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100 thoughts on “Juicing Removes More Than Just Fiber

  1. Well, that's puts more way on to that old say that goes like " we contain multitudes in ourselves". 
    The environment is our home and we also are home to lots of microorganism. The limits or borders separating ourselves from our natural world are thinner than one might expect them to be. 

  2. Juicing is and always will be the worst thing you can do with a fruit or vegetable, eat the whole food, or you will not get the whole benefit from it, buy a good blender not a juicer

  3. Slow juicing allows fibers to pass through the sieve and makes you eat ahem… Drink more fruits and veg. This video is not accurate and acceptable.

  4. Since the vegetable is a plant its predominantly water, juicing is more beneficial than eating whole as you are consuming "more" nutrients per weight/volume consumed.

  5. Dear Dr. Greger. I came across the following article and would ver much be interested in your analysis of it (I don't have access to the full text). http://www.fertstert.org/article/S0015-0282%2814%2901556-8/fulltext
    For me, the whole thing is really confusing…

  6. dr walker- juice inventor- juicing is not bad- just do it with some sense- green juice always oke- whole always optimal but juicing can be good side thing. Im talking about fresh raw juice.

  7. eat your juice- drink your food- know i mean- Natural Hygiene,
     juicing has its place- certainly for damaged colons, digestive issues and such- – juice can be a good alternative. Learn about dr walker, eat fruits and a juice in time is oke- 1000% betteer than all crap in the supermarkets

  8. Mmm just woke up and drinking my delicious pasteurized green goodness juice smoothie from bolthouse farms. Tastes delicious 😉

  9. I use the new high powered Nutra bullet,.. which has the whole fruit and veggies plus water.. .  ?? the best of all worlds

  10. But what about the juicing methods using a machine like the Omega juicer? That screw extract the juice but there is some pulp ending into the juice as well …

  11. I have watched many of his videos over the months.  He always positions himself as a contrarian.  Of course drinking high sugar juices like apple or orange juice could possibly be not as healthy as eating whole apples or oranges.  But where he is totally, and I mean TOTALLY wrong is juicing of greens.  I personally do both blended green smoothies and juicing.  I have seen the results of juicing vegetables.  It has turned my health around.  Juicing things like cucumbers, spinach, kale, romaine lettuce, slices of lemon, a little (I said a little) apple to help make it palatable-  YOU FLOOD YOUR BODY WITH NUTRIENTS!   Sorry, he is wrong folks.   Try it for 30-days.

  12. Juicing (along with healthy eating and blended vegetables) enables one to eat a high volume of nutritiously dense vegetables and fruits that would take hours to chew.  I can juice a couple carrots, 1 cucumber, 3 handfuls of spinach, a head of Romaine lettuce and a 1/2 if ginger-  10 minutes (including cleanup) and I have 16 oz of highly, highly nutritiously dense liquid food.  The next day I will change it up-  maybe a beet, kale, small apple, lemon wedge, and maybe some cucumber-  folks- try this routine and you will stop getting colds-  Require a little less sleep, more energy.  He is a smart guy but posits incomplete information sometimes.  PS., you can juice whole tomatoes-  or fruits occasionally– the freshness and enzymes-live foods heals!  Try before you decide.  (besides who juicing just apples???)  Juice people juice primarily vegetables and small amounts of fruit as sweetner–kale juice superfood (but you need a little sweetner).

  13. Really excellent!
    This is the kind of proper YouTube stuff we need.
    By the way- are you a son  of Woody Allen and a health goddess?

  14. This is not an "all or nothing" choice. Juicing can be part of a healthy lifestyle if you follow all other aspects of mind body spirit.  Just like you wouldn't just to bicep curls all day and expect to get a ripped body 🙂

  15. This makes no damn sense, how can juice be bad for you, I call complete bullshit on this. Of course eating whole fruit will be better but there is no way that juice is bad for you, unless there using juice with random shit added to it for there studys then this is a lie.

  16. There is always an inherent insincerity in the tone and accent of an American when he is trying to sell you some product…who is this speaking,how much was he paid and by whom… who paid for the studies mentioned in the clip?

  17. Many here miss the main benefit of juicing.  It's not that the fruit and vegetable juice is any better or healthier than the whole plant – it's not.  The main benefit of juicing is that one can get a massive amount of easily digestible nutrition (vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and enzymes) in a single glass of juice, whereas eating the whole fruit or vegetable would limit the amount of nutritional intake due to the bulk of the fiber.  One glass of fresh juice could easily contain the nutrients of 7 to 10 fruits and veggies.  It is highly unlikely that one would ever eat that many fruits and veggies, however. And with our modern, nutrient deficit diets, juicing can be a great addition to any dietary regimen.

