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Jalapeno And Cheese Javelina Sausage | Wild Game Sausage Recipe

jalapeno and cheese javelina sausage
that’s what we’re making today yeah you heard me right
javelina sausage we killed a nice javelina the other day so we’re gonna
make sausage out of it so if you like wild game if you like javelina or you
don’t know you like javelina this is a video you’re gonna need to watch because
we’re gonna be cooking up javelina sausage we’re gonna make it
we are gonna smoke it and put it on the smoker so we’re gonna be using some
instacure number one so you can see this javelina sausage getting made so
stick around see how we make jalapeno cheese javelina sausage on Texas Style
BBQ and Cuisine I’m going to turn this on it gets really loud folks so I’m just going to crank this on start making it we’ll give you some shots of maybe some
of the meat coming out but the main thing you want to see is the mixing the
adding of the instacure things like that cause we got to keep that bacteria from
growing so let’s get this started and then we’ll get back with you once we get
it ground up sausage is ground up and if y’all will
notice my bowl I’ve either sitting in a ice bath that way it keeps everything
cold our ah cutter the head we had it in the freezer so it would be nice and cold
we don’t want to render out any of this fat so keep everything as cold as you
can now we went through on the large head I’m gonna come back through on the
small head and run it back through one more times but that’s ready and what
we’re gonna do is now we’re gonna run it through a second time then we’ll get it
in the mixer we’re gonna put in our seasonings and let y’all see how we do
that this is what I’m gonna put my jalapenos in I have some jalapenos that
are just small pieces i quartered them lengthwise cut the stems off and where’s
everyone so I’m gonna drop one in while we’re doing the meat so they get in I
had six jalapeno it’s kind of medium-sized ones and I did leave the
seeds on because we won’t have a little heat on this sausage everything is mix put the meat in the
in the freezer for a little bit let it get cold it’s kind of getting warm
got our mixer ready to go so we’re gonna drop in our ah already ah it’s already
ground up through the fine board was up eight pounds total we have six pounds of
javelina two pounds of fat drop those into my mixer just let that make that
meat get mixed pretty let’s pretty well I kind of mix it up as we were going but
this is going to get it better and we’re gonna start adding in our seasoning so
for eight pounds what I have is is I have six tablespoons my this is my
poultry and pork seasoning recipes everywhere I’ll put it down
below which I can find that just kind of an all-purpose I use it on briskets also
but it makes great sausage so start getting that mixed in now I’ve got my
pink salt ready to go in and this is for the cold smoke and we’re going to smoke
this tomorrow for about two hours at a very low temperature so we don’t know
don’t worry bacterial growth so it’s a teaspoon for every five pounds but
always check the brand you have and see what they say the ratio is but I’m going
to just mix in my pink salt it’s in there I’ve got three tablespoons of
minced garlic going in all that’s in start stirring that a little bit and
then I’ve got a six ounce can of tomato paste this tomatoe is really gonna give it
a richness into our sausage that you wouldn’t get otherwise this patient looks good and I’ve got about a cup of cold water he’s very very cold water so
you don’t start rendering your fats out but we’re just going to stir this till
we get all our seasonings mixed in real well now if you get it going a while
turn it around go the other direction looks like our seasonings are mixed in
good next thing I’m going to add in is a pound of high heat cheddar cheese mix
it maybe a little bit less than a pound but pound for about ten pounds of
sausage is what you do it mix that in there we’re gonna do next is gonna get
one these patties cook it up see how it turned out
see if we need to adjust our seasonings any at all got the casings out this is a
natural hog casing or a hog intestine that’s what we’re gonna be stuffing our
ah javelina sausage into so let me get this rinsed out I’ll take you over
the sink show you I’ll do that real quick so we’re gonna get these and rinse
them off they’re already wet these are in a saltwater brine if you get some of
them they’re in a packed in salt you have to rehydrate them but these don’t
so we’re gonna take it and we’re gonna put it right up on the faucet just like
a water balloon turn on the water not too fast and we’re
just gonna flush these out and it’ll start filling up and flowing all the way
through this intestine just kind of pick it up and let that water flow through you see it’s filling up good I’m gonna
turn the water off and we’re gonna pick this up and start flushing it out there
it is take it over there let’s see we can stuff it load up the horn with our
casing show you how we do that but pretty easy process take your end of
your casing find the hole we’re gonna slide it up on here as long as they are moist they usually flow on there fairly good now at the very end I’m going to tie a
knot and what I do is I pull a loop in it well it slipped on me I pull the loop and
then usually I’ll take this tag in and I push it back through the loop that way
it can’t come out because these casings are kind of slippery and so sometimes
the knots will slip out but that’s ready to go just so we get the air out here in
a minute I’m gonna poke some holes in it and let the air out and we’ll start
stuffing these sausages all right we’re gonna start stuffing this down and you
could just see it’s kind of getting some air in it that’s why you poke the holes
if you wanted to run your meat out to the tube first you could there it is now
we’re gonna start working carefully it’s best with two people one person can
handle it one hand on the on the horn one hand on the crank and you want to
fill this thing almost full now remember we’re gonna twist this so you can’t get
it so tight that it will not twist just gradually let it come off that’s
actually pretty tight when we go not quite that tight we’ve got it into cassings I’m gonna make
it in the links I’ll let y’all see how I do that now sausages are looking good and usually what I do is I do it about a
hands width so ones there ones there pinch it off and I’m going to twist it
forward come to the next one one here then set that off pinch that one off I’ll roll that one backwards you always go the opposite direction then we get to
that area where we had the little blowout while ago so take that one and
twist it or nothing comes out there’s our first five now we’ve got these made
as you can see nice pretty links here and what we’re gonna do is we’re take
these put them on that rack put them in the refrigerator forming a pellicle it’s
gonna dry that skin out and get a little tacky and our smoke will stick to it
very well smoke them for about two hours tomorrow it’s gonna be a cold smokes
they’re not gonna get cooked so there’s still a fresh sausage that’s why we had
to use that pink salt on them to keep them from bacteria from growing but then
we’re gonna throw them in an ice bath cool them down and vacuum seal them and
put them away but any time you cook them now whether you cook them in the frying
pan or you want to go back out onto the fire you still get that smoky flavor
from front that two hours of smoke we’re gonna put on them tomorrow after we
formed our pellicle next morning we’re gonna get these on the smoker try them about two hours of smoke you can see we’ve got them sausage there ready to go
the pellicle has formed overnight they’ve dried out they’ve got kind of
tacky feeling smokes gonna stick to them good so let’s get them on that smoker
and get them off smoked up here you go just gonna show you how I have this set
up got my smoking tube in the bottom of my barrel house we’re gonna hang that
sausage in there I have em filled with Jack Daniels
pellets and pecan chips okay he’s gonna lower these in I’m gonna set them on
here and it’s kind of long so what we’re going to do is I’m gonna let these right
here kind of drape over the edge of the H brace same way with that now with
this one we’ve got these bigger links I’m gonna set them up here and try to
separate them just a little bit so what I’m gonna do is is I’m gonna take this
hook set it there so these will spread out a little bit all right it’s been
about two hours we’ve got smoke on these they’re starting to look nice the
pelicale was formd they have some smoke stuck to them we could keep going if we
wanted to increase the heat a little bit and cook them all the way to 155 but
these are still gonna be a fresh sausage I’m gonna take them that far I just
wanted some smoke flavor so let’s look in here see how they look see if we can
get them off and then maybe we’ll cook up a couple of them let you see how they
turned out as you can see that’s smoking too is putting off plenty of smoke and
heat and it’s not real hot you can touch these with your with your hand we’re
just gonna lift these sausages up and bring them out you can tell they’ve got
some smoke on them so they’re gonna have a smoky flavor tool got a good hot fire here so there’s our
spicy Italian we made the other day now our jalapeno and cheese we’re gonna
take probably about 20 30 minutes I’ll cook these out fine all right guys we
got it right off the grill gonna give you all some pictures up close to how
they look beautiful had a nice smoke color to it then we threw them on the
grill finished cooking them off but jalapeno cheese javelina sausage gunna let these guys sample and tell you what they think is worth eating or not buy ready
let’s give it a try allright Dario what you think man it’s good
Sebastian say yesterday was the first time he ever had javelina that he
sampled our javelinas shoulder he didn’t want to but he ended up gorging on it up
for you that’s a little bit what do you think Jonathan pretty good thumbs up good deal javelina sausage came out great hope you enjoyed hope you give it a try if you do
even comment down there tell me hey we tried it and what you thought about it
remember to share it with your friends and families leave a comment below and
we always do appreciate that just whether you like the video or not and
I’ll tell you what we’re gonna see y’all down the road on Texas Style BBQ
and Cuisine appreciate you stopping by so long everybody

