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Is Coconut Oil Really Healthy?

We’ve got an addiction to oil in this country.
Coconut oil. It’s good for your hair, for your skin, for cooking, for mental health,
for … FOR EVERYTHING. But is this real? Or just another fad. Is it just Facebook, Twitter and everyone
I know or are people are actually coo-coo for coconut oil? In the 1980s, coconut oil
was considered terrible cholesterol-causing junk. Yet in 2002, the New Statesman published,
“People who eat coconut oil in place of other vegetable oils” are free of degenerative diseases,
have a healthier BMI, and live longer. And there’s a rumor it can even cure Alzheimers.
Lucky for us, science has spent some time looking into it. A coconut isn’t a nut (or fruit, or seed),
it’s a drupe, like a peach or apricot. Coconuts on trees are fleshy bits, each containing
a single brown pit or stone, which is what we call the coconut. Coconut oil is exactly
what you think it is, a result of processing the white meat of a coconut, the endosperm,
to extract its oil. There are a handful of ways people accomplish it, but they all end
up drying, boiling, or pressing its flesh. The change from the 1970s and 80s to today,
is coconut oil production has gotten better. Virgin coconut oil wasn’t available then,
and instead it was a highly processed oil product. But is today’s product really better? Processed coconut oil contains 92 percent
saturated fat; butter is only 64 percent, and both beef and pure LARD are only 40 percent.
Unlike animal fats, coconut oil doesn’t contain cholesterol. Instead, it influences cholesterol
in the body — which is manufactured by the liver. Saturated fat causes inflammation in
the blood vessels, so we should keep an eye on it because consuming a little coconut oil
is going to have a large impact on saturated fat intake. Coconut oil ALSO contains medium-chain triglycerides,
or MCTs — which are ALSO processed by the liver, the main MCT in coconut oil is called
lauric acid, which is associated with increases in HDL cholesterol (the good kind) and is
associated with decreased body fat, but it also raises LDL cholesterol (the bad kind
which causes heart problems). According to Dr. Walter Willett of the Harvard
School of Public Health, “overall effects on health can’t be predicted just by the
changes in LDL and HDL.” And there just hasn’t been enough time to do long-term studies to
figure out the true benefits or drawbacks of the oil. In 2011 a molecular biologist
from University of California Davis told the New York Times, “there is no concrete scientific
data yet to support” the health benefits of coconut oil. So far this new coconut oil fad seems to be
driven by hype more than actual information. People hear the media spout its health benefits
and throw it on ALL their foods; but moderation is more important. Chances are too much is
going to cause more harm than good. Sure, the HDL boost is nice, but both soybean and
olive oils lower LDL and raise HDL; and there are other compounds in the dregs of this drupe
which may affect the body in other, as yet unknown, ways. With regard to Alzheimer’s,
coconut oil has no scientific evidence to support it, only a book written by a pediatrician
about her husband’s experience with Alzheimer’s. What we DO know, is coconut oil works for
baking as a substitute for butter, vegans have tested that for us, but while coconut
oil might be better than the saturated fats in meats and butter, its benefits are not
as proven as all-mighty olive oil.

100 thoughts on “Is Coconut Oil Really Healthy?

  1. hi everyone ,if anyone else is searching for coconut health benefit try Corbandy Coconut Crusher (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my colleague got great results with it.

  2. I put it on the ends of my hair. My hair really doesn't split anymore. But I don't eat fad foods just because they are popular.

  3. i will tell u that it does wonderrs for u teeth! after i brush my teeth in the morning and at night for 5 min i will use it was mouth wash. it has broght back a tooth that turned blue(that mean it was dieing) back to white the gum above it was going black the black is now gone and yes it has whiten the rest of them

  4. 1. Saturated fats; Turns out, Are necessary, Among other things, We build our hormones with them,

    MCSA- A direct Energy source. Gives you energy without triggering Insulin, Thus allowing for Higher Amonut of HGH.

  5. Hi Trace i am your regular viewer and i am a big fan of your hosting and your team working on science.Can you please make a video on "Funnel Seeds also called as Black seeds "(Nigella Sativa) what science says about it please.Thanks Alot

  6. What you didn't mention there is what happens when you use an oil to fry. That is where coconut oil outstands olive oil – which is perfect when not heated up. When you want to heat things up to fry or bake you look for a higher smoking point – and there lard/coconut oil are the best. Tl;dr – olive oil when cold, coco/lard when hot.

  7. In my country, we've traditionally been using coconut oils centuries. I was told that coconut oils that float to the top are the good oil and oil that sinks to the bottom are the bad oil, so you shouldn't eat it, but you can still use it to make soap substitute. I personally have only used coconut oil a few times in my life because I don't like how it smells. What I've been using regularly however, is coconut milk. Is there any scientific studies on coconut milk? BTW, coconut milk doesn't increase obesity. My countrymen (Malaysia) eat nasi lemak (made using coconut milk) twice a day and it doesn't affect our health.