  18. C'mon man. Talk about splitting hairs… I've been juicing for 20+ years and all of my clients juice. I've only seen it make skin glow, increase regularity, and improve vitality. It's supplemental. We're still eating salads, whole fruits and other high fiber foods. Of course if you only drink sugary juices you're going to have to regulate that sugar. 

  19. The arrogance of man will never cease to amaze me. How is it that man still believes he can still improve on nature? GMO's ? All manner of food additives and chemicals? Juicing versus whole foods? Whatever happened to uncommon sense and intuitiveness? Is there any left in this world?

  20. By 'juicing', is this video referring to the pasteurized juice sold in bottles and cans in supermarkets or to cold juicing at home?

  21. The insights from these studies regarding calcium absorption in teenagers is astonishing. Not only do they already get insufficient calcium, but this very same demographic consumes, on average, negligible amounts of fiber. If only we could increase fiber (not to mention vitamin D) intake in kids, we could head off a whole host of chronic health problems!

  22. So just to get things straight. When you blend stuff you get a smoothie and when you juice stuff you get the less nutrition dense liquid ? Or is blending just as harmful?

  23. The thing I do NOT like about the studies you use is the standard deviation is, often, larger than the average effect of the mechanism of action in question…. farther the s.d. reaches the further your implications are stretched.

  24. Juicing fruit is bad! What to do now: Juicing greens!
    1)Do green juice with: cucumber, celery, parsley, dandylion, chard/spinage, other greens.
    2)Make a smoothie out of the whole fruits you can get and the green juice you made before.
    3)That´s it! Enjoy and be very healthy 🙂

  25. Were these tests done by using freshly juiced juices, or off the shelf? Did they use pasteurized juices? These are all very important variables, and this test can be misleading without providing this information. Thanks in advance.

  26. I was a juice phobe for years. But then I realize I get TONS of fiber, as a plant-based strict veg. Fiber is just about all I get. Tons of fruits and veggies all day, everyday. So, yes, I do now drink raw fresh squeezed juices and even store bought (100% real juice) concentrates for reasonably priced calories. The best of both worlds. I think the anti-juicing thing is more concerned with the processing and added sugar in some store "juice" and toward those who would try to live only on juice without fiber. Also, the cruelty industries are always on the attack of any source of calories that is not rotting corpse or bovine breast pus.

  27. Can you also do a video about the rise of pre-diabetes and its relation to the consumption of juices? So called green juicers need a wake up call.

  28. Dr. Gregor the adverse health effects of juicing fruits seem obvious, as it only leaves behind sugar (fructose). But what about juicing celery, broccoli or kale? Are there studies showing negative health effects of vegetable-juicing?

  29. Obviously Dr. Greger has found yet another way to distort nutritional health practices, however I can't say he's totally wrong about this one.  Eating whole foods is "generally" better than juicing, but Dr. Greger has missed the entire point of juicing.  The point of juicing is to flood the body with an abundance of nutrients for specific purposes.  If we're healthy, and want normal intake of nutrients, then eating whole foods or having "smoothies" is perfect.  But when it comes to juicing, a much higher quantity of veggies and fruits are required to create a glass full of juice than a glass full of smoothie.  Juicing is equivilent to supercharging your nutrient uptake and despite the decrease in the percentage of fiberous content, the juice does contain some degree of fiberous material and those juices "comingle" with other foods and bacteria in our systems, generating great health benefits.  My opinion is to continue juicing and take Dr. Greger with a health grain of salt.

  30. oh, you are a slave of the system. dont know how all these studies are manipulated. take a look in the programs of Dr. Gabriel Cousen about CURING diabetes with the juice fast. Off course we know that a lot of fructose increase blood sugar levels, and only a stupid doctor would recomend a lot of apple juice to his diabetic patience. you have to deal with the professional PHD doctors who are guiding the juice fast for the past 30 years, and learn from their experience what is the reality, instead of blindly believe in statistics made by the same people who are making the whole world diabetic by distributing refined sugar to our children.

