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73 thoughts on “Is It Better to Advise More Plants or Less Junk?

  1. Yet more proof that Scandinavia is not just another country, but another universe. There is no way for such outcomes to be replicated here without government intervention, and that is doomed to lack support from the demographic that stands to benefit most from such programs, 5:45 . TFP.

  2. It does make sense here in Scandinavia, simply as the way society is structured is different. We pay much higher taxes and are totally ok with reasonable state intervention. We all pay for those who get sick, as there is universal, free healthcare. This does make individuals feel more responsibility about their health towards society, and makes everyone interested in ensuring everyone else's health (in my opinion). Also, as there is quite a big middle class and almost all wages are pretty high compared to produce prices (Produce prices being high in Norway, but so are wages). This means that buying fresh fruit and veg. is financially accessible for almost everyone – including students and unemployed.

  3. Last time I checked, fruit is Raw Food ….. thanks Doc for promoting raw food, you rock! A raw food lifestyle is the way to go.

  4. I am eating 90 percent whole plants and 10 percent junk for over 2 years now, and thought I was doing great, but went in for my every other year checkup yesterday, my blood pressure was up near 140 🙁 very frustrating, I guess I will have to cut out all junk, or exercise more? I do not want to go on meds!

  5. Thank you Dr Greger and team for all the beneficial information you provide to us who care about preserving or improving our health. Love the new, sleek video format and the clearer, slower commentaries. I'm watching on my phone with the volume at high, but the sound is very low. Could you increase the volume for future videos please?

  6. I gave up all foods that have refined sugars, salt, and oils in them. That pretty much leaves me with a whole foods plant based diet. You know the, the good stuff. My friends treat me as if I just attacked their religion. They throw a myriad of dogmas, myths, and superstitions at me about animal based foods, and the junk they would rather eat. Yet everyone of them is suffering some kind of health problem associated with their unhealthy choices. I don't understand their self destructive nature, and lack of self discipline when it comes to eating healthy. The science is so clear. There is no other health insurance out there as good a whole foods plant based diet. Prevention of disease is the way eat, and it tastes great.

  7. It is funny to me that servings of vegetable/fruit can be threatening. I personally think they should spend more time on the concept of how much is a serving.

  8. Humans are pretty pathetic if we really find being told to eat more fruit and veg for our own well being as 'threatening'.

  9. Before watching, I always advise people eat more plants first. Crowd out the junk with good stuff, is what I say.

  10. Something to at least begin talking about: a nationwide ban on the sale of animal products and processed foods.

  11. Thanks Dr. Greger. I regularly suggest that my patients add 8-10 servings of fruits and veggies a day, regardless of what else they eat. This strategy seems to work very well. I used to ask them to cut junk first, but they were more responsive to adding than removing.

  12. It is always harder to choose the middle path. It is my experience that when more healthy plant based foods are incorporated the easier it is to eliminate junk.

  13. is there something like diminishing return on a whole food plant based diet?
    i mean how much "better" is 100% whole food plant based vs 97% whole food plant based? (<according to bigger data that is…obviously 100% is most likely better but the question is "how much better"?)

  14. Interesting… I really would have thought crowding out with good stuff would be more effective. It's very interesting that's it's effective on children but not adults… I really wonder why that is. I'm one to easily beat myself up if I slip up or eat things I don't believe I should, so I've found that the mindset of focusing more on what I should be eating than what I shouldn't be eating is really helpful.

  15. Considering that legal marijuana is right around the corner for Canada and many states, and knowing that smoking it causes people to "have the munchies", I wonder how many new cancer cases cases will be indirectly attributed to marijuana, since people don't start eating fruit when they "have the munchies" – they eat junk.

  16. Psychology is a science too, and sometimes (lots of the time) it must be employed to encourage people to make good choices that lead to lifesaving dietary and lifestyle changes. It's a very important skill that health educators would do well to learn and master. After all, we have a lot of psychological conditioning to undo.

  17. I love these videos, even though, the title only says that, you give so much more information. It is always exciting to watch them since I can add your resources to my interesting lists too, they aren't just asp swearing the titled question.

  18. You have too eat 5000 calories of fruit a day and you'll be on the best diet known too man. But, that's easier said than done.

  19. We shouldn't blame the government tho, everyone knows they're crap. We all have brains and means to educate ourselves, fruit and veg is dirt cheap. fact is it's up to everyone to take responsibility for theirs and their family's own health simple as.

  20. thank you for this video! I've been on diets for 24 years and even the thought of restricting anything panicks me to the point that I binge eat. I did figure out in the last month or so I'll just eat fruits and veg first, but it's nice to know that conclusion is backed by science! I'll stop yelling at my folks too, to stop with thr fast food.. I'll just offer them a piece of fruit instead. We`ll see what happens!

  21. Kind of ridiculous that adults have to be treated like children when it comes to eating healthy. It really isn't rocket science.

  22. Doctor lately I have been hearing from my friends that their doctors are telling them eat much less fruit and eat more protein. All of a sudden I am hearing that even carrots are considered evil now 😈. I cannot believe this. More and more doctors are jumping on the low carbs high protein diet.

  23. I have observed this in my own life – I was able to decrease my junkfood consumption only when I discovered healthy snacks like grapes, blueberries, blackberries, baby carrots, popcorn with salt and nuts 🙂

  24. Doesn't help that every single radio commercial for food, has to about some bacon enhanced something. Maybe instead if we had advertisements blasting about bananas all the time, people would think, ya a banana sounds good.

  25. Isn't this that wacky Seventh Day Adventists Dr. who never talks about his religion and religious beliefs and how they converted him to a plant based diet? What's he ashamed of or hiding?

  26. personally what I find most confusing is the ambiguous term "serving". How should I know how much is a serving? 5 servings so maybe that's saying I should eat fruits/veggies 5 times a day? Bugger, most days I don't eat 5 times a day, so that leaves me with what? If I eat oatmeal for breakfast with 1 banana, 1 big peach and a handful of red currants or cranberries, is that 1 serving (cuz it's 1 meal) or 3 (cuz it's 3 types of fruit) or 2.5 cuz a handfull of berries is very little… "Serving" my ass

  27. In Japan, where meaty diet was introduced more than decades ago, people still believe that as long as they
    eat animal products in moderation it's OK, and fruits and vegetable intake can actually reduce the bad effects
    on human health caused by those. I strongly doubt that, and want to know you all guy's perspective on this issue.
    Any suggestion will do, and links to reliable studies will also be appriciated thanks.

  28. omg, Dr. Greger. please do a video on what a serving size is!! it's hard to believe so many people have to ask 😱

  29. How many servings of fruit is half a watermelon?

    Eat that like you would eat a bowl of cereal and I think you're pretty good for the day…

  30. Appeal to vanity, i.e., better skin, better sex, better athletic performance, better brain functioning, less cancer, better over all health, better sleep–Just Mo Betta

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