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Is Protein Powder Healthy? Choose This Protein Not That Protein (2019)

Hello, my friend. In this video, we’re
going to be discussing a common question that I receive from clients and also
from individuals who are looking to achieve sustainable weight loss, and that
is protein powder healthy? We’ll talk about choose this protein not that
protein. So is protein healthy? I believe that there are protein powders
that are healthy and it can be a healthy addition to a clean diet if you want to
achieve sustainable weight loss but a common protein powder that’s used is
whey protein and as long as it’s grass-fed, antibiotic, and hormone-free, I
do believe that there are some health benefits to whey protein. But the trouble
is many people a large percentage of the population are actually intolerant to
dairy. And there’s a milk protein contains an
inflammatory protein in it. So when there is the cycle of chronic inflammation
happening in the body, when you’re consuming whey protein on a daily basis
if you are intolerant to it this is going to make it very difficult to
achieve sustainable weight loss. And of course chronic inflammation in the body
is also really unhealthy and it really creates wear and tear on your system. I’m
not a big fan of whey protein. I do think that goat whey is going to be a better
option if you really do want to stick with the whey. There are some really good
quality goat whey protein that is pastured and grass-fed that I have used in the
past that I like. But another problem with dairy and whey protein in general
is, it’s going to cause the body to increase insulin production. When
we’re raising our insulin levels it’s going to increase the chances of storing
body fat. So if our goal is to achieve sustainable weight loss I would not
choose whey protein to be consuming as a snack or something on a daily basis. So
now I’m going to share with you some other options that I really like. My
personal favorite is actually this bone broth protein. I know this is kind of
a new product. This is the Ancient Nutrition bone broth protein. It tastes
delicious. What I like about it is it can be just
mixed with like almond milk. I actually like to drink it hot. So this
is one of my favorites bone broth has a lot of great health benefits. Of course
just fresh bone broth is going to be the best but I really like the salted
caramel flavor is really good. Yeah you get about
20 grams of protein per scoop. So that’s great. I really like this and like I said,
I love that you can just mix it with almond milk. And you can also make like a
high-fat shake you put some coconut oil in it or coconut milk. So yeah this is my
current favorite. Another option is Collagen powder. Right so there’s beef
collagen or this is fish collagen. And you can actually just have it in water
and you’re gonna get about 10 grams of protein per scoop of this one. I like
to put this in in hot drinks as well but you can definitely drink it cold. You
could mix it with fruit if you want it to be a higher carb shake. Or you can mix
it just with fats. So say almond milk, almond butter, coconut oil, stuff like
that. If you want to do a higher fat shake this is a great option. Then of
course this is great for your skin and your connective tissue. Collagen is all
the rage right now. It’s a really trendy supplement and it has lots of health
benefits. I like this one. So now for vegetarian protein powder, the best
vegetarian protein powders are going to be pea, hemp, and pumpkin. You always want
to make sure that you’re choosing something that’s organic. But the
trouble for me with the vegetarian protein powders at least the plain ones,
is they just don’t taste very good unless they’re mixed with bananas and
fruit. So that’s fine if you’re mixing it with fruit then like a plain hemp
protein can be an excellent choice. Hemp has lots of health benefits lots of
healthy fats and chlorophyll which is also really healthy. And the same with
pumpkin protein or a pea protein right. It’s great mixed with fruit. They don’t
taste as good if you’re going for more of a low carb diet which I find works
really well for sustainable weight loss. Maybe you could try mixing it with
berries and like a coconut cream or something like that. That might be good.
That’s actually a good idea. Alternatively, you can get something a
plant-based protein powder that’s flavored. So this one for example is
chocolate flavor. It contains pea and pumpkin seed protein.
So this is a good option.This is Tone it up. Obviously marketed to women. It
doesn’t taste the best but you know it’s it’s a clean one. So these are the best
options I would say. Hands down this is my favorite.
It tastes the best. It doesn’t need to be mixed with fruit. I like to drink it warm.
I’m really into warm drinks. But it can be mixed with fats like avocado, coconut
oil, almond butter to make a great smoothie or meal replacement. If you want
to achieve sustainable weight loss, I recommend that you steer away from whey
protein, just because it is insulinogenic and we want to avoid, we want to
keep our insulin levels low to create a great environment for fat loss and
sustainable weight loss over the long term. So thank you so much for watching. I
hope this was valuable. If you like this video, please like it, subscribe, comment
below helpful, if this video helped you. If you have any questions let me know in
the comments. In this video we discussed the common question that I get from
clients and that is, is protein powder healthy? Eat this protein, not that
protein. Have an amazing day. I appreciate you for watching. Bye. Hello, my friend. Be
sure to check out the videos that I’ve hand-selected for you here
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to meet you. Have an amazing day. I will see you
on the next one. Bye

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