  31. who the hell has time to eat 1kg of fruit and vegetables a day anyway.better of juicing for me anyway

  32. Wow, sure is hard to figure out who's right and who's wrong. I think I will do what Jack Lalanne did. He juiced till he was 96 years old and his health was incredible. As an athlete he was performing things at 80 that most high school kids couldn't do. Yeah, I think the experts can keep there studies and I'll keep my juice 🙂

  33. Good Morning Dr. Greger , If you juice raw vegs. or fruits with a omega 5 juicer, would that make a difference in the effects of drinking juices? Tahnk you Dave

  34. What type of juice are the talking about? the store pasteurized and filtered or for example a fresh whole fruit juiced? The latter one is normally thick and full of fibers.

  35. Ok, so we already know store bought commercial juices are not good for you. Not news. This tries to elude that all juice is not as good as the whole thing. Wrong! Many more sources are for juicing than your little video against it…..

  36. hahahaha… juicing, blending, eating the whole vegetable/fruit, cooking the vegetables all have their purpose. juicing gives the body a rest during say 1 meal skipped and juice or 1, 2, 3 days only juice. it hydrates the body, gives the jaws a rest from chewing. enjoy juicing, blending, eating the whole fruit/vegetables. people making too big of a dea out of this is making me laugh.

  37. JUICING ISN'T BLENDING!!! BLENDING IS GOOD, JUICING IS NOT. So stay away from all the crap they're selling in the stores and make yourself a fruit smoothie full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber instead 🙂

  38. I'm a 23 years old woman, who is very small/thin with a small bone structure which I want to increase. Is it too late for someone in my age and can you please do a video about building a bigger and stronger bone structure? 🙂

  39. Hey, https://t.co/JjfVlih8SQ I watched your video on juicing and you gave me the final push to get a juicer. I wanted to start eating healthy foods, and I found that juicing helps. My teacher played an episode in class of this man who traveled to the U.S. and only drank juice, he did this for 60 days without any food just juice. He was tired of being lethargic and sick all the time so he started the fasting trip. So that inspired me to eat healthy, or at least try to eat healthy. So I went out to go buy a juicer, I bought the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Pro Juicer. I love it! it’s amazing and I love all the combinations of juices I can make, but my one gripe is that it’s very loud so I have to use it when my family is awake. Eventually when I get enough money, I will invest in a better juicer like yours. I would like to thank you for making that video, to give me some insight on how to get started with juicing.

  40. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-T3qJEcsbvs
    crazy, first of all, the whole video is mostly about fruit. I juice veggies not fruit. Too much sugar in the fruit for juicing. second, he talks about the nonextractable polyphenols. My juicer leaves lots of fiber still in the juice!!!! plenty left over for the friendly flora!!! blending whips too much oxygen into the liquid and oxidizes the nutrients and can even turn it acidic.

  41. I inject the juice into my veins and become like the hulk. Then I go around and hunt down and beat the polyphenol rich fiber out of nerdy sounding you tube health gurus.

  42. Juicing is great just add in what it takes out the importance of juicing is that the nutrients it does extract it multiplies and multiplies it so much that the nutrients you do get from juicing a cup or two you would have to eat baskets of that fruit. The problem with videos like this is juicing does and did cure many things but you can't just juice you need solid you need fiber and what ever else juicing might take away.

    The beautiful thing about juicing is unlike blending it multiplies the nutrients in the greatest way possible it is what made juicing popular anyways when it came out as something healthy. No doubt it takes fiber but no doubt it multiplies the nutrients it does give .

  43. Juiced juices still contain enough micro fiber to stimulate the process. Cold pressed juices do not. If you juice; it's best to masticate the fruit first, breaking into soluble fiber, then press. This is why the Gershon institute only recommends juicers that have this two step process.

  44. Juicer is one of the greatest thinks human mades, and it's definitely not been made for juicing fruits, which can be eaten quickly and digested easily. I need 1h30 minutes to chew bowl of green salad, anyway I enjoy eating it every day. Yes, I could do it in one third of the time, but how much would I get of it than, and how much would be simply thrown in the toilet, and how much would I stress my body to deal with half chewed food…. And there are veggies with cellulose to though for humans to digest in a raw form, soo you need to cook it instead. If I would not using juicer and blander, I could not been eaten all those veggies in a day. Yes, I could do it in a perfect world.
    This whole video completely misled the juicers purpose. There can not even be a debate about that. What I get from this video is another doctor "glass half full" preaches about some another studies made by some another scientists. Anyway JUICER IS A GIFT FROM GODS IN THIS FASTLIVING, CRAZY WORLD.

