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Jocko Podcast 213 w/ Echo Charles: Patton’s General Orders and Instructions to His Troops

this is Jocko podcast number 213 with
echo Charles and me Jocko Willick good evening echo good evening men this stuff that some sources sling
around about America wanting out of this war not wanting to fight is a crock of
bullshit Americans love to fight traditionally all Americans love the
sting in clash of battle you are here today for three reasons first because
you are here to defend your homes and your loved ones second you are here for
your own self-respect because you would not want to be anywhere else
third you are here because you are real men and all real men like to fight when
you here every one of you were kids you all admired the champion marble player
the fastest runner the toughest boxer the big league ball players and the
all-american football players americans love a winner americans will not
tolerate a loser americans despise cowards americans play to win all of the
time i wouldn’t give a hoot in hell for a man who lost and laughed
that’s why americans have never lost nor will ever lose a war for the very idea
of losing is hateful to an american you are not all going to die only 2% of you
right here today would die in major battle death must not be feared death in
time comes to all men yes every man is scared in his first battle if he says
he’s not he’s a liar some men are cowards but they fight the same as brave
men or they get to hell slam out of them watching men fight who are
just as scared as they are the real hero is the man who fights even though he is
scared some men get over their fright and a minute under fire for some it
takes an hour for some it takes days but a real man will never let his fear of
death overpower his honor his sense of duty to his country and his innate
manhood battle is the most magnificent competition in which a human being can
indulge it brings out all that is the best and it removes all that his base
Americans pride themselves on being he men and they are he men remember that
the enemy is just as frightened as you are and probably more so they are not
supermen all through your army careers you might have bitched about what you
call chickenshit drilling that like everything else in the army has a
definite purpose that purpose is alertness alertness must be bred into
every solider I don’t give a fuck for a man who’s not always on his toes you men
are veterans or you wouldn’t be here you are ready for what’s to come a man must
be alert at all times if he expects to stay alive if you’re not alert sometime
a Germans son of an asshole bitch is gonna sneak up behind you and beat you
to death with a sock full of shit there are four hundred neatly marked graves
somewhere in Sicily all because one man went to sleep on the job but their
German graves because we caught the bastard asleep before they did an army
is a team it lives sleeps eats and fights as a team
this individual heroic stuff is pure horseshit the vilest bastards who write
that kind of stuff for The Saturday Evening Post don’t know anything more
about real fighting under fire than they do about fucking we have the fine
food the finest equipment the best spirit and the best men in the world why
by god I actually pity those poor sons of bitches we’re going up against by God
I do my men don’t surrender I don’t want to hear of any soldier under my command
being captured unless he’s been hit even if you are hit you can still fight back
that’s not just bullshit either the kind of man that I want my command is just
like the lieutenant in Libya who with a Luger against his chest jerked off his
helmet swept the gun aside with one hand and busted the hell out of the crowd
with his helmet then he jumped on the gun and went out and killed another
German before they knew what the hell was coming off and all that time this
man had a bullet through a lung there was a real man all of the heroes are not
storybook combat fighters either every single man in this army plays a vital
role don’t ever let up don’t ever think that your job is unimportant
every man has a job to do and he must do it every man is a vital link in the
great chain what if every Chuck driver suddenly decided that he didn’t like the
whine of those shells overhead turned yellow and jumped headlong into a ditch
the Cowardly bastard would say hell they won’t miss me just one man and thousands
but what if every man fought that way where the hell would we be now what
would our country our loved ones our homes even the world be like no god damn
it Americans don’t think like that every man does his job every man serves the
hole every department every unit is important in the vast scheme of this war
the Ordnance men are needed to supply the guns and machinery of war to keep us
rolling the quartermaster is needed to bring up food and clothes because where
we are going there isn’t a hell of a lot to steal
every last man on KP has a job to do even the one who heats our water to keep
us from getting the GI shits each man must not think only of himself but also
his buddy fighting beside him we don’t want yellow cowards in this
army they should be killed off like rats if not they will go home after this war
and breed more cowards the brave men will breed more brave men kill off the
goddamn cowards and we will have a nation of brave men one of the bravest
men I ever saw was a fellow on top of a telegraph pole in the midst of a furious
firefight in Tunisia I stopped and asked what the hell he was doing up there at a
time like that he answered fixing the wire sir I asked
isn’t it a little unhealthy right about now he answered yes sir but the goddamn
wire has to be fixed I asked don’t those planes straight from
the road bother you and he answered no sir but you sure as hell do now there
was a real man a real soldier there was a man who devoted all he had to his duty
no matter how seemingly insignificant his duty might appear at the time no
matter how great the odds and you should have seen those trucks on the road to
Tunisia those drivers were magnificent all day and all night they rolled over
those son of a bitch and roads never stopping never faltering from their
course with shells bursting all around them all the time we got through on good
old American guts many of those men drove for over 40 consecutive hours
these men weren’t combat men but they were soldiers with a job to do they did
it and one hell of a way they did it they
were part of a team without team effort without them the fight would have been
lost all of the links in the chain pulled together and the chain became
unbreakable don’t forget you men don’t know that I’m here no mention of that
fact is to be made in any letters the world is not supposed to know what the
hell happened to me I’m not supposed to be commanding this army I’m not even
supposed to be here in England let the first bastards to find out be the
goddamn Germans someday I want to see them raise up on their piss-soaked hind
legs and how Jesus it’s the goddamn third army again and
that son of a fucking bitch Patton we want to get the hell over there the
quicker we clean up this goddamn mess the quicker we can take a little jaunt
against the purple pissing Japs and clean out their nests too before the
goddamn Marines get all the credit sure we want to go home we want this war
over with the quickest way to get it over with is to get the bastards who
started it the quicker they are whipped the quicker we can go home the shortest
way home is through Berlin and Tokyo and when we get to Berlin
I am personally going to shoot that paper hanging son of a bitch Hitler just
like I’d shoot a snake when a man is lying in a shell hole if he just stays
there all day a German will get to him eventually
the hell with that idea the hell with taking it my men don’t dig foxholes I
don’t want them to foxholes only slow up an offensive keep moving and don’t give
the enemy time to dig one either we’ll win this war but we’ll win it only by
fighting and by showing the Germans that we got more guts than they have or will
ever have we’re not just gonna shoot the sons of bitches we’re gonna rip out
their living goddamn guts and use them to grease the treads of our tanks we’re
gonna murder those lousy hung cocksuckers by the bushel fucking basket
war is a bloody killing business you’ve got to spill their blood or they will
spill yours rip them up the belly shoot them in the guts
when shells are hitting all around you and you wipe the dirt off your face and
realize that instead of dirt it’s the blood and guts of what was once your
best friend beside you you’ll know what to do I don’t want to get any messages
saying I am holding my position we are not holding a goddamn thing let the
Germans do that we are advancing constantly and we are not interested in
holding on to anything except the enemy’s balls we are going to twist his
balls and kick the living shit out of him all the time
our basic plan of operation is to advance and keep
advancing regardless of whether we have to go over under or through the enemy
we’re gonna go through him like crap through a goose
like shit through a tinhorn from time to time there will be some complaints that
we are pushing our people too hard I don’t give a good goddamn about such
complaints I believe in the old sound rule that an ounce of sweat will save a
gallon of blood the harder we push the more Germans we will kill the more
Germans we kill the fewer of our men will be killed
pushing means fewer casualties I want you all to remember that there is one
great thing that you men will all be able to say after this war is over
and you are home once again you will be thankful that 20 years from now when you
are sitting by the fireplace with your grandson on your knee and he asks you
what you did in the great World War two you won’t have to Koff shift him to the
other knee and say well your granddaddy shovel shit in Louisiana no sir you can
look him straight in the eye and say son your granddaddy rode with the great
Third Army and the son of a goddamn bitch named Georgie Patton all right you sons of bitches you all
know how I feel I’ll be proud to lead you wonderful guys in battle anytime
anywhere that is all and that speech was delivered in June of
1944 clearly by General George S Patton in England and he actually delivered
that speech multiple times and this is one version of it George Patton if you
don’t know who it is podcast 9 we covered his book war as I knew it and
you probably heard the shortened version of that speech in the movie Patton with
George C Scott which is which is good not as good as the original oh they
actually they actually sanitized the the speech in the movie for Hollywood and
for the American public which is interesting it’s interesting that they
sanitized what someone says in a war movie even though the war movie is
literally about killing killing people lots of people but General Patton he he
knew and understood the power of language especially bad language his
nephew asked his son this is a another thing I read that his nephew asked him
about his use of profanity and Patton said when I want my men to remember
something important to really make it stick I give it to them double dirty it
may not sound nice to some bunch of little old ladies an afternoon tea party
but it helps my soldiers to remember you you can’t run an army without profanity
and it has to be eloquent profanity an army without profanity couldn’t fight
its way out of a piss soaked paper bag as for the comments I make sometimes I
just by God get carried away with my own eloquence so yeah there’s a time in place for
profanity you know I when I was in the SEAL Teams
I used to swear a lot when making a point
and when making a point obviously you want to make it stick this is something
I think I’ve I think I’ve talked about this before but I would bring my son out
to training events and I never swear in front of my family like even right now I
don’t swear in front of my family so when my son was probably you know like
six years old seven years old and I’d bring him out to a training site to
observe some training you know so he could start getting some well getting
kind of inoculated to the loud noises machine-gun fire teaching him this the
fundamentals of tactics and stuff so when he’d come out and watch training
and then I would be debriefing and you know it would just be f-bomb f-bomb
sentence half sentence f-bomb F bump I remember the first time he saw me
debrief like that and it’s also the first time he probably saw me you know I
don’t wanna use the word emotional but he’s the first time he saw real
intensity for me because you’re trying to make a point to the guys and I will
freely say that at the time I was I would get really in the zone because I’m
thinking that the guys that I’m training I want them to absorb the message
because I want them to go overseas and get killed so you know there’s some
levels of intensity that would that would happen so yeah sometimes the the
language comes out and should have an impact if you use it too much obviously
loses its impact so like I said we covered Patton’s book war as I knew it a
long time ago but there’s Patton didn’t just write that
book he actually was a fairly prolific writer and some of what he wrote wasn’t
meant to be literature it was things like general
instructions to his troops so I got some of those for us to look at just because
they’re you know they’re good stuff so this is one there’s two that we’re gonna
go over today this is from headquarters third United States Army six March 1944
subject a letter of instruction letter of instruction number one to Corps
division and separate unit commanders so this is one that’s written to the
commanders of this subordinate units underneath Patton
starts off with general this letter will orient you officers of higher echelons
in the principles of command combat procedure and administration which
obtained in this army and will guide you in the conduct of your several commands
part number two command leadership full duty each in his appropriate sphere will
lead in person any commander who fails to obtain his objective and who is not
dead or severely wounded has not done his full duty that’s by the way just how
he’s kicking this thing off and we’ve definitely talked about that one before
but there you go welcome to working for George Patton if
you fail to obtain your objective and you’re not dead or severely wounded then
you haven’t done your duty so that’s where that’s the that’s the basis on
which we’re building this stuff continues visits to the front the
commanding general or as chief of staff never both at once and one member of
each of the General Staff sections should visit the front daily to save
duplication the chief of staff will designate the sector each is to visit
the function of these staff officers is to observe not to meddle very important
don’t go up there and stir trying to make little changes know
you’re up there to observe continuing in addition to their own specialty they
must observe and report anything of military importance remember too that
your primary mission as a leaders to see with your own eyes and to be seen by the
troops while engaged in personal reconnaissance so think about that not
just see what’s going on you want them to see you too that you’re out there
with the troops next section is execution in carrying out a mission the
promulgation of the order represents not over 10 percent of your responsibilities
the remaining 90 percent consists of assuring by means of personal
supervision on the ground by yourself and your staff proper and vigorous
execution how important is that the passing of the order is ten percent of
your duties the other 90 percent is making sure it gets done mm-hmm you
don’t hear that very often they already told them what to do that’s all that’s
you know I passed the word man I passed the word not my fault not my problem
wrong answer that’s I only say 90 percent of your problem go ahead the one
