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Is It Safe To Be Vegan While Pregnant? Dr Michael Greger

The American Dietetic Association, the largest association of nutrition professionals in the world, in their latest position paper on vegetarian diets says explicitly that vegetarian and vegan diets are appropriate for all stages of the life cycle including pregnancy, breast feeding through middle age and beyond. In fact that’s the time when we want to cut down our pollutant intake the most is when we are starting a new life. In fact Dr Benjamin Spock, probably the most esteemed pediatrician of all time wrote the second best selling book second only to the Bible Dr Benjamin Spock, Baby and Child Care, In the 7th edition before he died in his 90’s he recommended that all children be raised without any exposure to meat and dairy and he did that because of concern about the epidemic of chronic disease he was seeing later in life.

15 thoughts on “Is It Safe To Be Vegan While Pregnant? Dr Michael Greger

  1. any advice on vegan milk formula all the soy and rice ones say on the back of them not for general use must consult your doctor and all the cows milk formula don't mention a word of that

  2. Any idea why Dr. Greger recommends the 7th Edition and not 8th or 9th since 7th is 20 years old?

  3. I don't agree that you need to add animal products for a "healthy baby" but no one can tell you if vegan is or is not okay while pregnant. Simply because our bodies will all react differently. I'm currently pregnant and during my first & second trimester there was actually NO possible way I could continue being vegan. And that's just because my body could hardly hold down any veggies or fruits. I was getting sick up to 7 times a day sometimes, and I was so dehydrated, because I couldn't keep anything down. Now that I am in my third trimester my sickness has FINALLY died down and I am missing my vegan lifestyle and plan to transition back once our baby is here! And sadly I couldn't give my baby the vegan lifestyle in the tummy, it will have a vegan lifestyle growing up! (:

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  5. Hi great video. What about iron I looked at dr. Gregers videos regarding pregnancy and iron and he doesn't really say anything. My wife doesn't want to take any pregnancy supplements she wants to get all the nutrients through Whole Foods. There is a plant-based vitamin she's considering but it doesn't include iron. What are your thoughts if any regarding a pregnancy and iron?

  6. What about this study that shows the benefits of omega 3 from fish instead of algal dha, ala or omega 6? It's scary when you read about babies not developing to their full potential. Please give your opinions @ all vegans. I am pescatarian and strugging to make the full switch.


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