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Arthritis Diet and Exercises

Introducing Arthritis Life!

Hi, I’m Cheryl I have rheumatoid arthritis and I’m an occupational therapist, a healthcare field that helps people with disabilities succeed with everyday tasks. I created Arthritis Life to educate, empower and inspire other patients and providers. I’ll be sharing the tips and tricks I’ve developed to make everyday tasks easier. I’ll also share real patients stories. My interviews will cover not only the diagnosis journey and medical ups and downs, but also the social and mental health effects of chronic illness. While I’m at it, I’ll also be interviewing providers so you can learn how different specialists can help. And, because I just can’t contain myself, I’ll also be sharing product reviews, general education videos and more. A little more about me: I’m a mom, volunteer, advocate, occupational therapy teacher and more. In addition to arthritis, I have other chronic illnesses and I’ve gone through many ups and downs over the years. I believe in the power of learning directly from real patients in all of our complexity; we rarely follow the textbook descriptions of our illnesses. I’ll be posting new videos regularly, so be sure to subscribe. Also, let me know any life hacks you want to see in the comment section.

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