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67 thoughts on “Intermittent Fasting | 5:2 Diet | Warrior Diet | Leangains 16-8 Diet | fasting to lose weight loss

  1. Hey max another excellent video, thanks. Would love to see a video regarding your thoughts on sugar, stevia and other sugar substitutes sometime! Thanks again, trying out the 16:8.

  2. At the moment I am starting 16/8 and feel pretty well. I dont eat at work and am cooking a nice dinner at the evening.

    But: at the moment I cant stand it not eating at all at work… Do you think its okay to have a protein shake with me at work or something like that ?

  3. Can the 18 hours be for example from 7pm to 13pm next day? fasting when sleeping is much easier hahahaha

  4. It's not only about the calories – I agree you can't eat whatever you want, but I was not losing weight when eating fewer calories than I am now when intermittent fasting. It's the insulin – particularly with insulin resistant people. When insulin is circulating you can't lose weight – eating lots of small meals keeps the insulin circulating for longer. This might not make any difference for those with a normal insulin response – but it has made a big difference to me. I use a 6 hour eating window and have 2 meals now.

  5. Totally agree. I've been doing IF for 5 months. I do 16/8, fasted cardio. I've lost 20 lbs and about 3% body fat. It's easy once you adjust to it, and I feel great.

  6. good vid, the Warrior Diet is the best one in my opinion, i do that 5 days of the week and its pretty damn good

  7. When attempting the warriors diet, would it be best to get most of your calories before bed or more so around noon?

  8. For the 16:8 method, will I lose more body fat by adding a little cardio and muscle training during the eating period or the fasting period?

  9. Thanks for the info. Is it better to weight train in the fasting or feeding period and for how long if I want to build muscle mass? Thanks again

  10. Yaya really helps working out during fast, if you have any kind of high blood pressure low bloodsugar you are at high risk of passing out during exercise dont just run into it thinking u will be A-ok if you have any blood related conditions. Just a heads up since video didnt mention or you will be in a world of hurt.

  11. Eventually, I've thought out a proper diet instruction which is simple to read & easy to follow. "fizy unique plan", google it right away. Additionally, it is the very first diet which has given me a proven effect dropped 12 pounds.

  12. Great video and information! I've personally done the 16/8, which isn't a bad structure. The Warrior diet was rather channelling. I've started researching 5:2 Deit (lead me to the vid) and I'm experimenting with it now. Keep up the great work!

  13. Do you have to eat on the same time frame everyday? I normally wake up at 5am and i don't eat until 10am. But if i wake up at 7am, do i have to wait until 12nn or is it okay to eat at 10am? Thanks

  14. Damn bloody good explanation bro. I can't help but the compliment the smooth message delivered throughout this short video …. The best so far…. Keep it up and keep sharing. I personally feel the 16/8 is sustainable and easy and nothing wrong combining it with 5-2 as long as the nutrients are met accordingly. Thank u very much…

  15. I did 16/8 for a couple of years before I decided to go Keto. Since you never get very hungry on a keto diet, I reduced my eating window to 2-4 hours a day, and sometimes I fast for 24 hours or more. I'm a volume eater, and so one big meal a day works out beautifully for me.

  16. Can you still take a pre-workout during the fasting window of 16/8? I usually workout in the morning before eating, but often I will drink a pre-workout (which has 20 calories).

  17. You just contradicted yourself! How do you burn "more fat" fasted training? It's all comes down to calories in and calories out. LIKE YOU SAID 🤔

  18. would a pre workout break my fast l workout when I'm fasting is ok to take a pre workout supplement like c4 it only has 5 calories per serving.

  19. I have been doing the 16:8 IF for 3 weeks now with no weight loss. I
    drink about 3l of water everyday. I have my last meal (protein, veg and
    brown rice/pasta/etc) before 8pm and i have my first meal around 12 noon
    (almost same as dinner), i'll have a candy or 2 during the day in my
    feasting window, and maybe a cookie or a bit crisps before dinner. Still
    not working for me. I am not doing any workouts. Could that be the
    reason? I want to try the 5:2 IF now and to see if i'll have any
    changes. Also with 16:8, i started getting acne.

  20. can someone pls tell me if I can have tea in the morning before my eating window 1-9 pm …. can add a tb of honey too?

  21. Simply from partaking in this diet program my results have been brilliant. You should google “sowo hope site” because the results were truly astonishing. I additionally know another person who dropped 15 pounds.

  22. I'm worried about the fasting effecting my menstrual cycle. Is there anything I can to to make sure the IF does not provent me for having a period?

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  24. I don't if u this was mentioned enough but among all the so called fitness experts here you are the first one who is really talks like a professional , you are super nice, descriptive and it's really fun watching your videos
    keep up the good work

  25. how many times can i eat for the 8 hrs window duration? is it once only? or can eat for example 2pm and eat again at 9 or 10pm?

  26. I'm starting back again today. My doctor prescribed me steroids for my allergies and they made me crazy hungry. After finishing my supply, my meal times got out of wack; I was crazy hungry all the time. Going to the beach in June so it's a must to start again. Doing 14/8 then slowly work my way to 16/8.

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  28. The 16/8 fasting works well with a ketogenic diet …i do high fat/ med protien /low carbs…of two meals in my eating window @ i never feel hungry in fact alot of the time i go to 20hrs witjout feeling hungry ……

  29. Will you lose muscle doing the 5:2 diet but with true fasting? I don’t eat anything on fast days, I just find it stupid to eat only 500 calories might as well completely fast for better autophagy and hgh production. Btw I’m 18, 5’10 160lbs but want to get to around 8% bf which would put me at around 155lbs, do I risk losing muscle I’ve gained over the past 6 months??

  30. IF is Not a Diet, its a Lifestyle. Calories in Calories out is Outdated information. Fasting has positive Affects on the Hormones. This guy needs to do more research. Diets don’t work. IF is not a Diet, its an Eating Protocol

  31. Can someone please help me figure out what I'm doing wrong?

    I've been on IF going on 2 year's I lost 45 lbs in the first 6 months eating 2 meals a Day + Meal Replacement Shake.

    I've since stopped taking a Meal Replacement Shake and gained 20 lbs then lost 15lbs

    I'm stuck at 185lbs and only eating 2 meals a Day from 12pm to 6pm no snacks in between

    For Breakfast I'll usually eat

    2 scrambled eggs with spinach & slice of avocado toast or a Bowl of Oatmeal with no sugar

    For Dinner I usually eat

    Chicken with white rice & veggies from Sunday-Friday

    On Saturday's I'll eat the same thing for Breakfast the only difference being I'll have a piece of Chocolate for lunch & buy Fast Food for Dinner either Subway, Chinese

    For exercise I've been on and off due to symptoms of chronic fatigue I'll do light workouts mainly

    2 sets of weighted 20lb sit ups, 2-3 min of planks, 10min of cardio & 2-3 sets of lunges every morning

    At night I'll repeat my morning workout and add some weight training mainly dumbbell workouts 1-2 sets of shoulders, biceps, traps or triceps + 1-2 sets of squats

    Idk what I'm doing wrong please help

  32. You need to do more research brother. calories in calories out has very little to do with weight loss in this diet plan. Insulin levels plummeted HGH levels rise and ketone bodies are produced. obviously that points towards an increased amount of body fat being burned. Do you research you sound a bit behind….

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