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100 thoughts on “Is Carbonated (Sparkling) Water Good or Bad for You?

  1. Sparkling water helped me kick my alcohol addiction. Everytime I felt like drinking a beer, I'd chug a Topo Chico and the tingling sensation from the carbonation would give me the same rush I'd get when I'd chug a beer. It wasn't that easy to quit, but I think sparkling water helped me a lot.

  2. Basically, if you think your doing something healthier, the fear mongers will come to tell you you're not. Don't enjoy anything.

  3. I, for the most part, quit regular soda and switched to Bubly. A friend mentioned his dentist told him sparkling water was worse than sugary soda. So I looked this up. Probably will still drink it knowing sugary soda is apparently 100X worse.

  4. I will use "True lime, lemon" for a tart taste or use half favorite soda half carbonated to save on calories just for a treat.

  5. I started using club soda to replace pop a couple years ago with water flavouring. Oddly enough not that long later l started seeing flavoured club soda. If l have pop though, l try to go with Coke Life.

  6. I don't get sparkling water. Fresh cold still water tastes fantastic and refreshing. Sparkling water doesn't in my opinion, makes stomach bloat and causes burping which after certain foods isn't that great for other people. Everybody can drink whatever they like but in my previous working place's cantine there was only sparkling water as an option in addition to juices and sodas. Like, what the hell? Are we too developed to have the purest and most natural form of drink be served at lunch?

  7. guys and girls, the rule is simple. "If it feels/ tastes good, it's bad for health"
    This is what I learned from life

  8. I love drinking flavored sparkling water! It's so much better than soda and I can't stand diet soda, so sparkling water, is now my go to! Lucky me, the dollar general that is right around the corner from my house, sells them for 75 cents for a litter!

  9. San Pellegrino is not naturally carbonated as carbon dioxide needs to be added during their production. Perrier, Badoit, and Gerolsteiner are naturally carbonated mineral water.

  10. I love fizzy water, I drink Faygo Sparkling water, just carbonated water..
    I like how it helps me digest, I can burp and have no reflux, no sugar, no additives, I'm in my 50's and have ALL my teeth, and they are good and white! I also avoid calories with no sugars, no poison "diet" sweetners that make headaches. I recommend the pure waters like this, because some have flavours and sweetners, and Even Bisulfite!! So read your labels folks!

  11. Hehe! Classic opinion at the end! I use it as a purchase alternative at restos because it's a way to purchase at least some beverage. Also, I use it to make keto-friendly beverages such as iced matcha tea soda which is delicious with no sugar added. So, it's an option for those looking for one.

  12. Add a few drops of Stevia to any flavored fizzy water & bam! Sooo yummy…almost like a soda but no calories or chemicals & much more refreshing!

  13. Carbonation turns into carbonic acid and can cause your Urinary tract to become raw, followed quickly by a UTI. This is absolutley true for me and I know this is mostly true of those that are sensitive to it, like I am. I was getting 10-12 urinary tract infections a year, yes almost one a month, till the doctor FINALLY told me about carbination causing a raw (think open sore), urinary tract. The bacteria soon causes an infection on the raw, open to bacteria, urinary tract! I am a diabetic female in my 60s which puts me into a higher risk group for this problem. After cutting out carbonation, my infections fell to 1 or 2 a year. I can drink flavored drinks, without carbonation and at first I just let my diet sodas go flat before drinking…that weaned me off easily. I currently drink sugar free Power Ade (a sports drink made by coca cola).

  14. Everything is bad for your health. Just keep a 2 liter bottle of Club Soda handy in your fridge since it's has the most carbonation. Club soda is used to add extra zip to fruity drinks and makes a really wicked deep frying food batter. This is a very versatile beverage in cooking and drink making. Life is short, might as well enjoy it to its fullest when you eat.

  15. I don’t whether the scientists do know consuming carbon is always bad for health, that’s why ancient Indians always avoid dead meat which has more carbon. Not sure much of your research got into…

  16. i like sparkling water, i drank it with lemon and orange flavor
    its flavored water but fizzy. Its nothing like soda though
    i just drink juice and water. Maybe SOME soda but rarely

  17. I love drinking it but! Carbonated water gives me very bad belching and indigestion After drinking it! I have to avoid it like the plague!

  18. I love water so much,I always drink Perrier and other flavored sparkling waters,mineral water is just so good

  19. Jesus Christ everything is bad for our health. We're all going to die anyways, might as well drink and eat all the good shit we can!

  20. Look up a simple, old fashioned drink called a shrub. One teaspoon of this added to any water is very low sugar, has lots of flavor and is super good for you.

  21. I like this water because it gives me the same throat burn we look for when we drink a soda..thats all we look for. Now i barelly drink soda. I do drink this water alott

  22. I'm pretty sure I'm the future this will be refuted and it will be found to be bad for us. just drink plain water most of the time and carbonated water when you went a little treat

  23. I've tried multiple times to like sparkling water. It just reminds me of those dissolvable paracetamol drinks and tastes vile to me.

  24. Carbonated water is dangerous for bones unless you drink very modest amounts!Carbonic acid turns bones into acids!In large amounts anyway!

  25. Seltzer has NOTHING added it is ONLY water and CO2 Only Club Soda and the like have additives do your homework before you preach this guy is full of CRAP! Seltzer is the healthiest thing you can drink next to plain water!

  26. In Germany if you order water in a restaurant, they bring you sparkling water. For us here it's rather uncommon to just drink plain water. We even have two options: Medium or classic. It is the intensity of those bubbles.

  27. How about a study over 10 years. These results are like FDA results for Acute not at all Chronic results. I say bullshit on your plastic fantastic studies.

  28. I drank carbonated water every day for one year (~500 mL/day). Then my gut started acting strange: constipation, anxiety, sensitivity to caffeine. I removed carbonated water from my diet, and then over the course of 2-3 weeks my gut has returned to normal. I'm wondering if the carbonic acid or natural flavors can interfere with your gut bacteria over time? Decided to just stick with water from now on.


  30. I tried Water Soda for first time because i thought it has the same taste of Sprite. And it taste very salty.

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