lose so many inches and the engines get me so excited
because I’m pinching laughs and my clothes fit better and it’s a big
mistake of coaches not to measure first and if you go for your weigh-ins and
you’re a you’re a client you ask your coach can you measure me first today
like if they’re not doing that you ask them can you measure me first today
because I feel like so different this week and you know last week I couldn’t
button this pair of pants and this week I can Braaten them I had somebody come
in this week and said look at these shorts I haven’t had these shorts on in
a year on the diet like four weeks I go seriously you’re in those shorts for
weeks on protocol and you haven’t worn them in a year and she hasn’t lost a ton
of weight but she lost so many inches she could put those shorts on and so you
know measuring to me lets me know where my fat is coming out if I’m not losing
the weight as much it’s probably because my body is holding my muscle which is a
good thing holding muscle and burning fat is the whole premise of protocol
because at the end of the day if we have more muscle at the end of our dieting
we’re gonna have a better metabolism and maintenance and that’s really where
we’re headed is to keep this weight off that’s the thing I could never do on
other diets and I know on all the other diets I did I lost a lot of muscle and
not very much fat which is why I was still wearing the size pants I was when
I was working out for a year with that trainer I didn’t lose any inches either
because I just was a solid mass of fat I was strong that I was just stuck though
I love the inches inches on our protocol usually are about double and I tell my
women I said like an eight in four weeks if you’re down eight pounds you’re
planning to be down about 13 but 15 or 16 inches and I have fun with it like I
write it ahead of time I like over here I write on week 4 7 to 9
and over here I write you know 14 to 16 and then at the end of four weeks I’m
like look what you did look what you did I wrote this down four weeks ago and
look what you did you’re down eight pounds and 16 inches double the inches
of weight and if you’re on protocol that’s about what’s gonna happen in ten
weeks if you’re gonna be down 20 to 30 pounds you’re probably gonna be down
like 30 to 50 inches and it’s so true and so it’s the instance houses that
your body is digging out that fat and that’s just really a cool part of this
program versus other diets I’ve done before they didn’t really lose the
inches like this like this does so I know I’m burning the deep fat out when I
see the inches ago yeah that’s that’s you know that’s the whole that the
beauty of ideal protein and you know on on my weight-loss journey as I’ve always
said I’ve lost 65 pounds three times in my life I’ve been 200 pounds three times
in my life and you know when I found the ketogenic lifestyle I realized all those
things that I loved you know I grew up with tortillas and and butter and cheese
and my grandma always had refried beans and rice on the stove and that was love
and I got rid of all that stuff and when I got rid of that that’s everything so
um Lisa next thing up that I want to talk about before we we’ve got about 10
minutes here let’s talk about accountability excuses and the
relationship between you and your coach okay so this is again goes back to what
I was saying earlier you know establishing a relationship with your
coach your trusted advisor we meet coaches need to be your trusted advisor
and I know sometimes people are ashamed I know shame for women it seems to be
bigger in women than men but we get so ashamed that we cheated and then we feel
like we cheated on our coach and then we don’t want to go see our coach so then
we hide from the coach and then one week leads to two weeks of this and you’re
like I can’t go back because now my coach is going to be ashamed of me
and then what I have found is shame leads
self-loathing and self-loathing leads to binging and then you’re back in that
negative cyber corn he has is meet again are not your judge and jury you’re on
your team we know there’s going to be things that happen that are not perfect
I get upset when people don’t come to me when they’ve had a bad week it’s lovely
when people have a great week and they come in and they show me their gold star
journal and they get on the scale and they’ve lost their two or three pounds
and they’ve lost their six inches or five inches or three inches and they
fabulous and they’re looking great and they’re picking them close and that’s
wonderful but I want to see me you’ve had a hard day I want to see you on the
week when your mom was in the hospital or your you know you were sick or your
kid you know got in trouble or you know your husband is whatever you know I want
to see you when you had a hearty because we need to have a strategy for the next
time this situation comes up we again we can’t go back
you can’t go back don’t beat yourself up you just gotta take the next step
forward you know I always make a little joke I’m like so let me ask you a
question if you accidentally broke a piece of your grandmother’s China would
you then go break the other two eleven pieces of China because you broke one
piece of China No so okay you have screwed up your native
decision it wasn’t a great decision you did it in the moment move on buttercup
just put a lid on it and move on but but let your coach help you you know text
your coach email your coach call your coach it’s okay we want to hear from you
you’d rather help the whole journey in and help because we want you to be
successful I want you to be successful for you but we also want you to be
successful so you can share that with other people and maybe help them as well
yeah yeah it’s funny that we’re talking about this cuz right as we went onto the
broadcast I got a text from one of my clients that says Renee I hope you’re
well I wanted to meet with you and get back on phase one it’s been over a year
I put all my weight back and I’ve been so embarrassed to come back and see you
are you in tomorrow yes I’m in yes I want to help you we’re
get that weight back off but this time we’re gonna we’re gonna work together