one that I’ve maybe used I don’t know maybe heard I don’t know it’s like hey I
can only say it so many times you know oh yeah that’s a good one you know I’ve
told him a bunch of times yeah I said the email I said the email no ten
percent of your responsibilities passing the information 90 percent is assuring
by means of personal supervision on the ground vigorous proper and vigorous
execution think about that next time you you put out the word and then you kick
back into your chair a wrong answer next year staff conferences I’m abbreviating
this thing daily at the earliest possible moment that the g2 and g3 can
get their Maps posted so g2 and g3 those are the that’s Intel and opera
as soon as they can get their maps posted a staff conference will be held
attended by the commanding general chief of staff and the heads of all general
staff sections and he goes through who those are then the reason I highlighted
this part because I’m not reading this whole thing but he says any person
present with a statement to make will do so briefly check not on there to talk
your honor to hear yourself talk you’re not in there so that the commanding
general the boss the CEO gets to see that you’re in there and you said
something smart actually just be quiet and if you have to say something make it
brief it’s supposed to be a brief so it’s
called a brief yeah and just to mention that again I’m not reading this entire
thing but were eating some big chunks of it talks about rest periods okay rest
periods and we know there’s big controversy from my world when it comes
to rest because once a day no that’s probably inaccurate probably between one
and three times a day someone via various social media messaging whatever
hmm you know it says to me you know get more rest and you don’t sleep enough and
all these things mm-hmm otherwise you know my world is gonna turn into a
disaster which you know waiting on that one so here’s what but and you know what
I always say of course it’s hey it’s in the book discipline equals freedom field
man I wrote a book and said you need to get sleep sleep is important without
sleep all these bad things happen I know this and I propagate it all the time
sleep you know you’re telling people not sleep now I tell people see if all the
time you need to sleep to perform optimally you need to sleep different
people need different amounts of sleep well however much sleep you need get it
it’s fine it’s great I support it so his patent here we go rest periods staff
personnel commissioned and enlisted who do not rest do not last all sections
must run a duty roster and enforce compliance the intensity of
staff operations during battle is periodic at the army and core levels the
busiest times are the period from 1 to 3 hours after daylight and from 3 to 5
hours after dark in the lower echelon and in the administrative and supply
staffs the time periods is different but just as definite when the need arises
everyone when the need arises everyone must work all the time but these
emergencies are not frequent unfit Egemen lasts longer and work better at
high pressure so like I say like I tell people all the time get sleep not bad
for you do you need to sleep until 9:00 no you don’t well some people do depends
when you guys receive a return text from you today
until I’m thinking was around 10 yeah am I right or wrong
well you know you’re probably right I don’t have those records we can check so
is that what time you woke up just out of curiosity yes do you feel well rested
right now ready to perform yes ready to bring your a-game yes sir I do this it’s
a long story and it’s worth it yeah okay so were you up late last night watching
the fights no Connor was over early cars fight was only 40 seconds long yeah I
could have been in bed at we’re talking 9:00 I was I was going to bed and I
jumped like literally going to bed when I seen the results come through okay but
I’m not used to going to sleep that early so I ended up waking up in the
middle of night not being able to go back sleep and then you know then you
hit the rest of it woke up it okay so rest is important there you go it’s an
order from Patton that you need to get rest next section is a location of
command posts the farther forward the farther forward the command posts are
located the last time is wasted in driving to and from the front the ideal
situation would be for the army command post to be within one half hours drive
in a command post and reconnaissance car of the division command post the driving
time to the front and from the command post the driving time to the front from
the command post of lower units should be correspondingly
shorter much time and wires saved if command posts of higher units are at or
near one of the command posts of the next Oh Reginald so in why am I talking
about that because the reason is think about how important communication is
between the senior leadership and the frontline troops and when you have big
separation now what’s nice these days then he goes into a bunch of stuff
talking about when he’s talking about wire versus radio do you know what you
know what that means they used to actually string out wire so if you had a
forward post two miles from me we would string wire between the two of us so we
could talk like phone yeah like phone whining like little phone wire and in
that opening speech when he’s talking about a guy in Tunisia putting the wire
up on a telephone that’s what he’s talking about they because radios at
that time were way less way less reliable than they are now so now we can
overcome a lot of this with technology but just showing the importance of and
by the way he’s not even talking about wire he’s talking about being able to go
there and see what’s happening so there’s ways to overcome this I guess my
point in calling this out is showing how important visible leadership is right
how important face-to-face is mmm from a leadership perspective a combat
procedure next section Maps we are too prone to believe that we acquire merit
solely through the study of maps in the safe seclusion of a command post maps
are necessary in order to see the whole panorama of battle and to permit
intelligent planning further and this is very important a study of the map will
indicate where critical situations exist or or are apt to develop and so indicate
where the commander should be in the higher echelons a layered map of the
whole theater is reasonable to scale showing roads railways streams talents
more useful in a large scale map cluttered up without ground force so the
reason that I I put this in here is looking
visibly visually at something real this is a little bit of a little bit of a
justjust an eye-opener right you have vert everything’s virtual now
right we can look at virtual charts we can see virtual diagrams we can see
virtual spreadsheets we can see market data and and I get it and there’s
there’s many much of the time virtual data is has superior some superior
qualities of it because you can manipulate it you can watch it move you
can dig into it you can click on the link right and see where the source of
the data and all that stuff is good all I’m saying and the only reason I bring
this is up is because sometimes the the the physical not the physical chart the
physical spreadsheet that you can look at that you can put up on a wall and say
let’s talk through this sometimes and and part of this I think is just my
personality my the way that I you know people have different types of learning
right my the way my brain works sometimes to look at something that’s
actually physically there mm-hmm sometimes works better for me then the
virtual thing that I’m looking out on the screen
yeah just throwing that out there I don’t know if you feel that way well I
feel like if you know when you’re talking about a map or even like a
diagram if I have it physically in front of me and and then nu and then you’re
feel obviously physically in front of me so we’re both physically there we can
kind of interact with it in the physical world so I can point here and make a
good marking it with the pencil which you can take that’s what I’m saying like
now it is you can have a iPad right and we could be marking that things up so
there’s there’s some closure the gap is getting closed on this yeah yeah the
iPads it’s closed but not really because I’ve had only this big room and it’s
like when you write on and it’s it there’s that what we call like a barrier
like at very least like logical barrier between the actual
document you know it feels like it even though you’re marquise not you know it’s
a touchscreen seeking it feels like here’s one that this is a real simple
straightforward one the difference between a physical checklist on a piece
of paper or on a whiteboard compared to there’s about five million apps
including native apps to your phone that do checklist I personally think that I
find physical lists in a notebook or on a whiteboard better what do you think I
think it’s funny how you use the expression native app was that correct
it’s advanced it was that skirt that’s what they are right like Apple has I
don’t believe it yeah it comes with it’s good oh yeah they should hang on tacked
me actually of course they should and I could I could dial that where it would
be squared away very tactile right that’s what’s going right with ya but
also the one of the problems is one of the one of the disadvantages of those
kind of lists is because things are hidden right like you you have to open
that list right yeah you can’t see it so you look at a project and you don’t
really even see the depth of project whereas if you have like a physical list
that you’re looking at you say oh that project is gonna is gonna take some
labor yeah I feel it for sure I think I’m kind of used to the apps
though as far as like notes and whatever I’m used to it so I think like anything
the more you get used to it the more you’re like oh I like this or whatever I
use the notes one so easy like when in the SEAL Teams PowerPoint two started to
just run everything everything was briefed on PowerPoint and that is one
time when you would look when you’d bring the guys around to look at a map
or bring the guys around to look at an image that’s all that your can draw on
is so much clearer than just everyone sitting there there’s the
separation I guess you called it what you call it a virtual separation there’s
some separation barrier when you’d actually pull out a a map and say here’s
the route you’d be like drawing on there and you’d say okay there’s a hill over
here and people I don’t know people seem to get it better
same thing with something called the force list which sounds really cool but
all it means is this is who’s going on this mission okay and also where they’re
sitting in the vehicles the virtual force list almost always sucked it was
almost always like slightly wrong and they if people wouldn’t know where that
but we would do it on a magnet board and everybody had their own magnet I still
have my magnet for my first deployment it says it’s my magnet says just says
Jocko it’s yellow well it’s the magnets Brown and then it says Jacque on its
off-center and like it looks like somebody did it in like five minutes not
like this big high-speed thing right no it’s this really kind of rudimentary
magnet says jockle so when you get your magnet that’s just that’s your mag
that’s for the whole trip I’m making it into a bigger deal than it is
but on that first deployment to Iraq that was my magnet when I left I took
the magnet with me yeah because there’s some good memories with the magnet right
you see that thing in the because you have on the on the dry erase board the
magnetic dry erase board you have outlines of the vehicles and then you
just put your you know you put your magnet gets put into position you look
at the board you know where you’re at right and most of the time you know I
was in vehicle two in the vehicle commander’s seat that’s where I was most
of the time depending on what we were doing sometimes I would be if I was like
the assault force commander I might be in vehicle three but whatever but that
little magnet you know where it is right now on your frigerator yes it is so when
I look go to the frigerator I remember yeah that magnet and one of my buddies
named Johnny like one day he sent me a picture of his magnet and I said a
picture of my back yeah wait what castle okay so you need to make it’s just a
circle no it’s a square it’s a rectangle but is it like just a raw magnet though
or is it a magnet a raw magnet with with what’s it called you ever seen those
little machines where you make a label make machine label-maker little there’s
a little yellow label and the magnet says jaakor huh boom there it is and
it’s off-center that’s what makes me that’s what’s funny it’s not like this
special thing it’s like here here mmm boom done yeah but it’s like one of the
for lack of better terms for like better term one of the trinkets of the missions
you know it’s like one of the memorabilia or whatever it might be I
don’t know I’d have to think of this I’m sure there’s other trinkets but that is
well the one thing that I go yeah yeah those are some yeah it’s right there so
you get those kind all right something that’s abuse not major mass abuse but
it’s like as an essential part of the whole and we made task unit bruiser the
first thing I was okay guys we need magnet boards and you know everyone’s
like thinking uh whatever we’ll just use the computer and all that stuff and it’s
so much harder imagine this you’ve got 40 people 40
little names and you’re dragging them around on PowerPoint and so what you
deleted one by accident where’d that one go it’s from a different the magnets
like you have a space on the magnet board oh these guys aren’t going on the
mission there they’re over here but you can see them and then you say wait we
need another machine gunner oh cool who’s the machine gunner Smith’s machine
gunner put them in you in the turret boom we’re good yeah if the physical
representation is important tint yep yeah I know it is okay okay so I can you
know Photoshop is right I dunno what it is okay it’s not a native app though no
series now so that’s the aftermarket one for sure
so the okay so Photoshop is like really when you when you get used to it it’s
like simple you know but here’s that here’s the difference and I just
distilled it down it’s the interface the interface that’s what makes it like
that’s the barrier even if it’s a simple interface like PowerPoint you know
there’s still an interface you got to learn how to use PowerPoint right so
even after you learn how to use PowerPoint you still have to interface
with the the system you do you know so but with a physical thing there is no
interface there’s just boom boom we’re doing it look if I want this little
choco magnet to physically move to the front seat that watch me physically
moved the front Sue Snell interface that
happens the exact reality yeah so the feedback is instant big as kind of a big
deal I remember I thought well I’ll have to reconfirm this with Lafe but there
was I wouldn’t say resistance but questions you know because I think I
went out and just bought magnets for task unit bruiser like okay here’s the
magnet here’s the back and the more the magnet boards were expensive to I want
to say they were I want to say a big magnet board costs over a hundred
dollars yeah you know there’s a lot of money when you’re in the Navy and you
got three kids like like 100 bucks is no joke oh yeah for just a board yeah but
well worth every penny yeah every penny so do you because you
like to read physical books – I do right and I’m not saying necessarily compared
to audible by like I use the Kindle right there’s a little interface going
on right there – but technically the it’s quicker there’s less physical work
to use a Kindle than a book yeah I I think what would have to happen for me
is I would have to use a Kindle or whatever Digital Reader fan until I