  8. Sorry but no oils are "good" for you, you can still use them and it wont kill you, but if you could cut them out (I can't) you would be better for it.

  9. I use coconut oil to put on door knobs, handles so people get their hands all lubed up and they get disgusted, confused and angry

  10. I would listen to this guy before… Then he said there were more than two genders and I lost all respect for him…

  11. Ok then… I'll just use eat tons of butter instead of coconut oil as it has lowered saturated fat… Thank you for being stoopid

  12. When it comes to dietary advice, pretty much all science ought to say "we dont know." It changes every 5-10 years. And drastically. Take a look at the food pyramid from the 1950's.

  13. In my state kerala we use cocount oil for bathing, cooking and also to light lamp. our state is called land of cocount

  14. What's with the music drowning out what he saying drop the music jeeez don't you check to see what it sounds like

  15. I use it as a flavor holder. For example, I'll use 5 tablespoons of coconut oil to fry a purple onion, then pour the oil into a jar to refrigerate. I'll make potato buds and add a teaspoon of the flavored coconut oil. It's got a semi inert flavor and melts in your hand. Use it wisely in moderation, and stop making deep fried food. You'd be amazed what you can do in a single pot.

  16. From Mary T. Newport, MD: The article this video reports on comes from the medical journal "Circulation" 2017, 135:e1-24, as a presidential advisory committee report from the AHA, "Dietary Fats and Cardiovascular Disease". The four "core studies" they relied on were all conducted in the 1950s, were entirely men in three of the four studies, were conducted in populations that almost certainly were not consuming coconut oil on any regular basis, and were studies comparing diets with ANIMAL saturated fats to diets with polyunsaturated fats. Animal and human fat is well known to store hormones, pesticides, antibiotics and other environmental substances, which could be a factor in heart disease, whereas vegetable fats such as coconut oil would not be so likely to contain these potentially harmful substances. The authors do not mention whether age and smoking were controlled for in these studies; smoking, which was very prevalent in the 1950s compared to the 2010's is a major contributor to heart disease. The clincher in this article is that they state on page e13 under the section on coconut oil, "Clinical trials that compared direct effects on CVD [cardiovascular disease] of coconut oil and other dietary oils have not been reported." They rely on studies of individual saturated fatty acids which show a miniscule increase in LDL (co called "bad") cholesterol but rationalize away a similar small increase in HDL ("good")and an improved LDL to HDL ratio. For example, lauric acid (50% of coconut oil) resulted in a less than 1 mg/dl point increase in both LDL and HDL cholesterol, with typical LDL values ranging from less than 100 to 160 mg/dl. Could a change of less than 1 mg/dl really have that much impact? In addition, the problem here is that natural fats such as coconut oil and even lard do not come as individual fatty acids but rather combinations of many fatty acids which may balance each other out. Completely ignored in this report are the shorter chain saturated fats in coconut oil known as medium chain triglycerides that could balance out the longer chain fats. Coconut oil also contains some mono- and polyunsaturated fats. One of the important details that the AHA is missing here is that 70% of the saturated fats in coconut oil are medium chain triglycerides (C6 through C12, lauric acid) which are either converted to ketones or burned immediately as fuel by muscle and other organs and not stored as fat. Lauric acid has some properties of medium chain and longer chain fatty acids. Ketones come from breakdown of fat and provide an alternative fuel to the brain and most other organs during starvation or fasting or to cells that are insulin resistant. In a recent study conducted in Japan, lauric acid was found to potently stimulate ketone production in astrocytes in cultures; astrocytes are brain cells that nourish other brain cells. By comparison, butter, lard and animal fat contain minimal medium chain triglycerides and they are not found in soybean, olive, corn, safflower and most other oils. There are hundreds of studies of potential benefits of coconut oil; for example, lauric acid, which is a medium chain triglyceride and about 50% of coconut oil, is antimicrobial – there are numerous studies showing that lauric acid kills many bacteria, viruses, fungi like candida and protozoa. The cholesterol studies looking at coconut oil were usually small studies conducted decades ago in animals or a few men over short term and used hydrogenated coconut oil – any hydrogenated oil will increase cholesterol. Also, the diets were deficient in omega-3 fatty acids which can also increase cholesterol levels. There are studies of entire populations for whom coconut oil provides 1/3 to 2/3 of the diet showing that they were of normal height and weight, had normal blood pressure, triglycerides and cholesterol levels at all ages. The committee surmises that people who eat saturated fats likely have other bad eating habits without any proof. These days, the people who embrace coconut oil are likely embracing healthier foods and a healthier lifestyle in general and eating fish and/or taking omega-3 fats, which weren’t on the radar in the 1950s when the so-called “core studies” for this report were conducted.
    The folks in the AHA and other organizations who perpetuate these myths about coconut oil need to do their homework and learn more about medium chain triglycerides and study the other beneficial effects of coconut oil. The bottom line that came out of their lengthy report is that “coconut oil is bad for your heart”, which has now been perpetuated by media who jumped on this conclusion that is not even based on direct research of coconut oil and heart disease. This message has gone viral worldwide. The impact of this could take a devastating toll on the economies of countries that produce coconut oil, mostly made up of individual farmers and their families trying to make a living. These economies were devastated in the 1960s and have been slowly recovering from the initial similar AHA statement on saturated fats in 1961. It is irresponsible and unconscionable for this advisory committee to make such sweeping claims without direct proof that coconut oil causes heart disease.

