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34 thoughts on “Is the Mediterranean Diet Worth It?? – Breadcrumbs Ep 3

  1. I teach nutrition courses at an undergraduate level and I couldn't agree more with your take on this diet. It is the true definition of "diet". It isn't a restrictive eating plan for a period of time, it is a way to eat if you would like to live a long and healthy life. It has actually made its way into a lot of entry level nutrition texts as an optimal diet in recent years.
    Edited: needed rephrasing

  2. How do you keep your iron up Kev if you're borderline anemic when you naturally prefer a plant-base diet in cold weather? I was told plant iron isn't as easily absorbed the way meat-based is… hence my dilemma 😩 (I have zero meat cravings in the winter!).

  3. That joke was fal-awful 😂 Loving these breadcrumb episodes, they're digestible & insightful. Damm while I've been enjoying my Summer holiday, you're still grinding like a boss!!

    I love the Mediterranean diet, especially as it incorporates fresh & plant based ingredients. It has a real I feel good vibe!

  4. How can you make plants the star of your diet with the state that our government is in right now. Nothing is safe to eat.

  5. Looks like this ole man is heading to the Med diet…as soon he loses the thirty pounds he is carrying around the middle.: ))

  6. I agree 100% with this and a great movie that I thought explains it perfectly is: "In Defense of Food". The Movie at the end they say:" Eat Real Food, Like Our Ancestors, Ate, Mostly Plants, Not Too Much".

  7. I've never followed it through, but I do love quite a few Mediterranean recipes. I think if you enjoy fish and actually cooking with oil it's a great diet.

  8. I've been accidently following the Mediterrean diet for years. Persian and Greek food are my favorites and offer so much variety. I enjoy it as much as southern soul food, but I don't end up feeling bad after.

  9. We have tried it and we love this way of eating…BUT, it can get boring for the kids (I don`t stress a strict diet just a heathly one for the kids). We moving to Malaga, Spain soon, so, I`m hoping it would help and I will get to learn much more of the Mediterranean diet.

  10. The crazy thing about this is that I already knew it from the get-go, but I didn't take the initiative of doing it (probably was lazy). I will have to take another look at this. great vid.

  11. Very helpful! I’ve been looking into a more plant based diet after I have my baby. Indulging right now though. 😂

  12. Great way to live. I follow the diet and it's true what Kool Kevin said you feel better and fuller. And I get to enjoy my glass of red wine every night

  13. I felt very good about your diet recommendations except for the FAT! Vegan experts recommend NO oil and NO fat! Those people who were doomed to die with clogged arteries were advised to eat no fat at all and they not only survived but REVERSED heart disease. What are your thoughts on fat clogged arteries?

  14. I’m kind of confused, in the educational videos you always say stay away from nonfat items as they have added sugar.. but every single recipe video includes “reduced fat mozzarella” etc

  15. It's funny I don't why they call this Mediterranean in America. I don't know anyone from the Mediterranean who eats like this 😂yah there's tabula fattosh and hummus. But there's a lot of other unhealthy food those people eat

  16. Thanks for sharing. I’m pretty much on a Mediterranean diet now and will continue because I have fatty liver and I need to reverse it….besides the food I’ve been making has been really yummy and I am less hungry and snacking less.

  17. Can you have sweet potatoes??? I'm leaning towards this way of eating!! I'm tired of dieting and not being to eat the foods I love SEAFOOD!! LOL

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