learned the interface because right now I can’t stand those things yeah well I
do on the phone the Kindle app or whatever but the yeah yeah yeah it’s the
same thing you know actually I think the actual Kindle is bigger isn’t better you
know what’s interesting what my kids do for books for school and whatnot they
read the book as they listen to the audiobook huh which is interesting yeah
we could you know what I did that one time you know what book I did it for
fields of fire by James Webb yeah I was listening to it and reading it and I
don’t know why I don’t know why I decided to do that maybe because it was
a fiction book I don’t know but for some reason that’s what I did well there’s
all kinds of like different reading methods you know there’s all these
methods like to read whether it be faster or improved comprehension you
know this way and one of them is to skim like rudimentary skim but kind of like
literally like three seconds per page even one second per V okay what is that
skim the whole thing first and it creates this idea of what
everything’s about you skip it first then you’re gonna burn you read yeah you
know just kind of I was gonna really throw that idea out the window oh just a
minute and then leave this okay actually so when I get a book a potential book
for the podcast I will say I do some of that yeah I’ll be looking through it
because you know the book for the podcast gonna have to be a good book
right and I got to make sure that it fits in with the podcasts right so I’ll
skim it and look for scenes yeah then I go over that’s a good one and then you
know what I do is I read the end it’s jacked up as that as spoilers I spoiled
the book for myself even though most of the time you kind of know what’s gonna
happen I mean it’s a war book it’s like oh it’s World War two cool we know
what’s gonna happen right if the first person person that’s writing it they
live to write the book so you know they’re alive yeah most of the time
there’s been a few where the person you know this is recovered from them or
whatever but yeah so I I skim through them and then I find the information but
I can’t I haven’t been able to prep for a podcast virtually yet hmm
all of them have been even though there’s one where I was traveling and I
decided I was gonna do something that I had it on PDF and I went through the
whole thing and like I outlined it and stuff while virtually and then when I
got home I rented it out it yeah yeah there must be something with the like
the relationship between you know the material the physical material in your
eyeballs or something so let’s just say this from a leadership perspective
here’s the takeaway if the virtual methodology is not working perhaps try a
physical version that’s gonna be my suggestion after all this after all this
assessment of the general patton’s yep words Jack alright now we get to plans
and what’s cool about this his plans his sections so like the last sections
couple paragraphs long the section before that couple paragraphs long the
section while planning arguably the most important section to be given by the
commander of how we’re gonna plan this is that one of the shortest sections
here plans plans must be simple and flexible
I I got that I utilized that right there so much it was ridiculous and it was so
powerful to be able to say hey look cuz because in the SEAL Teams they would
lean towards wanting and not just in SEAL Teams they people do this in
business all the time they want to make they want to make plans ultra detailed
because they think the more detail to put in the plan the better the plan will
be executed that’s actually wrong the more detail you put in the plate look
you need to have some level deal but if you go overboard with the detail now
you’re working on things that don’t matter you’re trying to do things in a
way that don’t matter you can’t do that so that’s how he starts our plans must
be simple and flexible cuz nothing’s gonna go the way you expect it to go and
then he says this actually they only form aid Adam plane from which you build
as necessity directs or opportunity offers so the plan is actually is barely
anything it’s like hey this is the general idea and then we’ll make
adjustments as a necessity director as we have opportunities they should be
made by the people who are going to execute them right incredible once again
these are things that I did and I when I read that I thought man that so lucky
that I did that because to force a plan down someone’s throat or to make a sort
of even worse take the problem and multiply it exponentially force the plan
down on the people below you that is very detailed and doesn’t have any
flexibility that’s just failure I’d get to see that man I’d get to see some some
tasking a commander coming through training and look the guy’s not a bad
human guy actually wants to good in fact wanting to do a good job can drive you
to try and make a more detailed plan and force it down onto your people that
that’s not necessarily a person that’s a bad leader they just haven’t learned the
lesson yet that might be a person that’s super engaged wants to do a great job
overachiever Hey look I know how to do this acta puts together this highly
detailed plan that’s not a good call man there’s nothing against the person but
you have to do with that purse just show them the light right you’re
gonna bring him to the light okay so then he goes through because through a
section on reconnaissance you can never have too much reconnaissance use every
means available before during and after battle reports must be facts not
opinions negative as well as positive do not believe intercepts blindly
cross-check sometimes message are sent out to be intercepted so a bunch of good
little things to think about their reports must not must be facts not
opinions there’s a a term that used the military it’s appears to be a TB so
you’d see a person holding something you you’re pretty sure it’s a weapon but you
don’t know then you say appears to be a weapon it appears to be a weapon or you
say you know people moving into a in a appears to be a tactical position right
so it’s just one of those little things because there’s a huge difference
between me saying they were moving weapons into the building or they were
moving what appeared to be weapons in the building yeah it’s like it’s not an
established value an established fact and if you remember when we talked about
the me live massacre that’s one of those things where the difference between
appears to be and this is could be can kind of cause those kind of problems
same thing with with police shootings right someone saying hey this guy has a
weapon yeah or this guy appears to have a weapon
there’s a big difference between those two things
yeah yeah the lead like legal when they’re speaking like legal terms
they’re always like super careful about that like all the say allegedly or you
know like even though the guy just did it on camera yeah the suspect even that
that’s like a suspect I’m watching it right here on the video yeah no no it’s
not proven in the court of law yet so you know it’s like a legal one
if next sections about orders formal orders formal orders will be preceded by
letters of instruction and by personal conferences in this way the whole
purpose of the operation will be made clear together with the mission to be
accomplished by each major unit in this way if communication breaks down during
combat each commander can and must so act as to attain the general objective
this is a little something we called decentralized command right everyone has
to know what the main objective is so when communication breaks down which it
will we can still move forward the order itself will be short accompanied by a
sketch it tells what to do not how it is really a Memorandum and assumption of
responsibility by the issuing commander so a bunch of key things there the order
supposed to be short the orders accompanied by a sketch once again we
get this visual representation thing seems to be important mm-hmm and this is
an important one tells what to do not how I have to brief people on that one
all the time so and and you’ll also notice this foam rollers will be
preceded by letters of instruction and by personal conferences so you know a
trick question that I asked companies when I’m working with them what’s better
form of communication email or voice or face-to-face and of course everyone says
voice voice worse they say face-to-face I’ll say what’s more what’s a better
form of communication email or phone call and if it was all phone calls so
much better right that’s that’s everyone’s gut instinct oh yeah talking
to someone so much more clear and then I say okay here’s the problem with just
talking if we just talk I say one thing you hear something else which happens
all the time so that’s why I follow up when you and I have a conversation I
followed up with an email and say hey just want to make sure we’re good on
this sure that we’re gonna do a B and C yeah
and then you say uh I thought we were doing a B and D and I said oh no sorry
my fault I didn’t explain it clearly so that’s one way the other thing is the
opposite is also true if I just send you an email I want you
to do this this there’s no tone there’s no expression you might not see the
importance I might have written it clearly so after if it’s important I
send you an email and I say hey echo just following up to make sure that
we’re on the same page cuz I’m not always the best at writing stuff but
when the email I just sent you I wanted to make sure that you know that you
understood it was a B and C did that come through and you’re like oh yeah
definitely or you’re like wait a second so you want
to use both and that’s exactly what he’s saying here you you write it you speak
it you speak it you write it yeah yeah you ever see those guys or talk to those
guys where you talk to them they’re all excited you can totally tell and then
when they text you it’s like two three sometimes one-word answers you know and
so you’re kind of like oh man he must be kind of mad because his tone now is way
different than when I was talking on or whatever yeah you sort of make your own
interpretation of the thing depending on like maybe I don’t know maybe how you do
it or something like that but some people that’s just how they write you
know first it’ll be like hey get back to me period and it’s like dang this guy’s
mad he wants me to get back to him my son in text is like just the most
horrible yeah like you okay jack then again no but you do express certain
tones more comedic I think for comedic effect well in my experience anyway I’m
sure you know you have a whole thing but yeah when I was texting him your boy he
same deal like he was like the younger version a yeah he just says no what’d he
say he was in a surf contest the other day and you know so he’s I was somewhere
else and you know I’m texting hey did you make it through the first tee cuz
the way surf contest worked you surfing heats and you have to get in the top
three and each heat to advance and then eventually you get to the finals so I’m
texting him and this is a teenage boy right so it’s not like he’s not on his
phone right I’m texting hey how’d you do hey
how’d the first heat go did you make it through nothing heard nothing heard
nothing heard all day finally the end of the day I say hey did
you finish the contest how did you do he writes back got to mmm which meant he
got 2nd place in the context it’s all said office all small letters yeah how
does it even do small letters because it automatically caps somehow on his phone
no automatic apples as it says got to which is the 17 year old boys way of
saying hey Dad I got 2nd place today thanks for showing some concern and I
appreciate your support as a father and had a great time that’s all in there
right no got to so anyways you know follow up with and you know then when I
called him later or whatever he’s like oh yeah at first you know he’s give me
all the details right got to it knee talks about something called fragmentary
orders frag orders after the initial order you will seldom get another form
or order but you may get fragmentary orders in writing or orally by phone or
personally take down all oral orders and repeat them back have your juniors do
the same to you again can you imagine how many times and how important this is
that this guy General Patton by the way is saying listen when you get told to do
something write it down and read it back that’s just the standard operating
procedure of life when you get told to do something write it down read it back
there’s nothing that instills more confidence in me then when um keep
telling somebody what to do and there take your notes on it that’s just you go
okay cool I can barely even trust a look I’m not saying this in a bad way but I
barely even trust waitresses or waiters when I’m telling them what I want and
they’re just looking at me like I got this yeah I’m always nervous oh yeah I
guess maybe in really net right not you know sometimes I can’t help myself but
I’ll say oh you must be you know nobody I got you right and
they’re looking at me like they do this all the time right
it’s do you think that that’s like a move like a flex right for you know
service industry one that’s like oh yeah like I’m so good a little bit of Lackey
and also just a skill right right right yeah they’re showing off the skill yeah
and sometimes I don’t think they’re showing off sometimes I just think
they’re that’s what they do that’s what they’re they’re just trying to you know
they’re saying like yeah I got this that’s what they do it on an individual
level or as a company because that individual both that individuals like
hey I you know good to because you know I always want I always want to order
right now you know when they come over to offer you water I want to order that
I don’t know what’s I don’t the I don’t want to go through the sequence when you
come to me I want to order because I already know what I’m getting I’m
getting a Caesar salad and a ribeye that’s already happening so we already
know that walking into the place I don’t need to look at the menu I don’t want to
look familiar so when they come over and and I say
they say you know they start pouring my water I say I’m actually ready to order
and sometimes they just say okay go kind of a pro move right I think over the
time I think over time I become more comfortable with it and now when someone
does that I know they’re a pro so I think I guess now I’m good with it
I didn’t used to be you know when I transitioned from eating at let’s say
what the restaurants where there’s no pros right like a normal restaurant
people are just in there they’re taking notes right there oh this isn’t like
there this is their secondary job whatever their teenager whatever like
there this is they’re just doing this to make whatever some extra money when you
go to a real restaurant where there’s pros I have confidence in those people
yeah until there’s a mistake oh yes yes but and I think and I know this comes
with my wife literally not yesterday before when it went ever very recently
either yesterday before we sushi restaurant it was our first time there
it was nice inside but it was like it was kind of new casual trendy nice okay
that kind little nervous a little kind of minimalist but it’s like you don’t
know if it’s like is this a high-end restaurant or just super trained so they
the jury was still out on that whole situation so whatever and then you know
he pulled one of those I respected him for it I like when they do that okay on
that level but there is a question mark in the back
man because I’m one of the annoying type order you’ve got special things yeah you
know you got to this and can I have extra this and I don’t want to I don’t
want to cope but until the five cousins also kind of like chess you know a good
chess players looking at the chessboard in chunks so they don’t have to remember
every piece there remembering whole whole schemes of maneuver that are gonna