32 thoughts on “Jalapeno And Cheese Javelina Sausage | Wild Game Sausage Recipe

  1. Great video, Chef! I would love to see a video on how you make BBQ sauce. Maybe a Mango, Peach, Habanero using store-bought preserves. Kind of like a poor man's version or hack =)

  2. That looks so good, but don't javelina have a nasty smelly sack on the back of them? Are they hard to clean? I've only had wild hog which I love.

  3. Wow those were some incredible looking sausages Chef! One day I’ll learn to make some but until then I’ll just keep watching your how to videos! Thank you for sharing and inspiring!

  4. Chef! Never had or heard of Javelina but got me intrigued. Great skill sets, seasonings and tutorials to have Sir. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to learn them. This why you're Poppa of the cooking community. MUAH! Oh, and good job to your assistants, and sons?? for their help testing it too. 👏👏👏

  5. Jalapeño and Cheese Javelina Sausage look great. Thanks for sharing such deliciousness. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Great tutorial on sausage making. I'm sorry, I'm not a hunter, so what is Javelina?? Sausage looked tasty when finished. Nicely Done. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Thanks for the video and recipes.
    I was wondering if meat is meat mostly or are some better suited for some spices and some not. Do you equate beef with venison, or pork with javelina… what spices work for one works for the domesticated vs the wild animal ?

  8. Great video. I've always wanted to try my hand as sausage making but don't have the equipment. If I ever get access to the right gear, this will be a great guide. YUM!

  9. Looks good chef! Gotta get me a grinder and stuffer attachment for the wife’s kitchen aid mixer and make some sausage !

  10. Hey Chef Johnny! Those are some nice looking sausages packed with flavors thanks for the ball by ball instructions great content as always.

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