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‘Junk’ (2011) Award-winning animation HD

If Jasper O’Leary excelled at one thing when it came to junk food, he was clearly the king. In his teens he found less healthy things for his plate. He’d eat butter with lard and drink vinegar straight! And this is when Jasper got really bizarre. Like eating car tyres dipped in piping hot tar. His reputation for junk food just couldn’t be tarnished. Like Jackhammer soup with a barbed wire garnish. His doctor said: “Son, let us pray for your health.” So he tried salad once… but it just burned his mouth! So he stuck with the junk, and made a new goal. To swallow an oil tanker’s cargo hold whole! The day that he died saw a closed cemetery. “This is no place for old Jasper O’Leary!” So they took him elsewhere on that night cold and grim. To the outskirts of town. To a place just for him. Yes, they took him elsewhere. Then they read his last rites. It’s the junkyard where Jasper now spends his nights.

100 thoughts on “‘Junk’ (2011) Award-winning animation HD

  1. …but to swallow a tanker is the same with drinking Coke everyday … when you're eating junk at the end you BECOME, yourself a junk too!

  2. Me sitting here watching this thinking "very interesting… good point" meanwhile my fat as is eating a plate of fries for lunch.

  3. I didn't like the story, so I didn't like the video. I guess they were just trying to win a prize or something by doing something original.

  4. I feel like this could take two directions as far as meaning goes. Some people took it as the collective over consumption of natural resources of the human population.
    But, at first watch, I took it as a criticism of how obesity happens. I thought that the literal eating of junk was to show how it is obvious that junk food is killing us, but we consume it anyway like it is no big deal. Even though the doctor warns Jack of how dangerous his life style is, he keeps going. I think the goal of swallowing the whole oil tank represents how we make a challenge of trying to eat as much as possible at an "all you can eat buffet". This is what kills him in the end.

  5. I am looking for a video in this style thats of a man and a woman and the woman dies and the man/bf/whatever tries to rebuild her as a mechanical being any link with these?

  6. Okay, I understand what this film is trying to get at. But I can't be the only one who found it absolutely retarded that the guy tried to eat a boat whole. Funny as hell, but please, one piece at a time.

  7. The story was pretty off the charts in weirdness, but it actually was a good blend of drawing style and narration-style story-telling, with the backdrop of music lightening it somewhat. I didn't expect to come away liking it, but I did. in spite of the bizarre tale. Nice job on the animation.

  8. This short film is written in this classic absurd style of Rumplestilskin. It is a cautionary tale to warn the viewer about allowing our obsessions and passions to blind us to what is good for us. It makes us question what the idea of 'success' and 'fulfillment' means- after all, the boy lived for junk and died for junk. He even got buried in his favorite thing- junk! Too bad he was too DEAD to enjoy it! And too bad he died way too early in life, right? I think the majority of us wouldn't see that as a bargain well made. I find it interesting that it, unlike tales of old, is about discarded modern junk- so crunchy, hard, sharp and completely unpalatable. One can't understand a child actually wanting it. And yet, there he is, unlike any normal person- obsessing and chasing after it. Something so harmful! It reminds me then, of something else modern- hypothermic needles and drugs, another thing incomprehensible: death delivered by something metallic, sharp and unpalatable. In the film, a doctor interrupts the child's obsession to tell him he will die. The child tries out healthy living for a mere blip of time and gives up. He returns to his addiction immediately, knowing it will be his death. He loses all perspective and all sense of reality- he begins to think he is big enough to swallow the ship- and instead is run over by it. Does that remind anyone else of someone on top of a building thinking they can fly? But instead, they crash into the pavement below? This film, to me, is about all kinds of addictions and obsessions (drugs, lust, materialism, ambition, gluttony)- it shows how isolating they are- for the boy, there aren't any humans in it. One would think there would be a mother and a father guiding him, helping him- but where are they? Was he neglected? Where is a teacher, a clergyman, a friend? The only ones to appear are the harbinger of death and death- the doctor and the priest- not much help. So, in the end, the film speaks to the addiction and perhaps to the cause of it. Only broken, lonely, isolated people turn to it. Without help from others, they will stay there. And the result is final- they will die. It is bleak and sad.

    The film delivered on the powerful storyline; I liked the modernization of both the cautionary tale and how it used both animation technique and images to convey a modern problem and the music, if original, was very well written.

    My only problem is that I didn't enjoy it very much. It was bleak. I am finding that these modern short films are, on the whole, too dark. I am looking for the young animators who have more hope than this for the human race. Where are you?

  9. Consumerism and over-the-top consumption explained here is bogus bollocks. It is sufficient to read the more realistic and matter-of-fact account of the Easter Island ecological disaster which occurred over several centuries as the ultimate result and demise of over-consumption than to waste six minutes on this silly film as I just did. Good effects and what all, but this story line can take a hike, Mike, and produce something worthwhile.

  10. How wonderful! Beautiful animation, truly enchanting music, a great poem narrated by a captivating wizardry (I can find no better word) voice… It feels like a magical yet slightly scary bedtime story for children – a dark Victorian fairytale, as machines and exponential change take over a London that is trying to maintain at least some of its magic, some of the stillness of pre-industrial times, but ultimately succumbs to modernity. At least that is how I for my part experienced this animated short, and I am grateful for that experience.
    Truly wonderful! Well done indeed.

  11. It can also be related to the human beings eagerness for doing evil , and then he's sucked in it like in a black hole..
    There's no coming back than ..
    So let's to do some good , till we can ..Maybe you don't live to see another day..

  12. I thought this was a cautionary tale for children who love junk food; eat your salad or you will be buried in a junkyard. It is an amusing pun. Very funny. I love ice-cream so where would I be buried?

  13. Strangely, I am on the back porch, drinking a weekend drink, staring out at the concrete porch and metal railing, imagining what a pleasure it would be to be some monstrosity of a hulk that eats concrete and metal ..it sounds so lovely and natural, and enticing. I wish I was a monster of such kinds!

  14. This whole time I thought this was just some dude with a serious case of pica. But hey, I'm a biologist not an artist, darn it!

  15. cowboy capitalism devours everything in its path, tires themselves are a massive waste product of consumerism, and so on, and it will eventually kill us, we a literally passing many "tipping points" with regard to warming, sea rise, fished out oceans, polluted land, air, water… and yet "jasper", the industrial predator capitalist pulls the levers of power, profit over people, profit over the planet… rip humanity, you will be buried in the junk pile you have created.

  16. How imaginative! Dr. Seuss meets Tim Burton. Very good! Although I was sad at Jasper O'Leary's death, I understand that the story couldn't go without end. 😉😀

  17. He has been eating junk food for almost his entire life, then he actually starts eating junk. Like: tires, tar, barbed wire crap etc. And he dies from getting hit by a boat😑

  18. A special blend of Myst meets Syberia, 'Junk' offers up a tasty knuckle sandwich for us all, well seasoned by creativity, artwork, and prose, nicely garnished thru music, riveting storyline, and just plain fun — a relevant message with iron plating, to be sure, all in a good way.

  19. This is a great video, really well done. But it makes me cringe a bit. I mean, I like junk food but I try to balance it out with something healthy. Like salad or whole wheat pasta. Again this is a great video, I hope to get more videos from the person who made it.

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