happen yeah when you’re ordering in the restaurant when you say I want steak and
see like they already in it so they all they actually are remembering is when
you say oh I’d like the peppercorn sauce medium right that’s the only thing they
really need to remembrance they remembered everything else yeah so yeah
yeah yeah and I’m with you though like one night one if someone’s like boom
boom they’re on it and they bring everything especially other annoying
sights okay so me and my wife’s like this too more she’ll be like can I she
want different sauces you don’t normally get with it you know like that kind me
too and then yeah I know it’s a pain to have those specialty the quest right
it’s so it makes it so much but nonetheless if if they come through with
that boom without being caught on what reminded and how even miss a dude like
it sounds kinda sending but my thing is I don’t give you what you asked for
what do you just suck it up and just deal with it or do you say something
which one what what I mean say something okay I can get the sriracha or whatever
or the wasabi whatever but they don’t do they act super guilty or they act just
super annoyed oh I don’t remember any time anyone acting annoyed but have you
I’ve done that where I’ve asked for some little specific thing and then they
don’t deliver and then I say hey you know I actually asked for this and
they’re like and they’re acting annoyed at me yeah yeah I can see how that can
see why I deserve it right when somebody messes something up I’m kind of like
okay well that’s just this is how it is all yeah I feel like I’m jamming up the
whole system because I used to work service entry long time so they you know
you have a system and it works so good especially when you’re dealing with like
people after people you know group and group it like all day and the
system works so good and it’s probably formulated out off of like something
something that everyone’s cooperating with they’ll tell you that it’s working
and I’m not cooperating I feel cuz I’m the customer who’s not technically
Crawford you know because it starts with what drinks hi everybody sit down you
know one minute should be like one minute water’s coming SWA Turks you want
anything to drink besides water blah blah blah
me I’m like my appetizer but yeah so bright I’m the kind of like yeah I do
want to drink but how’s this the drink I want the drink to come with the food
already jamming up the whole system so they should be annoyed with me in fact I
want to say they should be but if they’re annoyed with me I understand I’m
annoying already and it doesn’t stop there
they’ll bring out the sushi or whatever will be like hey can I have two sides
extra wasabi side of eel sauce and teriyaki sauce some teriyaki so it’s
like probably Skyy I just ordered like everybody’s been playing the game you’re
over here doing all this stuff I’m over you’re trying to memorize your order
without writing it down and you’re worth doing this you know so I understand but
I think what my to my point earlier there don’t have to memorize your holder
they’re just like oh this guy’s got these two things that are outside the
normal box there’s only really two things afternoon I think yeah I think
that’s what happens I think you’re right this all this means look you’re a leader
you’re a junior leader your boss is going to tell you to do something do
yourself a favor do your boss a favor don’t make him
wonder if you’re a waiter or waitress that can handle the scenario
don’t make them wonder that then you could whip out your notebook and you go
hey boss let me just read this back to you what you told me because I want to
get this honor % right in here and say okay awesome up the confidence level
could any tell that’s my recommendation next section warning orders warning
orders are vital and must be issued in time this requirement applies applies
not only to combat units but also the surgeon signal officer quartermaster and
ordnance officer engineering officer who must get warning
orders promptly they too have plans to make any warning orders is the initial
thing that you tell the troops hey we might be attacking get ready for this
that’s a warning order I sent somebody a warning order the other day oh yeah I
remember was you know I literally because he’s another team guy mm-hmm and
I said hey here’s a warning order oh yeah you call it a warning or classify
there’s the warning order yeah cuz I was just giving her heads-up we got a
a possible scenario I’ll do that too I’ll say new mission though like I’ll
indicate what this is is coming you know so here’s the thing with that new
mission means you’re gonna tell them exactly what’s going on mm-hmm
warning order you give them just because warning order is just a heads-up right
like this might this might not happen here’s kind of the general thing we
think should be happening you can give it to them a little bit
earlier new mission means now you got all this prep to do because you didn’t
get a warning order step up your game next keep troops informed use every
means before and after combat to tell troops what they’re going to do and what
they have done boom there you go I believe there’s a whole section in that
in the book called leadership strategy and tactics and I think it’s literally
called to keep the troops informed next administration supply I was thinking all
you know I’ll skip this because whatever no here’s what it says the onus of
supply rests equally on the giver and the taker that is so important instead
of hey we hey where’s our dang supplies it’s their fault it’s like no actually
it’s my fault mmm and then he says this Ford units must anticipate needs and ask
for supplies in time they must stand ready to use all their means to help who
supplies the supply service must get the things asked for it to the right place
at the right time they they must do more by reconnaissance they will anticipate
demands and start the supplies up before they’re called for so this is what’s
interesting you see both sides have to take extreme ownership of the delivery
of the supplies and what you get is you get interlocking fields of fire
overlapping Oh interlocking and overlapping fields of fire don’t you
think exactly what you want yeah meaning overlapping fields of fire meaning years
I’m shooting to the north west and you’re shooting also part of your
coverages to the north west but then you’re to get a little bit more to the
east too so we’re both looking and we’re overlapping
overlapping fields of fire that’s what we want and that’s what that’s what when
you have extreme ownership on both sides you get overlapping fields of fire which
means the chances of something being missed are less because the fields of
fire are overlapping is both got it come never said that before it’s good yeah
cuz even feel the fire overlap almost like I’m gonna clean up that analogy and
that’s gonna end up being a very powerful analogy yeah it’s like you both
got it covered you know you both gotta come out I say something close to it a
lot me which which is you know I say look when every person when everyone in
the chain of command is taking ownership of the problems the problems get solved
there’s more to it than that because when you take ownership of the
problem and I take ownership of the same problem
there’s overlapping fields of fire and we will kill that problem because you’re
gonna see it from your angle maybe you get say 80% of it solved I got that
other 20% yeah doubly and sure yes and then it says this the desperate
determination to succeed is just as vital to supply as it is to the firing
line the desperate determination meaning the
guys in the front line we know their lives are in danger
supply has to have the same attitude Logistics wins Wars they got a chunk in
here on replacements they got a chunk in here on hospitals they got a chunk in
here on decorations decorations are for the purpose of raising the fighting
value of troops therefore they must be awarded promptly have a definite officer
on your staff educated in writing citations and see that they get through
boy we don’t do a good job of this anymore
the awards process is painful next section is on discipline anyway so going
back to two decorations real quick that means when you’re running a
business when you’re running a team and someone does something well recognizing
for it quickly promptly it means something the next section is called
discipline which were definitely fond of there’s only one kind of discipline per
discipline if you do not enforce and maintain discipline you are potential
murderers you must set the example check believe me Patton is is into discipline
he’s we’re gonna read another section he goes into that’s all he’s got in here
next section rumors reports based on information secured through
reconnaissance conducted after dark should be viewed with skepticism the
same thing applies to reports from walking wounded and stragglers these
latter seemed seek to justify themselves by painting alarming pictures why that’s
it so that’s a that’s a very astute
observation right okay guys that are coming back that are wounded or walking
wounded or was stragglers there telling I could so bad because they don’t want
to look bad he says it is risky and usually impossible to move reserves
during darkness on every call for help units cannot be wholly destroyed a night
attack they must stick launcher counter-attack after daylight and
subsequent to adequate reconnaissance and see it it’s coordinate that’s a good
one that but what that basically means is to me when you defeat someone you
need to go in there and like finish it off a hundred percent hmm condition and
by that he means conditioning it by that it means physical conditioning high
physical condition is vital to victory there are more tired core and division
commanders than there are tired core and divisions fatigue makes cowards of us
all men in condition do not tire and the last one is courage do not take counsel
of your fears which he seems to write that all the time and it’s there’s a
good reason for it you’re gonna be afraid don’t listen to it mmm don’t
negotiate with it signed who 10 a general US Army
commanding ok so that that was letter of instruction number one and this now
we’re gonna jump into this one came out a little bit later letter of instruction
number two this letter stresses those tactical and administrative usages which
combat experience has taught myself and the officers who have served under me to
consider vital and then it says you will not simply mimeograph this and call it a
day you are responsible that these usages
become habitual in your command even in war 1944 we’re getting ready to invade
France and fight the GNAT Nazis we’re going to embark on the most on the
largest attack of soul ever in the history of the world that’s what we’re
doing and guess what he’s still saying look you can’t just mimeograph basic
call date even even with all that you got officers that are like ok hey the
boss put out some word here you can read it know this idea of hey just putting
out the word being enough this reflects what he said last time about 10% 90% 10
percents given the order 90% is personally ensuring it gets done taking
ownership of it that’s what he’s talking about that is exactly what he’s talking
about ok so he starts it off with that then he
goes right into discipline which as I said he’s a a believer in the power of
discipline so he says there’s only one sort of discipline perfect especially
I’m reading it kind of without much vigor because I’ve read it before he
says at all time I’m gonna read it again with vigor because it deserves to some
there is only one sort of discipline perfect discipline men cannot have good
battle discipline and poor administrative discipline
Oh imagine that you can’t just be all lacks cabeza go back behind garrison
doing the administrative stuff and expect you’re gonna have discipline
when it’s for combat related subjects you gotta have it across the board good
discipline is based on pride and a profession of arms on meticulous
attention to details and on mutual respect and confidence discipline must
be a habit so ingrained that it is stronger than the excitement of battle
or the fear of death have you ever seen the movie soldier this could be a good
one you’re gonna have to go watch this one yeah you know what which one the
movie is called soldier it stars a guy named it stars a famous guy and I can’t
think of his name right now but he was in Tombstone and it’s not a good he
looks like kind of like Patrick Swayze Val Kilmer no no he’s real famous he’s
really famous actor well Tim still knows Kurt Russell yes Kurt Russell okay okay
so Kurt Russell’s in this movie soldier you gotta watch this movie yeah this
movie is a really good movie okay think about what I’m saying right now
yeah this movies are really good not it’s not only surprising that I’m saying
that because it’s like a sci-fi movie yeah okay I did it’s a sci-fi movie
it’s it’s pretty on the surface you got okay
you can barely you it’s a kind of movie you’d flip through in the video store me
like whatever another it looks just like any other cheesy movie oh it’s a good
movie soldier at one point in the movie so he’s this guy that’s been fighting
wars his whole life and they’re being replaced by cybernetic soldiers mmm and
so he gets like sent to a space junkyard and on the space junkyard there’s people
that kind of live there mm-hmm that have their own little society and he shows up
there and he starts trying to long story but at one point this woman acts ask him
because he just he just he just is he’s just like a perfect soldier right to the
at one point this woman she says something along the lines of do you ever
do you ever feel anything and he says I don’t you think I think he says yes sir
he calls everyone sir even they’ve even females mm-hmm I think he says something
along the lines of yes sir fear and discipline yes yes and the
other cool thing about this movie the movie has like I want to say the first
half an hour there’s no speaking there’s no there’s
no dialogue they’re showing the kids being selected and trained mm-hm so the
kid that can’t keep up with a run they kill them this is like my dream Society
so I’m gonna go watch this tonight if I can I guess I will too and she yeah
you’re gonna love this book well yeah I am familiar with it actually so when you
said the sci-fi I was like okay I think I know it’s when you’re talking about
the bad kind of kind of marginal special effects and stuff yeah yeah they need to
remake that movie with me in it hey they have tattoos I think they have tattoos
either on their armor on their face oh they have their rank on their face but
then they have tattoos of the like the bar coders the yeah they have a bar code
but then they have the tattoos of the campaigns in which they’ve served so
fear and discipline that’s what life is as a soldier okay you’re afraid but
guess what your discipline you overcome it and according to patent discipline
must be a habit so ingrained that is stronger than the excitement of battle
or the fear of death and if you think about just think about that word
excitement right that doesn’t only apply to battle think if you can have enough
discipline that when there’s stressful is occurring around you you have the
discipline to be able to take a step back and attach instead of getting
wrapped up in it that’s disciplined hmm everyday life he
continues on talking about discipline the history of our of our invariably
victorious armies demonstrates that we are the best soldiers in the world this
should make your men proud this should make you proud
this should imbue your units with unconquerable self-confidence and pride
in demonstrated ability discipline can only be obtained when all officers are
so imbued with the sense of their awful obligation to their men and to their
country that they cannot tolerate negligence officers who fail to correct
errors or to praise excellence are valueless in peace and dangerous misfits