  17. Unfortunately society is getting fatter and is looking for quick fixes or snake oil!

    Can't argue with good Science 👍


  19. I will add the Olive Oil is not good either. My mother spent years adding it to her Mediterranean diet with and ended up with a blockage of 90 percent. The best oil is the one you don't use. Stick to whole foods and avoid tropical fats as this video suggests.

  20. HDL and LDL cholesterol,…. Reducing cholesterol,… People think that the levels are the problem because they eat too much of it. But that's wrong logic. Cholesterol is needed. So much even that your body makes cholesterol by it self. If you eat cholesterol, your body simply makes less of it.

    Cholesterol levels are the result of necessity. The more inflamation you have, the higher the levels of cholesterol. What causes inflamation?….. Sugar and carbs in general if you consume too much of them.

    Fats aren't bad because they are fats. But if you have some vitamin and mineral deficiencies, then they can seem bad. But the real problem is in the deficiencies, not in the fats.

  21. I use organic unprocessed virgin coconut oil to deep fry food with. Works great and leaves your kitchen smelling like coconuts

  22. I love coconut oil I use it for alot of things a I take 2 table spoons a day it's been proven to be good for you. it's a natural thing by God.

  23. It is very strange that he never mentioned about organic non refined coconut oil because as fas as I know they are good…but he keep saying coconut oit coconut oil…

  24. assshol like you and ur FDA publishing…shit on other …improve ur business ..we & our ancestor using coconut oil for cooking since 2000years …no hart attack..why it coming now..becz u people want money for market …refer india kerala state using same oil since more that 2000year …heart attack death….lest low world wide in kerala

  25. everything from nature good for all …..except it processed from nature….oils was nessesry for heart ..dont skip it …otherwise nee pains ,neck pains ..lack of lubricants…it not even for good for nerves…use best any nature oils ..not process mixed & profiteering assholes

  26. A simple formula for health, as best there is one, comes from Dr. Joel Fuhrman: “health equals nutrients divided by calories” (H = N/C). In other words, the more (micro)nutrients you can get in the fewest number of calories, while still eating whole foods the healthier you’ll be.

    So let’s look at how oil fits in with this philosophy:

    Oil is not a whole food (it’s the fatty part of what was a whole food).
    Oil is extremely dense in calories: while vegetables typically have around 100 calories per pound and fruits 300 calories per pound, oil has 4,000 calories per pound.
    Even with all those calories, oil contains little in the way of micronutrition. Valuable omega-3 fatty acids, sometimes, but virtually nothing else.

    here is Quote from Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn
    “NO OIL! Not even olive oil, which goes against a lot of other advice out there about so-called good fats. Both the monounsaturated and saturated fats contained in oils are harmful to the endothelium, the innermost lining of the artery, and that injury is the gateway to vascular disease. It doesn’t matter whether it’s olive oil, corn oil, coconut oil, canola oil, or any other kind. Avoid ALL oil.” – Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn


  28. I put the clear coconut cooking oil on my face and scalp after a shower. Went from pimples at 20 to perfect skin even after sweating in Florida all day.

  29. The biggest problem with everything you said about coconut oil was not addressing the other oils are fats especially the poly saturated fat which breaks down in the body extremely fast do to their molecular structure. It's not the saturated fat that is unhealthy saturated fat in moderation is healthier for you then poly saturated fat found in most cooking oils, and nuts. The "almighty olive oil" is better raw that is cooked nutritionally speaking as cooking with the oil you lose flavor in important minerals in nutrition. Soybean oil on the other hand is extracted from the soybeans and an aluminum manganese drum which is exposed to levels which are toxic to humans. Another very important fact in the vegan community is the support of slavery in third world countries to gain grains, nuts, and seeds; however the workers are often extremely underpaid, exposed to hazardous work conditions, and are often tortured or beaten into submission in certain areas of the world.

