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100 thoughts on “Indian Street Food Tour in Chennai, India | Street Food in India BEST Curry!

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  2. U come in hyderabad bro we have lots of food varieties in hyderabad like hyderabadi biryani hyderabadi haleem etc come hyderabad telangana

  3. Have you ever been to Bangalore? Try world's best Dosa in Bangalore. Idli sambar, vada sambar..etc you'll love 'em all.
    If you want original, perfect dosa you have to visit Bangalore for that heavenly feeling of eating it.
    For best biryani visit Hyderabad

    Edited: samabar to sambar

  4. Please come in Nepal also we are waiting for you. There is famous dish called newari food which is tremendously awesome .

  5. Guys did you noticed they all accept money from him but if you check his Pakistani video no one accept his money everyone offers him free of cost..

  6. One thing verry unique is the difference between Indian and Pakistani Street food. Indian people charge money.. Whereas Pakistani Street food is free for foreigners…. Salute from India.. To Pakistan people…

  7. Hi james if you got chance to visit Dubai , please visit our restaurant called Mister Biryani Restaurant Which native from chennai

  8. India 🇮🇳 is world best country in India you eat complete day food only in 50 rupies
    India the world super power

  9. I like to visit Chennai but due to Kashmir intentions India visa is not been issued to Pakistanis because India is still our enemy and pm Modi is Pakistan’s enemy

  10. South Indians instead of using plates to serve food they offer "banana leaf". ppl are not too smiley or friendly with foreigners. that is why Trevor has only 10 minutes video Lolz

  11. Thank you soo much bro…. We are Indian…. We feel proud that you came to India and enjoyed the Indian culture and heritage like a real Indian…. You are great

  12. Bollywood industry shown us all beautiful people live in India. But tru is all beautiful actress are coming form Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri lanka. You people see this video the original Indian ugly people.

  13. The way how you show love and care towards the locals is the reason u get the same back…. You are awesome brother …. Glad that you visited Tamilnadu…

  14. Recalling thalapathi line.. இன்னா இப்போ லோக்கலு நா.. நம்ம கெத்தா உலாத்தனும் !!❤❤ Namma chennai!! Sensational south indian food!!😍😍❤❤

  15. I'm sorry but the places you went in Chennai does not at all qualify for a review except Thalapakatti .. I'm assuming you were con'ed or mislead by someone or maybe you didn't ask any for help like Sonny does, Sonny takes a localite with him if he thinks not possible to figure out where to go .. And most importantly, with the geographical locations I'm able to figure that you could just cover in and around 3kms of Chennai ,very precisely Tnagar , Kodambakkam and Ashok Nagar(For Thalapakatti). I would take you for a spin if you come next time .

  16. I'm in Chennai rn and my dad works here. Gotta try it all out btw there's a lot you missed. The next time, conduct a proper research and come back lol but then I liked the video a lot and it's true, the locals are pretty nice here. 😊

  17. Dude…..dont miss mangalorean sea foods……its just 500 km away from Chennai. There's no youtuber in india who didnt explore food in mangalore…..try to visit during jan and feb…..there's festive fair everyyear.

  18. Wowww….😋😋😋 mouth😛😛watering……
    I am expert in Indian dishes. Please Watch our video support us

  19. Hi Food Ranger, u have visited Chennai but u haven't tried not more than 10% Tamil food means u haven't tried any thing our Tamil food far difference

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