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ISU study finds link between insulin resistance and memory loss

my name is Auriel Willett, I’m a research
scientist in the Department of Food Science and human nutrition as well as the neuroscience graduate
program here at Iowa State University and I what we’re looking at in this
study is whether or not people with insulin resistance that is
the inability for insulin to do its job in
the brain and muscle are was related to problems with
regulation of blood sugar in the brain on because that has been
linked to problems with cognition like memory for
instance learning and what they basically found
was that in a very strong fashion that indeed higher
insulin resistance was related to on less glucose uptake less glucose use and many of the same brain regions that
are impacted by alzheimer’s disease and that show the same relationship with less glucose is over overtime on was really interesting was that there
was on the most focal result was and a part
of the brain called left medial temporal lobe and this is
probably the first area where we sstart really seeing a the effects of
alzheimer’s disease taking place and so in this late middle age cohort no cognitive problems whatsoever we see
on that there is this biological mechanism insulin resistance that is
predicting things that we would normally see in alzheimer’s disease the other part of
the study that I really think is important is for people in the here
and now who have insulin resistance more it that it’s not just impacting glucose
use that 0 you know that’s related alzheimer’s
disease later on it actually is itself impacting I their memory for things that they’ve
just immediately begun to learn as well as things
that they’re trying to remember five minutes from now twenty minutes
from now perhaps even hours days weeks from now and so on that health factor that problem with
metabolism that obesity in general on is impacting our ability to think I not to a great degree bites there is
still something concerning that perhaps we should can focus more on that
and it’s not just these diseases that’ll happen on down the line but this
actually is kinda impacting our ability to a work to play even and the here and now
the problem with clinical research in the past had been that we’re trying to stop the disease when people already had
it and at that point there are a huge number of issues that
we have to tackle and so rather than focusing on sort of
the Cure I nowadays for focus more on prevention
and so in that case we want to go back not just to when people are having some memory
problems wanna go all the way back to when people are cognitively normal that is they
can’t remember just fine they don’t have any I’m problems
affecting living anything else like that and the thought is if we can figure out
exactly why people are having these issues on related to
say insulin resistance for example or other
things and we can perhaps treat that’s and that hopefully then we can either
delay the onset of Alzheimer’s or maybe even stopped altogether

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