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Importance of Eating Breakfast

♪ [music playing–
no dialogue] ♪♪. Hi, my name is Jamie Sloan
and I’m a graduate student here at EIU, and I’m studying
to be a registered dietician. I’m here today to
talk to you about the importance of
eating breakfast. I think we all know
what breakfast is, but why is it called that? If you look at breakfast it is
composed of two different words. Break and fast. Do you ever wake
up in the morning and your stomach is growling? I know I do. This is because you haven’t
eaten anything since supper the night before, which could
be close to 12 hours ago. So, the first meal that
you eat in the morning you’re breaking the fast
or eating breakfast. Kind of interesting. Do you ever skip breakfast
in the morning? Studies actually show that more
than 1/3 of kids in America today are skipping breakfast. If you do this, you may notice
you’re tired or you have trouble concentrating at school
throughout the day, which is not good. This is because your body has
gone without energy for so long. Energy in the form of
glucose is stored in an organ in your
body called the liver. The liver is responsible
for releasing this glucose in bursts of energy as
you go about your day. So when you don’t have that
breakfast in the morning, there’s no energy for
your liver to release. So in a way your body
is similar to a car that simply runs out of gas. So, going to school, playing,
and doing after-school activities all require a good
amount of energy each day, which is why breakfast
is so important. It’s important for everyone,
but especially for kids. Breakfast each morning
gives your body the energy it needs to grow and develop
to its full potential. So just like lunch and
dinner, breakfast requires a lot of variety as well. You could look at the MyPyramid
to get an idea of the different food groups that you need to
incorporate into your diet. The first group I’m going to
talk about is your grains, which I have on display here. You can take a look at that. They include different
breads, cereals, and pastas. Try and get as many whole
grains as you can each day. Ask your parents if they’ll buy
you some whole grain cereal. Another food group is
your protein sources, which come in the form of
different meats, eggs, beans, and nuts, which
are also very important. Two main groups to
incorporate each day are your fruits and
your vegetables. The goal is to try and get
five fruits and vegetables in each day, so it would
be important for you to try and get one fruit
in at breakfast time. Finally, are your dairy
products, which include your milk, yogurt, and cheese. So it might be kind of difficult
to get all five of those groups in each day, but I’d say a
good goal is to get at least two of them in with breakfast. So say you have a bowl of
cereal in the morning. You’re getting a grain in
the form of the cereal and you’re also getting a
dairy product with your milk. Say you would add a banana on
top of the cereal like I did this morning, you’re getting
a third food group, so as you can see, it’s pretty easy to
get a variety in at breakfast. Try to stay away
from those donuts and sugary cereals
in the morning. I know they taste really
good and are convenient, but they’re also high in
calories, fat, and sugar. They lack the nutrients
that your body needs to start the day off right. Breakfast doesn’t have to
be complicated or take a lot of time in the
morning, so here are some quick easy ideas you
can try at home. Try some instant oatmeal
or cream of wheat on cool mornings and you can
even add some blueberries on top, which I like to do. If you’re on the go in
the mornings a lot, try scrambled egg burrito
or a bag of trail mix. They’re great for taking in the
car or even on the bus with you. Also, be sure to drink a
glass of milk in the morning if you don’t have some cereal. Milk has tons of calcium which
your bones need to stay strong. You could boil or scramble
an egg in the morning. One egg a day is perfectly
healthy because they pack so many nutrients
that your body needs. Also, try some whole
grain toast, bagels, or English muffin, kind of
what I have on display here. This is my favorite. I like to toast a bagel
and add peanut butter and a little bit of honey. It makes for a great breakfast. So, another option is making
a fruit and yogurt parfait which I have the ingredients
already here to go. All you need is
some type of fruit. I have some frozen fruit, a
tropical mix, some low fat yogurt or non-fat, and a little
bit of granola, or you could use some type of crunchy
cereal if you would like. Then you’re also going to
need some type of container whether a glass or
something like that. So, this recipe is really
hard to mess up because there aren’t any particular
rules to follow, you kind of just layer
everything in as you go. So I’m going to start
with a base of yogurt at the bottom of the glass,
just get a spoonful. It’s important to have the clear
glass because you can see the layers that you create as you go
which is kind of neat for kids. Next I’m going to add
some of the fruit in and try not to spill
anything, like so. Then let’s do a little
bit of this granola here and I’m spilling it all
over the place, like that. Let’s do a little bit more
yogurt on top of that. I think I need more yogurt. We’re starting to see
more of the layers. It’s better over there. We’ll do some more of the
fruit on top of that. And like I said, you can use
frozen, you can use fresh, or you can use canned too, if
that’s more convenient for you. Try to make use of
whatever you have available at your
grocery store. Then we’re going to add a
little bit more granola, which might be my
favorite, like so. And then we’ll do the last,
and we’re not going to fill up the cup, it’s
a pretty big glass, the last little bit of
yogurt on the top. And then we’ll do the
rest of the fruit on top. It’s really colorful, that’s the
good thing about tropical fruit. And then we’ll do a little bit
of granola on the top, like so. Wasn’t that easy? All it takes is a few simple
ingredients, and a few minutes in the morning, and you can
make a great breakfast. I hope you learned a
few things today about how important
breakfast truly is. Your body needs nutrients
to provide you energy throughout the day. Also, try to remember to get
at least two food groups in with your breakfast. If you’d like to see some other
fun recopies, try visiting mypyramid.gov or kidshealth.org
for more information. Thanks for listening
and remember to start your day off right with
a healthy breakfast. ♪ [music playing–
no dialogue] ♪♪.

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