  45. I am always curious about how studies are conducted. In this case, what type of apple juice was used in the study? Most store bought juices are made from concentrate. Lobbyist have been able to get laws passed where the juice producer can make a concentrate and anything they add doesn’t have to be included on the label. These type of juices are loaded with sugar, corn syrup etc. Basically, they‘re not juice at all.

  46. I don't juice them, I blend them and I drink it all. Fiber is all in there. Is it as bad? Anybody know that?

  47. It seems to me that Dr. Greger is talking about commercial fruit juice instead of juicing? I am not english Speaking so maybe I misunderstood !

  48. If whole fruits are better than juiced fruit, does it make a difference if I add a cup of whole fruit, like berries, to water & drink the fruit water before eating the whole fruit? Does the leaching of the juice into the water do anything to the availability of the fruit nutrients or the nutritional value of the whole beverage?

  49. Add into your study that I can juice like 6 carrots 2 apples about 6 pieces of celery and drink that. Whereas who is realistically going to eat all that.

  50. Yes and no and HE should know better than just spreading another anti-juicing scare.
    1. You don't drink juice for the fibre
    2. you get your fibre anyway through eating food
    So what's his point?
    None (Except, could he been paid to spread this scare?)
    People, you need to Always know more than just listen to or watch some talk. Sad that this comes from an "Expert" like him. Leaves me with another theory which includes intimidation.

  51. Unfortunately, this video conflates juice and juicing. The types of juice associated with poor outcomes in the studies cited are typical store bought products. For the first study "Fruit consumption and risk of type 2 diabetes: results from three prospective longitudinal cohort studies"
    , the authors stated in a response to their paper: "… the consumption of freshly-squeezed juices without added sugar is likely to be low in our cohorts."

    For the second study "Intake of whole apples or clear apple juice has contrasting effects on plasma lipids in healthy volunteers"
    while you note that cloudy juice is better than clear juice, you fail to emphasize that whereas clear juice has negative effects, the cloudy juice does have positive effects. Whereas there is a marked difference between a whole apple and clear juice, there is only a small difference between a whole apple and cloudy juice. As the authors state: "Trends towards a lower serum LDL-concentration were observed after whole apple (6.7 %), pomace (7.9 %) and cloudy juice (2.2 %) intake. On the other hand, LDL-cholesterol concentrations increased by 6.9 % with clear juice compared to whole apples and pomace." Their data also suggest that cloudy apple juice has about 60% of the polyphenols of a whole apple. You might believe that the types of polyphenols which are strongly attached to insoluble fibers to be the most important, but the overall polyphenol levels measured do NOT support your claim that "the majority of polyphenol phytonutrients may be bound to fiber".

    Not only is most store bought juice filtered to the point of clarification, it's also been pasteurized and is usually days if not weeks old. I'd wager those factors play a non-negligible role in the polyphenol phytonutrient content of store bought juice versus juice from a juicer. Just looking at filtration, most soluble and insoluble fiber is filtered out in store bought juice via diatomaceous earth and cellulose filters. Juice from a juicer typically undergoes only coarse perforated metal filtration which not only allows nearly all the soluble fiber to end up in the juice but a good amount of insoluble fiber as well along with whatever nutrients may be bound to them. It's hard to say how much pulp the cloudy juice in the second study contained, but many juicers leave far more fiber than the cloudiest juices you'll find in stores as anyone who has used a finer (though orders of magnitude coarser than diatomaceous earth/cellulose) mesh strainer on their juice can tell you. On paper, whole foods are generally superior to juicing, but there are many advantages to using a juicer that make it better for many people.

  52. There's too many success stories (reversal of diseases) and WAY TOO LONG OF A HISTORY to "discount" Juicing! The only way you'll get my juicer is to pry it from my cold, dead hands!

  53. We need a combination of both. There are benefits to blending that juicing doesn’t have and vice versa. Why do people think so black and white? Either or, this or that. It’s both! 🤦🏽‍♀️

  54. It is a misleading narrative that "Ca makes strong bones." It doesn't, at least not alone. It basically makes chalk. IIRC, you need 18 minerals to make good bones, not the least of which is magnesium, which regulates pretty much every aspect of calcium metabolism, including managing vitamin D metabolism, from cholecalciferol to calcidiol, to calcitrol, as well, as well as being required for PTH and calcitonin to work correctly. In addition, ceruloplasmin bound copper is required. Unless, of course, you want CHALK FOR BONES. I don't. I get my trace minerals, and I make sure to get higher levels of Mg than Ca (they compete for absorption), as well as retinol and copper so my ceruloplasmin can be activated by the ATP7B enzyme.

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