in war oh think about that have you ever heard leadership described as an awful
obligation that is the most exquisite choice of words that I’ve heard in a
long time that’s what it is an awful obligation to the men and their country continues on officers must assert
themselves by example and by voice they must be preeminent encourage deportment
and dress one of the primary purposes of discipline is to produce alertness a man
who is so lethargic that he fails to salute will fall easy victim to an enemy combat experience has proven that
ceremonies such as formal guard balance of formal retreat formations and regular
and supervised DREV early formations are a great help and in some cases essential
to prepare men and officers for battle to give them that perfect discipline
this nosov appearance that alertness without
which battles cannot be won so he’s all into that Oh always revelry formation
rev Lee’s wake up when we had Joel on from the French Foreign Legion hmm what
they call a pal that’s revelry and wake up and get in
line and and retreat formal retreat formation a retreat formation is is
putting down the flag like is the end of the day hey we’re done for the day so
even when you’re in garrison you do that formally right right okay
so there were solely by the way none of this stuff you never do any of this
stuff in the SEAL Teams yeah like barely ever when the only time will do is like
if something’s gone on we bunch of cute guys get in trouble all of a sudden
they’ll start saying all right we’re gonna be there every morning oh you know
yeah a bunch of misfits so the revelry formations that’s like an official like
a formal wake up payi quints waking up a 6:00
we’re meeting at 6:30 that’s happening every day and then at the end of the day
here’s what we’re doing you know we’re assembling again we’re putting out final
word and then you can go and you know have dinner or whatever huh okay
so just really highly disciplined formalities yeah even when you’re just
waking up it just what the procedure we’re keeping it real across the board continuing on in the Third Army when
troops are not in the actual combat zone nor engaged in tactical exercises or
arranged firing core and separate divisions separate division commanders
will see a that regular revelry formations be held in attendance at
which there will be a minimum of one officer per company or similar unit and
in addition when practicable a minimum of one field officer per regiment or
separate battalion be then it shall be customary for all organizations to hold
formal retreat under arms attendance in addition to the prescribed enlisted men
shall be all officers of company grade in the case of regiments and separate
battalions a minimum of one field officer be that in the case where music
is available and it is practical from a billeting standpoint frequent regimental
and battalion retreat parades and similar ceremonies will be held again
this is stuff that in the SEAL Teams this never happens mmm I mean it happens
like when someone retires or when there’s a funeral like it does not
happen where you could go you could go you could go years without ever putting
on a dress uniform if you could go years so just kind of saying that unit and
organizational guard shall be performed performed strictly with in accordance to
FM 26 TAC 5 when music is available formal guard mounts will be held
frequently II that officers in formation wear a uniform
an agonist to that worn by the enlisted men and that all officers participate in
all drills and marches at all times with their organizations or units this
includes marching to and from training areas and ranges so that’s what II
that’s that’s the end of that list so you can say he ain’t playing around but
you’re gonna be highly disciplined part of this situation here so in life
you know cuz there’s like format you know like dinnertime forgettable that’s
like another yeah I mean that’s not another but like an example of life it
is format formality can hey hey fam it’s dinner don’t wash hands every day 6
o’clock 555 wash hands 6 o’clock at the table you know were you
home before dinner be home before dinner all those things there’s like things
that you could put your life or you know wake up when the alarm clock goes off
get your work out look there’s things you do every day right brush your teeth
floss your teeth stupid right until you got your teeth
falling out yeah well you got dental problems
difficult bedtime – well the dinnertime is a big one because it’s like everyone
does it there’s a procedure that’s in place hey wash hands sometimes they have
one kid set the table or whatever maybe two kids whatever then you can’t just
roll out you got a what nightmares for you yeah and then it’s like okay then
you know then cleanup time or whatever however you handle that there’s
different ways or whatever thing you’re sort of done you know and it’s
everybody’s a part of that yeah that’s what that’s a little minor
example of this yeah that a good end to it yes thanks continues on here officers
are always on duty and their duty extends to every individual junior to
themselves in the US Army not only to members of their organization that’s
awesome you know and this is you want to talk about like this is a good way to
think about life as a human being right like your duty extends to every human
but I’m here to help other people hmm not just people that I know but
everybody next Americans with arms and their hands are fools as well as cowards
to surrender if they fight on they will conquer he says this cases of
misbehavior before the enemy will be brought before general court-martial and
tried under the 75th article of war it has been my experience that many court
marshals are prone to view this most heinous offense for which the punishment
of death may be inflicted in too lenient a manner they should realize that the
lives of troops are saved by punishment of initial offenders cowardice is a
disease and it must be checked before it becomes an epidemic that sounds super
hardcore I’m gonna tell you a quick story I was honey were you know it was
Andy and I were training the other day and we were training on like the Jocko
mat right we’re training on the jock on that and actually as we showed up
someone else was showing up to Train too and it was two adult males and they had
a fourteen-year-old kid with him estimated age ners I know the dads a
little bit you know hey what’s going on oh but I bring my friend oh they have
their son or he’s got his son here he trained a little bit here there I’m like
okay but you see he’s not sure about getting back into I guess he probably
trained when he was let’s say eight right so it’s been a few years and the
kids are like so and he I look over the balcony thing and I see the kid I goes
at him and he’s like he’s like yeah is he loud and I go yeah I go hey send that
kid up here so the kid comes up and I’m just like hanging out having fun
whatever so then the kid shows up and like getting warmed up with Andy and
will take you know five-minute warm-up round and I say the kid I’m like oh hey
you know you trained before and he says yeah I changed a little bit I was like
okay cool you know that’s awesome and then I do a
couple rounds with Andy and then I say and then meanwhile the two dads are
training mm-hmm with geek by the way this is a long story
sorry I’ll make it as short as possible eventually I say to the kid hey are you
gonna train and he goes well I’m not sure I’m allowed to mmm and I said no no
actually I own the gym so that means you can go yeah I’m telling you right now
you can go train so come out on the map cuz I’m thinking there’s a kid here that
could change his life and have a better life and but there’s a whole world will
improve if you transfer good sir right he’s in the gym probably this is
like a low-hanging fruit let’s get this kid in the game so then he says I don’t
have a gig want the other the dad not his dad the other guy the friend of his
dad was like I have one for you and I go go get it mmm-hmm
so then he runs out goes get the key for the car the kid kind of puts the Gion
comes out of the mat you can see the kids not not really hundred percent down
with this whole thing right for whatever reason right
maybe it’s because you know it’s weird to be with your dad and his old man
friend right like I’m a fifty 14 year old kid who we hang out with these old
guys doing whatever does weird you know thing is mmm-hmm
here’s the apex of the story that I’ve been trying to get to eventually the
kids on the mat he’s in his ghee I’m training with Andy we’re on a break
during rounds and I hear the kid it’s a fare on a break too because
they’re doing five-minute rounds but it’s just the two dads and I hear them
trying to convince the kid to you know get around with his dad was was the
beginner the other guy is like maybe high level white belt maybe like blue
belt type level so he’s kind of showing him what to do and they’re kind of
trying to convince the kid but the kids kind of like well
and so I look over there and I go hey you get on him right now you’re doing
the next round and the kid just like goes and starts the round get on you
know I go ahead you’re in I go you go against him now and make it like just
obeyed right right yeah my point in saying this whole thing is like
sometimes that kind of leadership is required because all you’re trying to do
is push the kid in the right direction push the soldier in the right direction
push the employee in the right direction hey get up there on that thing hey just
make that phone call hey just go confront that guy you know like
sometimes people need a little push that’s all this kid needed was just a
little push and they weren’t he wasn’t looking at me like gonna say no I don’t
want to and if he would you know who knows I would have dealt with the
scenario appropriately at least I would have tried to but sometimes people just
need a little push so this idea and that’s that whole opening speech from
Patton say what you want about it here’s the standard Americans love winners
Americans hate cowards like that’s a that’s a gang mentality that you can
start mm-hmm you can start it in a company you can start a business we
don’t you know we don’t settle down we don’t settle for that you don’t like
whatever it’s gonna be you call that out and that becomes a
part of your culture right so sometimes when he’s talking about this cowardice
thing I mean you hear it all the time right you hear it well you hear it
within an organization you know you let a little bit slack a little bit of slack
here that’s why when Hackworth makes the call of you know you say to the the the
enlisted guys say to the officer hardcore acondo the officers say back no
fucking slack that starts to become the mentality even though and Hackworth even
says it in the beginning people are go this go gung-ho mr. gung-ho it’s like no
that starts to become the standard you have to start somewhere so
these are methods of leadership the prime can people go overboard the stuff
of course they can totally that’s why there’s an economy leadership that has
to be balanced and there’s so many times where patent again kind of like we’d see
with chesty puller like chesty puller this big you know bombastic figure of
courage and and and and bravery and and being super hardcore hard-nosed you know
when you read that book about him man he loved those he loved his guys hey old
man you might not want to do that remember that like way he would talk to
these guys yeah and yet he was super hardcore Pat and same thing so he’s
saying look when you get cowardice yes you you you nip it in the bud hmm give
someone acting up you go hey we don’t act like that it’s a little gauche next
section is tactical usages these are good combat principles there is no
approved solution to any tactical situation boom there is no approved
solution to any tactical situation there is only one tactical principle which is
not subject to change it is to so use the means at hand to inflict the maximum
amount of wounds death and destruction on the enemy in the minimum amount of
time that’s what doesn’t change too so use the means at hand to inflict the
maximum amount of wounds death and destruction on the enemy in the minimum
amount of time that’s not gonna change we’re hold or hold fast that one next in
battle casualties very directly with the time you were exposed to effective fire
your own fire reduces the effectiveness and volume of the enemy fire while
rapidity of attack shortens the time of exposure a pint of sweat will save a
gallon of blood that’s cover move by the way obviously we’re gonna put down fire
while we move that’s covered move battles are won by fighting the enemy
fear is induced by inflicting death and wounds on him death and wounds are
produced by fire fire from the rear more deadly and three times more
effective from fire than fire from the front but to get fire behind the enemy
you must hold him by frontal fire and move rapidly around his flank frontal
frontal attacks against prepared positions should be avoided as possible
if possible cover move and don’t attack the you know directly using direct
attacks thank you thank you General Patton catch the enemy by the
nose with fire and kick him in the pants with fire and placed through movement cover and move hit hard soon that is
with two but two battalions up in a regiment or two divisions up at a core
or two cores up in an army the idea being to develop your maximum force at
once before the enemy can develop is as prioritize and execute by the way focus
your attacks you can never be too strong get every man in every gun you can
secure provided it does not unduly delay your attack the German is a champion
digger the larger the force and the more violence you use in your attack whether
it be men tanks ammunition the smaller your proportional losses this is a tough
one is the one that you you can get caught thinking that oh we’re gonna do
this big attack that there’s gonna be casualties it’s like there’s gonna be
less casualties if you do it with the biggest of course you can and the most
of violence you can possibly do your attack with never yield ground it is
cheaper to hold what you have then retake what you have lost never move
troops to the rear for arrest or to reform at night and in the daytime only
were absolutely necessary such moves may produce a panic here’s tactical rules in particular
subjects use roads to march on fields to fight and troops should not deploy into
line until they’re forced by enemy fire when you are advancing in broken country
against possible tank attacks and using leap and using leapfrog method be sure
to keep the anti guns up as well leapfrog what you know what that is mmm
I know what the game leapfrog but it’s also cover move what because I hold
position you leap forward once you get there you hold position meaning you
either fire or you prepared to fire if you have to and then I move this it’s
called a leapfrog in Mountain Country secure the heights enforcing a pass
secure the heights first this is an interesting one the effects of Mines is
largely mental not over 10 percent of our casualties come from them then this
is what what’s interesting about that is that yeah it’s like it’s largely mental
because you have fear of this thing that you can’t see but he’s saying not 10% of
our casualties come from come from them but for for my generation it’s like 70%
of casualties are from IEDs right so a little different than just mental never
permit a unit’s dig in until the final objective is reached then dig in wire
and mine take plenty of time to set up an attack it takes at least this here’s
why I forget it takes at least two hours to prepare an infantry battalion to
execute a properly coordinated attack shoving them into soon produces useless
what’s funny about this is nowadays we will take two weeks to prepare for an
attack so he’s saying look hey you need two hours and the thing is he’s right if
everybody knows their jobs you put together a simple clear plan that’s