closer and maintenance and and the key to all of this is anybody can lose
weight on any program if you restrict yourself enough or do whatever it is
you’re trying to do but the bottom line is can you keep that weight off and
that’s what makes ideal protein different it’s the maintenance piece and
just because you got into your size 10 jeans or your size 4 jeans or whatever
it is for you doesn’t mean that’s where it ends that’s
actually where it begins so that you keep that contact with your coach you
keep coming back in you keep checking in is is that which I mean I’ll tell you
what I do with with my clients Lisa and I would love to hear what you do I say
okay so for the first month I want you you’re not on Ideal Protein anymore
we’ve phased you out well that’s that’s the first thing is phasing out making
sure you think that number two is for the first month come every week just do
your body composition we have this great $10,000 machine here man use it it’s
free to you and us you nothing make an appointment or come in on an open day
where you can just drop in after that for the next two months come every other
week because that first three months is instrumental and actually it’s the first
year if you’ve lost a lot of weight it’s it’s really the first year so um what do
you do how do you do the lifestyle a plan and what do you suggest for
dieter’s exactly what you do because the biggest mistake that people make and it
blows it blows me away you just have spent six months four
months three months nine months 12 months meeting with me every week we’ve
become know we know each other right I’ve been with you I’ve been on you know
your life journey with you and then it’s almost like an abrupt divorce it’s like
you just leave and you never come back and then I don’t even I’m like used to
seeing you every week you’re used to seeing me every week and all of a sudden
we don’t see each other every week and then I don’t even know you know like
maybe you just need like I don’t understand why because
I have it set up where same thing why don’t you come once a week for four
weeks the first month you’re off the protocol and you’re on your lifestyle
because the harder part is lifestyle trying to figure out what works for you
what doesn’t work for you what is working for you what doesn’t work for
you learning about the recovery day learning about like if you had a fun
food weekend maybe you have a few days of cleanup and that doesn’t mean you’re
going on phase one but it’s a phase one mentality and you know so I do the same
thing you should come once a week for four
weeks then you should come every other week for a couple months now I’ve worked
with you on that first quarter and then I want to see you once a month for the
next nine months and any time at frame that we need to do a little reboot a
little cleanup now we’re only going to clean up five or seven pounds and we can
manage five to seven pounds really quick um as opposed to you just not coming in
anymore and you know I don’t understand how else I try and I think you know I
think at that point I don’t really know if people just feel like they got it
they don’t need to have that accountability anymore I don’t know what
it is but it is a big failure it’s a big it’s a big part of people now the ones
who get it and the ones who follow that they’re the ones who really only have to
lose five or seven maybe eight pounds when they come back to their reboot and
they’re done quick they do it right on a week of phase two a week of phase three
and they’re back for another nine ten months without you and you know right
they check in they come in for its quarterly checkup maybe because they’re
they’re doing very well in their life plan but at any point in time the door
is open for clients to come in and get a checkup and not be ashamed or
embarrassed to come back cuz nowadays just absolutely for you and it’s not you
know sometimes I think people think that having a coach or an accountability
partner is somehow a failure of their own psyche of their own that they’re
inept somehow if they can’t do it themselves you know we all want to you
know we’re moms we run businesses we run them you think we don’t need somebody
because we’re in charge but you know it’s okay to keep your coach in your
pocket well I always say everybody needs
therapy I’ve been to the therapist off and on since my late 20s I
you know if for a variety of things I started mostly on doing actually I
started because I couldn’t you know I lost half of my weight but I couldn’t
keep going so um you know anyway we won’t get into that but so just I have
two more things before we go let’s talk about friends and family and and getting
that support system and and just dealing with people that there’s people out
there that are not going to support you and those many times are the people that
are closest to you what’s your suggestion for that Lisa you know it
does start with writing your wise statement down and your your your
motivation for your why you know if you were diagnosed with cancer your your
family is not going to say well why did you get cancer well why are you doing
that well why are you eating that well why are you taking that medicine so I
don’t understand when someone’s trying to make a life transformation for their
own self why why people family members and friends feel the need to give their
opinion and why it’s their opinion why aren’t you drinking
you always drink why aren’t you eating that you always eat that why aren’t you
why are you questioning no so but it starts with you having a strong lie
statement like I am doing this right now for me because I need to feel better
look better fit in my clothes you fill in the blank but writing down the main
motivation and putting it in your face if you have to put it in your car if you
have to put it on your where you brush your teeth if you have to put it on your
refrigerator if you have to put it in your phone on your on your background on
your phone what’s my why you have to define your why because if your why is
there then nothing anybody says can rock your boat and you want the people to be
on line with you but if they’re not on line with you it’s you know they’re not
