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Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds on Crushes, Eating Ribs, & More! | Life Advice | TRL

– Hi guys, this is Dan
Reynolds from Imagine Dragons, and I am here on Life Advice to help you with your desperate needs. (upbeat music) How to write phenomenal songs, exclamation mark, exclamation mark. That’s a really good
question, I don’t know. When you figure that out,
you tell me the answer. I haven’t quite got there yet, I think, so I don’t really have a
good answer for that one. Swipe. Advice on what to do if someone you like doesn’t like you back? Oh that’s a great question, ’cause I’ve dealt with that my entire life. I think that you’re supposed
to technically, like, move on and pretend like
you don’t like them too but I typically don’t do that, and I just be really
creepy and just continue, just knocking the door, leaving notes on the car, they love that, trust me. I know he’s really fit so I want advice on eating healthier lol. Well thank you, maybe I should
leave a note on your car. I think you’re like, 14
probably, a little suspicious. Uh, yeah, I just cut out dairy, bread, and sugar so just
have a terrible life. Any advice on dealing with creative block? Overcoming it is so difficult. If I were to give you
the honest answer to that I would say your life
needs to be more difficult, ’cause the more angsty you
are, the more creative you are. So just try to mess your
life up a little bit, but don’t quote me on
that when your mom asks. How can I do more for
the LGBTQ+ community? While my platform isn’t as
loud, reaching my hand out for someone would be equally as changing. Wow, I feel like you
answered that, perfectly. I think a simple hug, I love
you, and being a friend. Actually being a friend not
just the words I love you. Okay this is dumb but I need advice, how do I eat ribs without
getting on my shirt, thanks. Not dumb at all, unfortunately I have rock star super powers so, viola!
(chuckles) So, Lindsey, this is a rib, obviously. It’s massive, I wanted a
really big one obviously to be able to show you that
even when it’s this big I can do it, with great technique. A common mistake people make is they go right for the middle like this. No, the watermelon technique
gets all over your cheeks. Start on the edge, like this Lindsey, and then have no shame in it. You have to own it, so if
it does get on your mouth, you’re like pff, whatever,
it’s on my mouth. I’m eating ribs, what do you expect? Now, Lindsey, I’m sure you’re wondering, great, I’m glad that you
didn’t get it on your cheeks but how do I not get it on my shirt? Now I’m going to show you
that with this bite, okay? This is the lean-over technique, it was invented in Japan,
you can lean over it and, um, that’s it.
(laughing) I don’t know what the
hell I’m talking about. But, there it is Lindsey,
I hope you enjoy. Well, that’s all for today, guys. I know you got all the life advice you could ever possibly want from how to creep out girls, to
how to eat ribs correctly. Thank you for joining
me, I hope that today you feel a little bit more fulfilled. (upbeat music) (chuckling)

41 thoughts on “Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds on Crushes, Eating Ribs, & More! | Life Advice | TRL

  1. Geez, I’m so in love with him, but seriously, in a ver inhuman way… he’s my everything.

  2. Dans laugh is so contagious I physically can't NOT laugh when he laughs hes just so adorable 😂😂😂😂❤❤

  3. I love Dan Reynolds ❤️ so bright, funny, kind and cheerful 😁❤️❤️❤️❤️
    I was smiling the whole video but I burst out laughing at the end 😂😂❤️

  4. He is absolutely darling!!! I love him so! What a great person he is, and so down to earth. Not to mention, a super talent!!!! What a STAR☆☆☆♡♡♡♡!!!!!

  5. HE IS TOO CUTE IN THIS VIDEO I’M DYING!!! His smile its so cute and perfect omg ahhhh, I love this man!!

  6. Dan is really THE man, not only is he gorgeous, fit and talented, he also has a great soh, he is himself and doesn't play the superstar, Loving him in every way. Arrow and the twins are so lucky to have him as their Daddy, I couldn't think of a better Daddy to Have!!!!!

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