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IRISH 24HR ORP MRE menu K Vegetarian ration – ENG SUBS / IRSKI CSO

And after a long time we have Irish MRE that’s pretty hard to find A colleague managed to get two of them so I got one There wasn’t much chance to see it on the internet, the older Irish rations where in boxes similar to British Ration packs used today are in this clear bags On the top it’s simple zip lock and a sticker that says it’s DF Ireland’s 24hr ration pack You can see their idea what you should have for each meal and dessert On the bottom you have company information along with their address This is actually a sticker that’s on the bag, but inside of it you have this information sheet you can take out So the V letter is for vegetarian, not a roman number 5 Jelly beans Biscuits browns Sesame bar, three bars that always melts in one that you can’t bite in Apple, kiwi, maracuja fruit explosion pouch (fruit purree) Tutty-Frutty (energy drink flavor) drink powder for 0,5 liters of drink Bag with peanuts, almonds, cashews Hot chocolate drink regular taste, you can also get the versions with orange (Jaffa Cakes) or menthol (After Eight chocolate) Refreshing strawberry drink powder Raspberry drink power, also for 0.5 liters of water Tropical mix flavored drink powder, also for 0.5 liters of water You get these four drinks, four different flavors packed in three different bag styles The newer packs and older packs if I’m not mistaken The fifth drink is made with the hot chocolate drink powder So you have enough number of drinks of all kinds Accessory bag is almost the size of ration bag itself Four whiteners for tea or coffee Water purification tablets, 6 pieces Each tab is for disinfection of 1 liter of water Three packs of chewing gums Four packs of sugar Matches that you can light in windy and wet conditions Plastic spoon Two anti bacterial wet wipe This is everything you get in Irish MRE There is no point opening everything since most of it you could already see in Crombat’s review of British ORP’s Let’s prepare refreshing strawberry drink, it’s mixed with sugar and there’s lot’s of powder in this bag Now lets try first meal that in this case is Vegetable Curry with rice It looks like this, you can see there’s lot’s of oil in this There’s corn chickpeas, green beans, carrots, brown rice… let’s try it to see if it’s any good Not bad, strong flavor meal. You can taste curry and vegetables.Vegetables are a bit mushy… It’s really nice meal, but it’s missing something and that something could be the meat All in all not bad, but it would be awesome with tabasco sauce (you get one small bottle in this ration) Moroccan style bean stew is next Also lot’s of oils But in this case the sauce is tomato sauce and it’s spicey – hot So it’s different from the first meal with curry and with mild taste Very nice tasting meal, reminds me of some american MRE meal mixed with tabasco sauce I must say these are very strange meals for Irish people, but we all change with time, Ireland also Let’s try strawberry drink Very light taste of strawberry, not even sweet as it should be Like those very cheap fruit syrup you dilute with water, but in this case you where in communist mood so you used very little of it So the drink is a disappointment I give it 2 of 10 The rest of the items in this rations where shown in our previous reviews so I will not repeat it to keep this video shorter Thanks for watching, please click like and subscribe. Best Regards from Crombat Rations! Oh-ro (heads-up!)! Welcome home… Oh-ro (heads-up!)! Welcome home… Oh-ro (heads-up!)! Welcome home… Now that summer’s (freedom) coming… Welcome lady who faced such troubles… Your capture brought us to our ruin… With our fine land usurped by thieves…And you sold to the foreigners! Oh-ro! you’re welcome home..Oh-ro! you’re welcome home…Oh-ro! you’re welcome home… Now that summer’s (freedom) coming… Gráinne Mhaol is coming over the salt water,
Armed volunteers with her as guards They’re Irishmen – not French nor Spanish… And they will rout the foreigners! Oh-ro, welcome home…Oh-ro, welcome home…Oh-ro, welcome home… Now that summer’s coming… May it please dear God that we might see, even if we only live for week after… Gráinne Mhaol and a thousand warriors – Routing all the foreigners!

18 thoughts on “IRISH 24HR ORP MRE menu K Vegetarian ration – ENG SUBS / IRSKI CSO

  1. Thank you for another awesome review. The main meals look like baby food. I wonder how many vegetarians there really are in the defence force. 😘💕

  2. Hello my friend. Thank you for this video. This ration looks like British one, just in a plastic bag. As I understood just one thing show to you that is a Irish ration, this is a list A4 size with logo

  3. You promised one existed, you delivered proof friends, wow !!     I never knew they even existed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   A lot of the components, look like they came from British ration Pack, agreed.      I love those sesame bars, but, as you stated, 3 thin bars, fuse all into one mass.      Sometimes difficult, however , to me, flavor is awesome, despite damage to teeth, LOL.     Most overseas friends, of yours, and mine, do not understand, the love for Tabasco?       It is not just the heat, we crave, but the vinegar flavor, that adds to the heat, to make great combination.      We have way more hotter sauces here, even one called " Sh#t The bed " , LOL.       Heat, with no flavor, means nothing. The correct amount of heat, and spices , however, is highly prized. To Americans, this is perfect combination.        If you are desperate, for more heat, bite A hot pepper??       LOL.  My humble viewpoint friends?      Peace, John.       P.S.,        Okay? Prequel, became sequel?     Video introduction, after the review? Different, but, enjoyed highly.   May I be of assistance, please ask?

  4. Great to see such rare ration ! However the content is well-known 🙂 These drinks are a bit funny – look like random bags gathered from a storage…

  5. Great video Crombat never seen an Irish ration before. It almost seems like a standard British ORP though. Would at least like to see a traditional main dish related to the country. Thanks for sharing!

  6. At least Brexit means the Irish wont have to buy substandard British ORP's because some random company came back with the cheapest bid when it was put out to tender ,

  7. I have to say.. You my friend are for the adults… There is a clown that is for kids (CRH). A friend from Canada, I really enjoy your content, I just finished watching the German EPA 24h review you just did and I cracked up quite a bit..😁

  8. Was in the Irish Army for three years, gutted that our rations are not sourced from Éire, this is unexeptable, take note PDFORRA!

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