on line with you and I do find I have found that the people who are the
biggest naysayers are the ones who are also would wish they could do what
you’re doing it which guess it’s a plan that you had they wish that they you
know so sometimes it’s a little bit of jealousy the people that say that are
you even jealous and I don’t mean that in a malicious way but
kind of density um you just have to have more definition of your Y very strong
and for me I just don’t give it I just don’t care like I don’t I just went to a
yoga retreat weekend there’s another thing I did the seven women and God
loved them I loved them and I had two choices my one choice was to not go and
enjoy the camaraderie the laughter the you know the retreat for what it was
supposed to be or I could go and hit it face on so we went to a
bed-and-breakfast where all the food was provided I had paid for the food but I
took my Yeti and I had my egg whites and I had my stuff and I had my adult
protein food and when they were eating drinking wine I had my little branch
chain amino acid and I put that in my Yeti and pretended it was my wine and
when they had chocolate I had a brownie and when they had you know fruit I had
vegetables and I just managed it because I didn’t really care what they were
doing and I’m just focused on my own goals and some people would say how did
you do that because I wanted to I wanted to if I wanted to participate a
different way I would have made a different choice but my choice is to
stay on my mission for my goals for my wife you got to define your wife I love
that yeah it really is and and and here’s my last question before we finish
up today this is something that I think a lot of people get confused on and it
is really about why do we have to do protocol 100% why can’t we do it 90% and
get results well if you were I don’t know I guess I would say 89% cuz you
know the difference between a B+ and in an egg right it’s a difference in good
so do you want to have a B+ report card or a C report card or do you want to
have an a report card and you know the the thing is is again the protocol is
the protocol for a reason it’s not to be mean it’s not to be restrictive it may
seem restrictive but on the other hand you know I always say you know I’ve read
this before and it hit me the right way you know and Drew Carey made a comment
about this years ago when he lost all of his weight the
median he he said you know I used to I used to reward my used to think that
when I ate my doughnuts and my alcohol in my whatever comfort food that I was
rewarding was a reward so when I would do good I would reward myself with food
and alcohol in abundance and in excess and he goes I learned that that was
actually a punishment and it was a punishment for less you know closed up
clothing options less sexual desire less you know energy I couldn’t get on a
roller coaster with my son you know less activities so really eating like that
was not really a reward it was really a punishment and so then the other thing
that hits me is you know being on a diet is hard okay and I hate the word diet
but being on a diet is hard but being fat unhealthy overweight not fitting in
my clothes not wanting to be in a picture with my family not wanting to go
to the beach because I feel like a beached whale that’s hard to so pick up
you want which hard do you want they’re both hard which hard are you willing to
do right now I say if I temporarily do this over here the way it’s supposed to
be done in the order it’s supposed to be done and the method it’s supposed to be
done in I will then in X amount of months not feel that way and then I will
be happy to be in a picture and I’ll be happy you know to go to the beach and
I’ll be happy to you know I’ll be happy but it’s not it’s not the weight that
makes you happy it’s just the whole chemistry of it all it’s just the
chemistry of it but you feel good literally from the inside out you can G yes all of those are are great things
and and it looks like Lisa might have gotten frozen here on on her side of
things but all right we have finished up for our day today and thank everybody
for coming if you’re watching this in the replay be sure to share this send us
your questions we will come back and answer your questions for you there you
there you are Lisa sometimes our internet goes crazy all
right so I’m just wrapping up with everybody is there any last tidbit so
you would like to share you know the only thing I’m just gonna say is if you
can if you want to you can and please you know be connected to your coach
stay connected be connected and don’t let the naysayers in your world bring
you down you need to just stay true to you or what you’re doing and wire okay
so it’s wrap you guys we lost Lisa unfortunately here she comes here she
comes we’re having a day today so finish it
finish your statement that’s not the basic what was the last thing you were
talking about don’t let the naysayers get in the way yeah just don’t let the
naysayers get in the way and stick to your guns for the reason you’re sticking
to your guns and at the end of the day you’re gonna be rewarded with better
health better energy better everything and you know and then just stay
connected to your coach that’s the most important asset that you have there
really is alright everybody thank you so much thank you thank you thank you
goodbye and Lisa thank you so much for your
wisdom it’s been such a pleasure Lisa is it’s it’s a special thing to get some
coaching from the top coach so if you have questions put them in the comment
section Lisa and I will go back through even if it’s two or five days from now
or whenever you’re watching the video we’ll be happy to answer your questions
share this broadcast with your friends and share the gift of health so thanks
everybody see you soon thank you

2 thoughts on “Ideal Protein – SOLUTIONS TO PHASE I CHALLENGES

  1. As a new coach this is the most invaluable video I’ve ever watched. Thank you so much!! I have taken so many notes and as strange as it sounds, I’m looking forward to Monday! This inspires me to be a better coach.. Thanks again! You both are amazing!!!

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