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Irish People Try American Sandwiches

Sandwiches!!! Sandwiches and I can’t wait, I really really need to eat. I haven’t eaten in days in preparation for this. -It’s steak and cheese with onion -yeah Ah! So good -There’s tons of it -…lots of meat – It’s meat cause Americans are meaty aren’t they? What’s not to like you know. You got meat, cheese. Is there cheese in it? Absolutely stunning! -Okay I was always hoping we’ll get one of those. -A Philly cheese steak. Is it called a Philly steak sandwich because the cows are from Philadelphia? -You wouldn’t wanna be… on the first date. -Yeah – So, how are you doing? So this is gonna be one of these rare Facts videos where everything’s going to be great? It looks like something from the inside of the drain pipe between two slices of bread It’s not very inventive is it? Like, Hey ma what did you make today. Well… What do we have… Here’s some bread. Shut up.Here’s some meat. It’s like a burger without all the accoutrement that you need. It’s not even that bad, it’s just a mess It’s very tasty. But you know it’s not good for your arteries. It does need more, it needs cheese. Is that like going sloppy Joe? Is this prawn? Prawn sandwiches are… I thought that was a very British thing Nope It gets nicer the more I eat. It gets way nicer the more I eat. -Sauce is kind of unusual, isn’t it? what is the sauce? -Oh! Back taste! A bit of burger sauce Shrimp Po boy. Oh okay, I knew I had it. -The common man sandwich. -Yeah – I like it. The little Po Boy This… I immediately think, straight away, it looks really really good cause it’s got pickles. And this. What’s this here? this look like Yoda’s penis It’s smells like… vinegar You know what? It’s pretty good Not great. Okay now… It’s kinda slowly… Okay no. -Mustard, pastrami, pickle. -Ah, it’s pastrami, yeah mustard -That’s it. When I had it, it just felt like ham and mustard…Ah, that’s nice and then all of the sudden it just started getting more sour like Good, I don’t usually eat raw meat but if I had to I would eat that. -Oh common! peanut butter and jam. -Never tried it. -Huge fan. -We have peanut butter, we have jam. -(both) It’s called jam. Americans’ national identity is strongly attached to that. -No, oh my god. -No? I’m sorry if that’s attached to your national identity It’s awful. It’s nice actually, it’s very sticky, isn’t it? I love it cause I think it’s like savory mixed with sweet and it’s pretty great, you know? *Both dancing and singing fabulously* It’s peanut butter jelly time! Peanut butter jelly time. Peanut butter jelly, peanut butter jelly -You know, the variety is what makes sandwiches so special. -Exactly, you can do so much. -You can literally. Like, I could take two pieces of bread and put Blaithin head in between and she is a sandwich. Nobody has a mouth big enough to eat my head.

100 thoughts on “Irish People Try American Sandwiches

  1. As an American, I will say that the only sandwich on here I eat is peanut butter & jam. I eat mine w almond butter and whole wheat bread tho.

  2. Okay all of this shade is coming from people who literally eat sandwiches consisting of white bread, butter, and potato chips. Not adding up.

  3. All those sandwiches are bomb, must not have been done right. Or those Patty's are used to bangers in buns…. 😝

  4. Yodas penis lol! The Irish eat ham sandwiches but are a confused about these products. The Philly did not have bell peppers on it. What the H.E. double tooth picks do these people eat, Lambs stomach stuffed with meat and barley. Hmmmm sounds so good! We need to do a reverse on this vid. Besides I'm American and love Italian food, something so foreign to the world! This is crap! Eat your haggis or what ever you call it and shut up lmao!

  5. It all looks like shit. If ur gonna show people our fuckin food why don't u get someone to cook the fuckin shit properly….messy joes are a God send but looking at that I want a cry……shitry bread looks like u got no sugar….sad

  6. Looney tune guy: what even is this? Bitch it's a pickle and ur a horrible liar also I was wondering the same of that ridiculous getup u got.

  7. How in the hell can you dislike a PB&J!?!? It's a national treasure and you if don't like it than we can't be friends.

  8. Awww…. where’s the peanut butter and mayo? (Sarcasm)
    Referencing a “American” food vid they did.

  9. 0:44 Sloppy Joe Sandwich. Bap ?? Minced? Set-up is WRONG. Americans do not use those a BAP. It should be "Ground beef with onion on week old wonder bread.".

  10. 1:27 "prawns & crawdads"" are the fresh water variety of shell fish that live in MUD. … SHRIMP are from clean SALT water !

  11. "Sandwiches from the U.S." … not "sandwiches from america" … NO country is labeled "america" – America is a continent NOT a country; How stupid are people from "the continent of " … Ireland ?? – – see it makes no sense! Use proper grammar; or stay home !

  12. The worst place in the world that I have been regarding food is by far Ireland and I've been in USA, UK, Portugal, Spain, Andorra, France, Holand, Turkey, Morocco, Italy, Malta, Egypt and México. Not so many countries to compare I know, but the only one were I starved and the food was shit was Ireland. I still have nightmares :-). And from best to worst IMHO are Spain, France, México, Portugal, Turkey, Italy, Egypt, Morocco, Andorra, USA, UK, Holand, Malta and Ireland.

  13. I'm an American I don't no who made those sandwiches they look gross I had better looking sandwiches then those yall need to go to authentic restaurants where that's there specialty…

  14. Brits have no fucking grasp on Americans what so ever y’all always think shit is attached to ALL Americans culture, each city in each state of America has their own way of doing things, literally the same as the rest of the world idk what’s so hard to understand about that, one sandwich or one staple meal does NOT connect to the whole of Americans. People in the south eat different than northerners, same for Midwest people and same for the west/coastal areas, we DONT SHARE SIMILARITIES

  15. Never had a pastrami on rye and I lived in newyork for 16 years. I dont really like pb&j either. It's more of a crappy thing you eat when your a kid.

  16. 15/16 of my great great grandparents came over from Ireland during the Potato Famine from 1847-1865. If they had Philly cheesesteak sammitches or PBJ, they would have stayed in Ireland.

  17. Look I have adopted my Dad's method for the PB & Jelly I had when I was a kid. Get out the peanut butter and jelly and the bread. Toast the two slices of bread then apply the peanut butter and jelly. It's still good today as it was in the 80's and a little of the 90's.

  18. Peanut butter sammies without jelly and no edges makes me miss my momma !!! And makes me taste buds sing

  19. I like my PBJ's with lightly toasted bread still warm to make the creamy peanut butter melt with either apple jelly, strawberry jam, or just plain honey. A must, some whole milk or chocolate works for me.

  20. Funny they let people taste American food who eat Irish Stew! Waoh 🤤🤤 Better take some people from Italy or France to judge American Food.

  21. I am absolutely prepared to enlist and go to war to absolutely crush the pathetic fucking Irish and their non-existent military over their disrespect of the pb&j. Please Donald trump if you see this let’s erase Ireland forever for this offense.

  22. Why THE FUCK does a women, take a SANDWICH, (a dish designed for the utter convenience of consumption, pick up, put to mouth, bite, put sandwich down), then pick it up and start pulling the fucking thing to pieces with her fingers? Making the thing messy to eat, less attractive and totally wasteful of effort?
    No man does that!

  23. We have jam in the USA too. Jam and jelly are two different things.

    Jelly is made from fruit juice.
    Jam is made from fruit mash.

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