flexible you don’t need all this time in battle small forces platoons
companies and even battalions can do one of three things go forward halt or run
think about life think about what you can do in life you can go forward halt
or run mm-hmm what else is there go forward halt or run he continues if they
halt or run they will be an even easier target therefore they must go forward
when caught under fire particularly of artillery advance out of it never
retreat from it artillery very seldom shortens its range so think about that
how often are we in a position where we can go forward we can hold or we can run
and what do you say if you’re getting attacked instead of going backwards go
forwards hmm general training again skipping a bunch
of sections but general training more emphasis will be placed on the hardening
of men and officers all soldiers and officers should be able to run a mile
with combat pack in ten minutes in march eight miles in two hours when soldiers
are in actual contact with the enemy it is almost impossible to maintain
physical condition but if the physical condition is right before they gain
contact it will not fall off sufficiently during contact to be
detrimental hardening of men and officers that’s just that’s what we’re
doing just hardly doesn’t sound very comfortable by the way it is not it’s
not meant to be our ability to fight at night as opposed to move into position
at night for a dawn attack is pibbly bad we must learn to execute the attack in
the dark this might be one of my favorites
sharpen axes pickaxes and shovels now and keep them sharp just think about
that sharpen your shovels I’ve never sharpened a shovel in my life
I’m going to go home today and sharpen my shot
you know those animals that’s a mindset yeah never mind sharpen your sword look
you’re short better be sharp I’m gonna sharpen my damn shovel yeah in the event
of just get ready be ready yeah stay ready stay ready I might have to
hit you in the head with a pickaxe and I wanted to go clean through or dig a hole
real quick or dig a hole either way I’m gonna be ready yeah battles are fought
by platoons and squads place emphasis on small unit combat instructions so that
is conducted with the same precision as close order drill a good solution
applied with vigor now is better than a perfect solution 10 minutes later instruction from the squad to the
regiment’s and tables should be used and the officer or non-comp being instructed
should give the actual orders he will give in combat sand tables need not be
complicated a piece of ground in the Lee of a building is just as good and much
simpler I used to have this little kit I learned this from one of the Australian
SAS guys that was stationed with us over at SEAL team one and as you know the
secrets boxes sucrets I think it’s called breath mints yeah yeah yeah it’s
like a little tin box yeah so in this little tin box you can open it up and I
had little little like little wood little wood things little wood placards
and they had each little wood placard was shaped kind of like a teardrop okay
so is you picture a teardrop yeah and then on the teardrop it said Pete II was
the first one and the next one said PL the next one said RTO so this point man
platoon leader radio man and so I had one of these
little teardrops for each guy in the platoon and then they I had like a few
pieces of ribbon in there okay and the ribbon is used to go oh here’s a road
here’s a stream okay here’s a fence okay so what you could do is you could sit
down in a perimeter and you could make a little Santa
the sand table let’s talk about it’s a little diagram of what’s happening and
so I had these little I think I had like a couple like a little tiny house like a monopoly monopoly houses so yeah there’s
a building here and there’s a building here where to be moving here yeah that’s
what I had and so you’d be able to break this thing out you’d seem like a real
pro little else we’re out they can’t even know what a placard technically is
but but you described it pretty good what it’s just a small tear drop
representative of the yes person and their versa now the reason you have a
tear drop there’s not a tear drop is because then whatever point the tear the
the thing was pointed out weapons was faced oh okay yeah good
dang in the monopoly house is it was it a house or condo because they’re
different the house is a little green when they come to have a grizzle and
read looks a little bit more tactical and those were only because you couldn’t
actually show but you can show how you’re gonna set that would be like the
target so now we see how we’re gonna set up like targets here boom you guys are
going here here’s we’re gonna maneuver and then cuz its way but it’s just nice
imagine you’re in the field and you got a draw in the dirt right but you don’t
you finding rocks and you’re like no this is you arty oh and he’s like which
one is me great all those problems are solved yeah great help us a crap box
show them what’s up even it’s good yeah they do that online a movie for sure
what the secret but that particular one by saying to create a diagram of the
plan you know and it’s like a rod sometimes a rock depending on the movie
obviously I come back to the future yeah up what’s his name Doc Brown whatever he
made the this he’s like please excuse the crude mock-up you know I didn’t have
the time to scale an Athena body everything he would go to like these
briefings battalion belief briefings or Brigade briefings they would have they
had massive sand tables you’d walk around on him Oh like all the roads were
laid out you know the a road would be four inches wide you know six inches
wide and all the buildings built out of blocks yeah out of just 2×4 so he’s some
surprise it’s something is it there Kasana up two by fours glued together
having a good old time but you get the thing is once again in comparison to the
thing that you just look at on a PowerPoint used
walking around that visual actual model you get a better understanding of it yes
you know fully yeah so get yourself a little scrap box altar like a whole
place probably it seems probably maybe I can make one and like show it to people
I don’t think I could find I used to have I can’t find it anymore what the
sucrets this you know the whole little kit that I used to have a metal fine you
made that kit you know made it’s not like yeah I made it maybe I need to make
one that I could offer to people right people everywhere that are waiting they
need sir just to randomly have or what like alright yeah I think that’s the DIY
situation yeah it’s put on yourself I’m not gonna make them decisions been made
yeah kind of want to go it is cool because that’s the kind of stuff you do
when you’re a little kid let’s figure out what’s awesome about being in the
SEAL Teams or in the military is like all the things that you did when you
were a little kid you’re actually doing for real and it’s the best yeah and it’s
like real yeah yeah I’m like all I’m really doing this yeah I really did that
a real mission you know I really like I really sat and briefed my guys on like
killing people you know it’s you sit there you think back like what well
that’s what I was doing yeah yeah oh yeah I did that I gave that brief you
know it’s like it’s so lucky to be in to be in a situation where you get to grow
up and do what you wanted to do I didn’t even grow up yeah alright
guides Oh officers men must know their equipment they must train with the
equipment they intend to use in battle equipment must be the best operational
condition when taken to the theater of operations yeah you you have to use what
you’re gonna use you have to guides for officers officers must possess
self-confidence and confidence of their men and the confidence of their men two
of the best ways of producing this is meticulously conducted close order drill
conducted by officers and platoon marches of 48 to 60 hours during which
the platoon is wholly on its own check in the first actions new troops
must receive aggressive leadership by all grades including general officers
who must be seen in the front in the some in the frontline during action
check there is a universal failure to repeat back oral orders this failure is
certain to result in grave errors messages and orders must use concise
military verbage so that’s the second time he’s hitting on this makes you
start to think doesn’t it maybe he’s onto something
mm-hmm when you tell somebody to do something have them tell it back to you
hmm make it simple clear and concise prisoners German prisoners over 40 talk
more easily than the younger ones they must be examined separately and not
returned to cages where the young ones are prisoners and other Germans usually
talk all prisoners other than Germans usually talk freely and inaccurately
they too should be examined out of hearing and later separated from the
young Nazis yeah you can a man I mean just like we read in the unit it’s not
unit 731 Oh ordinary men in the police battalion that the older Nazis like they
they weren’t convinced you can imagine you when you capture them they’re like
I’ll tell you what’s going on you you capture a young militant you know 15
year old Nazi Hitler Youth he’s not gonna say anything to you he’s gonna say
blood and honor that’s it yeah there is a tendency for the chain of command to
overload junior up there is a tendency for the chain of command to overload
junior officers with excessive requirements in the way of training and
reports you will leave Li you will alleviate this burden by eliminating
non-essential demands boom there you go everybody should listen to that part of
it you know how you get in situations where you be your basic attitude well is
it well it sucked for me I had to go through it now I’m going to make you go
through it – yeah that’s what I think some of this is because that some of us
because people lose memory of what it was like yeah and so they they start
they just carry on a tradition some of its I go I do those reports when I was a
new guy no you’re gonna do them – yeah I wonder and what do you think about that
we’re okay I’m not okay there’s kind of two parts there’s the part where it’s
like okay there is some valuable things that a new guy has to go through let’s
see like a hazing or a blah blah blah but it actually serves the actual
process right and then there’s that additional like oh that’s the tradition
as a new guy you gotta I don’t know pay your dues for like do you think there’s
value in that for like there’s there’s some value there is definitely some
value and and also you know when and Lafe and I talk about this all time when
we got told to do paperwork and Lafe and Seth didn’t want to do paperwork and
they’re like do you Jocko can you put a stop at this and I’m like no actually we
do the paperwork mm-hmm that doesn’t mean that I said oh I like doing the
paperwork and I think it’s beneficial no I was trying to build a relationship
with my boss as often as I could especially overseas I tried to eliminate
as much paperwork as possible wasn’t always successful but I tried mm-hmm
yeah and there is a you know when I went to Officer Candidate School there was
all kinds of things that seemed really dumb when you’re there especially I went
there and I’ve been in the Navy for eight years so I kind of understood what
was happening but those people that have just been in the Navy for ten weeks when
the drill instructor finally said hey this is this is why we do this to you
hmm and everything kind of makes sense so
there’s definitely something you know I’m not looking at your meal while
you’re eating it right what does that do develops your peripheral vision yelling
everything that you say what does that do it allows you to speak with more
confidence yeah a lot it makes you learn how to think before you speak
mmm think about every time you talk you have to yell at the top of your lungs
that should you have to do it off to Canada school every single time you talk
the entire time you’re there you have to yell at the top of your lungs so anyone
that’s shy is gonna get over it anyway that’s like like uncomfortable high – I
had a professor when I went to college and when she spoke and covered her mouth
yeah but every time she spoke she averred her mouth because she just
didn’t want to talk and she was a professor yeah you know so she needs to
go to OCS and yell at the top of her lungs for 13 weeks she walked out of
there going hand away from mouth talking coffee teaching the class yeah let’s do
it yeah that’s assumed that’s pretty common
I don’t like to yell you know when they’re like hey like you actually yell
and whatever yeah I don’t really like to do it yeah okay get you a billet at OCS
13 weeks of yelling you know maybe get that voice adjusted a little bit jack
section here on infantry infantry must move in order to close with the enemy
it must shoot in order to move convert move I need to make this stuff up man
it’s so interesting when people you know say oh I don’t know about that techno
cover move is a real thing it’s undeniable yeah undeniable when physical
targets are not visible the fire of all infantry weapons must search the area
probably occupied by the enemy I remember when I learned that for the
first time I remember all I think was actually I think he might have been
Roger Hayden that was like no shoot where you think the enemy would be hmm I
was like oh because if you think where they could be I mean when you’re getting
fired at from a certain area you look to that area you can’t tell exactly where
the enemy is so you shoot in the five most likely places that you see there
and everyone else in your platoon or task unit is doing the same thing you’re
gonna be shooting at the bad guys like somewhere mm-hmm it reduces and when you’re doing that it
reduces the accuracy of his fire and increases our confidence shoot short
this is another thing we learn at all time ricochets make nastier sounds and
wounds do you understand that so when you’re shooting at a bad guy shoot low
who said someone who’s seen that Roger heat we all see has probably Roger it
walking it in with a machine gun yes it can do the ricochets are flying on
ricochets that means the bullets tumbling when it hits you it’s a
nightmare yes don’t any or if you shoot high it
doesn’t hit anything that’s right that’s right
so shoot short ricochets make nastier sounds and wounds to halt under fire is
folly to halt under fire and not fire back is suicide
move forward out of fire officers must set the example next well skip a few sections here few
men are killed by the bayonet many are scared of it
bayonets should be fixed when the fire fight starts
bayonets must be sharpened by the individual soldier the German hates the
bayonet and is inferior to our men with it our men should know this that is
psychological warfare like what he’s actually doing sure bayonets are sorry
but what he’s actually saying there he’s saying that you know you have to sharpen
your own band that think about the psychological beauty of that scenario
yep yeah and then you think the German hey does Patton know the German
individual soldier doesn’t know that but you know what I’m gonna tell my frickin
entire Third Army that the German hates the band that they’re scared of it and
makes sense and we’re better at it than they are and even starts this whole
thing a few people are even killed with a knife it doesn’t matter they’re scared
of it sharpen it we’re better than them with the bayonet
it makes sense like if you see even a picture of a god but let’s say like a
guy some crazy guy your enemy he’s mad he wants to kill you and he has a gun
you’re like okay he has a gun we all have guns all good but if the guy has a
psychotic blade on the front of his gun and he’s like sharpening it himself
like brah I’m not going near that guy he’s like that knife makes him seem
crazy there is something very zen and beautiful about sharpening your knife –
yeah like it’s a it’s a soul cleansing tasks yes sir sharpening your knives and