  30. First of all, saturated fat are the most stable fat, and who says saturated fat are bad. It was ancel keys in the 1960-70’s who spead the myth and saturated fat and cholesterol.. he had 17 countries test for cholesterol and saturated fat, he nittypicked 5 of these countries to «prove» his hypotesies.. coconutoil are really good, oliveoil is really good, avocado oil is really good. Dont ne afraid of cholesterol, cholesterol is only bad if its oxidized.. this is true about oliveoil and avocadooil too.. the only oil that stands real heat is coconutoil

  31. To all fools, note the best oil today to use is coconut oil , it even beats olive oil, it is scientifically proven coconut oil melts at 29 degree Celsius and our body temperature is 32 degree Celsius, there are no unsaturated fats in coconut oil , pure coconut oil cakes at cold temperatures, but melts at normal room temperatures , Animal fats require 39 – 42 degree Celsius to melt and consumption of Animal fats increase the cholesterol levels , so stop coming out with crap , most South Indians cook, drink, and even use it on their hair skin with coconut oil, And the old generation who only used coconut oil are still alive and healthy even past 90 years of age

  32. In Kerala India we have been using coconut oil from time in memorial. it is the most healthy food in the world. Non of my parents or grant parents have any disease and it is after the introduction of processed food and use of other oil we started to experience huge health problems. Luckily we have realised it and changed back to over old ways.

  33. Coconut oil has lot of health benefits. It is also used to treat skin diseases. It is a key ingredient in Ayurvreda, the science of natural healing. It is also used to remove dandruff and to make hair strong and shinny.

  34. Did he just promote Vegetable and soybean oil? Wtf?
    What a sell out.
    India has used coconut oil for thousands of years.
    You're a fool if you subscribe to this scumbag.

  35. What a joke! There are millions of South East Asians who live on coconut oil. They've been living and thriving on it for millennia. And they are generally healthier than the average, coronarily challenged American. Now, this jackass wants us to believe that coconut oil is bad for health. Almighty Olive oil? What a jackass. The only 'proof' coconut oil needs is the numerous millennia of humans living on it WITHOUT any problems throughout Asian history.

  36. If you know nuts about saturated fats ….stop doing videos that giving misinformation and cause illness. You provide nothing other the false assumption that saturated fats are bad! Really ignorant.

    I am 70 years old taking coconut oil for years and it cures from tooth ache to wounds plus I have not colds, cough , sour throat etc for years cannot even remember when was the last I had a cold or ill
    I can out run a younger guy active and good.

    Coconut I'd a life saver. …

  37. We seriously need artificial intelligence. It's like, one day it's this or it's that. We can't come to a clear conclusion on what is universally perfect. The singularity can't come soon enough.

  38. Common sense should tell us that the additives, and chemicals that they have been putting in our products for years are not good for us. Using all natural products is obviously the better choice for anything that we put on, or inside of our bodies. For instance; they tout their "miracle creams", and charge outrageous prices for them, yet the additives, and ingredients listed in those products most of us can't even pronounce, let alone what they are, or what long term side effects they might cause. Then we're willing to listen to some random guy who made a video criticizing something that is all natural? When I see the ingredients listed on a label that reads; "Organic Coconut oil", "Cold pressed Olive oil", or "100% White Petrolatum", etc, that tells me all I need to know. I saw a video once that claimed that grapes are harmful to toddlers! The reason you ask? Get ready for it. "Because they can choke on them"! So they suggest that we don't feed our kids grapes?!! How about we use our common sense, and cut them in half, instead of depriving our children of a nutritious fruit that thy actually enjoy? We should use all natural products whenever possible, and use our common sense.

  39. Middle Asia like India, Sri lanka, bangladesh…and Far East Asia, China, Korea, Japan and Southeast countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Brunei….and these countries as a whole..the ASIAN countries are using coconut and coconut oil for thousands of years and we are still healthy and alive and we have less heart disease compared to western countries.

    And at present China ha less than 1% of its population with heart disease, compare to US having big % of heart disease base on its entire population.

  40. Whose article are you reading?!? Could you first find the meaning of endosperm before you relate that word with coconut oil???

  41. Before the coconut reaches this stage in its life by this i mean dried coconut, where the shell has to be taken off to get the part to make the coconut oil. Have you ever tried the young green coconut, directly from the tree, the coconut water is refreshing, and the young jelly is mouth watering, it's only when the coconut is dried then it can be used for making oil, in Trinidad and Tobago the people can enjoy coconut any way they like. We have lots of coconut trees on the twin island.

  42. I grew up on coconut oil, my grandmother used it on our head and body, before there was so many fancy body Cream, if you're wondering yes I am from the old school.

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