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Intermittent Fasting Mistakes That Make You GAIN WEIGHT!!!

the number one mistake that people make
that causes them to lose no weight whatsoever is hey guys what’s up welcome
back to my channel if you guys are new here welcome my name is Caitlyn and in
today’s video we’re gonna be talking about common intermittent fasting mistakes. Yes, there
are mistakes that you can make while you’re intermittent fasting and I dont want to see you guys make any of these mistakes I want you guys to have the best results
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said let’s get into the video all right you guys so let’s get into what mistake
number one is choosing the wrong plan for you now there are many different
methods of intermittent fasting there’s the 16/8 method which I do
there is the OMAD method which is one meal a day there is alternate day
fasting if there’s a lot of other different plans that you can choose but
choose one that works best for your lifestyle don’t go into it expecting to
already start a 20 hour fast if you haven’t ever fasted before ever in your
life, that’s just not realistic start with a 12 hour fast work your way up to
a 16 hour fast and then maybe you can do a 20 hour fast but work your way up to
it you’re not going to be an expert overnight don’t expect results overnight
because you’re just not going to get results overnight this takes time this
is the weight loss tool this is not like a weight loss answer this is not you do
intermittent fasting and then the next day you’re just the body that you want
to be this takes some time so choose a plan that you think is going to be
realistic for you realistic for your lifestyle so that is my first tip for
you guys that you don’t want to make that mistake of choosing the wrong plan
another common intermittent fasting mistake that people make once they’ve
already chosen the plan that works best for them is breaking your fast with junk
reason number one you don’t want to break your fast with junk food is
because it’s not going to keep you bolt throughout the day you’re not going to
get any kind of nutrients from it let’s say you’re just like oh I’m just gonna
wake up and break my vows with a cupcake like a cupcake is not going to keep you
full it’s not gonna have the nutrients that you
so choose something that’s on the healthier side whether it is just a
quick avocado toast make sure that you’re getting in a protein a fat of
fiber something that’s gonna help you to stay folder so you’re not snacking
throughout the day consuming more calories than you need which leads me
into the next mistake which is binging when you break your fast now I know you
guys haven’t eaten in however many hours you fasted let’s say it’s 12 hours 16
hours however long you fasted and you’re hungry I get it but this isn’t a
free-for-all this doesn’t mean just go and eat all the food that you can
because you’re fast is broken still have some self-control try to eat in moderate
portions and don’t go crazy don’t binge on anything just because you were
feeling hungry at the time your body actually has a hormone called ghrelin if
you eat less than you think that you normally need you will actually feel
full if you give your body some time so don’t rush it don’t think that you need
to eat everything that you can because that will just cause you to not see
results and not allow you to lose weight and you don’t want that so don’t fall
victim to that because I know how easy that can get just like mindlessly eating
if you’re bored or anything still try to track what you eat so you’re not going
overboard so you can see Rizzo another mistake that people make is being too
strict with their plan you don’t want to be so strict with yourself that you’re
not allowing yourself the grace that intermittent fasting gives you
intermittent fasting allows you to not have to think about food 24/7 what’s
going to be my breakfast was gonna be my lunch that’s going to be my dinner it
allows you to just focus on less food throughout the day so you’re not
constantly thinking about it now let’s say you chose the 16-8 plan you’re
badbrakes at 12 o’clock and it’s 11:45 you’re hungry and you’re on lunch you’re
at work and you’re ready to go eat you don’t have to be super strict with
yourself just try to keep it around the same time every day your body’s not
going to be like oh oh my god she ate at 11:45 oh my gosh like no you’re gonna be
okay try to eat around just the same time
relatively every day but don’t be too strict on yourself don’t be like oh my
gosh I can’t do this with my friends or I can’t do that because of this just
don’t make it a normal habit just you regulate yourself discipline yourself
and you’ll see results just don’t be too strict with it because you’re going to
start resenting intermittent fasting and you’re not going to want to do it
anymore because you just feel there’s too many rules to it and last but not
least the number one mistake that people make the cause of them to lose no weight
whatsoever is learning all about intermittent fasting and by taking no
action you’re learning as much as you can wanting it to be super perfect so
you don’t make any mistakes you’re gonna make mistakes you’re gonna learn along
the way and you’re gonna fix those mistakes but in order to do that you
have to try or else you will see no results time is not going to wait for
you there’s never gonna be a right time can’t keep telling yourself I’m gonna
start on Monday Monday never rolls around make a plan and start now because
you will be so glad that you did if you have any questions I’m always here for
you you can let me know and down in the comments below or you can message me
over on Instagram at Kaitlyn zxo I’m active on there everyday so feel free to
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of you guys I love you guys so much and I will see you guys next week bye

13 thoughts on “Intermittent Fasting Mistakes That Make You GAIN WEIGHT!!!

  1. The hardest part for me is to keep going when I’m hungry! But the way I feel and look the next day makes it soo worth it. Also here are so many cognitive benefits to fasting which I love! I feel like I focus better on days I fast. Thanks for your tips

  2. I'm 2 weeks into ADF. works best for my extreme personality. (side note – this is a great YT channel. I predict 10K followers by 2021)

  3. Most of what you mentioned I did last time I tried intermittent fasting. I would break my fast eat unhealthy fast food and snack way to much on junk chips, candy and just was eating way to many empty calories in that window so I lost no weight. I had to educate myself mainly through vloggers like you on how to eat and what to eat, I do treat myself when I go out with friends mainly but small portions still healthier options so I'm not eating large portions and way to many calories in a meal.

  4. @ Caitlyn Lindsay I have a question. I chose the 16/8 method and so far it works out well for me. I usually have my first meal at around 11.30. however I do not need the whole 8 hours on most days. which means that if I have my first meal at around noon I would be allowed to eat until 7:30pm however, I would usually have my last meal at around 5/6pm – is that bad? Should you stick to the full 8 hours and finish the eating window by eating at exactly 7:30?? This might be a stupid question but so far I couldnt find any answers to it. Thanks in advance:) Nathalie

  5. Yayy another IF video. I love watching them! Thank you for another great video. Can you perhaps show more pictures, like before and after. You’re a true inspiration! I’ve lost 4 kg so far (I started January 6) and these videos keeps me motivated!

  6. I started fasting today. Just wanna ask. When I'm starting do I eat the same food everyday and the same times or different fruit n veggies everyday at the same time?

  7. You went from almost 700 to 900+ in one day! That's so awesome! super happy for you! As always great content! high-quality video!

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