you know now I’m adding to that sharpening your shovel next the m1 rifle
is the most deadly rifle in the world if you cannot see the enemy you can at
least shoot at the place where he’s apt to be same message there you’ve got
something in here I might not have outlined it but just he basically you
know these things that he’s saying he knows that he’s saying them for the site
psychological boost for his troops hmm he says here the defence will consist of
mutually supporting small groups arranged in depth and completely wired
in he didn’t say overlapping fields of fire but he should have mines holy place
talks about artillery talks about armor talks about recon talks about
anti-aircraft and anti-tank sand and look all those things are brilliant and
I’m not breezing through them because I don’t love artillery and I don’t love
armor anybody that knows anything about me knows that I love armor and artillery
but he’s the sections in this are very very tactical he talks about maintenance
weapons will be kept in perfect order preventive maintenance will be enforced
particular attention should be given to tire pressure lubrication battery
voltage and water in radiators vehicles will be serviced and made operational
before their crews rest vehicles will be marked in accordance with paragraph six
TAC 14 a are 850 TAC 5 we were we did a long long mission like a whole cycle of
darkness my first appointment and we got back to base and everyone was beat and
my leading petty officer wasn’t he was the lead nav and the lead nav guy is the
kind of guy that directs the convoy then we drove but we got back to the gate and
Baghdad on an off base at Baghdad and he’s like he comes up on the radio and
he’s like hey boss can we just take the vehicles back and refuel you know later and I’d let it sit right there like that
say anything then I finally go- take it to the fuel depot and he’s like right when i jammed up the rhythm he already
knew the answer and he was like and I let everybody I let everybody cuz we’re
exhausted it’s been and it was freezing cold it was freezing cold it was raining
so it’s raining like so the and this is before we had doors we didn’t have doors
on our Humvees so it’s probably 35 or 40 degrees because there was a little bit
of sleet happening so I was right around the freezing mark and we did probably a four-hour drive to get to the target
area the target was outside it took us a few hours to get this whole thing
settled we ended up with a giant we ended up having to move around the giant
cache of weapons that we captured outside in the rain Baba bong and we get
in the vehicles and so you’re the vehicles it’s 35 to 40 degrees it’s
raining and you’ve got a 50 mile an hour wind the entire time because their doors
door so everyone’s freezing when we get back the sun’s coming up so it’s been an
entire cycle of darkness so I don’t know how many hours was something like no
there’s no sleep yeah and LPO comes over the radio he’s like hey boss can we just
take it back to a camp and fuel up vehicles later I’m like negative what
stick to a few people wait where was this Baghdad Dan gets that cold huh yeah
huh middle of winter cold especially with that 60 mile an hour wind so there
you go that’s the deal that’s the deal you take care you take care of that team
gear because I guarantee you that one time you decide you’re gonna not fuel up
the vehicles that’s the time you’re gonna call down at a QRF and we would
get called out on cue refs pretty regularly not all the time but I mean it
was no he was a high it was a decent percentage
not a high percentage mere there’s a decent percentage that we get to call
them said hey we need QRF out here we need QRF over there that cool let’s cool
you need quick reaction force meaning troops are in trouble hold on while we
refuel our vehicles no no we’re never gonna do that and the stunt doesn’t
mention the precedent right we’re you know and this goes for anything or
whatever I know it’s very prevalent with kids where you know they they want to
push up against the rule not in some you know hostile way or whatever just sort
of like yeah like you know like I don’t know no desert during the week or
something like this and then it’s like a week come on no not happening
we’re not doing it desert that one day it’s kind of like ooh they know like oh
sure that’s the rule but under certain emotional circumstances can get away the
cool figure I mean and you know II hey you know what LPL is looking out for the
boys yeah which is part of the job right there’s part of there’s a push-pull
right there’s always that push-pull he’s looking out for the boys he knows their
time hey look even if we got called for QRF we’re not super effective because
we’ve been up for 2030 hours right yeah so we’re not super effective and he’s
probably thinking about that too yeah yeah that’s actually a good point he he
would technically have like a little argument yes an argument it was like hey
we’re like less effective Andres is employed as fat and said so hey man so
yeah make sense but but we had to hold the line on that one yeah that makes him
the QRF situation makes it worse yeah QRF situation is important and well
you’d rather the guys be a little bit more tired than the the vehicles beat on
empty that was a good moment of silence on that one the other good moment sounds
we got this is again my first deployment to Iraq and we got we got ambushed in a
convoy and pretty tip cause in the number-two vehicle pretty typical that
the enemy wouldn’t realize where we were because we were driving really fast
blacked out they wouldn’t realize until towards the
end of the convoy and so in this particular one we got ambushed
and it was mostly centered on the back vehicles right but I was looking you
know as I’m looking at my field of fire you know I can see all kinds of tracers
going by I can see and then they fired a couple RPGs that went over our convoy
and exploded on my side of the road say they ambushed us from the other side so
this big ambush happens and you know the call comes out which actually the call
is made by the same guy that was asking a question earlier it’s the LPO who’s
lead nav and you know he just pushed through push through which is totally
normal so we did it and then we just keep going right and I don’t say
anything and and then my platoon chief again both my Bell p.m. to achieve
awesome guys yeah we always had a good time but he comes up with the radio you
can hear and his voice is a little bit a little bit spun up you know mm-hmm and
he’s like hey Jocko you got ambushed back here and I just like logged over to
silence and I said Roger that was it we did what we had to do but those are
funny moments of silence that happened from time to time because everyone’s
kind of because because in my platoons and my tasks you know talking on the
radio was so limited mm-hmm like no basically no one talked on the radio you
know unless you had something really important to say mm-hmm and so when
there was something on the radio everyone was 100% listening and when
someone was asking me a question everyone was 1,000% listening to what my
responsibiiity when it’s like hey we might get some more sleep or hey we just
got ambushed does Jocko know it’s like both those people are going what are we
gonna do because there’s a possibility it’s like hey I’ll stop we’re gonna turn
around and go and hunt down these people that ambushed us which is not a good
idea and we didn’t do it but you know everyone’s thinking maybe I’m gonna say
that or maybe honest or whatever but everyone’s listening to what my response
in here you little moment of silence dramatic effect possibly or I’m just
actually here’s what’s actually happening I’m sitting there considering
the situation you know okay is everyone okay
they must be you know casually report or hey maybe we should go to sleep before
I’m thinking through the actual situation I’m not just you know trying
to be a jerk trying to be cool trying to be cool I’m actually thinking okay I
know we got ambushed I’m waiting for is there’s casualty I think you know I –
isn’t like are we up or no if the push-through call comes everyone calls
calls vehicles up the front from the six is up five is up four is up three is ups
already know everyone’s good we’re already good you know jack alright this
last section is called care of men which once again you know you look at the you
look at the leadership strategy and tactics manual and some of the most
important things I try and make as clear as possible is that you gotta you gotta
care about your man get a care about your people that’s what you gotta do
it’s what Mookie Yama taught me I mean I wouldn’t say Mookie Yama taught me that
but when he said it I was like that’s the underpinning of everything you know
this thing that’s been a a tenet of my leadership principles hey let’s call it
a let’s call it a a sort of a flying below the radar tenant you know like oh
yeah I could take care of people yeah I totally get that but when I heard Mookie
Yama general Mookie Amma talked about it and we talked about Hackworth and just I
was like oh yeah it’s not just it’s not just under the radar it’s the real thing
yeah so hence General Patton he’s got an entire section called care of men
officers are responsible not only for the conduct of their men in battle but
also for their health and contentment when not fighting and officer must be
the last man to take shelter from fire and first to move forward similarly he
must be the last man to look after his own comfort at the close of a March
he must see that his men are cared for the officer must constantly interest
himself in the rations of men he should know his men so well that any sign of
sickness or nervous strain will be apparent to him and he can take such
action as may be necessary again why is he talking about this this is Patton
this is a known they show in the movie the big scene where he slaps around the
guy as a coward and all that stuff kid I get this guy out of this ward
he had this reputation that he’s like abusive freakin care about your men and
think about what he’s saying here like the last the the last guy to move
recover the last guy to take care of himself after a March the rations go to
the men first everything is about the troops that’s what a leader is continue
he must look after his men’s feet see that they have properly fitting shoes
and good condition at that their socks fit loose or tight socks make sore feet
he must anticipate change of weather and see the proper clothing and foot gear is
asked for and obtained so that’s that’s what that’s the last thing that he talks
about is caring for your men the successful soldier wins battles cheaply
so far as his own casualties are concerned but he must remember that
violent attacks although costly at the time save lives in the end so yes that
once it was the same message he’s been giving violence although it seems like
it’s going to increase casualties if you attack violently it will save lives in
the end and that and that right there is the best way that you can care for your
people have them ready have them trained have them disciplined and then go on the
attack then this thing is signed GS Patton jr. Lieutenant General US Army
commanding so awesome information from Patton once
again and I got I’ve got some more we may even roll right into I’ve got some
more patent stuff to talk about you know because there are some things that
people freak out about is very flamboyant right sure let’s face it
that’s not really my style right flamboyance not really my thing right so
he’s got some things that we are gonna need to talk about then we will perhaps
we’ll do it next time but eventually we’ll get to it so Patton don’t throw
the baby out with the bathwater if you don’t like that those parts of him
because believe me as flamboyant as this guy was he was about discipline he was
about taking care of his people and we can all learn a lot we can also talk
about the fact that you know he sometimes didn’t play the game and he
didn’t get the positions he wanted to probably oftentimes because he didn’t
play the game so we can talk about all that stuff for now we’re gonna hold what
we got just did some live gigs and I’ve done DC New York austin la everything
sold out Seattle and San Francisco still come but they’re both already sold out
but anyways it’s been awesome it’s been an incredible experience and meeting
everyone and I can’t miss isn’t to ask you to come because they’re already done
but I just wanted to say to everyone that came doubt to him thank you for
coming to them they were incredible to be a part of so and I will schedule some
more of them and maybe echo will come I don’t know maybe are you gonna come to
Seattle Oh San Francisco San Francisco okay cool
sold out so if someone was just kind of waiting to hear if you were gonna be
there late yeah awesome you know with that deco Charles we are trying to be
you know we’re taking advice from General Patton we’re trying to be more
disciplined we’re trying to be more courageous in we’re trying to be
physically hardened hardened we’re trying to be better what do you know of
that can perhaps help us in all those arenas that gives aside from sharpening
our shovel sandy can all right we’re gonna do jujitsu train today you didn’t
I did yeah did it you you were preoccupied in various things
I was actually preparing for this podcast which which is what I have to do
yeah well I prepared for no no no I pressed record which is great it’s more
of a mental preparation but you know nonetheless I feel good about that
how’d you feel okay be honest were you like my goal was I did not make my goal
my goal was to be prepped by noon coming here train shower record that’s that was
the plan I did not accomplish my mission so I had to prioritize and execute we
owe this podcast to our people yes we will not prioritize my personal agenda
of training above taking care of the troops the troops expect a podcast yes
on Wednesday Tuesday night even yes we must deliver that means I have work to
do I know it doesn’t mean anything news I know it doesn’t even fear with any
part of your personal life any part of your personal side but I have work to do
it does it’s just more psychological okay well you keep telling yourself that
all that are great of course and you know I only say that
because when you came in at the tail end of joining you know you’re ready to you
know believe hard and you’re prepped and you’re good even the way he made me look
you looked at me in a way that I was like okay cool I could have a change
right now is that what you just said was written all over your face like you came
in there was some you know there are some people here you know boom Jacko’s
know you know here taking some pictures or whatever and meanwhile I’m with and
you see me and I seen your face like oh man you’re training like your left you
know and here’s the actual funny but I’m just remembering that part the funny
part is when you walked out on the mat you took off your shoes you walk kind of
man and when you walk up on the mat I think this is just kind of in all of us
anyway so we’re you sort of like you feel like for LA chromatic term the
energy of the man or you know so that’s why it feels weird if you if you have
your regular clothes on and you walk out on the mat you’re like bright you feel
weird it’s not it’s not jamming or it’s not vibing together you know so you
walked out on the man kind of like you were kind of warming up for so I know
cuz think of how many thousands and thousands and thousands of times when I
take off my flip-flops my slippers when we used to call him in Hawaii I take off
my slippers and go on the mat it’s like that means something yeah that’s like
it’s like what I used to put down my nods on my you know on my helmet right
put it down your nods all of a sudden it’s like okay it’s on you la commode
you up you like okay so you lock and load your weapon all the time you get do
it in your yeah oh you’re like okay cool you know this is it yeah so I walk out
on the mat take off my take off my slippers and walk out on the mat he felt
a little and and you know it’s like yeah and I see you kind of just giving off a
vibe right when I think because you were you were literally pacing oh here’s the
thing we weren’t being hostile making jokes like that kind wasn’t agree we’re
sure it wasn’t that we were talking about something like fur like
legitimately normal but you were pacing out there oh my god I wanted a secret
and that pissed me off amen that’s life actually let’s go okay so jujitsu that’s
one of the many good things about you – and I mentioned this before where it’s
like so good exercise so good mentally physically like all this stuff it’s
literally fun yeah it’s like yeah like if you come in and this goes for me even
if I’m like there just to record whatever and not to Train furrow like
I’m here for a specific reason not to Train or whatever and I come and I see
people training or whatever I literally feel like I’m missing out like I’m
missing that you know how like when your friends go hang out and go do something
and you gotta stay home and like yeah it felt like you felt that you kind of
missed out I did I say my brother it’s all good but this to me this far comes
very good so I’m kind of glad you did and the good news about it is you just
is gonna be here there’s gonna be up tomorrow it’s gonna be here you never
get this day back or training yeah that might have been a little something yeah
may think red alert or maybe next time give me a little something
it’s all part of the team helps downs every single almost sounded like a
threat not to make the trade right now cuz we will do it not a threat you know
I’m just saying that’s that’s how it goes sometimes it a little something
I meant learning was good you know nonetheless
hey it will be here and actually which kind of lends support to the point that
hey not everyone is doing jujitsu right now but guess what this should be if you
go tomorrow it’ll be it’ll be there if you walk in tomorrow yeah and also if
you walk in and it’s your first day you don’t know anything about it there’s
other people everyone on that mat has been there there’s nothing to be
embarrassed about you get go get on the mat and if chance is all right that’s a
good point right there because chances are more people are gonna be like new
people yes in advance for sure probably what would you say would be the average
if you go on any random and it granted a lot of times they have a beginners class
which is even bigger percentage yeah new people I think it’s a bell curve yeah
it’s like half right well a bell curve bottom 10% like they don’t know anything
or they look bottom 10% three months or less of training the middle is whatever
anywhere between three months and five years and then there’s like the top 10%
have been training for actually at our school is a lot more
than yeah that we are a little heavy on the top end we’re having on the bottom
end too no yeah baby no no you’re our school is so big and
like you know that it’s the key part there’s no key then it’s like we’re you
know like the advanced guys like when I get on the mat there’s most there’s so
many people that have 5 years 8 years 10 years it’s a lot of people that’s true
but there’s a bunch of people too that just started right you know what it
could be and then again I’m over here just researching it right now in my head
we’re good that’s not really no no no I just think when you go to the Met and
you see all our advance guys or should I say all the guys that are here that are
advance Chancellor you know them so they’re like oh man we have a lot of
them you know whatever but meanwhile you say the same thing about people that I
don’t know yeah yeah that’s cute because I don’t know I don’t know that guy he
must not ever trained before he could be trained for a year right yeah that’s due
to I mean most if someone’s training you for you I know
yeah but it’s like yeah different but yeah yeah I think so but and but then
you have to think about the belt distribution curve too it’s like super
bottom heavy because as you progress up the belt ranks does either progress yes
exactly right because you progress out of the belt or out of jiu-jitsu
okay so you mentioned key nogi what does all that mean anyway I get Aggie ghetto
or GG everybody knows that’s the best ski in the world straight-up factually
you mentioned facts versus opinions is the fact not an opinion happens to be
made in America along with other stuff or Jemaine calm yes always we get these
things that are made in America all this stuff including a a hundred percent made
in America yes what about where the substances that
they’re made of where those things from what like the cotton that’s grown yes so
they can put it through the Loom a million different moving parts in
aluminum yeah and made into the fabric that is woven and then constructed into
various items and care including jeez and including jeans oh yeah
jeans boots boots t-shirts shirts and rash guards
so these clothing is what worked on beanies
okay so you can get a lot of clothing made in America best clothing ever in
the world factually yeah how many genes have I owned in my life probably okay my
adult life I probably owned let’s call it I’m not a lot there’s not a lot of
jeans because I would have jeans for like eight years right maybe eight years
is long but anyways I’d have jeans for a while yeah I probably had 20 pairs of
jeans in my adult life now my jeans origin jeans are the best jeans that
I’ve ever worn now I can’t say I’ve ever worn a pair of 640 dollar what are those
called like skinny dudes no I haven’t you own
any those I haven’t had any the low rise boot cut yeah like oh well no I mean
what’s the word designer jeans even even at the height even at the height of
designer jeans which by the way at the height of all that stuff MMA was totally
wrapped around that stuff all right like if you were to develop you were to like
find a picture and in 2006 2008 of a bunch of MMA guys of which you and I
both were there’s a high percentage that 50% of the individuals in that picture
would be wearing jeans that had non-functional aspects and therefore
they would be determined as designer just and they cost you know several
hundred dollars yeah so even at the height of that you cannot find pictures
of me in genes that have non-functional aspects you can only find me in genes
that have functional aspects I believe I believe that yes
so check you can get jeans from our job that are functional
functional slightly do that there’s no designer no niner-zero
no no fashion do the old-fashioned it no no fashion the form follows function so
do they look appropriate absolutely yeah there you go
do they have spirit yes do they have soul affirmative well
they’re the only jeans that I wear so you know obviously I’m not doubt oh you
got yourself a bit you milk done or not not the deltas no just the regular you
know functional oh yeah very good though nonetheless yes or Jemaine calm you get
all this stuff also supplements gentler for krill oil these are for your joints
maintain stay in the game for real you can be super strong you can squat 600
pounds literally if you can squat 600 pounds but your joints are jamming you
up but you’re not squatting nothing maybe you’ll do a warm-up set yeah and
then just sort of not squat or whatever deadlift whatever you doing unless joint
warfare krill oil these are very good for you joints and they will keep you in
the game discipline and discipline go I’m not gonna say that I lived off of it
on my last week and a half when I was getting zero sleep and just having to do
interviews with people well those things end at what 9 technically but you just
go right cuz you don’t like leave oh no no no that’s cool no the the live gigs
for sure but getting interviewed by whatever different channels and I had to
wake up at 1 o’clock in the morning to go on
coast to coast am of your listen that nothing knows do anyways I was up at one
o’clock and went 1 2 3 and then I for whatever 6:45 I was sitting in a studio
on national TV getting interviewed you know like so no sleep no food no factor
guess what discipline go get some you can feel it
but the can you can feel it mix up some Jaco Palmer
totally good to go get get your a-game on and it
and take yourself one of the discipline go pills get that hitter
Molk by the way yeah Mulk is there well I was like because
I’ve been you know have the big tub wooden containers yeah but I have the
packages left over from muster or whatever do does origin yes sell the
packs okay yeah okay so yeah if you just prefer ill just want to get her anyway
yeah say I’m okay extra protein in the form of a dessert
hitter or otherwise theater or full dessert and don’t forget about the water
kid milk as well for the kid it’s that way you don’t have to kid your feed your
kid poison unbeknownst to them they think you’re giving them a treat what
you are which you are an evil treat if it’s filled with sugar or you can give
them something that’s good for you yeah the front end that’s good
so really you know the deal with the devil right you know the deal with the
devil that whole expression okay so I’m like
what does that even mean this you know what it is it’s really kind of simple
and you actually essentially talk about it it’s like basically you do something
for a short term versus the expenses that the long term the devil wants you
to take the short term scenario yeah yeah so that’s what retreats a lot of
the time for the kids are it’s a deal with the devil it’s like oh my gosh
they’re so happy with you oh my gosh they’re so you know they’re behaving so
well right now because of the treat and they’re so
happy look at their little smiles look is there little diabetic souls being
saved by sugar no yeah that’s the devil collecting collecting on this deal yeah
so don’t do that junk away to you yes also chuckle white
tea I’m into the cans more than the brew I’ve been to both yeah yeah I could see
that mmm-hmm but yeah I’m more into the kid
thank you by the way right on also chocolates door it’s called Jacko’s door
and this is where you can get more shirts more hoodies beanies rash guards
rash guards oh yeah more representative of the
directly indeed yeah look at me like you want me to say something else
no no I’ll say yes you’re right yeah well there your statement is improve
there you go even Josh you know it’s funny actually what’s funny about you
saying this is when I see someone and like at the live events of course saw a
lot of people that were we’re representing on the path and I would say
to them you’re representing you on the path yeah
so it’s your loyal statement that you make about representing on the path has
now become part of the lexicon of the troopers good there you go after Charles
oh good yeah I feel like that sort of sort of was your contribution pressing
record and saying that the lexicon yeah what is lexicon like the verbage that
were the words that we use oh all right boom there you go
and yes it is all week I mean let’s face it man like you see anywhere even at an
event you see somebody representing you’re like you feel a little something
there’s a connection there’s a connection yep big time unless jaw
closed or calm if you like something get something represent men represent I’ll
see you in the wild all recognize and if you like listening to this podcast which
if you don’t you’re not hearing this right now so I guess we’re just talking
to the people everyone that’s listening that’s right now if you don’t like the
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is it important to subscribe it’s not not important it’s not a throwaway thing
yeah so it’s some must be but yeah nonetheless thinking when you subscribe
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new sneakers and it makes you feel a little bit faster when you actually
click Subscribe you like yeah you know it’s a level of commitment that you’re
making to that you know to the path yeah no it’s not hey I feel like it’s more of
a symbolic commitment because let’s face it you can just you click unsubscribe
just as easily easily as subscribe you know in case like if you don’t like it
or whatever but you know what functionally no functionally look if you
live depends on where you listen to it I get it but functions click Subscribe
goes into your little that little part where you don’t have to do a search now
or nothing like this and boom you know that’s in your it’s in
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so I think I’m actually correct yes and your initial assessment of my statement
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about them well where’s the YouTube where is the winds when’s it coming out
it’s kind like hey that know they say when’s the podcast coming out or either
the podcast be no but and I’m like no you know what they like they watch it
mm-hm and it makes sense to the Smart TVs and what not unless we do have a
YouTube channel for this method of consumption oh Tae Yong tae from origin
yes I do he him and his friends they like on a
Friday night they’ll like put put YouTube on and just watch the podcast
watch Rogen’s podcast whatever like that’s that’s what they’re doing yeah as
if they’re watching UFC but know they’re watching us talk about no patent or
whatever yeah well and it kind of makes sense when you think about a case so the
content wise okay good the content is the contents good content
but to sit around and watch like remember like old school back in the day
I don’t know 60 minutes I’m sure it’s still on oh whatever
oh yeah six seaming it special with I don’t know Michael Jordan or what I
don’t who ever they have on there and it’s just one person talking to the
other person asking questions Q&A essentially I guess
pretty much – yeah same thing same thing except the contents a little bit
different of course so that’s a much better I think it’s better yes you know
what I mean yeah because 60 minutes in even 60 minutes
yeah there’s commercials in there and then there’s three stories so you’re
actually getting twelve minutes or seven minutes
look what he could what can you learn about patents theories of combat in
seven minutes you just learn like maybe partially one of them maybe maybe maybe
nonetheless ty keep that up and all his friends hanging with him yeah man keep
that up that’s good psychological offer oh yeah YouTube channels yes we have
YouTube channel that’s that was the point of my whole thing Oh
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I’ll throw that out there either man you know me I don’t like to spend that extra
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auch echo is adequate Charles and I am at Jocko willing and a thanks to
everyone for listening to this podcast a podcast that would not be possible
without your so thanks for listening and thanks for
spreading the word and thanks for telling your friends and thanks for
getting some deaf core gear or some origin gear all of which supports the
podcast and of course the true reason for this podcasts existence is because
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all of you first responders you also provide us with safety and security and
we thank you for that and to everyone else out there remember remember that
like what Patton said all heroes are not storybook combat fighters know every
single man plays a vital role everybody has a job to do every man is a vital
link in a great chain every man does his job so don’t every think that the job
that you’re doing is unimportant you’re playing a role then Patton makes it
clear that when you’re doing your job the key is don’t ever let up don’t ever
let up instead every minute of every day go out there then get after it and until
next time this is echo and Jocko out

90 thoughts on “Jocko Podcast 213 w/ Echo Charles: Patton’s General Orders and Instructions to His Troops

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